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Date: early February 1991
Location: Davizta Uzbekistan
Time: unknown
Summary: Three local teenagers spotted several metallic robot-like creatures described as resembling truncated pyramids covered with metallic scales. They had what appeared to be wings on their sides and moved about making huge leaps. In the field where the creatures were seen investigators detected a powerful magnetic current. No other information.
Source: UFO NS # 260

Date: February 1991
Location:  Near Searchlight, Arizona
Time: 0100 A
Summary: James J Youlton was driving his mother and brother to Las Vegas. In an isolated stretch of highway, while his mother slept in the backseat, James and his brother spotted a strange man on the side of the road. As they got closer, the stranger started waving hands around strangely. They noticed that he was wearing what appeared to be a red, plaid shirt and blue jeans. He also appeared to be wearing some sort of mask, as his entire head was white and had no discernible features. The same went for his hands, which looked like he had solid white gloves on that didn’t separate fingers or thumbs. Youlton decided not to stop and kept driving. About 5 minutes further down the road, both his brother and him saw what looked at first glance to be a meteor falling off to the right side of the road. As they watched something strange happened, as it got close to the ground, it fell down in front of a small mountain just ahead of them and took a strange “bounce” as it hit the ground. As they passed by the mountain a minute later, a brightly glowing, blob shaped ball of pale blue light came up the direction of the impact. It hovered in front of their car as they traveled around 65 mph. As they stared at the object, it suddenly moved very fast, back down the road where the witnesses had come from.
Source: I was Abducted.com

Date:  February 1991
Location: Near Riga Latvia
Time: night
Summary: The witness awoke on night in her bedroom and saw a “woman” in white standing in the room. She accompanied this woman to a forest clearing. It was a cold night however the witness felt no discomfort. They both reached the clearing and an object descended from the sky. Somehow she found herself inside the object and could now see shiny glass-like walls inside. She saw six human-like white robed figures and vaguely remembers talking to an unknown entity. She then found herself back at the clearing alone.
Source:  Richard F Haines, Joint USA-CIS Aerial Anomaly Federation

Date: February 1991
Location: Komarno, Slovakia
Time: night
Summary: A woman encountered in her bedroom a short humanoid figure with a large hairless head and huge dark slanted eyes. It appeared to be encased in a soft glow. This creature was similar in appearance to the ones reported in 1990 at other locations.
Source: Dr Milos Jesensky

Date:  February 3, 1991: Gigantic White Silhouette

Date:  February 16 1991
Location: Near Tucson, Arizona
Time: 0200 A
Summary: The witness suddenly awoke and went outside her home to see a huge metallic cylinder-shaped craft hovering over the area. It had a pink pulsating light on its front and a blue light at the rear. She could also see a large door. She suddenly found herself inside the object where she saw different types of equipment illuminated by a brilliant blue glow. Inside the craft she encountered three types of humanoids, one was human-like that appeared to be in charge, several small gray humanoids with pear-shaped heads and huge black oval-shaped eyes, and a third type of being described as tall and reptilian in appearance, with green scaly skin and huge golden-colored eyes.
Source: Gem G Cox, Enigma # 57

Date:  February 17 1991
Location:   Soesterberg, Utrecht 
Time:  03:00
Summary:  The night off 17 February 1991 I was walking the night shift watch on the military base off Soesterberg in the Netherlands. Along with a other cadet I came at the central parking lot at 03.00 hour and notes a big circle in the sky strait on top off us. It had no shape but only bight lights slowly rotating anti-clockwise and the light points its self didn’t rotate, the colours did ant in a liquid manor. I estimate the object abbot 30/50 meters in diameter. The first thing we both thought was a blimp, a zeppelin, the one like GoodYear has with the light screens on the sides. But the fact that it was very low and absolutely stationary and silent made its very, very odd. After some minutes the lights started to rotate faster and suddenly it took off at really incredible speed to the west. A couple off seconds later we felt a short hard wind blowing staid on top of us like a downwash from a helicopter. If there was a way to describe the speed this thing was going then I give it but I cant. We had a clear view for over 30 km that’s +- 20 miles ? this thing cover that distance from stationary in some ting like 0.10 sec I know aviation and have flying experience and I am very technical. This kind off extreme acceleration turns humans in to liquid. For many year this has been a unspoken chapter in my live, I didn’t wanted to speak about the incident because instantly after the encounter, me and the other cadet became unexplainable very, very ill, and for days suffered a hi fever and extreme vomiting. The illness was so bad that it left me traumatised and not able to speak about it for years.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  February 23, 1991: Short, Horned & Hairy Encounter

