(Last Updated On: December 22, 2016)


Date:  June 6 1989

Sighting Time:  2300

Day/Night:  Night

Location:  Near Kharkov, Ukraine

Urban or Rural: – isolated factory

No. of Entity(‘s):  

Entity Type:  

Entity Description:  

Hynek Classification:  CE-IV (Close Encounter IV) Abduction of the witness or other direct contact


No. of Object(s):  1

Height & Speed:  

Size of Object(s):  

Distance to Object(s):  

Shape of Object(s):  

Color/Description of Object(s):  very luminous spot

Number of Witnesses:  1

Source:  Kirov UFO Group, Russia

Summary/Description:  Ivan Rybchenko was driving along Derevyanko Street in an isolated factory area when he saw in front of him a very luminous spot, which descended to the ground on the road in front of his car. He slammed on the brakes and stopped the car.

The glow of the light increased and covered the whole width of the road. He exited the car in order to obtain a closer look. As he approached the object two large “doors” or gates suddenly opened in front of him. Something then introduced him inside the object. Inside everything was dark and he felt the floor beneath him rock back & forth. Trying to maintain balance he reached for the unseen walls on the object. The floor suddenly stopped rocking. For some unknown reason the witness knew exactly where to go on the object and confidently and unafraid went forward.

He entered another room, which appeared to be the control center of the craft. He could not see anybody but telepathically or by some other means he was led to understand that he had been taken and was going to be transported to another planet. Concerned, he began to shout and bang his legs and hands on the walls. Immediately a voice told him that it was not necessary for him to do what he was doing. He began to ask questions but did not receive any answers immediately.

He was then placed inside something resembling a large “bag”, more accurate a spacious box that stretched over him with a soft material, similar to that of very soft skin. He felt very comfortable. Within that “covering” or material he was able to move around the object and studied its construction, which resembled that of a one-cell animal. After awhile he became tired and laid on the floor quickly falling asleep. Soon he awoke feeling a very unpleasant sensation on his left hand, it felt as if someone was pulling apart the muscles and tendons of his hand.

The pain stopped but the strange sensation remained. He was made to understand that they had arrived at some planetary outpost, where they had some sort of scientific base. He was thoroughly examined; he felt as if each and every organ in his body was examined, the experienced was very pleasant. Soon he saw the surface of the “planet”, which appeared lifeless and was covered with numerous smooth grayish black stones. In the horizon he could see seemingly reticulated enormous constructions resembling fishing net that appeared to hang in mid-air.

He saw what he was led to believe where numerous communication and transmitting stations. To his continued astonishment he still did not see a single living thing. He was told telepathically that the base functioned automatically and did not need the presence of living organisms. He was told that the name of the planet was “Piromma” but he could not be sure. After an unknown amount of time he was returned to the road where he had first encountered the bright light. 

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