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Date: November  1984
Location:  New York City, New York
Time:  late night
Summary:  12-year old Monica Ortega was sleeping in her bedroom when suddenly she saw two lights and felt a presence in the room. One light was red and the other green, both were spherical. A voice from the lights told her not to be afraid. She began to fall asleep, in spite of the luminous globes presence; she then felt caresses and kisses all over her body as her nightclothes were removed. She felt something spread her legs and a sharp pain soon after. She woke up terrified to see a tall, blond, green-eyed being in a tight fitting outfit in bed with her. His eyes were so green that it made her dizzy to look straight at them. She felt very attracted to him. Apparently the tall blond humanoid had a silent and invisible companion that never manifested itself in human form. They told Monica that they traveled around the world and curiosity was the motivation for their sexual contacts.
Source: Scott Corrales, Inexplicata 

Date: November  1984
Location:  Winschoten The Netherlands
Time:  night
Summary:  A woman was resting in bed when she noticed a strange being come into her bedroom. The being had a large ‘elongated” head, and stared at the witness who suddenly feels like she is leaving her body. She then finds herself with the being in a bright bell shaped room. The being has sexual intercourse with the witness who later becomes pregnant and eventually has an autistic child. 
Source: Hans Van Kampen 

Date: November 4 1984
Location:  Mirassol Brazil
Time:  2300
Summary:  The witness awoke feeling a sensation of heat and a strong desire to go out into the garden. As he went out he was enveloped in a red light that took him up into a small hovering object. Moments later the small object entered a larger craft. He was met by several brown skin red haired beings that took a blood sample and gave him a tour of the craft. He was then taken to an operations base at an unknown location. Later under hypnosis he was able to recall more details. He remembered being taken to a cold place with white pointed mountains filled with holes. Later he went to several different rooms and “shelters” where he was injected with a white liquid and where other procedures were undertaken. In one of the rooms he was visited by one of the tall blond beings that spoke to him by using telepathy. A blond woman then entered the room. She wore a blue jump suit with black designs on the cuffs and collar and a large black belt. Eventually the witness was returned back to his home.
Source: Buhler, Pereira, and Matiel Pires Abduction at Mirassol 

Date: November 10 1984
Location:   Inverness California
Time:  after midnight
Summary:  Steven Hall was overcome with a feeling that something was watching him, when Steven and his wife looked out their kitchen window. Surprised they saw two of the most absurd creatures one could imagine. These creatures were no more than two feet away from the window. One of them made eye contact with Steven, and stood there, staring at him not moving at all. The witness said the eye contact was “frightening” and felt as if the humanoid was “looking into your soul.” It was difficult for Steven to break eye contact with the humanoid, but his wife quickly closed the curtains. He then woke up another occupant and the house that ran outside thinking someone was snooping around the house. He ran out the front door and around the corner to see one of the creatures from about 15 ft away for about 15 seconds. The creature seemed surprised, and then it slowly turned its head, ducked down, and made its way off into the thick evergreen. The witnesses described the creatures as about four-feet tall with an extremely thin body. Their hands extended to their knees, and they wore what the witnesses suspect was a skintight suit that shimmered in the light. The eyes were a soft diamond shape, there was a small rise for a nose, and the mouth was barely a slit with a very displeasing look on it.
Source: World of The Strange, 10/2001

Date: November 17 1984
Location:  Sabah, Indiana
Time:  8:45 PM. 
Summary:  Abduction near Mt. Vernon, IN. Two percipients, several hours. An object was observed from a car. One silver disc, about 80 feet across, was observed by two witnesses on a farm for 2.5 minutes.
Source: Ridge files

Date: November 23 1984
Location:  Monroe City, Indiana
Time:  10:30 PM. 
Summary:  Another black triangle report by two witnesses. 
Source: UPRO

Date: November 24 1984
Location:  Columbus, Wisconsin
Time:  13:00
Summary: Midday cigar shape sighting while deer hunting. A cylindrical craft approximately 25M long cruised over my head producing a high pitched drone, faint and not piercing. The craft was black against a grey cloudy sky, and did not have wings or noticeable tail. It was not moving fast, but seemed to move about as fast as a goose landing. I estimate the altitude at 300-400 feet. I have 19 years military experience, 16 in the USAF.
Source: NUFORC

Date: November 26 1984
Location:  Magnolia, Massachusetts
Time:  18:15 
Summary:  UFO responds to witness’s comment.Triangle object, 150 feet wide, with canopy underneath, at 125′ altitude passes over Magnolia Bay and trees. Low droning sound, seemed to be made of non-reflective material. A UFO seen at 6:15 p.m. by Mr. and Mrs. Hoel in Gloucester, Massachusetts seemed to respond to their comments while flying over Magnolia Bay. The dark triangular object, 150 feet wide, with a canopy underneath, flew at 125 feet altitude and passed over Magnolia Bay and surrounding trees. It made a low droning sound, and seemed to be made of a non-reflective material.
Source: MUFON

Date: November 26 1984
Location:  Gloucester, Massachusetts
Time:  6:15 PM.
Summary:   A UFO seen by Mr. & Mrs. Hoel in Gloucester, Massachusetts seemed to respond to their comments while flying over Magnolia Bay. The dark triangular object, 150 feet wide, with a canopy underneath, flew at 125 feet altitude and passed over Magnolia Bay and surrounding trees. It made a low droning sound, and seemed to be made of a non-reflective material.
Source: Doris Graziano, APRO Bulletin, June 1985, p. 8, citing the Gloucester Times; John Melesciuc, MUFON UFO Journal, February 1986, p. 11

Date: November 26 1984
Location:  Belle Mead, New Jersey
Time:  late night
Summary:  A motorist driving on a highway saw a star-like light descend overhead at high speed. As the light crossed the highway in front of her vehicle, she could see that it was part of a large metallic triangular shaped object apparently made out of white metal with gray rivets. Three beams of light shone down from the side of the object, which had rounded edges. The object then began hovering above some railroad power lines. The witness could see an opening in the center of the object. She then noticed movement inside and saw a large round sphere pass by it. A round object came into view, it resembled a large head with two very large eyes, and the rest of the facial features were flat. The object then followed the witness vehicle briefly before disappearing from view.
Source: Thomas A Benson, The Sixth Quark Journal # 4 

Date: November 28 1984
Location:  Petit Lomont, France
Time:  16:00
Summary:  Police calls disc hovers, orange ball/Mont Bart Forest / 29 Nov. Hovering objects were observed. Two discs were observed at a mountain.
Source: MUFON

Date: November  1984

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