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Date: January 1993
Location: Savannah Georgia
Time: night
Summary: A woman living in an isolated cabin along a river was sleeping one night when several man-like figures floated in through the closed bedroom window. The beings were human-like except for heads slightly larger than normal. Apparently some type of procedure was done on her head. No other information.
Source: Personal Communication

Date: January 1993
Location: Passa Tempo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A glowing object was seen on the ground and next to it two humanoid figures were seeing moving around. Light from the object illuminated the figures causing an X-ray like effect, apparently causing them to become transparent. The witness watched hidden on top of a nearby tree. Soon the humanoids apparently noticed his presence re-boarded the object, which then took off at high speed. No other information.
Source: GEPUC Brazil

Date: January 9 1993
Location: Popudinske Mocadliny, Slovakia
Time: 2359
Summary: The witness saw first an orange ball of fire on a field. Later they saw a flying triangle only about 30 cm in diameter that landed on top of nearby pigeon house. A door opened and a tiny smoky humanoid exited the object. Two weeks later the witness saw a similar humanoid in his bedroom.
Source: Dr Milos Jesensky

Date: January 12 1993
Location: New York City, New York
Time: evening
Summary: Two men, Joseph Wiek, and Harold Egeln were having dinner at a coffee shop in Greenwich Village, when suddenly time seemed to slow down, and everything became frozen in “time”. Harold saw three humanoid figures enter the restaurant’s front window in a blast of light. Joseph saw the three humanoids enter, but instead of a light blast, he saw one carrying something resembling a “trumpet”. Later Harold was to have a bizarre dream where he saw a saucer like object rimmed with what appeared to be trumpets, descend over the area.
Source: S.P.A.C.E.

Date: January 12 1993
Location: Langeness Fjord, Iceland
Time: night
Summary: During a period of appalling weather conditions and intense UFO activity in the area, several locals reported seeing small gray colored humanoids walking on the icy glacier.
Source: Tony Dodd, UFO Magazine Vol. 12 # 4

Date: January 19 1993
Location: Beldon Western Australia
Time: 0300A
Summary: The witness woke up to see a figure kneeling to the left side of his bed about half way along it. The figure appeared to be thin, had no hair, but normal features, except for the ears that seemed defined only by a faint outline. A gold box-like object appeared to be attached to the being’s neck just below its right ear. The witness reached out to touch the figure, but his hand went right through it. It then immediately disappeared, to re-appear seconds later going through the closed fly screen door. A dog at the foot of the bed watched the whole incident but did not react in any way noticeable. No sounds, smell, or any other anomalies were noted. The entity was wearing a gray-green T-shirt that had a higher than normal neck, almost polo style. It had a belt that supported a pair of loose fitting trousers. It was to dark to see any footwear.
Source: Brian Richards, UFORUM

Date: January 20 1993
Location: Mc Larenvale, South Australia
Time: 0200A
Summary: A witness reported waking up to a loud humming sound in the house and bright lights. He then saw a white humanoid figure standing in the bedroom. No other information.
Source: Tasmanian UFO Report 1994

Date: January 22 1993
Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Summary: Several students at the local Camp Crame elementary school were burning some wood in a wooded area next to a tamarind tree when a gigantic black figure with a tail and a pair of “horns” appeared. The students panicked and some appeared to go into a trance, speaking in an unknown tongue. The figure somehow vanished in plain sight. This incident was interpreted as a “demonic” possession.
Source: Fortean Times # 68

Date: January 27 1993
Location: North Miami Florida
Time: 0439A
Summary: The main witness had wakened up to go to the bathroom and on the way back to the bedroom she suddenly felt compelled to go to the kitchen and pull up the window. She became afraid then went back to bed. As she turned over in bed she heard the sound of a “train” and what sounded like an electronic door closing. She woke up two hours later and went to take a shower; there she realized that both knees were coated with an unknown white powdery substance. Her son remembered seeing a humanoid figure standing the doorway and then going back to sleep. No other details were recalled.
Source: Karla Turner, PhD, “Taken”

Date: January 30, 1993: CSETI Investigative Team in Mexico


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