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Date:  Spring  1982
Location:  Sykesville Carroll County Maryland
Time:  night
Summary:  Willard McIntyre saw a tall hairy humanoid in a wooded area. He fired a shot at the creature, apparently without affect; the creature then turned around and hit McIntyre with a ball of light. 
Source:  Mark Opsasnick

Date:  March  1982
Location:  San Fidelis, Brazil
Time:  evening
Summary:  Several witnesses, including reporter Aurelio Zaluar and UFO investigator Vanderlei Penna were investigating a hilly area were other members had been experiencing “strange things”. They had been told to take a certain short cut but decided against this route because it took them through a thicket full of spiders and perhaps even snakes. It was dark and raining and all they had to light their way was a flashlight, which soon went out anyway. When they reached the summit, they called out and were greeted by another man who came forward warning them to keep their voices down. His outstretched finger pointed toward the shadowy figure of another member of the group. Luis Otavio de Silva Carvalho, a young lawyer, stood motionless with his hands clasped over his ears. He was heard to cry out and plead in anguish, “Don’t speak, don’t make any noise, my head can’t stand it any more.” As they stood there in total amazement an unknown aerial object was seen about 500 meters over the mountains. In front of their very eyes it stopped over what is known as “Warm Water Falls”, a waterfall that remains warm even in the middle of winter. Luis was still acting up and we told to join hands and think peaceful thoughts so that the spell over him could be broken. All at once he fell to the ground and we picked him up. Soon he regained consciousness and was anxious to know what all the fuss was about. They explained the situation to him and little by little he seemed to understand, complaining of a bad headache. After a drink of water back in the camp his head cleared further and he told the others what he had seen. Luis was standing near some of the equipment when he saw a glowing figure materializing in front of him. It was about four feet tall, had long hair and was wearing brilliant clothes. He said that soon there was a whole score of these beings that were all moving about at the same time. He remembered that when one of the other men extended his hand, his arm cut right through one of these beings. He said that right over them, very close, was a large triangular shaped ship with colored lights on top. Apparently, Luis was the only one who saw all of this. The rest of the men only saw the strong light, which moved around in diverse directions at the summit of Warm Water Falls.
Source:  GOPU, Colonia Brazil in Commander X Underground Alien Bases

Date:  March  1982

Location. Springfield Missouri
Date: March 1982
Time: night
The witness was traveling in her car when she suddenly lost control of the steering. She felt her vehicle being pulled by an unknown force towards a light that was hovering at tree top level straight ahead. She felt as if the car was floating. Soon she found herself in a clearing in a wooded area. Nearby sat a silvery metallic disc resting on three legs. A light shone on her and she sees folding steps descend from the object. She is drawn into the craft and through several rooms until she reaches a platform, made out of padded white silver chrome and lays down on it. Half a dozen men then appear; these are described as six-foot one inch tall, well built, long blond hair, high cheekbones, and blue eyes. They wore tight-fitting brown jumpsuits with matching shoes and belt, with a pale yellow stole draped over one shoulder. They also displayed a winged emblem on the chest area resembling a “hawk-eagle” head in center and wings on each side. She is then led out to the door and suddenly finds herself in her car. She then sees a craft taking off emitting a loud whistling sound.
Source: Linda Moulton Howe Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume I

Date:  March  1982

Location. Near Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
Date: March 1982
Time: night
Jose Mario and his wife were traveling by motorcycle in an isolated road and as they were passing by a cane field they spotted a “beautiful” light descending slowly towards the ground. It seemed to land on a field and then approached their location in a zigzagging motion. It landed silently on a nearby empty parcel and both saw what appeared to be a human-like figure about 2.50 meters in height descend from the object. Terrified, the witness attempted to start his motorcycle but was unable to. The figure disappeared and then the light rose up quickly into the sky and vanished. When the object left, he was able to start the motorcycle and left the area.
Source: Los Desvelados.com

