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Date:  May  1984
Location:  Santana do Acarau, Brazil
Time:  23:00
Summary: Nocturnal light chases man, zaps him repeatedly with beam. No lasting physiological effects.One light was observed by one male witness in a jungle for over 15 minutes (Chiliano).
Source:  Vallee, Jacques Confrontations: A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact Ballantine Books, New York, 1990 

Date:  May 1 1984
Location:  Glen Rose (Malvern), Arkansas
Time:   19:00
Summary:  This happened some years ago: I had taken my dog outside, it was dark, pm. I noticed what I thought was a star, the longer I looked, I thought this was a VERY Bright star, A star, but too close to the ground. I do not know how long I was outside looking at the light. I went into the house, where my two teenage daughter’s and a boy friend was, and told them to come look at what I had been watching. Again, I don’t know how long we were outside. All of a sudden the LIGHT started toward us, (going east) it took some time, and then I thought it was a helicopter. There was no sound, it was triangular in shape, and 2 or 3 different colored lights besides the white light in the center and dark in color. It went over a neighbor’s house. My daughters teenagers approximately 14 and 16 and the boyfriend 16, and myself saw this. I have on my left thigh, a hole, sorta pitted. I wrote an author of a book years ago and he seemed to think I had a encounter of some kind, and said I could go to a hypnotist, but he warned this could be traumatic.
Source:  Davenport, Peter National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle

Date:  May  1984
Location:  Piedmont, South Carolina
Time:  02:55
Summary:  Two witnesses. Loud pulsing sound, ovoid 200 feet overhead. Dogs all howl and go crazy. At 2:55 a.m. a loud pulsing sound preceded the presence of a metallic ovoid or football-shaped UFO flying overhead at 200 feet altitude in Piedmont, South Carolina . The dogs in the neighborhood all howled and went crazy. There were two witnesses, and the encounter lasted two minutes. An object was observed. Animal reactions to the object were reported. One metallic football-shaped object, about 300 feet across, around 1500 feet away, was observed by two witnesses at a house for two minutes. A pulsing sound was heard.
Source:  MUFON 

Date:  May 5 1984
Location:  Over Indian Ocean & in Space
Time:  At 1400 hours GMT
Summary:   a ultra-sensitive orbiting US DSP (Defense Support Program) spy satellite detected the entry of an unknown object that passes 15 miles in front of it, and then flew below it over the Indian Ocean. An alert was triggered at the North America Air Defense Command. Object moving at 22,000 miles per hour., changed course, and flew back out into outer space. 
Source:  Michael D. Hall, UFOs: A Century of Sightings, p. 324

Date:  May 6 1984
Location:  Williston, Florida
Time:  Time not given. 
Summary:  A 13-year-old boy working at a kennel in Williston, Florida heard a humming noise, and noticed that the dogs were attempting to hide in their pens and whining. As he went out to investigate the area turned red with illumination, and a bright red disc-shaped object hovered only 20 feet over his head. He felt heat coming from the object. When he returned to the dog pens, the dogs barked at him and would not let him inside. 
Source:   Robert Gribble, International UFO Reporter, May 1984, p. 16; MUFON UFO Journal, May 1984, p. 11

Date:  May 9 1984
Location:  Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time:  Night 
Summary: An object was observed and photographed. It moved with a falling-leaf motion. One object was observed (Vieira).
Source:  Brookesmith, Peter UFO: The Complete Sightings Barnes & Noble, New York, 1995 

Date:  May 10 1984
Location:  Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  Mrs Gloria Contreras and her children spotted a huge disc shaped craft encircled with windows slowly circling a field overhead. Several figures could be seen looking down on the witnesses from the windows. Mrs Contreras fainted at the sight, while her sons prayed. A younger sister threw stones at the object that circled again then flew away toward the nearby Sierra de Alvarez.
Source:  Ruben Manrique 

Date:  May 17 1984
Location:  Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Time:  17:45 – 17:49
Summary:  A daytime disc was reported
Source:  APRO

Date:  May 18 1984
Location:  Columbus, Ohio
Time:  21:40
Summary:   Flash of light, 12′ long rocket moving rapidly to the west at treetop level, level flight. One cylinder, about 20 feet across, was observed by two witnesses in a city for over one minute.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  May 18 1984
Location:  Mt. Vernon, Indiana
Time:  10:40 PM. 
Summary: Two MUFON Field Investigators and a third party were on a routine SKYWATCH patrol at their observation post on Bellefontaine Cemetery (hill) one mile north of Mt. Vernon. Suddenly a bright, silver white light was observed in the northeast. It was strobing at one time per second. There was no detectable aircraft lighting around the strobing light as required by the FAA and no sound detected. The light was approaching at a fairly high rate of speed. The primary witness saw it first and called out to the other two, “we have a bogey in the northeast” and they all began to watch the light through their binoculars. Even under magnification no FAA required lighting, nor any reflections on a body fuselage was detectable. The strobing light had come from the northeast at a pretty good clip and continued to move southwest, passing almost overhead but at high altitude to a point SW at about 45 degrees. Still no sound was heard. When the light reached that point in the heavens, to the amazement of all three witnesses,  it came to a sudden and complete stop and then an instantaneous flight reversal, with no turn radius, and briefly headed back northeast. Now exhibiting anomalistic motion during the final 5 minutes of the 12 minute total sequence, it stopped and reversed course once again, proceding southwest until out of sight
Source:  MUFON Indiana files; Ref 1, 81

