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Date: May 1993
Location: Aragon, Spain
Time: afternoon
Summary: Six woodcutters working high up in the mountains when one of them, Miguel Cazcarra, came upon a strange being some five and a half ft tall that emitted loud screams and squeals. The rest of the men came up to see what had happened and saw the hairy humanoid climb a woodpile, clutching a branch with both arms and legs. Later that week someone or something broke into Cazcarras’s Landrover, leaving unknown footprints nearby.
Source: Mike Dash, Borderlands

Date: May 1993
Location: Rishon-le-Zion, Israel
Time: night
Summary: Batya Shimon reported encountering an eight-foot tall humanoid “with fascinating blue eyes”, dressed in silver coveralls, that appeared in her bedroom and glided through her apartment. The incident repeated itself the next night, when Batya followed the creature and saw a “mushroom shaped craft, surrounded by searchlights” hovering outside. A hatch opened which looked like dark glass, and 2 beings stepped out. The next thing she felt was a pressure on her shoulders. She was then blinded by the bright light—and found herself back on her bed, with one of the giants standing next to her, the other one further away. “Don’t be afraid,” she heard inside her head. She could not reply, since she was paralyzed. Her husband was sleeping deeply next to her. The beings glided surrounded by fluorescent light, out of her bedroom window, back to their craft. The next morning Batya found a powder that was found to contain mainly cadmium on the floor of her flat.
Source: Michael Hesemann, UFOS: The Secret History

Date: May 1993
Location: Boqueron, Puerto Rico
Time: night
Summary: Two women saw a circular craft hovering over a nearby hill. A sharp blue beam of light suddenly emanated from the bottom of the object. The women experienced an intense heat wave and one of them suddenly developed a migraine. A short gray colored humanoid then descended via the blue beam of light towards the ground. As it reached the ground it darted into the nearby dense vegetation and vanished.
Source: Samizdat 1993 Year One

Date: May 1993
Location: Near Campamento Garcia, Vieques Island Puerto Rico
Time: night
Summary: Several witnesses riding their horses in the area observed an object shaped like a manta ray emitting a “vacuum cleaner” type noise, flying low over the woods. The craft was totally black and was about 40 ft in width and 50 ft in length. It flew slowly over the riders, one that almost fell of the horse. This one then noticed on the road ahead a tall black shadowy figure without any discernible features. The figure then ran past the men & horses and disappeared from sight.
Source: Jorge Martin, Vieques, Poligono del tercer Tipo

Date: May 9, 1993: The Filiberto Caponi CE3

Date: May 12 1993
Location: San Marcos, Tula, Mexico
Time: 0100A
Summary: Several local witnesses including Maria de Lourdes Uribe, 34, heard bizarre noises and saw mysterious lights coming from a nearby field. A local youth approached the area and saw a huge glowing object hovering low over the ground. Five humanoid figures descended from the object and stood around it as if standing guard. They soon went back in. Large circular ground traces and what appeared to be dug out trenches were found at the site. A dog belonging to one of the witnesses reportedly went missing soon after the incident. Several days before this incident a huge dark object that almost covered the moon’s disc was seen hovering over the area. And two days before an engineer saw a huge object suspended just above the roadway near the town of Tepeji.
Source:: Luis Ruiz Noguez, Oscar Garcia, Hector Escobar & Hector Chavarria

Date: May 13 1993
Location:  Near Kadima Israel
Time: 0200A
Summary: Following a restless night, Danny Rotem felt compelled to get in his car and drive. He drove near the forest and saw an object shaped like a large egg on the ground. He left his car immediately and then a tiny being, maybe a meter and a half tall appeared. The being told Danny, “We were waiting for you.” The humanoid floated in front of the witness as he walked to the ship. He does not remember how he got inside but realized that inside the object it seemed larger, by far, that in could have been judging by its outside dimensions. In the middle of the room was a pillar with an enormous pedestal. There were 13 aliens in the room but only two led the witness to a side chamber where he was laid on a very comfortable sofa. He was told telepathically not to worry, “That he was on a mission, you’ll know what it is in time.” Then they made an incision on his left wrist. His next memory was of being in his car traveling home.
Source:  Leading Edge, UFOs in Israel, Past & Present