Date:  March  1982

Location. St Petersburg, (Leningrad), Russia
Date: March 1982
Time: late night
Galina Andreyevnoy Borzovaya was staying with a friend one night and was sleeping soundly with her friend next to her, when she suddenly heard a strange sound resembling something metallic scraping on a glass. Suddenly she felt very excited and aroused and warmth that rose up from her feet enveloped her body. Something heavy began to press on her and she felt constrained. Against the background of the wall she saw a shadowy figure with a large head and wide shoulders. Her fear suddenly ended as she began to enjoy the experience more, she felt wrapped in “bliss & kindness. Soon the shadowy figure and the feeling of gravity began to evaporate. She was able to move freely again. Her friend slept next door apparently completely undisturbed.
Source: Valentina Goltz, Anomaly # 20 1997

Date: March 4 1982
Location: Coniston Cutting England
Time: 2230
Summary: A woman was returning home and was traveling between villages when the car was suddenly lit up with a bluish light. Looking into the mirror she then saw two lights one blue the other red hovering in the air nearby. The lights followed the vehicle for a half-mile then a beam of light suddenly appeared near the car forming a circle of light on the ground. The light came from somewhere above the vehicle. The witness began feeling very cold and the car engine began revving. The lights suddenly vanished as a truck approached. The witness finally arrived home with 30 minutes of “missing time” Under hypnosis later she recalled meeting unknown entities one calling himself “Zeus” who claimed to be from the planet “Zircon.”
Source: Paul Devereux, Earth Lights Revelation

Date:  March 8 1982
Location:  close to Metter, GA
Time:  1:45 PM. 
Summary:  Three former Air Force pilots flying in a private corporate jet saw a ten foot diameter silver disc that flew within 25 feet of their left wingtip. They were flying close to Metter, Georgia at the time, 60 miles southwest of Allendale, South Carolina. 
Source:  MUFON UFO Journal, March 1992, p. 17

Date: March 12 1982
Location: Near San Dimas California
Time: 1835
Summary: A mother and her two children were driving on a busy highway when they spotted a rectangular glowing object with a cross in the center hovering over the area. As the car drew closer the mother heard a low humming sound and felt dizzy and had difficulty driving. One of the children felt weak and they younger one fell asleep. The object suddenly vanished and with witnesses felt better. Their trip was longer than usual. The children remembered seeing figures or faces within the object and experienced unusual sleepiness the following days.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO

Date: March 13, 1982: Disk-shaped UFO seen in Messel, Germany

Date:  March 15 1982
Location:  Near San Dimas CA
Time:  6:35 PM.
Summary:   A mother and her two children were driving on a busy highway when they spotted a rectangular glowing object with a cross in the center hovering over the area. As the car drew closer the mother heard a low humming sound and felt dizzy and had difficulty driving. One of the children felt weak and they younger one fell asleep. The object suddenly vanished and with witnesses felt better. Their trip was longer than usual. The children remembered seeing figures or faces within the object and experienced unusual sleepiness the following days. (HC addition # 505 (Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of the Mystery

Date:  March 18 1982
Location:  Flatwoods, KY
Time:  10:40 PM.
Summary:   Mr. J. Duty, an Army reservist, watched a domed disc-shaped UFO hover off to the left side of a highway in Flatwoods, Kentucky. The disc had red, green, blue, and white lights around its base, which blinked in rotation. It made a humming noise, circled the witness’s car, then flew away. 
Source:  George Parsons, field investigator, CUFOS investigation files; Richard Hall, MUFON UFO Journal 177, November 1982, p. 13

Date:  March 21 1982
Location:  Toledo, OH
Time:  9:00 PM. 
Summary:  On an overcast evening a UFO shaped like a vertical football with three tube-like appendages banked to the north across the Ohio Turnpike in Toledo, Ohio and next came in low over a residential area at 200 feet altitude. It flew off to the south. It had three steady white lights and a small blinking red light. 
Source:  Karl R. Stewart, CUFOS case files

