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Date: Summer  1985
Location:  Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness was alone at home meditating in order to relieve pain from a kidney infection when a tall human like figure suddenly appeared in the room. The next moment she fund herself in a circular room surrounded by several 7-foot tall, blue eyed, human like beings. Her next conscious memory was waking up the next morning in her bed and finding blood in the sheets. Later it was found that her kidney problems had disappeared.
Source:   Lorne Goldfader, UFONS # 263 

Date: Summer  1985
Location:  Montesanto, Vieques Island Puerto Rico
Time:  2330
Summary:  Hunting for crabs in a sugarcane field, brothers Frankie Colon, 15, and Tato, 22, were examining the traps with flashlights when Tato noticed and pointed out three or four strange 5 ft tall figures standing on the nearby brush. As both men pointed their flashlights at the beings, both lights suddenly malfunctioned. Terrified they ran away from the area. They described the figures as thin, with long arms that reached to their knees. Their heads were slightly larger than normal, and their eyes were large round and dark with a luminous pinpoint of green light in the pupil area. The figures moved using strange sideways movements, very unsteady. The next day a circular area of matted down grass was found at the site, plus strange footprints.
Source:   Jorge Martin, Vieques, Poligono del Tercer Tipo 

Date: June  1985
Location:  Bihar State India
Time:  before dawn
Summary:  A 17-year old girl was found wandering and disoriented by a local farmer. Small patches of skin on her arms and legs appeared to be glowing. She was then rushed to a military hospital where intense “radioactivity” was found on the affected areas. Later the girl recalled how earlier she had been walking in a field when a silvery disc shaped craft suddenly descended over her. A beam of light shone on her and she was unable to move and felt herself rising up towards the disc. She found herself inside the object and two short dwarf-like beings approached her and assured her that she would not be harmed. She was then placed in a glass booth and a “machine” descended from her head to her feet, apparently scanning her.
Source:  TUFOIC UFO, Tasmania UFO 1996 

Date: June, 1985: Cigar-shaped UFO with windows seen by driver in Sweden

Date: June 2 1985
Location:  Roque Saenz Pena Argentina
Time:  1400
Summary:  Several boys saw a short black skin humanoid that ran and climbed on top of a tree; it was hairy and black with large eyes and long pointed teeth. 
Source:  Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11 

Date: June 4 1985
Location:  Roque Saenz Pena Argentina
Time:  0200A
Summary:  A 22-year old man was walking home when he saw a little black colored man on a street corner, the witness stood motionless as the being walked away totally ignoring him.
Source:  Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11 

Date: June 5 1985
Location:  Roque Saenz Pena Argentina
Time:  2130
Summary:  A teenager encountered a short black man-like figure sitting on top of a small mound. Moments later the little man ran away. Later at 2200 two other children saw a short black being run from behind a moving car and then hide behind a small cart. 
Source:  Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11 

Date: June 13 1985
Location:  Lake Clifton, WA
Time:  0515
Summary:  Travelling by car a Manjimup farmer was followed by a bright orange light. He saw it on three separate occasions. The third time he stated that the inside of the car became hot. Police were notified.(WAn UFO Investigation Centre.
Source:  WAUFOIC

Date: June 15 1985
Location: Valley Alabama
Time: 0130A
Summary: The witness was sleeping with her husband when she awoke to see a huge bright white light in the bedroom. Sitting up the 26-year old woman got out of bed and was then “paralyzed” while standing up. Simultaneously, she was levitated to about 6 inches of the floor. Slowly, and while standing, she was then taken into the huge light, which was at the other end of the bedroom. She could not move or yell at her husband. She felt somewhat relaxed while being taken into the ball of light. After she reached the brightest part of the light, she saw a 61/2 to 7-foot tall entity.  The entity was apparently unclothed, its skin had a rough “burnt” or wrinkled texture and was brownish gray in color and had no hair. It had oval shaped eyes with no eyeballs. Moments later she blacked out. Sometime later she found herself being levitated out of the ball of light and again traveling very slowly towards her bed. Upon lying down in her bed she immediately sprang up and found herself in a cold sweat. She could not account for at least 2 ½ hours of time. Her husband still was sleeping next to her. Since her encounter she has had depression and suicidal thoughts and her artwork has changed radically.
Source:  Tom Sheets from MUFON

Date: June  1985

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