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Date:  February 13 1988
Location:  Lancashire, England (exact location not given)
Time:  0230A
Summary:  A woman was apparently abducted from her home by several short entities wearing silvery suits then taken up a ramp into a landed craft. There she was placed on a table and examined by these beings who had leathery skin and smelt like cinnamon. Later she awoke back home with a terrible soreness around her genitals. Strange puncture wounds were also found on her arms.
Source:  Jenny Randles, Star Children

Date:  February 14 1988
Location:  Greensburg Pennsylvania
Time:  0150A
Summary:  The witness observed a large delta shaped craft hovering at 20 feet altitude. Through several windows, humanoid figures could be seen inside. It emitted a dull light that extended towards the ground.
Source:  Mufon Journal # 274

Date:  February  1988
Location. Acqui Italy
Date: February 16 1988
Time: 2010
Several witnesses riding onboard a car saw a landed disc shaped craft on the side of the road and standing next to it a 2-meter tall humanoid-like creature. It wore a shimmering metallic outfit. No other information.
Source: CUN 

Date:  February 1988
Location. Bentwaters England
Date: February 18 1988
Time: 2130
Two men exploring a wooded area near an Air Force base watched several UFOs and mysterious lights maneuvering over the area and on the ground. They saw star-like objects overhead, green fireballs flying through the forest, an object that had white front lights and red tail lights rise up diagonally and blink out as it reached the top of the trees. They also observed several large pulsating disc shaped objects that appeared to change size and color. A huge floodlight was soon shining out of the forest floor aimed at the sky. There was also an object on the ground at the far end of the field, which had three rectangular dark orange windows. Several human like figures appeared to be moving in front or inside the windows. Two security patrols from the nearby base were apparently seen nearby, also observing the events.

Source: Terry Ecker, UFO Magazine Vol. 6 # 2

Date:  February 25 1988
Location:  Castelvecchio, Italy
Time:  night
Summary:  Marino Gigli was traveling on a road when he noticed a huge black humanoid shape standing on the side of the road. The figure was over 2 meters in height and had huge broad shoulders. It then began to move quickly above the ground, without touching its surface and disappeared from sight behind some nearby hedges. The witness did not stop and continued to drive on.
Source:   Denys Breysse Project Becassine

Date:  February 27 1988
Location:   Glenrock, Wyoming
Time:  0245A
Summary:  A large number of people in this town were awakened by a series of nine knocks in three groups of three and on their cars, on the sides or roofs of their houses, or on their doors. The three part series of three dull thuds was reported by many residents who believed it was made by direct physical contact on the outside of their dwellings. One resident heard the knocks and on her way downstairs she heard three more knocks. The lower floor of her house was “bathed in a bright orange golden glow.” Another resident was awakened by very loud knocking and went to the door and looked up into the sky. “I saw the stars,” she reported, “but there was a very bright haze. Then I saw shadows running against the garage.” Her dogs would not chase these shadows. One resident saw a light in the sky, described as red & green in color. The entire town was covered with a dense fog that hovered approximately ten feet off the ground. In the space of 15 minutes the Glenrock Police department got almost fifty prowler and disturbance calls. All through the town, seemingly on the sides of houses, roofs, gates, etc, came the mechanical rapping, knocking sound: three sets of three knocks. Other residents saw something hovering above the trailer park on the north end of town and rumor has it that photos were taken. Others reported a sound like a big truck downshifting combined with a nut with a sledgehammer hitting the side of the house. There were reports that police cars would not start and one woman said she thought she saw small children in aluminum suits running through her back yard on that night. Another witness, Mrs Eager, who runs a local beauty shop, was disturbed by the sounds of three knocks on her front door. She found her collie dog transfixed before the front door, making no noise.
Source:  Whitley Strieber, Breakthrough, The Next Step

Date:  February  1988


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