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Date: September 1993
Location: Huerfano County, Colorado
Time: unknown
Summary: An elderly hermit living in a remote ranch land on the eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains reported seeing a “ship” land near his cabin. Two bearded human looking beings came out of the craft and floated towards his cabin, shining a very bright spotlight at it. The hermit claimed that when they pointed the light at the cabin it went right through the wall. Holding a gun he was blinded and paralyzed as the light illuminated the inside of his cabin.
Source: Christopher O’Brien, Enter The Valley

Date:  September 1993
Location:  Muchalls, Scotland
Time: night
Summary: Jane was lying on the settee when several small aliens, between three and four feet tall, suddenly appeared. They had slits for mouths and black eyes like cats. Jane wanted to speak to these visitors, but found that she was unable to move. All around her everything went quiet. But Jane knew what the small entities were up to. She felt waves of light traveling through her, an experience she associated with scanning. The aliens turned her onto her stomach and continued to scan, if that is what they were doing. She felt no pain during the encounter. (Involved in other encounters).
Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland

Date: September 1993
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Time:  late night
Summary: The main witness was sleeping when suddenly she experienced a strange sensation as if something is being taken from her. She woke up and is confronted by a tall black figure wearing a floor length hooded cloak. The being is about seven-foot tall and has glowing red eyes. She screams and the being vanishes
Source: Bill Chalker, IUR Vol. 19 # 5

Date:  September 1993
Location: Morgantown, West Virginia
Time:  late night
Summary: The witness suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to see a short figure standing in the doorway of his bedroom. The being was tan-colored and had huge dark colored slanted eyes. The witness then inexplicably went back to sleep.
Source: Bob Teets, West Virginia UFOS, Close Encounters in the Mountain State

Date: September 1993
Location: Near Loveland Colorado
Time:  late night
Summary: Judy Mickelson (involved in other incidents) remembers being beamed up into a pewter-colored space ship and let into a bright white room. From there, a shower like thing came over her and another thing like a dryer blew over her, and then she was ushered by little creatures about 4 ft tall with big eyes into a room that was colored in earth tones. A tall, slender human shaped being had his back turned to her and told her to sit in something that looked like a dentist chair, which formed around her and perfectly supported her body. When the alien turned around, she got a good look at him: He stood about 7 ft tall, had big shoulders, blond hair and blue eyes. His clothing, she said consisted of a one-piece satiny blue suit with a little cape and a belt with some kind of strange emblem on it. He told her his name was Sanada, and he told her there were far from Earth—that they were on the dark side of the moon. He told her that he and his race live in underground housing on the moon, where they work as miners. He also told her that there had been a lot of interaction between his race and the U.S. government.
Source: UFO updates September 23 2002

Date: September 1 1993
Location: Dorothy Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Time: 0330A
Summary: A woman was at a cabin in the woods and woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Not wanting to disturb the rest of the cabin’s occupants she left the bathroom door open. As she sat there, she was looking down the hall towards a window. Suddenly she saw a face appear in the window, going by. This shocked her because the window was about 8 feet above the ground. The face was a classic gray, egg shaped with large almond shaped eyes. A blue light was flashing outside the window, too. The woman screamed and the face disappeared. No tracks were found outside.
Source:1993 Canadian UFO survey

Date:  September 7 1993
Location:  Bardstown, Kentucky
Time:  10-11pm
Summary:  Rick from Kentucky. This happened around Nelson Co.in about 1993 at 10-11pm.Was night fishing in Deatsville.On the horizon miles away 3 separate White Lights ascended. One way to the left and two to the right.Hovering over the far off ridge line.Suddenly the one on the left shot over to the others at a none man made speed! Stopped on a dime! I’d say it coverd a mile or two in a fraction of a second! They stayed grouped up and then, this is what gets me…they didn’t just fly away or off.It was in a direction I’ve never seen anything go! Away and up (75degree angle) And again at a speed that was not human like! Seen another white light in Boston Kentucky a few years later.Hovering above the tree line up in the woods.Just one this time.I was like…I’ve seen this before.My brother and I have also seen the same red football sized orbs in the woods.I told him..I’m seeing red orbs everywhere. He said..like that one? He was seeing them and not saying anything too! If you want to contact me, I’ll give you the details. I know for a fact we’re not alone.I’ve seen the same white light’s on TV and the web.
Source:  MUFON

Date: September 7 1993
Location:  Ile De Groix, France
Time: 2050
Summary: Several witnesses see lights and a delta shaped craft hovering low over a field. Directly under the object several small thin shadowy figures were seen, apparently gliding just above the ground. No other information.
Source: LDLN # 323

Date: second week of September 1993
Location: Mount Shasta, California
Time: near dusk
Summary: The witness who had been camping alone in an isolated area was walking down a wooded trail when suddenly she began hearing a sound resembling the tinkling of chimes and high pitched voices, apparently singing. She followed the sounds along the right of the trail until she reached a small clearing. At the center of the clearing stood eleven tiny blue figures, one foot tall and seemingly transparent. The beings appeared ethereal in nature and seemed to pulsate and flicker. They had wings larger then their bodies that appeared very delicate. The tiny creatures moved for a few moments in a clockwise circle then reverse direction, all the time singing in an unintelligible language. The witness suddenly exhaled with a loud rush of air and the tiny beings turned to look then leapt upwards and vanished. Small piles of blue dust were found at the site.
Source:Karen Maralee, Fate # 534, 9-94

Date: late September 1993
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Time: late night
Summary: The witness is sleeping when she suddenly feels her legs being pulled off the bed. Half paralyzed she woke up to see a seven-foot tall dark figure standing by the bed. The being wore a cloak that covered his face completely. The witness felt her mind being probed.
Source: Bill Chalker, IUR Vol. 19 # 5

Date:  September 1993

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