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Date: July 1994
Location: Tlatelolco Mexico
Time: 0200 A
Summary: The 26-year old witness suddenly woke up with a start and saw a meter tall figure approaching his bed. He described the creature as horrible in aspect. It was gray in color, with huge black slanted eyes and long dangling arms. His mouth was opened revealing several fang-like protrusions. It also had small pointed ears. It quickly approached the witness using bizarre zigzag or side-to-side movements. The witness at this point was unable to move. He felt a very foul breath emanating form the creature’s mouth. He was then suddenly able to move and struck at the creature that fell to the carpeted floor. The creature’s skin felt very soft to the touch. The witness was then overcome with a terrific headache and became nauseated. The creature then apparently vanished.
Source: Luis Ramirez Reyes

Date: July 1994
Location: Near Melbourne, Australia
Time: 0430 A
Summary: Four women driving northwest of the city experienced a series of UFO encounters including seeing oblong shaped lights that traveled parallel to the road before disappearing behind trees. Minutes later they observed a spherical object performing erratic maneuvers. The object was encased in a blue haze and had amazing strobe-like flashing lights; it briefly followed their vehicle. Moments later they were terrified to see a huge blinding orange light covering the width of the road and hovering just above their car. The driver accelerated in order to get away from the object. They soon stopped the car near a hotel to look for help. One of the women exited the car and saw hovering directly above them, a huge diamond-shaped craft beaming orange light from its undercarriage. She saw what appeared to be writing or ciphers on the object’s tail section. The object also made a steady droning, humming sound. The craft then disappeared behind some trees. The four witnesses then drove to a nearby house and noticed bright white lights hovering overhead. Then next to a huge pine tree a shadowy human-shaped figure appeared, it was dark and very little detail was seen. The witnesses then drove away from the area and were followed briefly by an orange-lit object, which turned sharply at right angles, moved across the road, and vanished. A period of missing time was reported by all four witnesses and they all reported suffering from nosebleeds, headaches, memory lapses and electrostatic shocks.
Source: Nexus Magazine Feb/Mar 1995

Date: July 1994
Location: Puerto Rico, Exact location not given
Time: late night
Summary: The main witness was asleep with her husband and her young child in the same room; it had been very hot the whole night. Suddenly she was awakened by a very cold draft of air. She rose up and saw a strange figure floating by the nearby dresser next to her child’s crib. The figure was described as small, with a large white head, with two huge dark oval shaped eyes, it was very thin, and it did not have a nose, ears, or mouth. The figure noticed the witness and then turned to look directly at her. The panicked witness then saw the being approach her and at the same time heard a message in her head telling her “I want to see you.” She tried to rise from bed three times but was completely unable to do so. The being floated very close to the witness face in rapid jump-like movements. The being’s forehead almost touched the witness head. Suddenly it pressed its forehead against forehead and appeared to blend into it (!), apparently becoming somewhat transparent. The witness felt an intense cold and headache. At that moment she appeared to have blacked out and does not remember anything else.
Source: Nanette Menendez-Conde in Evidencia OVNI # 13

Date: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Location: July 1994
Time:  late night
Summary: During the wee hours of the morning the witness suddenly found herself in her front yard, in her nightclothes and bare feet, looking toward her house. She was about 100 feet away from the house, and could see a group of what she remembers as four or five “good sized coyotes or wolves” sitting on the top of her house looking down at her. Being both curious and frightened, she slowly began to walk toward the house. As she did, she suddenly found herself being escorted in the direction of the house, by what she felt were two entities behind her, one on either side. She remembers that the entities were extremely close to her, but she did not look directly at them. She suddenly felt as though she was momentarily lifted, as if weightless and rising. She was then in a white, brightly lighted hallway, about 3 feet wide. She was mentally instructed to walk down the hallway, toward a doorway approximately 10 feet away to her right side. She walked through the doorway and entered a small room with a machine on the right side. An entity (which she could not make out in detail) seemed to be standing at the far end of the room, to the left of the machine. She felt that the entity was smaller than she was. She was initially very attracted to the machine, which had a number of bright, multi-colored lights on it. She was briefly allowed to examine the machine. At one point she was compelled to touch a green sticky substance on the machine, which made her feel revolted. After this experiment was over she found herself in a large featureless room along with five entities. One was taller, apparently the leader, with four smaller entities to its left. This time she had a full view of the entities. The larger entity was about five feet tall, and the others were considerably shorter. They were all gray in color and wore tight fitting uniform like clothing. She got the impression from them that they were emotionless, and that while she was in their presence, her emotions were also suspended. The taller entity appeared mystified, and asked her a question, which pertained to her health status. She explained in one sentence her condition to the taller entity. The tall entity then turned around and repeated a one-word version of this to the smaller entities. They then repeated what the witness felt in unison. Following this the witness found herself waking up back in her bed.
Source:Craig Lang, Minnesota MUFON

