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1991: April UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date:  April 1991
Location:  Edwards Air Force Base, California
Time: unknown
Summary: A construction contractor working at underground installation 30 stories deep was walking down a hall with another man when some doors opened unexpectedly. They then caught sight of a figure at least 9-feet tall wearing a lab jacket and talking to two human engineers. The figure was humanoid with long arms almost down to his knees, a large head with huge black slanted eyes and greenish skin. Security personnel then ushered both witnesses out.
Source:  Elaine Douglass, Right To Know Forum, Sep/Oct 92

Date:  April 1991
Location: Playa Del Taurito, Gran Canaria Spain
Time: 0130 A
Summary: Eight soldiers stationed at the local Air Force Base of Gando, including Jose Andres Maxias Soler, were aroused from their sleep by officers who took them by helicopter to a nearby beach. They were told that military radar had picked up some unknown aircraft in the area that apparently descended on the beach. As the soldiers descended from the helicopter to the each, strange lights were seeing circling overhead. As the men landed on the beach they encountered 10 to 15 dark shadowy figures. As the men approached to within 25 meters from the figures they were given the order to fire. There appeared to be no effect on the figures, as the bullets seem to go right through them. These then would disappear at will and appear in another section of the beach. At one point an attack dog the soldiers had brought with them ran terrified from the area. A similar encounter was reported in the same place two weeks later, involving similar shadowy black figures. Shots were reportedly fired again and again without apparent effect.
Source: Angel Brionos, Bruno Cardenosa

Date: April 1991
Location: New Brunswick, Canada (exact location not given)
Time: 2030
Summary: In a windy & rainy night the witness’s 6-year-old son and 10month old daughter were in the living room watching TV. This was in the top floor of a 3-story apartment with a huge window overlooking a cow pasture. Her son suddenly started screaming and the witness ran to see what was going on. She then saw something going over the building at very close range. It was a well-rounded, triangular shaped, black “machine.” It apparently came very close, as the witness was able to see raindrops on it. The object had a ridge around it with red lights, blue lights along the bottom, and a round dark spot in the center. As it went over the building, 2 red lights, 1 on each side, blinked off and on 4 times. 4 beeping sounds accompanied this. After getting a better look the witness noticed a dark bulge hanging out the bottom, and 3 small rounded windows that were dimly lit with yellowish light. Through a pair of binoculars the witness was able to see movement like a shadow behind the middle window. Soon after this incident the witness phone began to behave strangely, ringing at all hours, when she answered it, it was just loud static. The fire alarm system also went haywire in the building.
Source:  Mystical Universe

Date: April 1991
Location. Tenjo Colombia
Date: April 2 1991
Time: 0400A
A local peasant saw a large metallic cylinder shaped craft land nearby as he rode his donkey on his way to work. A blinding light enveloped him and he felt being lifted and taken onboard the object. Inside his head he heard assuring words telling him that he was not going to be hurt. He then met four, 4-foot tall humanoids that appeared to be covered in a perpetual mist. The object then entered a huge “mother-ship” type craft. He was then examined on a table and cured of kidney stones. Also a small microchip was surgically placed in his left shoulder. He was later deposited back on earth at a place almost 600 miles from his home.
Source: Louis E Mejia, Earth Station Foundation

Date: April 4 1991
Location:  Puerto de Alisas, Spain
Time:  late night
Summary:  Jose Saiz was traveling alone on an isolated road and as he was rounding a curve he saw what he thought at first to be a sheet floating in the air on the side of the road. It now floated on the center of the road and the witness slowed down and turned on the high beams. Suddenly he was stunned to realize that it was not a “sheet” but a man-like figure. It was moving towards the witness, moving its arms very slowly as if it were swimming. Little by little it moved off to the right and feet first, descended to the ground. The now terrified witness could see that it was a tall man wearing something resembling a dark flowing tunic. It moved in strange leaps and bounds as the witness noticed that it had a very pale face with a pointed chin. As the witness drove by the figure he looked more closely and was able to see more details. It had a long bony pale face, somewhat resembling that of a corpse. Its whole face and body appeared to be illuminated by a dim glow, bluish reddish in color. It had long straight hair almost white in color and was shoulder length. Its hands and feet were long, bony and strong looking. He was apparently barefooted. The humanoid was easily over 2 meters in height and wore something on his forehead resembling a diadem or tiara. The humanoid facial expression was that of extreme resigned sadness and fear. This scared the witness who as he drove by the figure saw it bend down in an almost mechanical fashion. The witness attempted to accelerate the car but it had inexplicably lost power. The vehicle suddenly accelerated and the witness left the bizarre being behind. The witness had the impression that he humanoid remained on the road as if waiting for something or someone.
Source:  Iker Jimenez, Enigmas sin Resolver II

Date: April 21 1991
Location:  Palenque Mexico

Date: April 22 1991
Location:  Monte De Las Cruces, Mexico
Time:  night
Summary:  Three witnesses reported seeing a large fireball-like object land on top of a local hill. Two short man-like figures were seen next to the object and reportedly signaled to the witnesses with a powerful red beam of light.
Source:  Dr. Rafael Lara Palmeros, Samizdat Winter 94 Vol. 2 # 3

Date: April 29 1991
Location:   Winnipeg British Columbia, Canada
Time:  evening
Summary:  After the mysterious appearance and disappearance of hieroglyphics like symbols on Lorne Goldfader’s skin, he stepped outside his residence to go to a nearby grocery store. He was then startled to see two individuals with the oddest appearance, walking very quickly on the street past his home. Both were male and appeared to be in their mid to late twenties, wearing identical pinstripe suits. The clothing looked as if it had just come from the factory and had never been worn. The shoes looked black, new, shiny and unused. They both had Chicago-style hats on. As a matter of fact they both could have been mistaken for Al Capone’s gangsters, except that they were both 6 ½ to 7 ft tall and one had an extended protruding forehead, which was unmistakable to the witness as being of alien construction. One of them, the individual with normal features, looked at him very surprised as if he had caught them off guard. In that instant, Goldfader became very drowsy and actually heard two voices, very clear and simultaneously in his mind, saying: “Do not move, do not approach us. You are not supposed to see this. We are trying to stop activity you do not understand. Do not interfere. Le us pass. The activity you are experiencing is direct contact by others, which we do not want.” He could not bring himself to approach them. When he gazed into his eyes he saw an absolute lack of all human feeling and emotion. Goldfader felt that both humanoids were biological constructs. They walked stiff legged, without bending their knees. Their faces were very pale and they looked anorexic. Their walk was purposeful, deliberate, and robotic.
Source:  Chris A Rutkowski, Abductions & Aliens, What’s really going on?

Date: April 1991



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