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Date: January 1982
Location: Kangaroo Valley New South Wales, Australia
Time: night
Summary: In a remote area three hunters returning from an expedition were suddenly confronted by a huge human-like figure about 2 meters tall. One of the men shot at the being but it vanished, leaving behind a powerful, horrible smell. One of the hunters was sick for several hours afterwards.
Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon UFO Journal # 285

Date:  January 18 1982
Location:  Hessdalen Valley of Norway
Time:  7:30 PM. 
Summary:  A luminous metallic ovoid flew over telephone lines in a mining area. Magnetic anomalies were recorded. 
Source:  International UFO Reporter, November-December 1983, p. 7

Date:  January  1982

Location. Wever Iowa
Date: January 22 1982
Time: unknown
The witness, Barbara Schutte a repeat abductee was apparently abducted again by several five-foot tall beings with large heads, cat like eyes and small mouths. These beings were hairless, had long arms with 4 digits on each hand. The beings examined her and apparently implanted something into her head. The aliens also took particular interest in her wrists and fingers. Wires and tubes were then attached to her forehead and she was “fed” information. A tube was also inserted into her body and she could feel fluid or drugs going through her arms. She was told via mental telepathy that she had some important task to perform in the future.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery

Date:  January 24 1982
Location:  Stockdale, TX
Summary:  A flashing light with irregular flashes of red and white traveled from west to east silently across the sky in Stockdale, Texas. It arced slightly and appeared to hover in the eastern sky, 30 degrees above the horizon. 
Source:   J. Allen Hynek, CUFOS case files, report form dated January 24, 1982

Date:  January 24 1982
Location:  village of Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia
Time:  7:00 AM. 
Summary:  Five early morning joggers watched a Saturn-shaped object with a revolving rim and sharp lights descend nearby them. 
Source:  Ahmad Jamaludin, FSR, December 1988, p. 22

Date:  January 25 1982
Location:  Southampton
Time:   05.35 
Summary:  I came out of my home at 05.35 to travel to work, I had a motorbike which I pushed to the kerbside to start because of the noisy engine, it was a very cold frosty morning and I had to wipe the frost from the seat,as I was doing this I happened to glance up at the clear dark sky,it was at this moment I noticed this very large triangular shape in the sky nearly directly above me,for a split second I thought it was a RAF vulcan bomber but quickly realised it didn’t fit the description or behaviour of any conventional aircraft known to me,this object was just a very large black triangle with no lights and making no sound that I could hear, it was travelling in a straight direction very very slowly and if I had to guess what speed it was doing I would say it was only going about 15 to 20 mph, I just stood watching it in amazement for several minutes before it went out of my site because of tree cover, I jumped on my motorcycle and road of in the direction it was travelling and managed to spot it again in the distance travelling in a straight northern direction which I estimate would eventually take it towards Southampton airport,it eventually went out of site and I continued on my journey to work trying to think of a excuse for being late, I have never told this to anybody else accept close friends and family for fear of being ridiculed, what I observed was a solid sharp edged object which was no conventional aircraft or a cloud, most ufo sightings I hear about I must admit I don’t believe, but I cannot think of anything earth made or natural that fits what I saw, I hope you found my account interesting.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  January 31 1982
Location:  Mechanicsville, VA
Time:  9:25 PM. 
Summary:  A general contractor and his wife observed a very large grayish cone-shaped object with rows of amber and blue body lights and two huge white light beams in front through their south-facing window. The object was issuing bright illumination about 400-500 feet from their home. They went outside for a better look and watched as the object passed overhead. After the object passed they first noticed a loud roaring sound. The object followed power lines throughout, then “ascended quickly into the clouds.” The extremely loud noise was still heard for another 20-30 seconds.
Source:  MUFON UFO sighting questionnaire.

Date:  January  1982

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