Date: middle of May 1993
Location: Chekikah State Park, Dade County, Florida
Time: 0230A
Summary: Four men traveling on an isolated road a the edge of the State park stopped on the side of the road in order to relieve themselves, when they suddenly felt a strong energy surge through their bodies. The witnesses screamed as they saw a glowing green man-shaped figure standing nearby in the middle of the road, it began walking towards the men who ran into their vehicle and began driving away west on the road. The strange energy force apparently began getting stronger and all felt numb. They then noticed a bright green light at a nearby field; the light was estimated to be size of a football field. Figures of unknown description could be seen moving back and forth in front of the light. The driver then turned the vehicle around and began to drive away; he was then urged by the others to return to the site. He drove back and at this point two of the men saw two figures with white faces and large bug-like eyes standing behind a wire fence on the nearby field. The panicked witnesses now drove away from the area again; as they left they saw two maneuvering lights over the area that at one point shone several long white beams of light towards the ground.
Source:Timothy Good, Mel Tennis

Date: May 18 1993
Location: Near Lisbon Portugal
Time: night
Summary: 31-year old Astrid Ramos reported seeing a hovering circular object from which descended several small humanoids. The humanoids then took her onboard the object. She remained paralyzed as the humanoids performed several medical tests on her. They inserted a long thin tube into her nose, which caused her to feel a strong pressure in her brain. She was eventually released and soon began suffering from severe headaches. A Dr Borja examined her and apparently located an implant deep within her brain.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:  May 1993
Location:  Kenyon, Rhode Island
Time:  2220
Summary:  On a misty night a woman was abducted into a 50-foot saucer shaped object and kept there for five hours. Inside she was met by two 3-foot tall humanoids. She is later teleported back to her house via a blue beam of coherent light. 
Source:  UFONS # 268

Date:  May 24, 1993 & August 11 & 20, 1993: The Filiberto Caponi CE3

Date: May 28 1993
Near Victoria, Entre Rios, Argentina
Time: 2220
Summary: Four witnesses noticed a strong light within a wooded area floating very close to the ground. It then rose above the treetops illuminated the ground with a powerful beam of light. Its movements were erratic and sometimes slow. It soon disappeared from sight. After 10 minutes 4 more witnesses arrived, and the craft returned, this time closer to the witnesses positions. It seemed to float at about 5 meters from the ground. Using binoculars the witnesses were able to see several very tall, about 2.7 meters in height, human like silhouettes that were moving on the ground in front of the object. A similar object was seen the next day in the same wood.
Source: Raul Oscar Fantini

Date:  May 1993
Location:  Borgata, Israel
Time:  0300A
Summary:  Hannah Somech woke up when she heard her dog barking. She got up and went downstairs from her bedroom to the kitchen and looked out the garden through the glass door when she saw her dog literally flying through the air and slam against a wall. Shocked and terrified she bravely opened the door but was confronted by an invisible wall: she could not go any further. Then she saw an eight-foot tall giant in bright coveralls. A thief, she thought. “You think I am a thief?” she heard inside her head. “What did you do with my dog”, she asked furiously. “He disturbed me, as you do now,” the giant spoke telepathically, without moving his lips. “I could crush you, but I don’t want to. Just leave me alone, I am busy.” The woman ran back to the bedroom to wake up her husband, but when both came down, the giant had disappeared. In the garden, they found huge footprints, 1 foot, 4 inches in length. Later, circles appeared too, again covered by the reddish cadmium based liquid. After the encounter Hannah suffered severely from fatigue, headaches and muscle pain.
Source:   Michael Hesemann, UFOS: The Secret History

Date:  end of May 1993
Location:  Rishon le Tzion Israel
Time: 0300A 
Summary:  A strong light awakened Batya Shimon, involved in two previous similar encounters, from the kitchen window. Looking out, she saw a large mushroom shaped object with a clear door, approaching from the sky. A light was directed at her shoulder and it felt like a strong punch. Her next memory was of being back in bed watching a tall humanoid wave his hand slowly above her husband’s head. He telepathically told her to calm down. He told her they were not here to harm her. While the visitor was in the bedroom, another was touring the rest of the house, not so much on foot as floating upright—his legs did not move. His face was covered in a thin haze that obscured the details somewhat, but Batya recognized both humanoids as the same race of guests that she had seen previously. This time, however, she noted more details. Their hands were human, but their skin was as light as an albino’s. Their clothes were also white but they “shone like neon and were skin-tight.” Suddenly the second visitor appeared opposite her bedroom door, just inside her son’s bedroom. He gestured his comrade to come and have a look at what he had found. The first being floated to the boy’s room and both stared transfixed at the boy’s aquarium. The visit lasted just a couple of minutes when a light shone through the kitchen window and they disappeared into it. The next morning all the doors were again opened and a sand like material (previously found), this time described as smelling like sulfur, was spread over the shelves.
Source:  Barry Chamish, Return of The Giants

Date:  May 1993


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