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Date:  May 12 1986
Location:  Near Arias Argentina
Time:  1015A
Summary:  The witness was driving on a rural road to a nearby farm field in order to repair a broken down tractor and as he drove by an empty field he noticed an object on the ground, which he first thought was a downed aircraft. He stopped his vehicle and walked towards the object. The witness climbed over a wire fence and saw a truck drive by slowly and the driver looking at the field with a startled expression on his face, he continued on without stopping. He could now see that the object was not an airplane. As he tried to approach the object some type of invisible barrier prevented him to and he became dazed as if in a stupor. He was able to see the object from six meters away. The craft was a shiny smooth metallic oval shaped object with a flange around it and two fin-like protrusions. He could see two transparent windows on the object and inside he could now see six small human-like beings that appeared to be totally human except that their noses were red. Their bodies were completely covered by a reddish coursed hair and they all had shoulder length hair. Their face, hands, and feet appeared hairless. The beings watched the witness intently and appear to communicate among themselves. A similar object then approached at high speed and swooped low over the object on the ground and somehow connected itself to it, both objects then departed at high speed leaving a column of smoke behind and emitting a loud buzzing sound. A burned area of flattened vegetation is found at the site.
Source:  Ricardo Banchs, Richard Heiden

Date: May 15 1986: Space Craft sighted for 15 mins

Date:  May 15 1986
Location:  Near Belo Horizonte Brazil
Time:  night
Summary:  Joaquim, a 70-year old farmer, watched a lighted object hovering about 50 paces away and approximately 15 meters above the ground for about 30 minutes. The object was flashing a beam of light around the terrain, and occasionally on the witness as he stood in a doorway. Due to the brilliance of the light, he shielded his face with his left arm. On one occasion the light struck his right eye, he later lost about 80% of the vision in that eye and his left arm was burned like sunburn. Joaquim heard voices, but couldn’t understand the language. As the object glided away it hit some electric wires and broke one of them.
Source:   Mufon UFO Journal, August 1987

Date: May 19, 1986: Jet Chase Over Brazil

Date:  May 29 1986
Location:  Santa Rosa, Argentina
Time:  night
Summary:  Near the center of the city the witness was lying in bed when he heard a loud buzzing sound coming from outside the window. At the same time a powerful light shone through the window. Dogs in the area were barking. As the witness looked outside he saw an object hovering above the treetops near his house. The witness was suddenly confronted by two 8-foot tall beings that were blocking the door. These creatures lacked mouths, nose, or ears. They had dark eyes and long thin hands with three fingers, the middle one being the longest. The beings were making quick gestures and were wearing shiny silvery, close fitting overalls with a wide belt with unknown type of accessories hanging from it. They also wore a necklace with a medallion. These beings then suddenly vanished. The witness then stepped out and saw a ball shaped object moving at high speed towards the south.
Source:   Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 8

Date:  May 30 1986
Location:  Near Colonia Año De Juarez, Mexico
Time:  2030
Summary:  Carlos was bicycling back home after visiting family and was using a side road in order to avoid the heavy traffic. Son about 500 meters ahead he noticed what appeared to be two large luminous eyes staring at him. As he approached the eyes the bicycle light turned off and Carlos movements seemed to become lethargic. A short figure with large luminous eyes approached the witness and ordered Carlos to follow him. The figure remained 4 meters ahead of Carlos, who seemed unable to resist and followed the creature to a field were a large lighted object rested on the ground. A ramp descended to the ground and Carlos entered the craft, followed by two more short humanoids. Inside he found himself in a lighted circular area with what appeared to be a square table in the middle of the room. In a corner stood a taller more heavyset figure with large luminous eyes. For some unknown reason, Carlos knew that this creature was the “leader.” He described the figure as having a huge oval shaped hairless head, with large black eyes lacking any pupils. It had two holes for ears, two holes for a nose and a slit like lipless mouth. The head was directly set on its shoulders, lacking a neck and appeared to have a hump on its back. It had dark gray skin, resembling that of an elephant, with long thin arms and legs. A bizarre feature was its hands, which ended in numerous thin filaments resembling roots. No apparent clothing was seen. At this point the witness was very afraid but heard a mental message imploring to be calm, that they did not harm humans. A telepathic conversation ensued in which the humanoid invited the witness to come with them to their place of origin. The witness declined the invitation and was told that they understood his decision. He was then shown on a diffused screen on a wall a dry arid world apparently the humanoid’s point of origin. He was also informed that they could transform their bodies and appearance at will, and was given a brief demonstration. Suddenly the witness was overcome by”darkness” and then passed out. When he woke up he found himself lying on the road next to his bicycle at about 2200. He suffered from severe insomnia for the next two weeks and from terrible nightmares. He found several round red marks around the belly button area and circular marks around his under arms. Later under hypnosis he was able to remember that at one point onboard the craft he was taken into a room where he saw numerous objects resembling telephone booths. He was asked to enter one of them, once inside a bright blue light covered his body. Once outside he looked inside another one of the booths and saw a figure identical in appearance to him. Before leaving he was told by the leader to keep an eye for the sign of their return by being aware of “the sounds of distant thunder.”
Source:  Contacto Ovni

Date: May 30 1986
Location:  Boise, ID
Summary:  I was approx. six years old and had gone to a friend’s birthday slumber party. We were all tucked into our sleeping bags and chattering like girls do. There must have been 10 or so of us. My friend’s parents and younger brother were sleeping in their rooms down the hall. Our sleeping bags were located in the living room that looked onto the kitchen and from the kitchen window is where I noticed the bright light flash. All of the girls were asleep and I had just remained awake enough to notice the light. Once my eyes adjusted, I saw 6-10+ grey alien looking figures starting to walk into the room without any sound. I tried to pretend to be asleep as they moved between our sleeping bags. If they noticed me, they did not show it. In a flash of an eye they were sucked back out the kitchen window and gone. I ran out of my sleeping bag and crawled into bed with Ashley’s parents and I spent the night there. 
Source:  MUFON

Date:  late May 1986
Location:  Conceicao Do Mato Dentro, Minas Gerais Brazil
Time:  night
Summary:  A 22-year old man saw a brightly lit object shaped like a refrigerator land 20 meters away from him. A stairway appeared and a figure began descending the steps. The witness was armed with a 38-caliber revolver and fired twice at the object apparently without affect. He became frightened and ran home.
Source:  Mufon Journal, unknown #

Date: end of May  1986
Location:  Vallo Di Lauro Aviano Italy
Time:  2230
Summary:  Mrs G Menchini was walking to another room in her home when she looked out to see in the nearby forest a strange creature approaching the house. She described the creature as almost 3 meters tall, covered with black hair. It walked on two feet, like a man. When the creature noticed the witness it emitted a loud groaning sound and quickly disappeared into the woods. Later that night, two men, Vittorio Panizzi, & Enrico Preziosi watched a large luminous sphere on the ground, in front of which stood two tall humanoids covered in thick black hair.
Source:  Archivio SUF

Date: May  1986

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