Date:  March 22 1982
Location:   Slanesville Virginia
Time:  0330A
Summary:  Donn J. Shallcross had gone outside to investigate a commotion among his dogs and cats and saw two lights descend from the sky and land. He approached with his car but the vehicle stalled. He approached on foot holding a flashlight and encountered a five-foot six-inch tall man dressed in a silvery coverall with a hood, that covered his face and silvery boots, he held a silvery baton-like object on one of his hands. Surprised, Shallcross after the stranger if he was ok but received no reply he than asked him who he was and received the following enigmatic reply, “I am a Watchguard”. Shallcross heard this reply inside his head as if the being had used mental telepathy. Shallcross then asked the being where he was from but did not receive a clear reply; the humanoid then proceeded to tell the witness that humanity had to stop using up the earth’s resources. That we should stop using atomic energy for destruction or domination of other peoples and nations, and start using it for power, energy sources and things of this nature. Then he added that the humans needed to learn how to dispose of the used atomic fuels, atomic wastes, so that we will stop polluting the earth. Shallcross asked how and the being answered, “I’ll show you.” After the being said that Shallcross suddenly found himself standing very near the spacecraft, at this point hovering above him, and the silvery suited figure was still standing in front of him. Shallcross could not remember walking the relatively short distance. He thought he might have been “teleported” there. Shallcross described the craft a disc-shaped with a dome on top and one in the bottom, glowing a soft purplish color, with what appeared to be windows. A door opened and a very light purple light came out of it. And when the purple light beam hit Shallcross he felt a burning sensation, in his hands and face. Apparently this was an accident and not intentional. Before leaving Shallcross asked the humanoid if there was a God, the being said yes and added that he should believe both in God and Christ. Next the witness asked him point blank if he was coming back someday. The being said yes, that someday he would return to teach humans more, to seek knowledge. Shallcross asked the being what didn’t they make themselves known, the being’s answer was “We are known”. At that the being suddenly disappeared in plain sight, Shallcross was still holding the light and the door on the object was closed. The craft then began rotating and its lights became very bright, it then rose up emitting a loud humming sound as it gained altitude. It got up to a height of two telephone poles and then shot away at high speed towards a nearby mountain range. Shallcross feels that he was given a great deal of information, which he only hazily recalls. Some having to do with pyramids.
Source:  Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery

Date:  March 25 1982
Location:  Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England
Time:  4:35 PM. 
Summary:  Two uniformed officers, PS. Ian Victory and PC Anthony Underwood were driving a marked police vehicle when they observed a yellow lozenge shaped UFO in the sky. Stopping the vehicle they sat and watched it pass overhead. They saw red and blue flashing lights on the craft. The incident was believed to be subject of an investigation by the Ministry of Defence who admitted they had received a report about the officers sighting. The Superintendent for Milton Keynes police, John Burton, said of the officers, “These are two experienced officers and I have no reason to doubt their integrity.” ­ NL, on duty sighting. 2 officers. 
Source:   A Covert Agenda by Nick Redfern. Pocket Books 1998. Pages 159-160. THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006

Date:  March 28 1982
Location:  Esperance, WA
Time:  0300
Summary:  Mrs F. Collins and Mrs M. Yeed reported the engine of their van was affected by the close approach of a brilliant object. They stated it came within 300 metres, and was soundless. Investigations by this author suggest the object was in fact the planet Venus.
Source:  UFO Research Australia Newsletter.

Date:  March 30 1982
Location:  Charlottesville, VA
Time:  11:15 PM.
Summary:   An ovoid or “submarine”-shaped object flew over a car. It then hovered over the road, made a U-turn, and then paced the car for 15 blocks. It flew away toward the north. 
Source:   International UFO Reporter, November 1983, p. 4

Date:  March  1982

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