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Date: July 1985
Location: Bairro Pombal Tucano Brazil
Time: midnight
Summary: Eurani C De Matos had stepped out of his home in order to pick up some clothes from the cloth line when he noticed a glowing white blue sphere floating nearby. The sphere suddenly flew towards him. Afraid, Eurani ran towards her home when a luminous woman shaped figure suddenly materialized in front of her, blocking her path. The figure was about 1.5 meters in height, and was suspended about 15 cm from the ground. There was a brief telepathic conversation.
Source: GUG 

Date: July 6 1985
Location: Near Greenwater Washington
Time: before dawn
Summary: Greg and Stephanie McKay were camping in an isolated area when an 8-feet tall bear-like creature apparently attacked their tent. According to both witnesses the creature talked to them and asked whether they had permission to use the campsite. The creature told them to get off the property. It was described as about 8-feet tall, ugly, smelly and with curly brown hair; it also threw rocks at the couple. It spoke in a very high-pitched voice, very unlike humans. The couple ran from the area. Police investigated but could not find any evidence.
Source: Creature Chronicles 

Date:  July 14 1985
Location:  Crystal Mountain Washington
Time:  1430
Summary:  A man walking up to a nearby chair lift remembers confronting a large metallic object that descended over him and took him inside through a large rectangular opening. He was taken into a compartment and made to lie down on a table. Inside he saw five to six shadowy human like forms of average height that leaned over him several times apparently examining him. Later he remembers being taken back down to earth in an oval shaped glass top craft with two seats. Several scars were later found on his back.
Source:  UFONS # 198 


Date: July 21 1985
Location: Vallgorguina Cataluna Spain
Time:  0800A
Summary: The witness had gone to visit a local area where some ancient dolmens were located. As he drove near the village his car seem to enter a peculiar mist, it then stopped, and he feels some foul tasting liquid fall on him. He left the vehicle and was confronted by two repellent 6-foot tall helmeted beings with claw-like hands, and a dirty gray scaly complexion, that apparently forced him to follow them down a nearby slope and into a dark cave. There the beings communicated by using telepathy and take a camera that the witness had and began to tamper with it. The beings introduce the witness to a “man” that looks exactly like him and tell him that this man is a clone that they have made of him. The witness later is released and realizes that he had lost 36 hours of time. He finds his camera and is able to obtain several intact negatives with several images apparently of the beings that abducted him.
Source: Antonio Ribera, FSR Vol. 31 # 4  Abductee is known crackpot-looney per JPG / Anomalia Foundation 

Date:  July 1985


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