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Date:  October 1985
Location:  Near Hidalgo Mexico
Time:  late night
Summary: A local peasant couple were suddenly awaken from their sleep by a loud buzzing noise coming from outside. They saw bright flashing lights and walked outside to the yard to investigate. A giant nine-foot tall human like figure appeared and began walking towards the pair.The husband apparently fainted as the woman was forced into sexual intercourse by the being. The woman reportedly became pregnant. No other information.
Source:  Lillian Crowner Desguin, UFOs Fact, or Fiction?

Date: October 11 1985
Location: Paka Terengganu Malaysia
Time:  daytime
Summary: Several schoolchildren encountered near their school compound seven human-like entities only 4 inches tall, they were six men and one woman. One child grabbed one of the beings but was forced to release him when his hand became itchy. The beings were last seen hiding behind a pile of woods. A search of the area failed to locate the creatures.
Source:  Ahmad Jamaludin, FSR Vol. 33 # 4

Date:  October 15 1985
Location:  Paka Terengganu, Malaysia
Time:  1630
Summary:  Witnesses encountered seven tiny beings in a field. One of the witnesses chased them and managed to catch one of them, but he quickly let it go. Also two days before another tiny being was briefly held by another witness but it was also released. 
Source:  Ahmad Jamaludin 

Date:  October 28 1985
Location:  Hensle Honefoss Norway
Time:  1745
Summary:  Several children were playing outside when they noticed a light coming towards them. As it approached, it stopped and hovered, it was a gray colored object that emitted a strong white light from underneath. One of the children shone a flashlight at the object then it shone a beam of light on them then ascended and disappeared. Suddenly on a nearby field numerous very small humanoids appeared, some of the children ran home to get adult witnesses but were not believed. They then tried to approach the humanoids, but these ran and hid in dark areas. They were especially sensitive to the flashlights. The humanoids were very quick and were of different colors, some were black, others brown, and some white. All wore square helmets and mumbled in an unknown language. Some of the children were able to see the humanoid’s eyes, which were described as white and scary. Two different types of tracks were found at the site.
Source:  Ole Jonny Braene

Date:  late October 1985
Location:  night
Summary:  Alton Carroll, Patrick Najera, and some other friends were sitting around one night telling stories by candlelight when one of them noticed a figure with red glowing eyes looking at them from the kitchen. One of the men went to investigate and saw a grotesque gargoyle like creature standing in the kitchen; it looked at him with red glowing eyes. The man threw a chair at it, but the chair flew back at him landing on its feet. One of the witnesses claimed that the chair had stopped in mid-air before landing on the floor again. Others had reported strange creatures and incidents in the same house before.
Source:  Fate April 1995 

Date:  October 1985


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