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1985: November UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)

Date:  Winter 1985
Location:  Riverview Kentucky
Time:  0300A
Summary:  The witness was suddenly awoken by a low humming sound. A brilliant light flooded the room. The witness became angry and began screaming. Three beings now appeared and began walking in unison towards the witness. The beings were short humanoids with the tallest one in the middle. They all had huge heads, large dark eyes, and long thin arms. Their skin was grayish green in color. The witness jumped out of bed and grabbed the tallest of the humanoids by the neck and squeezed. The being’s neck instantly snapped like a twig, his head fell backwards. The two shorter beings then proceeded to back away robot-like apparently holding the taller being. Then all three stepped backwards into the light and disappeared.
Source:   Don Worley, UFO Universe Summer 1993 

Date:  November 1985
Location:  Between Frejus & Marseille, France
Time:  0130A
Summary:  Five army recruits enroute home on leave were in a train when suddenly a tall blond man with light colored eyes entered their wagon. The men immediately stopped talking and became very quiet and did not move. All five sat there staring at the men’s feet for 30 minutes. One of the men (involved in a previous encounter) felt sick during this encounter and had the feeling that something was pressing down on him making him unable to look up the man. The man finally walked out of the wagon and the five men were able to talk and move again.
Source:  GREPI 

Date:  November 5 1985
Location:  Goya, Corrientes, Argentina
Time:  2330
Summary:  After seeing a large pink-lighted object hovering above some nearby eucalyptus trees, 15-year old Osvaldo Gabriel Amarilla & his mother saw the figure of man wearing a phosphorescent silvery coverall walking in a field. The figure suddenly disappeared in plain sight, and then there was a bright flash that illuminated the neighborhood for about 15 minutes. Others had seen the same or similar object flying low over the area, at one point it emitted a red ball of light that fell to the ground the rose back up to the object.
Source:  Reinaldo Sanchez, ONIFE 

Date:  late November 1985
Location:  Near DeForest Wisconsin
Time:  evening
Summary:  A woman returning home late at night noticed a triangular shaped dark object hovering over a local farmhouse. As she approached with her vehicle she noticed red and white blinking lights. The object had a large window and a humanoid figure could be seen standing at the window. The frightened witness sped away at high speed. Possible missing time was reported.
Source:  Don Schmitt, IUR Vol. 13 # 1 

Date:  November 1985




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