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Date: July 1986
Location: Mountain Home Idaho
Time: 0300A
Summary: Jane Derry was sleeping on a couch in her trailer, from her position she was able to see the hallway that led to the children’s bedrooms. She had 4 children. At about 0300A she suddenly woke up and looked towards the hallway. There she saw, standing at one of the bedroom’s doors a glowing man-like figure. He wore a one-piece silvery outfit, and his hair was very long, past his shoulders. She thought in her mind, “what do you want” and the figure turned and smiled at her. He then looked briefly into the children’s room, and then back at the witness then vanished.
Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World

Date: July 1986
Location: Higganum Massachusetts
Time: daytime
Summary: Betty Andreasson was lying on a couch at her trailer home reading a bible when she suddenly heard a whirring sound and saw a strange being appear next to the couch. The being was the typical gray with large black slanted eyes and wearing a uniform of some type. At this point she saw her body lying on the couch, she was apparently having an out of body experience at the same time that the being appeared next to her or it was apparently induced by the alien for an unknown purpose. During her OOBE stage the witness underwent a strange experience that involved visions of crystal spheres, the passing of a gigantic bird and seeing a hovering spherical craft.
Source: Richard L Thompson, “Alien Identities”

Date: July 1 1986
Location: Montechiaro, Asti, Italy
Time: 0430A
Summary: Farmer Francesco Costa had gone into the fields when he encountered a shadow then a being with horns. The being was wearing a red coat, a black hat and a yellow scarf. His wife screamed upon seeing the humanoid. The farmer thinks the being is Satan. The being suddenly disappears, leaving a strong smell of sulfur behind.
Source: Sky Sentinel Magazine # 13 

Date:  July 1 1986
Location: Halandri Near Athens Greece
Time: 17:00
Summary: 250 foot silver cylinder At 1700 (Greek time) I observed a 100 foot silver cylinder very slowly moving horizontally across the sky. It was metalic in appearance and about 1500 feet from me. The newspaper: The Athens News reported a slow moving UFO being tracked over Isreal about two weeks later.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  July 1986

Location. Detroit Michigan
Date: July 7 1986
Time: unknown
The witness was taken from his home and into an object. Inside he found himself in a room with two human looking aliens. These two showed him a globe of the earth floating above a table, he then saw something shoot out of space and crash in the “Montana” area. Moments later he sees an object crashing into the New Mexico desert. He was then told “it was one of their craft, that it was a tragedy and that our government was keeping it secret from the people.”
Source: Lane Barnholtz, Connecting Link # 21

Date:  July 1986

Location. Bradford England
Date: July 10 1986
Time: afternoon
The witness, apparently a local UFO investigator, was walking down “Sticker Lane” when suddenly everything became very quiet and the people and cars around the area disappeared. A large black shiny car, resembling a Cadillac pulled up next to him and stopped. The window of the car came halfway down and a man inside, that was entirely dressed in black shouted at him “Hey you, forget everything you know about UFO’s” and another warning about meddling with UFO’s. At one point the window came completely down and the witness was able to see another black-garbed man inside and a partition resembling black glass. The car then drove away silently. Moments later all sound returned to the area and the people and traffic reappeared.
Source: Nigel Watson, Portraits of Alien Encounters

Date:  July 13 1986
Location:  Rudiano Brescia Italy
Time:  midnight
Summary:  A laborer walking along an irrigation ditch encountered a strange short humanoid, “the size of a 7 or 8-year old child.” It had a huge baldhead. Once the figure saw him it scampered quickly towards a nearby dull metallic hovering object. The figure jumped into the object through an open hatch. The object then took off at high speed into the sky.
Source:  CUN

Date:  July 27 1986
Location:  Kemaman Terengganu Malaysia
Time:  2100
Summary:  Several witnesses at the local Kerten Airport saw a fiery red sphere; 3-4 ft in diameter descend from the sky and hover low above a large field. A 3-foot tall figure briefly emerged from the object and walked around the area. Minutes later the entity returned to the object which then took off closely followed by a small white sphere. No sound was reported. Footprints were found on the soft sand on the field.
Source:  L Blundell, FSR Vol. 32 # 3

Date:  July 1986


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