Date: late February 1991
Location: El Yunque Puerto Rico
Time: 0300A
Summary: Three couples, including two current police officers hand driven up to the mountain and had parked at a rest stop. They were standing next to their cars talking when they noticed two little men coming down the road ahead of them. The beings were about 4-foot tall, very thin, with long thin arms and legs, they had large heads and large black protruding eyes and their skin was light gray in color. They wore dark green outfits that covered everything except their faces and hands. The beings walked passed the witnesses speaking among themselves in a peculiar language. They suddenly stopped, did an about face and walked back the same way they had come. At this point two of the men, who were armed, took out their weapons and attempted to follow the beings, but these seem to notice, stopped looked at the witnesses then shuffled into the brush at a brisk pace soon disappearing from sight.
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 46

Date: late February 1991
Location:  El Yunque Puerto Rico
Time: 1930
Summary: Freddie Gonzalez, his wife and their young child were taking a drive around the rainforest area on Route 191, after cruising the area the road took a turn and the pair inadvertently took a detour deep into the forest. After a while they came up to a camouflage gate deeper into the forest and after inspecting it they decided to drive through it. As they drove on the path in the woods they noticed that it was well lit by blue light bulbs on each side of the road. Thy drove through some hills for about 2 miles when the road abruptly ended. At its end there was a large metal gate and a building like structure on the other side of it. At that moment two six-foot tall man-like figures appeared and ordered the pair to stop and asked who they were. The men wore tight-fitting black one-piece suits, resembling diver’s outfits, a wide black belt, black gloves, and large black boots with gold-colored metallic straps. They also wore large dark oval shaped helmets with dark visors. Their faces were not visible. In eerie metallic-electronic sounding voices the strangers ordered the witnesses to step out of the car. The child remained sleeping in the back seat. One of the men took a long thin metallic tube with a mirror like tip and seemed to examine the vehicle. The figures asked the witnesses how they got there and then looked at the sleeping child inside. They then held a short conversation in a grave guttural language resembling German. One of the “men” then left the area and a blue pickup truck now arrived at the scene. Two men wearing blue coveralls were in the vehicle and spoke in Spanish to the witnesses, again asking them how they got there. The men then looked at the child and commented something in a low tone of voice to the strange figure in black that remained on the scene. At that moment Freddie noticed a glint of light coming from what appeared to be a rectangular shaped hollowed out area in the nearby wooded slope of a hill. There appeared to be several huge glass like doors and inside there was a disc shaped object, that was encircled in rectangular shaped windows and was 30 ft in diameter, it appeared metallic & aluminum in color. Thinking that he was seeing something he was not supposed to see, he quickly averted his gaze. The men did not appear to notice that Freddie had seen anything. The men in the blue pickup then ordered the couple and their child to follow them out of the area in their vehicle. They were quickly escorted out onto the main road.
Source:  Jorge Martin, Vieques Poligono Del Tercer Tipo

Date:  February 28 1991
Location:   Near Pine Mountain, Georgia
Time:  0100A
Summary:  On February 27 a woman and her teenage son were driving on GA 190 when she spotted yellow lights through the trees. Pulling over, they both got out of the car and watched the lights grow larger until they cleared the trees and passed one hundred ft directly overhead and at less than five miles per hour. The UFO was a dark triangle, 70 to 100 ft to a side with three round, non-blinking yellow lights, each five to ten ft in diameter. It disappeared over a ridge. Three hours later the woman awoke to sounds of someone crawling beneath her porch, where she was asleep, and into the crawl space under he home. Then a “female electronic voice” from the house called her neighbor’s name. Attempting to stand up, she found herself frozen. She recalls saying out loud, “God is their father also,” and then she fell asleep until morning. The woman crawled under her porch to find numerous shoe prints, a single odd handprint, and “drag marks” impressed in moist clay.
Source:  Jim Miles, Weird Georgia

Date:  end of February  1991
Location:    Tenay, France
Time:  0545A
Summary:  Nadia, a 21-year old student was walking on a path next to the local cemetery when she saw standing about 100 meters away a humanoid figure about 1.60m in height. The figure had a large head and what appeared to be a bizarre beak-like protrusion on its face and its body appeared to be covered in bristle like hair, it also had large black eyes and long thin arms. The figures noticed the witness and appeared surprised, it then scampered into the woods and was lost from sight.
Source:  Denys Breysse, Project Becassine


Date:  February  1991


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