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Date: August 1994
Location: Cali, Colombia
Time: 0330A
Summary: In a cool night the witness was soundly asleep in his bed when he began feeling a strange warmth surrounding his head and shoulders area, he began to toss and turn. He suddenly woke up and looking towards the side of the bed he saw a bizarre figure that appeared to be kneeling on the floor next to his bed. It appeared to be a male figure with long hair and apparently almost totally covered in dark hair. Terrified he began to pray in earnest and he hid under the covers. He did not see the bizarre visitor depart.
Source: Bitacora

Date: August 1994
Location: Allport, Pennsylvania
Time: morning
Summary: Michael Shane Kirkpatrick and a friend were fishing in a man-made lake located 100 yards behind Kirkpatrick’s house when they ran out of bait, Kirkpatrick’s friend volunteered to fetch more bait, leaving him alone. A few minutes later he heard what sounded like a flapping sound above him. He looked up and saw the biggest bird he had ever seen. It was just above some small trees that were about 15 – 20 feet high. It was brown colored with small light colored strips on it. The wingspan was at least 20 feet from wing tip to wing tip and at least 10 feet long. The witness attempted to obtain his friend’s attention but the bird flew high up and disappeared.
Source: Cryptozoology.com

Date: August 1994
Location: Near Sedona, Arizona
Time: evening
Summary: Two independent witnesses saw a strange reptilian-like creature running along a ditch in a deserted area. At times it appeared to be hiding from something or someone. Later in the same area several armed men wearing black military style uniforms were seen apparently searching the area.
Source: Tom Dongo

Date: August 1994
Location: Diano Marina Italy
Time: evening
Summary: Several days in a row witnesses observed a luminous object low over the area. Inside a lighted area a human-shape figure with legs outstretched could be seen. Later a dog was said to have been struck by a blue beam of light that caused him to go mad.
Source: CUN Genova

Date: August 1994
Location: Serra Da Estrela, Portugal
Time: 2030
Summary: A photograph was taken of a man sitting on some rocks. Nothing strange was noted at the time. When the picture was developed it showed a short glowing humanoid figure standing near the man on the rocks, it appeared to be bending down, picking something up from the ground. It appeared to have long thin arms and legs.
Source: Victor Laurenco

Date: August 1994
Location: Garden Grove, California
Time: 2050
Summary: Thomas Puzzo had just left a restaurant and was walking through a dark and vacant parking lot. As he walked he saw a lighted object overhead. As the craft came closer he could not hear any engine sound. The craft had a pulsating white light on the rear section. The craft then disappeared, moments later as he walked behind a car wash he saw a strange creature coming from behind some shrubs. The creature was about five feet tall and very thin. He wore a one-piece light blue spacesuit. The suit had a turtleneck and it was covered with one inch green squares. The squares had an indescribable quality. His ankles were tapered probably with some kind of rubber band. He wore heavy black boots. The creature had a pointy chin and only a hole where the ears should had been. He also had a large bald and deformed head. He appeared to have difficulty in walking and did not see the witness. He entity disappeared behind the carwash and at the same time the witness heard what sounded like a BB-gun shot. As the witness stood around watching for the reappearance of the creature he saw, standing behind an air condition compressor a five-foot tall ape-looking creature. It was ghostly in appearance and began walking in exaggerated ape-like movements. Its face and head did not look like any “earthly” apes. It had very large hairy forearms. It walked from the center of the car wash to the east wall of the flower shop at an angle. Terrified the witness fled the scene. Puzzo (involved in other encounters) had seen a similar ape-like creature two years before.
Source: Thomas Puzzo, Down to Earth (unpublished Manuscript)

Date: August 1994
Location: Pacajus, Ceara, Brazil
Time: late evening
Summary: A 28-year-old peasant woman, Joaquina Nogueira, was coming back to town when she saw a very powerful light in a nearby grove of cashew trees. She stopped and watched. Suddenly out of nowhere two luminous beings appeared in front of her. The beings were tall & human like wearing phosphorescent tight-fitting clothing. They stood there looking at her from about 10 meters away. They came closer and the witness could see that one was a woman the other a man. The man was very tall & powerfully built. He had black fluffy hair combed back, dark slanted eyes & arched eyebrows, his ears were larger than humans & slightly pointed, he had a prominent chin and darkish skin. He assured her telling her not to be afraid, to keep calm. His lips moved but she heard the words in her mind. The being went on to tell her that he was “Karran” that he had been here before. The woman also said something that the witness was unable to understand; the woman also had combed back black hair. She had a sculptural looking body & wore tight fitting clothes, revealing a well-delineated silhouette, she smiled and appeared gentle. The woman stepped back and drew something out of the wide belt she wore. The object began to click, and she put it to the witness right ear then said a few strange words. At the same time louder sounds came from the device. The man then took something from his belt and gave it to Joaquina, gesturing to her to raise it to her mouth. She did and it tasted sour. Her mouth quickly filled with saliva and she began to feel nauseated and spat several times. She felt herself dominated by the eyes of the male being who came closer to her and put something into her ear. At the same moment the witness brother was approaching their location. The two beings then withdrew the device from the witness ear and then turning away with their backs to the witness they vanished in plain sight. The witness brother was also able to see the two tall beings from a distance.
Source: Reginaldo de Athyayde in FSR

