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Date: April 1986
Location: Benaguasil Spain
Time: 1500
Summary: The witness was rummaging through an abandoned house near his property looking for discarded nails and wood. Soon a strange sound that appeared to be coming from the upstairs room caught his attention. The sound resembled two feet dragging themselves on the floor. For a minute he thought it could had been a burglar. Concerned he stood by the front door and waited as the sound continued upstairs. Suddenly it all became very quiet and the sounds stopped. But soon the dragging footsteps continued, but this time they seemed to be coming down the steps of the nearby stairwell. Thin drapes covered the entrance from the stairwell and the area where the witness waited intrigued, suddenly this were parted and the witness was horrified to see a creature over 2 meters in height, wearing a long white cape. It had large bright red penetrating eyes and more incredibly, gnarled goat like feet. Petrified the witness was unable to move, but as the creature extended a large claw-like hand towards him, the witness slammed the door and ran quickly away from the area, never again returning to the abandoned house.
Source: Bitacora

Date: April 1986
Location: Brownsville, Texas
Time: 2215
Summary: Two witnesses driving back home after dropping off a friend spotted what appeared to be a bright star approaching their vehicle. They stopped at an intersection to watch and noticed another man in a station wagon doing the same thing. As the object came closer they could make out a saucer shaped craft. The object hovered over the vehicle about a 2 story high building. On the lower part of the UFO there was a bright light and it was surrounded by what seemed about a ten-foot section area, which all of a sudden started emitting multicolored lights. It seemed as if there was a pattern to the lights as they went in different directions. Above the area where the lights were being emitted there were what seemed to be glass windows and the witnesses could make out figures moving inside. The figures were human shaped except that they had very long and thin arms. Frightened the witnesses drove away and the UFO followed them for what seemed to be about five to ten minutes. As they approached the city lights the object suddenly took off in the opposite direction. Looking back the witnesses spotted three military helicopters headed toward the general area where the UFO had gone.
Source: NUFORC

Date: April 1986
Location: Kitley Woods, Indiana
Time: night
Summary: Debbie Tomey was again abducted from her home at night. She was again shown her “daughter” along with a pitifully small, pale infant. The entities conveyed to her that these were the oldest & youngest of her nine hybrid children. She was then told that the purpose of the meeting was for her to hold and love the infant so that they could observe and could learn to do so themselves.
Source:  Budd Hopkins

Date:  April 11 1986
Location: Aswan Egypt
Time: 04:00
Summary: Sky show of approximately 30 ufos ‘cavorting’ for 1 hour over Nile river at Aswan,Egypt. Myself & 2 others witnessed a l hour ‘sky show’ of round bright objects overhead.We were on the top deck of a boat on the Nile River at Aswan, Egypt. We were with a tour to see the event of Haley’s comet leaving earth that day. It was too hazy to see the comet,so we watched the clear sky overhead. Lights started to appear & move at great speed in all directions & angles. We counted at least 30 or more. It was like play, as there was no pattern to moves. They cavorted all around each other. This lasted 1 hour. Just before dawn,about 5 am, one craft broke away & swooped down towards us at great speed. It did a pass over our heads & disappeared into the dawn sky very fast. It showed us a definate round flat disc as it came close. It appeared like a celebration at the exact time of the comet’s last view from earth. It was awesome. The observers were the Tour leader, myself a registered nurse & another registered nurse. I have observed other ufo displays similar to this, but have never seen the disc so clearly or low. In the dim dawn light, it appeared kind of brownish colored. It moved too fast to see any other details.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  April 23 1986
Location:  Szczecin Poland
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness encountered two undescribed humanoids in the house and saw a glowing object hovering outside. Time seemed to stand still as the humanoids were present. The witness’s next memory was of being inside the object.
Source:   Uforaport Poland

Date:  April 27 1986
Location:  Gravina Di Puglia Italy
Time:  0730
Summary:  While on a cross-country race, Karate instructor G L and a student noticed two humanoids wearing white coveralls and oval shaped helmets, standing by the road apparently looking at the men. The humanoids were very tall, well over two meters in height. Frightened the witness fled the area and attempted to obtain additional witness. Armed with some cameras they returned with a carload of men, but they failed to find anything. Later G L and his student returned to the site and reported encountering a similar entity that seemed to move in greats strides just above the ground. His student reported seeing an entity that carried in one hand something resembling a black “walking cane.” Later, others reported hearing strange “rustling” noises coming from the woods. The police was notified and ground traces were reportedly found in a clearing.
Source:  CISU

Date: April 30 1986
Location: Kleinmachnow / Berlin Germany
Time: 23:00
Summary: I was disturbed when watching TV, when suddenly a bright light appeared in my room, my daughter and ran outside … we saw a very bright object leitendes elongated Form.Es resembled a flying Eisenbahnwagen.Seitlich were seen bright windows, behind a brighter radiant Öffnung.Es hovered silently away completely in about 200m height above our garden and was then suddenly verschwunden.Wir were completely petrified and disskutierten long about what that was probably. . Even today
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  April 1986


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