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Date:  August 1986
Location:  Passa Tempo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Time:  night
Summary:  Local farmer, Paulo Pereira Campos and his two sons were returning home at night when they saw a large ball of fire fly low over their heads. Terrified they ran to their home nearby, but Campos felt something grab him from behind and pull him. He was able to break free and watched from his house as a large luminous object landed nearby. Moments later two short humanoids exited the object, and walked briefly around it. After a few minutes they went back inside. The craft then took off emitting a loud buzzing sound and illuminating the area with a bright beam of light. Ground traces were found the next day.
Source:   Revista Brasileira de Ufologia

Date:  August 1986
Location:   Rovaniemi Lapland Finland
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness and a friend watched a large craft illuminated in a yellow glow hovering silently above a nearby field. The craft stayed there for about 15 minutes then left. Later under hypnosis the witness recalled that somehow she was taken into the object and found herself lying on a table. Several short hairless humanoids with gray skin and large eyes stood around looking at her. They all wore tight fitting diver’s suits. The witness was unable to move as the beings communicated with her using telepathy. They used instruments on her that emitted a white beam of light and a bluish violet light. At one point a long needle like device was inserted in her lower abdomen.
Source:  UFONS # 253

Date:  August 1 1986
Location:  Thornlie Western Australia
Time:  0030A
Summary:  Several students watched an egg-shaped object land close to them; a dark colored one-meter tall figure was briefly seen outside the object. The object then left at high speed emitting a loud hissing sound.
Source:  TUFOIC UFO, Tasmania 1987


Date: August 15 1986
Location: Calalzo Di Cadore Belluno Italy actually Calazo di Cadori in Belluno Province
Time: 2300
Summary: A man and his wife were sitting near a wooded outside the town when they noticed a bright light coming down from the sky, it soon became a domed disc shaped object bright blue in color. The object landed nearby. The couple then apparently became unconscious and came to 2 hours later and found a dark circular trace on the ground. Later under hypnosis they recalled that two beings came out of the disc and took them onboard apparently using some type of mind control, inside they were given a medical examination. The beings were described as very tall, with oval shaped heads with luminous eyes, pointed ears, and narrow mouths. They wore overalls. Inside multicolored lights illuminated the object.
Source: Paolo Fiorino, Gian Paolo Grassimo & Antonio Chiumento, IUR Vol. 14 # 4

Andrews,George: E.T. Friends and Foes, pg.14 & others Hoax per E.Russo et.al. /r209 #3 (CISU UFO Rivista, July 1987)

Date: late August 1986
Location: Schwerte Germany
Time: 1800
Summary: Rolf Kaster was riding his bicycle along a narrow cement lane surrounded by woods, when suddenly he noticed a very tall figure step out from behind some bushes. The figure was that of a slender 4-meter tall female with long limbs, very fair skin, and handsome features. She was wearing a metallic jumpsuit with a hood and boots. Around her neck she wore a choker with a transparent stone. Kaster’s question as to whether she came from the future was answered “no”. In a German dialect, which Kaster had difficulty understanding the lady giant told him that she was from the constellation of Lupus (this is the same area where the alleged UMMO visitors are said to come from) the giant woman then beckoned to the witness to follow her. They entered a small forest and into a clearing, a small cloud floated over them. Suddenly it began to rain in three closely adjacent circular patches then a long iron chain with a pipe on the end was lowered to the ground. The giant female then picked up the witness on her shoulders and mounted the iron pipe. Both were then pulled up. Looking up the witness could now see a large lens-shaped craft. Inside he encountered other giants both men and women and all completely nude. The female giant who brought him inside also undressed. He also noticed a large aquarium on wheels, which contained a grayish green creature shaped like three funnels, it had several short tentacles and also several eyes arranged on a circle. A helmet lined up with a jelly-like substance was placed on the witness head as he sat on a bench. Next to him sat a nude giant wearing a similar helmet. He felt that the helmet was connected to a computer, which apparently gave him an “intelligence test.” The witness also felt that he could communicate by telepathy with the funnel-like creature in the aquarium. The helmet caused extreme pain on the witness paralyzing him. He then passed out. Later he woke up lying on the grass near his bicycle.
Source:  Illobrand Von Ludwiger, Mufon Symposium Proceedings 1993

Date:  August 1986


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