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Date:  February 1986
Location:  Manila, Philippines
Time:  daytime
Summary:  A full convoy of tanks had been sent to Manila by the late dictator Marcos in order to quell the ever-increasing public demonstrations against his regime. This tanks wee manned by hard-core militant soldiers. As the tanks came upon the civilians, many of them lying down in the streets in front of the tanks, Marcos gave the order to fire on the people. As the tanks attempted to penetrate the crowds many of who were praying and showing their rosaries, the marines riding on top of the forward tanks saw what appeared to be a cross form in the sky, but this sign apparently did not deterred them since they continued to press on. Suddenly a beautiful woman appeared in front of the tanks and soldiers. The woman was dressed in blue and had sparkling beautiful eyes. She then spoke to the soldiers. “Dear soldiers, stop! Do not proceed, Do not harm my children.” Upon hearing those words the stunned soldiers put down their weapons. They came down from the tanks and joined the throngs of people. The enigmatic woman in blue had disappeared; many claimed it had been the Virgin Mary.
Source:   Cardinal Sin, Manila

Date:  February 1986
Location:  Kitley Woods, Indiana
Time:  night
Summary:  Her eldest son who had been frightened by a light in his room awakened Debbie Tomey. A few minutes later, she clearly saw a gray skinned being walk through the hall past her bedroom door, from the direction of her son’s room.
Source:  Budd Hopkins

Date: February, 1986: Large Triangular over Franklin, North Carolina

Date: February 6 1986
Location: Wiltshire UK/England
Time: 18:00
Summary: My first face-to-craft meeting with a spacecraft (actually, THREE CRAFT). —– I had just given my first one-day workshop, at March House, Ogbourne Saint George, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. It had gone well. On the Monday morning we had a group session with local psychic, Isabelle Kingston. This went well too, I was getting encouraging messages and ideas from all manner of people and places. My confidence was good. After Issy’s session, I thought on my way back to Somerset I would call in at Warminster, a place well-known for UFO sightings, and check out whether ‘ET’ and UFOs really exist. I drove through Warminster, up towards the start of the fenced-off, huge army training area of Salisbury Plain. I sat and just relaxed my mind. After a while I had the impression ET really did exist, so in my mind I said, “Don’t bother coming out of your way to appear for me, you probably have far more important things to do”. Then I switched on my engine and started driving back west towards Somerset. After about ten minutes, I noticed a red light over to the north keeping pace with me, it was followed by a second red light, then a third red light. The next thing was they were veering towards me, then they went over my car at about 50 feet. I was excited. I swerved the car onto the grass verge, and got quickly out of the car. Three, disc craft, of approximately 23 feet in diameter were hovering close to me. They were at an elevation angle of approx 45 degrees, and were only about 60 feet away, i.e. they were VERY close! Around the mid section of each craft was a continuous line of windows. I did not see anyone at the windows, but I felt a communication coming from the ship; the communication did not come to my head and mind, but seemed to connect to the middle of my chest. This was undoubtedly a most wonderful experience. The three craft started to move off, back to the south-east. I quickly got back into my car and accelerated off in the direction they had gone. A minute or two later I had caught up with them; looking up through the windscreen, the 3 craft were moving gently side-to-side as they progressed on their way. The road started going uphill, to the entrance to Longleat House. Looking across and downhill a little, I saw the 3 craft going past the foot of Cley Hill, at this time a little, white light came up behind the group of three, and entered the trailing disc craft. We parted company as I drove through Warminster. I felt I had to go to where I had been parked in my car half an hour before. True enough. The three disc craft were there; they were 100 yards from where I had been parked when I sent them my telepathic message. They were circling a stand of trees, flying beautiful, slow circles around these tall trees.
Source: http://www.michael-irving.com/meetings1.html

Date:  February 12 1986
Location:  Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi Mexico
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  Several students at the local primary school “Tierra y Libertad” saw an extraordinary bright light descend from the sky and land or hover on top of an electric transformer box about 50 meters away. Several students among them, 10-year old Teresa Mayola, observed three short luminous figures detach themselves from the light and float over to some nearby roofs, and then descend to the schoolyard. The figures were described as luminous, about 1.20 meters in height, with large pointy ears. Their faces were covered by a strange fuzzy growth. One of the creatures reportedly entered the school and was apparently chased by some of the students. A teacher reported seeing strange blue lights hovering above the power lines.
Source:  Contacto Ovni

Date:  February 15 1986
Location:  Rancheria Diez Gutierrez, Mexico
Time:  daytime
Summary:  13-year old Yolanda Chessani Ferrioli saw a being dressed in a shiny silvery suit and a helmet. The figure stood near an animal pen. She saw the figure about 10 meters in front of her as it suddenly turned around and stared at her. She was able to see that the helmet had a large rectangular glass visor and no facial features could be seen. The being was carrying a silvery metallic rod-like object. The frightened witness ran into her house and locked the door. Another relative reported seeing strange “round clouds” flying over the area that emitted muted thunder-like sounds.
Source:  Ramon Manrique

Date:  February 1986


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