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Date: February 1993
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Time: night
Summary: A 4-year old girl told her mother that several small “boys” had come to see her, arriving through the bedroom window. The girl’s sister was told she had to go to another room during the event. The girl was then taken into an object by the short beings. Two types of beings were present, one short the other a tall “boss” figure. She was also apparently taken to another location.
Source: Keith Basterfield

Date: February 1993
Location: Travnik at Komarno, Slovakia
Time: night
Summary: A man was driving his car from the nearby village of Ton when suddenly he stopped to hear the car engine and wheels stop. The car seemed to float in mid-air. He noticed that the road is lit up with a very strong light, which originated from a dark red object, which hovered in the sky. He heard a telepathic message from the aliens and soon realized that an hour had gone by. No other information.
Source: Dr Milos Jesensky

Date: February 1993
Location: Near Los Angeles, California
Summary: During a local power outage, Nick Garcia and a friend were having a sleep over at Garcia’s house when they noticed a bright light from under the doorway. They thought it was strange since the whole neighborhood had lost all power that night. They ran to the nearest window to see what it was. They saw about 50 ft from the house a large circular craft and below it 2 short figures about 4 ft tall. The figures were walking away from the house. Suddenly they stopped and turned around. Both witness felt a chill run down their spines and jumped back from the window. Standing away they now saw to bright blue beams of light shoot down from the bottom of the craft and the 2 figures, which were now barely visible, rose up into the craft and the craft rose up, went over the house and flew out of sight. No sound was reported.
Source: Wombat’s UFO Encounter Page

Date: February 1 1993
Location: Noranda, Western Australia
Time: 0030A
Summary: Kylie C. awoke and saw a small figure standing beside her bed, half way down. At the end of the bed were 3 taller beings. The smaller figure had dark, almond shaped eyes, small nostrils, and thin lips. Its head was bald and prominent. It had a potbelly, and appeared to have only 3 fingers on each hand. The witness felt an overwhelming desire to reach out and touch the figure as a feeling of love and compassion embraced her. But she was unable to move or call out. The being moved back and disappeared, but before it did it gave her a telepathic message that “its not time yet.” The following morning she was sore behind the ears and found some small pin pricks in the same area.
Source: Brian Richards, UFOROM

Date: February 27 1993: Two police officers have dogfight with UFO

Date: February 28 1993
Location: County Wexford, Ireland
Summary: A woman walking alone on a country road heard an odd sound coming from a nearby ditch at the edge of a field. She went over to look and there she saw a little woman about 2-foot tall with long red hair, she was trying to pick up a smooth stone which was wedged in the ditch. The woman was wearing a purple outfit and had what appeared to be two raven feathers on her head. The witness approached and could see that the little woman was struggling with the stone. The little woman suddenly noticed the witness and disappeared in plain sight.
Source: The Star Network Heartline Vol. # 12 4-93


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