Date:  May 19 1984
Location:  Williams, Indiana
Time:  Midnight
Summary:   The witness said that he was outside behind his house working on equipment. It was a warm clear Saturday night. His wife was inside sleeping and two of his neighbors had just left after stopping to visit him. He was working by electric light and suddenly noticed everything around him became brightly lit. He looked up to see that the light source was a brilliant orange-colored light, low in the northwest. He said that it was totally silent and there was only the light, no craft could be seen. He went inside to call his two neighbors to come back and see the strange light, but did not wake his wife who is a sound sleeper. He then went back outside and the UFO was there as it was before. Approximately ten to fifteen minutes had passed since he first noticed the light and it then began to drift away to the northwest where he lost sight of it. Shortly, his neighbors arrived but they did not see the UFO and teased him about seeing things. Object reportedly 400-500 feet away. 
Source:  Palmiter, MUFON Indiana FI, Ridge files

Date:  May 20 1984
Location:  Illinois
Time:   20:30
Summary:  A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by over 10 witnesses (Shellhammer).
Source:  APRO

Date:  May 20 1984
Location:  Hammond, Indiana
Time:  21:15
Summary:    An unidentified but otherwise conventional object was sighted. One pink rectangular object was observed by several witnesses (as reported to the police) (Earl).
Source:  APRO

Date:  May 20 1984
Location:  Eaton Rapids, Michigan
Time:  22:00
Summary:   After Soyuz T10 re-entry, several witness. Slow 300 feet gray delta-cigar at tree top level! A triangular object was observed. One gray delta-shaped object, about 300 feet across, was observed by several witnesses in a city for five minutes.
Source:  APRO

Date:  May 20 1984
Location:  Cleveland, Ohio
Time:  Around 2200
Summary:   Hundreds see balls of light moving across sky. two men saw 15 lights flying in formation. More than 15 formations of objects were observed by several hundred witnesses.
Source:  APRO

Date:  May 20 1984
Location:  Monroe City, Indiana
Time:  Evening
Summary:   Black triangle came in, stopped over car for one minute, 200-300 feet overhead, moved off. 
Source:  UPRO

Date:  May 21 1984
Summary:  19:15 – Ballarat, Victoria, Australia – Nocturnal lights were reported.
Source:  APRO

Date:  May 21 1984
Location:  Longview, Texas
Time:  21:30
Summary:  Triangle object no lights no sound. Triangle object no lights no sound. I just saw the ABC special and had goosebumps.Approx 1984-85 I was living in Longview,Texas..in town in a residential area. It was a clear night and I had went outside coming out of the garage into the driveway facing east. I looked up and saw a large Triangle shaped object fly directly overhead at a low altitude (500 -1000 Feet?}. It’s flight path was aprox south-west. There where no lights but I could clearly see the outline of the craft against the night sky. There was no engine noise at all but I could hear the craft push the through the air, almost like a glider. This was no glider..It was flying under power. I had only told two people this. Then tonight (2-24-05} when the ABC special was coming on I told my 9 year old daughter what happened. Then I saw on the special about the triangle crafts that made no sound..WOW. ((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of sighting is approximate. PD))
Source:  NUFORC

Date:  May 27 1984
Location:  Botucatu, Brazil
Time:  2145
Summary:  The main witness and two others went to a field to meditate when they saw a light flying low over the ground. There was a sudden flash and three beings descended to the ground and began walking towards the direction of the witnesses. There was a second flash of light and two of the beings vanished. The third one went up in a beam of light. The main witness eyes were seen to flash with light at one point. Later that night the witnesses observed a craft over the area, it emitted a blue beam of light from its bottom towards the ground.
Source:   Casellato, Da Silva, and Stevens UFO Abduction at Botucatu 

Date:  May 29 1984
Location:  Laxey Bay, UK
Time:  22:50 
Summary: Nocturnal lights were observed by two witnesses on the shore.
Source:  FSR

Date:  May 31 1984
Location:  Hawthorne, NY
Time:  8:15 PM.
Summary:   A V-Shaped formation of 15 lights, estimated to be the size of a Boeing 747 airliner if all connected to one object, passed directly over the home of an IBM engineer in Hawthorne, Westchester County, New York It made no sound as it passed overhead except a faint humming. All lights simultaneously turned blue, and then made a tight 180-degree turn and flew off to the north. 
Source:   Philip Imbrogno, International UFO Reporter, September 1984, p. 5-7

Date:  May 31 1984
Location:   Pleasantville, NY
Time:  8:30 PM.
Summary:   A V-shaped object was seen from Route 117 in Pleasantville, New York. It was reported to be larger than a football field, and it followed a car being driven on the Taconic Parkway. 
Source:  Philip Imbrogno, International UFO Reporter, September 1984, p. 5-7

Date:  May 31 1984
Location:  Yorktown, NY
Time:  8:45 PM 
Summary:  A V-shaped formation of lights were seen by Mr. D. Boyd in Yorktown, New York. An engineer and private pilot, he watched them turn and fly away toward the west. V-shaped or triangular UFOs were also sighted later that night in Fishkill and south Putnam County.
Source:  Philip Imbrogno, International UFO Reporter, September 1984, p. 5-7

Date:  May 31 1984
Location:  Fishkill, New York
Time:  21:00
Summary:   Large V-shaped formation of lights with dark mass behind the lights, hovered, changed color of lights all at once. Hovering V-shaped objects were observed. Multiple independent witnesses. More than one changing color V-shaped object was observed by numerous witnesses.
Source:  CUFOS

Date:  May  1984

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