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1994: January UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2016)

Date:  January 1994
Location:  KainuuFinland
Time: 0315A
Summary: Two soldiers out on maneuvers in a forested area were awoken at night by a noise apparently coming from above (or the sky). Looking up they saw a light that first they interpreted as a helicopter. It landed about 200 meters from them. They decided to investigate what it was and were met by two human like figures, totally naked (!) “It was -20 degrees. The humanoids gave the two soldiers two circular bands to put on their heads, apparently a translation device. The aliens invited the witnesses onboard the UFO. They explained that they come from a planet about 240 light years away called SUNA. After that they performed some “tests” on the soldiers. Before leaving the object the aliens told the soldiers that they would return some day. Upon leaving the craft the soldiers noticed that it was still 0315A, apparently no time had passed for them.
Source: Lasse Lehtonen, Tapio Ayravainen, Finland

Date: January 1994
Location: Melbourne Australia
Time: late night
Summary: The witness was sleeping when she feels a presence in the room and something grabs her right hand. She wakes up and is confronted by a tall dark creature, wearing a black robe. It goes away suddenly. The witness then realizes that the bathroom light has apparently blown and that two rings are missing from her right hand.
Source: Bill Chalker in IUR Vol. 19 # 5

Date: January 1994
Location: Hartcliffe, Bristol, England
Time: late night
Summary: Late one night, Brian Hall was awakened by a noise in the bedroom. Looking over to the right hand side of his bedroom he could make out a face staring back at him. He could only see a face, no body, or form. The face seemed humanoid, impassive, just looking straight back at the witness. The face had large almond shaped eyes, very large in proportion to the face, no nose or very little, and a slit for the mouth. The witness was now fully awake saw the face simply fade away and disappeared.
Source:  FSR Vol. 39 # 3

Date: January 1 1994
Location:  Northern England (exact location not given)
Time: early morning
Summary: Her husband suddenly awaked the witness, and both sat up in bed to see a small creature holding a bright torch-like device. As they watched, the creature pointed the light towards her husband who then fell backwards unconscious. The creature then pointed the light at her and she too fell backwards unable to move. She vaguely recalled the bed clothes being removed and floating in a prone position. She then glided across the room apparently guided by the short creature. She could not remember anything else.
Source: Tony Dodd in Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 13 # 2

Date: January 4 1994: Man observes cone-shaped object in France

Date: January 4 1994
Location: Tronville en Barrios, France
Time: 1205A
Summary: A family of four was getting ready to go to bed when they noticed a bright light shining on the road between two nearby fields. The light became dimmer and an object with two yellow lights and several flashing red lights became visible. The object was shaped like a bowl and had a transparent dome on top. Inside the object three human shaped figures could be seen, they were of average height. The one in the middle appeared to have a larger head and the one on the right was shorter and heavy set. The figures wore shiny multi-colored outfits. The father went outside and woke up two neighbors who also watched the object. A door on the left side of the object opened making a slight noise and one of the humanoids stepped out, he was human-like and was carrying a bright torch that he shone towards the witnesses, moving it from side to side. The “torch” was described as square shaped. The humanoid then walked back into the object. The door then closed making a loud noise. The transparent dome became dark but the yellow lights stayed on. The object then took off making a slight hissing sound and disappeared at high speed. Other residents in the area saw mysterious red flashing lights over the town.
Source:  Claude Raffy


Date:   January 8 1994
Location:  Tennessee (exact location not given)
Time:   late night
Summary:  The witness remembers waking up onboard a craft accompanied by a short gray humanoid with large black eyes. The being used some type of device that he inserted in her ear apparently in order to locate and activate an “implant”. The witness then asked the humanoid several questions, which were answered. Moment’s later four more gray humanoids entered and led her inside a large hangar where she saw what appeared to be numerous military personnel. She was then rendered unconscious and later found herself back in her bed.
Source:  Karla Turner in “Taken”

Date: January 9, 1994: Luminous object over Nouzonville, France

Date:   January 15 1994
Location:  Northern England (exact location not given)
Time:  early morning
Summary:  The bedclothes being lifted off her body suddenly awakened the same woman as in the previous case. She felt something touching her and she reached out and grabbed what appeared to be a hand with only four fingers and webbing in between them. The skin felt rough and scaly. Later under hypnosis she recalled being taken to some type of craft, put on a table and medically examined. A thin glass tube was inserted into her navel. Her abductors were described as almost 4 foot tall, with large hairless heads and huge black eyes. She also recalled seeing rows of pulsating red, green, and white lights on the walls and strange hieroglyphic-type symbols all over the room.
Source:  Tony Dodd in Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 13 # 2. 


Date: January 16 1994
Location: Borova pri Trnave, Slovakia
Time: 0100A
Summary: In a field the witness encountered 5-6 little humanoids wearing silvery clothing, which started to chase him. Frightened he began running away but suddenly felt a blow to his back and lost consciousness. Later he woke up in his bed with a bruise on his back, which disappeared within the next two days.
Source:Dr Milos Jesensky

Date: January 28, 1994: UFO Sighting of Flight AF-3532

Date: January 30 1994
Location:  Trnava, Slovakia
Time: 0130A
Summary: In a dream-like state the witness found himself onboard what he thought was a spaceship, which was orbiting near the planet Earth. Inside he saw numerous strange ornaments and apparatus with strange letters and symbols on them. He felt that a message that he could not understand was given to him but the unseen aliens. No other information.
Source:  Dr Milos Jesensky

Date:  January 30 1994
Location: Chemnitz Germany
Time: 18:00
Summary: Winter 1993/1994, Clausewitz Strasse, Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany about 18:00h. Everything was like a usual winter day: We were 2 kids playing in a high populated area in Chemnitz. It had snow so we were out and enjoyed our winter holidays. Roads were busy with people who came from work. It was already dark. From one to the other moment everthing was quiet. Lights were switched on (more than before) in the residential blocks around us. A flying object flow about 50m away from us. It wasn’t easy to see which shape it had but we saw 7 lights on it. Those lights changed colores all the time. There was still no voice around us, no people around us, no cars on the road, nobody looked out of windows. The craft flew straight from east to west from one block to the other in about 20 seconds (about 50 meters). We couldn’t believe what we had seen. After a while everthing was like before. People came home, cars drove in the street… Nobody believed what we had seen. I’m n! ow 26 years old and work as a aircraft engineer. I still have no idea what it was.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:   January 1994



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