Date: August 1994
Location: San Juan Del Rio, Queretaro Mexico
Time: night
Summary: 13-year old Jaime, involved in a previous encounter was getting ready to sleep when he began to feel uneasy. Later he saw a shorter creature from the one he had seen before in his room. His mother in the adjacent room had apparently fallen into a deep sleep. His younger sister saw a white light of an unknown source enter the room. This last being was reported to have had a large head and large eyes. It seemed to jump from one end of the room to the other and emit a muffled laugh. He wore a cap, and seemed to be encased in a glow. I then stared at the witness that fell in a deep sleep.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:  August  1994
Location:  Lac du Flambeau, WI 
Time:  10 p.m.
Summary:  Seven of us were joy riding in my dads car, I was driving. It was about 10 p.m. on a summer night. We came up to a stop sign and noticed that there were (what we thought were kids) playing on the swing sets at the grade school. Which was about a half a block away. I pulled up at the school and whoever it was, was gone. I pulled up into the horseshoe drive all the way and that’s when we seen it. Hovering above the tree line. I could see the outline and the color was white. There was two white lights at each end of the wing tips. Everybody started to scream and holler Go! Go! Go! and then the third light lit up…kind of. It opened almost like an eye pupil. Like dilating. The light was an orange color. I floored the gas pedal and we spun out of there quick. I didn’t hear it make any noise because we had a little boom box in the car. We were listening to Metallica and the song Green Hell was playing. Plus everybody screaming and crying. We went to my friend’s house and she told her dad about it. He grabbed a flashlight and we went back. He went into the woods and found nothing. He went home and we all went to a local pizza place, told other friends about it and drew pictures of what we seen. We all saw the same thing. It was getting late and the pizza place was closing. So I went to go start the car and it was making a horrible noise. Like if you were to keep turning the ignition when the car was already running. Everybody took off running like it was gonna explode! My friend’s brother opened the hood and unhooked the battery. Had to leave the car there and walk home. I have never been so terrified walking home alone. When I got home my dad wasn’t home but my mom was. I told her about it and she didn’t say anything. I heard my dad come in later on that night and he was angry. Telling me I better go get his car. My mom told him that we seen something and he didn’t believe any of it. I couldn’t sleep all that night. In the next few days I heard that there was other sightings. Not in the same place but within a few mile radius. I guess that I should add that the school was on a lakefront, and that one of the other sightings was above a lake.
Source:  MUFON CMS

Date: August 1994
Location: Soares, Bahia, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: The witnesses encountered a group of short humanoid figures in a field that appeared to be collecting items from the ground. The humanoids wore tight-fitting gray coveralls and silvery boots. Upon seeing the witnesses, the group jumped up into the air and vanished in plain sight.
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date: August 1994
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Time: night
Summary: The witness was out taking pictures of the night sky when she noticed a shadow fly between her camera and the moon. At first she thought it was a plane or a bat, it passed very quickly and she started taking photos again. Soon the shadow appeared again, she looked again and noticed a bizarre flying creature. She could see a silhouette against the sky of a winged creature with a wingspan far greater than a passenger vehicle. It had a neck about two or three feet long and a tapering triangular shaped head. It had a long tail about three quarters of the way from the body diamond like in shape. It glided and dipped and seemed very graceful. Distracted by her daughter the witness soon lost sight of it.
Source: Strange Magazine # 22

Date: August 2 1994
Location: Cayey, Puerto Rico
Time: after midnight
Summary: The witness suddenly awoke after hearing a noise resembling a firecracker exploding coming from the entrance to her bedroom. She heard the sound again, this time closer to her bed and saw a short thin gray skinned humanoid with a large head and huge black eyes walk in front of the bed and then enter her grandson’s bedroom. She then apparently fell asleep, later she was woken up by her grandson who told her that a short creature with large eyes had sat on his chest and had stared at him.
Source: Hank Worbetz

Date: August 7 1994
Location: Near Indian Creek, Tennessee
Time: unknown
Summary: In a wooded area near an old Indian hunting ground, a witness reported seeing a 3-foot tall white human like figure. The figure apparently scurried into the brush and disappeared from sight. No other information.
Source: Brent Raynes in Alternate Perceptions Winter 1995

Date: August 8 1994
Location: Baca, San Luis Valley, Colorado
Time: 0855A
Summary: The witness (source) was refinishing a local couple’s floors and was walking out the front door, when he saw less then 15 feet away a strange translucent creature, resembling a three foot long lizard that glided quickly across the gate opening in the low picket fence that surrounds the house. At the same time he heard a trilling sound in his head. Immediately he ran to the spot, but it had already disappeared, leaving no tracks on the desert sand. This same type of creature was seen in the same house twice during January.
Source: Christopher O’Brien in The Mysterious Valley

