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Date:  February 1987
Location:  Not stated
Time:  0200A
Summary:  The witness was sleeping next to her husband when she was awakened by two people, one male the other female, both human looking but with their eyes set far apart and very dark. They wore tan colored coveralls. She attempted to wake her husband but was unable to. The beings communicated by telepathy and led her down the hall and out the front door. Her next memory was being in a brightly lit, cold, hospital like room, apparently made out of stainless steel. Several beings stood around her and began inserting needle like instruments under her arms. Next she woke up next to her husband. Several scars and blisters were found on her body.
Source:  Kenneth Ring, PhD, “The Omega Project”

Date:  February 1987
Location:  San Antonio Texas
Time:  0400A
Summary:  Ed Conroy suddenly woke up with a strange sensation and saw a small dark figure sitting on the edge of his bed. As he looked at it, it moved and flew over his head disappearing into the wall behind him. As the figure left the witness noticed that the apartment was very hot, much more than usual.
Source:  UFONS # 245

Date:  February 1987

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