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Date: December  1986
Location:  Perm Russia
Time:  daytime
Summary:  A local UFO investigator on his way home encountered two strange humanoids in the street. These were about 5-foot tall and had large gray eyes, wore caps and zippered jackets, they also had short gray hair and their hands reached below their knees. They appeared to have several scars on their hands. One of them followed the witness along the street, the witness felt that his mind was being read and felt a mental message telling him to discontinue his research. He was plagued with poltergeist activity after the encounter.
Source:   Jacques Vallee, UFO Chronicles of The Soviet Union

Date: December 1986
Location: Near Los Azufres, Michoacan, Mexico
Time: late night
Summary: Rolando Silva Andrade, an avid hunter, had gone out on a hunt with his brothers in an area known as “El Zacatonal.” That night he was at his usual deer stand waiting for any animal to show up. Soon he saw a deer approach, as the animal approached Rolando shone his spotlight at it, chasing it towards the direction where his brothers waited. As he approached he shut off his light and waited for his brother to shoot. But suddenly a bright light became visible over the nearby trees, curious he walked towards it thinking that it was his brothers, he then noticed several 30 cm light beams that appeared to be suspended in the air. Frightened he turned around and attempted to flee the area, but at that point he apparently lost consciousness. Later he came to, suffering from a loud buzzing sound in his ears, and a feeling of something pressing hard on his forehead (this feeling lasted several days). Feeling very tired he went to sleep at the makeshift hunting camp. The next morning his brothers woke him up and asked him where he had been, and why he did not go look for them, at this point Rolando felt a terrible headache. Later as the headache subsided he began to remember what had transpired. His brothers apparently did not see the lights. He remembered being inside a green colored object that was covered with different geometrical figures, squares, circles, etc. The walls on the object resembled TV screens, He saw several tall blond haired men apparently operating controls inside the object. These men were over 2 meters in height, were thin, and wore tight-fitting metallic outfits. The beings were apparently friendly and communicated with Rolando informing him of the coming Earth changes. According to Rolando his next memory was of lying on the ground. The witness became a changed man; he no longer drinks alcohol, is a vegetarian, and lets his hair grow long. He apparently developed the ability to see into the future also. He also was able to remember several past lives that he had lived including that of a tribal Indian chief.
Source:  Rolando Silva and Nacor Reyes, Contacto Ovni # 29

Date: December 5 1986
Location:  Parana Argentina
Time:  1600
Summary:  Three children were playing along the banks of a river when suddenly 8 to 10 short gnome like beings appeared. The beings wore different colored clothing and spoke in an incomprehensible language. They appeared to have no feet and floated above the water. The boys began to run away but one of them fell and was left behind. Terrified he threw a stone at one of the beings that was carrying a strange arrow-shaped device. The stone went through the being as if there was nothing there. Moments later a cloud of black foul-smelling smoke appeared, covering the river and the beings completely, then the beings seem to shrink and disappear. The beings were described as mean-looking lacking eyes and noses, sparse hair, claw like hands and two small horns on the head. Strange tracks were later found in the area.
Source:   Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 11

Date: December 7 1986
Location: Parana Argentina
Time: 0130A
Summary: During a strong electrical storm in the area, several witnesses saw strange lights near a local river. Several men, including Hector Becerra, 40, responded to the area to investigate. At one point while walking along the side of the river, he noticed two brilliant yellow-red eyes about 5cm in diameter, with a dark point in the center, there appeared to be a short dark figure behind the eyes. That same night another witness had seen a luminous red disc flying low over the river that suddenly vanished in plain sight. Independent witnesses also heard strange noises and murmurings. Strange tracks were found on the muddy ground. On December 8 13-year old Alejandro Almada found a strange lightweight metallic medallion on a long chain. It appeared to have some strange symbols on it, including a face with wings on top of it.
Source:  Argentina Misteriosa

Date:  December 12 1986
Location: Bulverde, Texas
Summary:  We as a group were moved to travel 20 miles to a remote location familiar to each of us. Why we went there. Why we went out of the way of our original destination. I feel like we were led there. As we parked on a remote road to enjoy some beer and good bud. We saw it. A bright object hovering over a house in the distance. Occupants of the house yelling at it. It begins to move. I notice another similar object. We are being “scanned”. I can feel it. As both crafts move behind us we realize. This is unusual. No sound. Low speed bright changing in intensity. Light. Like the sun. But smaller. We start the van. Missing time. Next thing I remember we are traveling down a road a mile away from original location. We are being followed. Guided. There were 4-5 objects at different distances. The light. As it passed thru the trees created a laser effect. Broad fields of light with great intensity. As we are led out of the area. The object comes closer. 35 ft away. 35 feet up. Size of two vans. A half sphere. As me and my friend observed. Windows began to open like there were layers to the craft. Like eyelids kind of. As the outer layer moved it revealed windows. One at a time. The fourth window revealed a head. Like greys. It looked at us. They were so close. It was so real. We witnessed the same thing. In disbelief we searched for reason. Helicopter? No noise. The face. At that moment another craft appeared on the horizon. Many lights I said. Oh crap. It’s the mother ship. It was an airplane. 737. Southwest. As it flew over. I remember thinking. The noise. We could here it long before it passed over head. But these other objects. No noise. At all. Complete silence not even a hum. We left the area in a state of shock. Rationalizing what we had seen. They were looking for something out there. When I told my mother. She stated. Maybe they were looking for something. How did she know what I was thinking. She went on to say. Maybe they are looking for something here that we have in great abundance that to them is sacred. Then it dawned on me. Crystals. There are many limestone caves that produce enormous crystals some the size of small cars. Having done some research I know now the significance. Quartz crystal. It requires curtain elements and ideal environments to produce. I had a close encounter of the third kind. I feel strongly that one of my friends was abducted. Her behavior. The fear. She crawled under the bench seat in my friends work van. In her good clothes. She crawled under the seat and would not come out til we got a safe distance away.

Date: December 1986

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