Date: August 9 1994
Location: Huinca Renanco, Cordoba, Argentina
Time: 0755A
Summary: 9-year old Silvana Zaccari was on her way to school early in the morning and was walking down the middle of the street as she usually did when she suddenly heard a loud buzzing sound coming from behind her. Turning around she saw a black small oval shaped object with what appeared to be a square glass window hovering low above the road. Behind the window she saw a humanoid face with what appeared to be “three” green colored eyes. A small door opened in the bottom of the craft and a long “hand” came out grabbing a hold of a medium sized pine tree in front of the witness’s house. She then heard some footsteps and screamed. The door suddenly slammed shut and the craft rose up and disappeared into the distance flying at a low altitude. A second girl, Yamila Carmona also saw the craft flying away. She described the hand as being green in color with three long fingers. The craft had multicolored lights on its body.
Source: Hector Antonio Picco, Proyecto CATENT

Date: August 13 1994
Location: Monte Pedrus, Andorra
Time: : 1715
Summary: Two young men reported encountering a hovering shimmering sphere over a cloudy hill with what appeared to have been a humanoid figure moving within. The boys reportedly were able to film the object. In a bizarre turn of events the local police detained the boys for over 24 hours without the presence of a lawyer and forced them to sign a confession that they had hoaxed the whole matter. They however insisted in the authentic nature of the incident. The film was apparently confiscated.
Source: Bruno Cardeñosa, “El Retorno de los Ovnis”

Date: August 14 1994
Location: Volgograd Province, Russia
Time: 0445A
Summary: The witness came upon a hovering object about 200 meters in length, cylindrical in shape with rounded corners. Somehow he found himself onboard the craft and found that the entire volume of the craft inside was composed of an enormous hall filled with slightly inclined seats, resembling those of an auditorium. There was no one sitting on the seats. At the end of the hall stood a man he took to be the “captain” He approached the figure and asked him how he operated his ship. He received no reply only smile and was then asked, “Why did he asked, in the first place?
Source: UFO LAB Russia

Date August 16, 1994: Three saucer-shaped objects with lights

Date:  August 18 1994

Location: Mozhaisk, St Petersburg, Russia
Time: 0200A
Summary: Earlier that night husband and wife, Vladimir and Natalie had seen in the sky over an adjacent forest a whitish “strip” similar to the track left by a jet aircraft, only this strip had a gray hue to it and it was much wider than it was in length. It seemed to flare up every 1-2 minute and it then became bright, it then faded away. It had been located at approximately 20 meters in height and had been inclined towards the ground at a certain angle. Later that night while her husband slept soundly next to her, Natalie suddenly woke with a distinct feeling that there was someone else in the room. Sitting up in bed she saw only at about 1-1/2 meters from her bed a very tall dark human-like silhouette with burning red eyes. Frightened she began to shout and saw the figure vanish but the red glowing eyes remained behind. At this point her husband woke up and both the figure and the eyes were gone. He did notice a semi circle of sparkling lights located about 5 cm above Natalie’s head, they seemed to move slightly, glow dim and then vanish entirely.
Source: X-UFO Russia

Date: August 21 1994
Location: Near Mayaguez Puerto Rico
Time: 0300A
Summary: A white light from an unknown source illuminated a motorist driving on State Road 114 suddenly. He stopped the vehicle and looked around. He then noticed a huge metallic round object hovering over the car. The craft floated silently overhead revealing several octagon-shaped protrusions on its underside. A white light shone from inside the protrusions. The witness became frightened and attempted to leave but the car would not start. The car eventually started and the witness then drove away. As he left the area he noticed four human-like figures that were totally dressed in black, standing on the side of the road. The beings were about 5 feet tall and very slender. Their heads seemed a little larger than normal and they had large slanted white eyes. The witness had not intention of stopping and drove quickly away from the area.
Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 3

Date: late August 1994
Location: Villa Palmeras, Santurce, Puerto Rico
Time: 0200A
Summary: The witness was sleeping when he suddenly woke up feeling a strange sensation. Two short luminous figures suddenly materialized in front of him. The witness was unable to move as the creatures approached. Using all the will power he could muster he freed himself from the paralysis and grabbed a stick. The beings then ran out the room and vanished. The beings were described as short, thin, fragile looking with large heads, gray luminous in color and with large black almond shaped eyes. The witness then sat on his bed pondering the incident when he saw three small “clouds”, one green, one red and the other blue descend through the ceiling and disappear somewhere in the house. Later he heard a loud metallic sound on the roof and peculiar footsteps in the patio. Upon investigating he found the patio light bulb had been tampered with.
Source:  Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 3

Date:  August  1994


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