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Date:  December  1983
Location:  Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Time:  night
Summary:  Several members of a local family reported seeing a round luminous object land on their garden. About fifteen short green skinned humanoids with large eyes emerged from the object. The beings emitted high-pitched yelping noises. Another family member that was in her bedroom at the time reported encountering one of the short green beings in her room. No other information.
Source:   Dr. A Dardanelli, Ovnis, Secuestros y la Acupuntura

Date:  December  1983
Location:  Guernica, Argentina
Time:  0100A
Summary:  Juan Carlos Escosteguy was standing out in his front porch when he noticed an approaching white light in the sky. The light approached in a due east trajectory and when it seemed that it was going to strike 2 trees about 100 meters away from the witness, this one went back inside the house, he quickly exited carrying a flashlight and noticed that the street lights were now out. He then noticed at a soccer field across from his location a very tall white luminous human like figure that stood with its arms crossed in front of him. Frightened, the witness ran inside his house again and armed himself with a knife, upon going out the humanoid was closer to his position, standing behind a nearby wire fence. The witness then dropped the knife and attempted to re-enter the house gain. At the moment that he grabbed the doorknob he felt a strong electrical current through his body, at the same times sparks issued from the metal. Heaviness came over his body and he found it difficult to move, it felt as if something was pulling him. He felt numb and confused; he washed his face in the sink, and then felt a little better. He went outside again, but the strange luminous figure had vanished. During the next several days, Escosteguy suffered from fatigued and general discomfort.
Source:  Nestor Sergio Machado, Hugo Daniel Borda

Date:  December  1983
Location:  Cerrillos, Salta, Argentina
Time:  night
Summary:  A youth reported encountering several small “green humanoids” lacking ears that emitted loud buzzing sounds. The humanoids had extremely wrinkled skin. Other children playing near the railroad tracks reported encountering similar beings.
Source:  Fabio Picasso

Date:  December 7 1983
Location:  Cedarburg I-141, Wisconsin
Time:  21:00 
Summary: Fog. 1 and 2 kids. huge “Wok” stops 200 feet overhead, windows fog up on departure. One multi-colored domed disc, around 300 feet away, was observed by three witnesses at a lake. No sound was heard.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  December  1983
Location. Gobernador Virasoro, Argentina
Date: December 8 1983 Time: night

A group of youngster walking along a field south of the town reported seeing a little green humanoid that approached the group and seemed to be trying to say something. As the group approached, the figure ran to into the brush and vanished. Others reported seeing, little green humanoids, about 60 cm in height, with wrinkled skins and only one eye in the middle of their foreheads, that ran into the fields and hid from view.

Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:  December 12 1983
Location:  Byron, Illinois
Time:  18:30
Summary:  A triangular flying object was sighted by three men. It moved erratically and made no sound. It had blinking red and white lights. Its erratic path was detected on FAA radar at the Greater Rockford, Illinois airport.  A triangular flying object was sighted over Byron, Illinois by three men. It moved erratically and made no sound. It had blinking red and white lights. Its erratic path was detected on FAA radar at the Greater Rockford, Illinois airport.
Source:  APRO Bulletin, September 1984, p. 8

1983-12-14-brazil-chapeco-bDate: December 14 1983 
Location: Chapeco, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: The witness was driving back to town when he suddenly felt an urge to stop as he drove by the Coca-Cola factory. Looking up he saw a luminous bus-shaped object. A beam of solid light struck him apparently taking him up into the object. He lost consciousness then woke up completely naked and observed 2 or 3 small beings examining him in a dark room. The beings left and the room lit up then a small beautiful woman in light colored clothes entered the room, communicating with the witness via telepathy. She had slanted eyes widely set apart. She told him that he had been chosen to warn humanity of coming destruction. He later awoke finding himself lying besides the highway.
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, UFO Lore

Date:  December 15 1983
Location:  Glasgow, Scotland
Time:  6:25 AM.
Summary:   Mr. Coventry reported seeing a fog in which all sounds stopped. A gray flying object the shape of a railroad car, but with a convex curved roof, then appeared, making crackling and humming sounds. The UFO had three porthole-shaped windows in the side, and what appeared to be a yellow smoke swirled around in the interior of the object. It shot up into the sky and was gone. 
Source:  Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland: The secret history of Scotland’s UFO phenomenon, p. 88

Date:  December 18 1983
Location:  Los Angeles, California
Time:  22:03 
Summary:  Group spots winking bright light through clouds moving rapidly to the north at time predicted by UFO channeler Jamie Sams, second light also seen.
Source:  CUFOS

Date:  December 20 1983
Location:  Riverside, California
Time:  5:30 PM.
Summary:   Witness driving in Riverside had his car buzzed by a 7″ wide sphere that had pegs protruding from it. It flew by the car at eye level. 
Source:  MUFON UFO Journal, December 1983, p. 4

Date:  December 23 1983
Location:  New York, exact location not given
Time:  late night
Summary:  Whitley Strieber was standing in his office late at night alone when he had a feeling of someone standing behind him. When he turned around he observed a tall being wearing a dark gray cowl. The beings face resembled an archaic Greek portrait of “Athena.”
Source:  Whitley Strieber, IUR Vol. 12 # 1

Date:  December 25 1983
Location:  Todmorden, UK
Time:  01:00
Summary:  Police incident. Cop and girlfriend see large, orange UFO with several spike-like appendages, low in sky over city. Shot away at high speed at angle up. Incident not reported officially.
Source:  UFO Magazine (UK)

Date:  December 26 1983
Location:  Omaha, Nebraska
Time:  21:30 
Summary:  Several witnesses. Silent 3′ square object X pattern of lights downward between two buildings, then flies away. A hovering object was observed. One rectangular object was observed by several witnesses. No sound was heard.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  December 27 1983
Location:  Indianapolis, IN
Time:  10:30 PM. 
Summary:  A small disc-shaped object with eight bright green lights descended from the sky and landed in an open field across the street from the home of the witness. After about ten seconds, the bright lights suddenly went out and the disc was no longer visible. Hoping to see the disc take off, the woman continued to observe the area for an hour before retiring for the night. A second report was received from a woman driving in the same area during the same time period. She observed a fixed group of bright green lights descending from the sky and appear to land in a corn field. 
Source:  MUJ-190

Date:  December 31 1983
Location:  Mirassol, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time:  0200A
Summary:  The witness was alone at his parent’s house when a bright light woke him up. He went to the living room to investigate and there he encountered three beings. He was asked if he was afraid and he said no, then they fired a cylindrical device that burned his shirt and a calendar on the wall. He then passed out. Under hypnosis he could only recall that the beings injected him with an unknown substance. 
Source:  Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of the Mystery

Date:  December  1983

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