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Date: January 1991
Location: Near Nerekhta, KostromaRussia
Time:  late evening
Summary: On December 17 1990 the witness Filaret Yakolevich saw a clear red somewhat flattened sphere, it descended at the edge of the woods, approximately one km from his house. The next day he responded to the scene in order to investigate the landing site. He found three oval indentations on the ground. In between these tracks she found 25cm holes, and burned dry weeds all around. From the holes small streams of water flowed out. Soon after this incident Yakolevich began to suffer strange incidents in and around his home. His watch dog seemed to be on edge at all times, doors, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator doors seemed to open on their own accord. A young woman guest in his house heard footsteps in her room as if someone invisible had been walking through. On the above date, Yakolevich had gone out in search for his dog and he ended up visiting the landing place of the UFO. As he stood around in the area he suddenly received a telepathic message in the left side of his brain (!). He heard a distinctly audible voice with a metallic timbre that said, “we —the sixth expedition from the fourth planet of the eleventh star of the constellation of Pleiades. We investigate the second, third, fourth and sixth planets of your star. Other expeditions investigate other planets.” The witness then asked why they did not study the planet Jupiter, the answer was, and “that Jupiter contained a parasitic type of life, that liquidated another expedition.” He did not receive any additional information.
Source:  X-Libri UFO, Russia

Date: January 1991
Location:  Cidra, Puerto Rico
Time: night
Summary: The witness, an elderly woman named Gloria, was alone at home late one night when there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was one of the neighbors she opened the door. As she did she was stunned as half a dozen little men (not described) came into the house one after the other. One of them spoke to her in Spanish and told her to drink something from a vial, that they were going to give her a check up. At one point she became unconscious and last recalled hearing the little man assure her that she would pass it the first thing in the morning. Even more perplexing was that while her exchange with the “leader” of the little men went on, his cohorts were giving her house a thorough cleaning.
Source:  Scott Corrales, Fate August 1992

Date:  January  1991

Location. Los Angeles, California
Date: January 1991
Time: late night
The witness suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and was unable to move, see, or speak. She sensed a presence in the room, which apparently moved from the foot of her bed to the side. She felt the being lift up a lock of her hair and cut it off. The presence that seemed to be about 4-feet tall then probed her vagina with a pencil-like instrument. Moments later the being left.

Source: Preston Dennett, UFO Universe, fall 1994

Date: January 1991
Location: Leicester, England
Time:  late night
Summary: The witness suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to see a blinding globe of light hovering next to his wardrobe in the bedroom. The light was very bright and the witness was barely able to see a small humanoid figure cavorting around the bottom of his bed. Apparently the witness experienced this event on several nights in a row.
Source: D G Smith, FSR Vol. 37 # 3

Date:  January  1991

Location. Honolulu, Hawaii
Date: January 1991
Time: night
38-year old Nicole had gone to the bathroom, when she looked out the window. She then saw a round object with a dome like structure on top. It suddenly landed on a hill, one hundred meters away from the house. Something like a porthole opened. A flashing white light appeared and a figure emerged. The figure seemed to descend down an invisible stairway. However it stopped after two steps. The witness felt that she had been detected. She panicked and ran into the bathroom and hid under the covers. She did not see the figure or object depart.

Source: UFO Abductions in Germany And Switzerland

Date: January 3 1991
Location: Trnava, Slovakia
Time: 1900
Summary: A 74-year old woman was watching television when suddenly the TV set went out and three men and two women appeared standing just outside her window. They were dressed in silvery close-fitting outfits and appeared very handsome and beautiful. She heard a voice telling her to come outside but she refused. At this point the humanoids rose up and vanished into the sky. Her daughter also saw the beings.
Source: Dr Milos Jesensky

Date: January 17 1991
Location: Iraq 10 km inside border with Kuwait
Time: 02:46
Summary: Strange black triangle moved close to our formation In the early hours of desert storm around 02:46 hrs myself and three other aircraft (MH-60K Black Hawks) were inserting UW forces to take out a radar and scud site just inside the Iraq border with Kuwait. When our task force was about 2km out from the LZ we dawned are NVG’S as lead pilot on my aircraft I took control of the bird and started to prepare to land as I looked to my right to see the other two aircraft I looked at the blackhawk to my right and just above and to the front in the distance approx 3/4 at maybe 1,000 ft I saw what appeared to be a F-117 coming towards our formation, there were not to be any fighters in are AO at that time, the craft got within a 1/4 mile or so and slowed down to a speed which a stealth could not maintain and then turned to our north like a 90 degree turn the wing span was to long to be a F-117 the span was 70-80ft across no lights or any heat could be seen with the NVG’s I heard the rear aircraft ask what was that aircraft doing so close to us and the the thing just vanished in the night! When we got back to base we never said anything for very good reason we did not want to be grounded and have to be debriefed for hours. I did check with fight ops and they said there no fixed wing aircraft at all with in 10 miles from us. So there you have it have fun
Source:National UFO Reporting Center

Date: January 18 1991
Location: Czestochowa, Poland
Time: 2100
Summary: Previously at 1530 the witness had been standing at a bus stop when she felt compelled to look up, she then saw a sphere shaped object floating over the roof of a nearby building. The object traveled southwards and accelerated out of sight behind some houses. Later the witness was at home when she heard some noises coming from her balcony. She looked out and saw two man-like figures standing outside. She felt no fear and invited them inside, but these remained motionless. They were of average height; one wore a whitish silvery suit and the other a cloak-like outfit with some type of headgear. After seven minutes the figures disappeared.
Source: Bronislaw Rzepecki, FSR Vol. 38 # 1

Date:  January 19 1991
Location:   Ronneburg, Germany
Time:  2105
Summary:  A 38-year old woman was walking along the main street that was totally deserted, when she saw an approaching light overhead, as it got closer she could see that it was a large disc-shaped object with a transparent dome on top. The object emitted a loud humming sound as it briefly hovered over the road. She could see three very tall human-like figures apparently operating some controls inside the dome. She waved at the figures and they waved back. They seemed to be wearing scaly silvery metallic uniforms with belts that had a peculiar insignia on the buckles, resembling three overlapping leaves. The object soon shot away at incredible speed.
Source:  Michael Hesemann, Etcon Intl. Ulrich Magin

Date:  January 26 1991
Location:   Oroshaza Hungary
Time:  0115A
Summary:  On January 13, frontier guard Istvan Balogh woke up in his bedroom to hear a loud booming voice that repeated 3 times “We will meet soon.” The voice had a metallic quality to it. On the above date he was returning from the movies, and had stepped out to the terrace when he saw a gray disc shaped object, 4 meters in height, and 2 meters in width. As he stared at the object a bright beam of light struck him. He then found himself onboard the disc. Inside he was in a room with a window about 1 meter in diameter. He was then approached by two human-like figures with 3 digit hands and green skin, wearing black uniforms. They communicated telepathically telling the witness they had come from a world at a distance of 15 million light years from earth. But they were able to travel via dimensional portals. He remembers seeing an illuminated crater (apparently on the moon) and a pyramid. He was eventually returned home at 0200A. He told his story at the hospital. Later he was fired from his job as a frontier guard.
Source:  CUN Milan

Date: Jan – Feb 1991: Northern Saudi Arabia Desert Military Man Recounts V-Shaped Formation

Date:  January  1991

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