Date: July 1994
Location: Yoshkar-Ola City, Russia
Time:  late night
Summary: Young artist Andrey Sibert was home alone when he suddenly felt a headache. The room then filled up with a bright yellow light, though it rather reminded Andrey of a dense fog. He saw bright lightning-like flashes. Then everything disappeared and the room seemed to return back to normal. At this moment Andrey noticed a tall woman standing by a wall. When the stranger noticed Andrey she seemed to dissolve into the wall and disappear. Immediately after that completely unfamiliar signs, characters and letters floated before Andrey’s eyes. When everything finally returned to normal Andrey was astounded to find that all the clocks in his apartment, including electronic clocks, were six hours late. Two weeks later he felt an irresistible desire to record “messages” that suddenly came to his mind. At times in his mind he saw images of an unearthly language with very complex characters, semi abstract pictures of animals resembling elephants, snakes, bears and other creatures and what appeared to be humans wearing spacesuits. Apparently he continues to receive telepathic information to this day.
Source:Vitaliy Diachkov, Incredible World Magazine

Date: July 3 1994
Location: Harrison County, West Virginia
Time: late night
Summary: The witness was alone in his store when he suddenly saw lights around him and his body began to vibrate. Somehow he was able to see an object hovering above the building and was transported onboard the craft. He found himself in a room with a table with a light above it and a railing around the side. He then saw a short gray skinned humanoid that appeared to be operating a control panel. The short gray being communicates telepathically with the witness, supplying him with a wealth of information, including the fact that he has been implanted with some type of tracking device and also mentions the Roswell incident, stating that it was not one of their craft. (Whose craft was it anyway?)
Source: Bob Teets in West Virginia UFOs, close Encounters in the Mountain State.

Date: Chateau Seau De Grannod, France
Location: July 5 1994
Time: 2300
Summary: In a forested area several witnesses encountered an object shaped like a top on the ground. A humanoid figure about 1.45m in height with a large head and pointed ears and wearing a one-piece white combination suit was seen next to the object.
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date: July 20 1994
Location: Near Caleufu, La Pampa, Argentina
Time: 0040A
Summary: 34-year old Bernardino Cabrera was outdoors on an errand when a powerful reddish light descended on him from above. Then a craft landed nearby and from it came two “gigantic” beings that took him aboard and laid him on a sort of “stretcher” and drew blood from him. There was no spoken communication between them, but he says he understood what the beings were saying to him though they did not move their lips and no sound was heard from them. They told him that if he wanted to reveal the affair to the public, he could do so. Cabrera was then set down on the main square of town, in front of the police station. He was then examined at a local hospital.
Source: Jane Guma, FSR Vol. 42 # 1

Date: July 20 1994
Location: Near Allende, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Time: 1100A
Summary: At a local ranch, a farm worker was on his way to eat lunch when as he passed near a local cemetery a figure suddenly loomed in front of him, coming from behind some rocks about 50 meters away. Thinking that it was another worker he approached the figure, but suddenly realized that the figure was half human, half bird. The strange humanoid ignored the witness and continued on his way, as it reached a nearby crossroads, it opened its huge wings, but then continued on his way, quickly disappearing from sight in the fields.
Source: Marco A Reynoso

Date: July 23 1994
Location:  Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Time: 0030A
Summary: A man named Filippych reported seeing a beam of light outside his apartment. Looking out he saw a large egg shaped object sitting on the ground, about 4 meters in height and three meters in width. The polished surface resembled that of marble. He saw what appeared to be a crew of three “pilots” not described but apparently human like. Two of the occupants exited the craft while a third remained onboard apparently operating some type of digging rig, which he used to drill a hole on the earth a meter in depth, extracting the soil into the craft. The other two occupants meanwhile collected vegetation and other organic samples. Soon the humanoids returned to the craft and the object left. The curious locals trampled the landing site and investigators noted a strong energy field emanating from the site. Soon after the encounter, Filippych perceived a burning sensation on the upper right hand and his right eye became strongly inflamed. Besides that there were no other ill effects. There is a possibility that as a direct result of the encounter the witness acquired some paranormal abilities.
Source: UFO Ukraine, quoting Newspaper “Moment”

Date:  July 25 1994
Location:  Near Allende, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Time: evening
Summary: At a local ranch, a woman encountered a strange winged half bird – half man humanoid, covered with gray feathers up to his shoulders and with a human head, claw like feet and huge wings on his back. No other information.
Source: Marco A Reynoso

Date: July 27 1994
Location:  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Time:  0400A
Summary: A young boy ran into his mother’s bedroom and reported seeing outside his bedroom window a large object with blue lights hovering under the electrical wires. He also saw “little people on the poles.” He was told by his other to go to bed and sleep.
Source: Graham Conway

Date: July 27 1994
Location:  Aberdeen Scotland
Time:  2200
Summary: Bob O’Deul was tending a flock of sheep when a bright white light beamed down on him. Next he felt being drawn up into the light. He found himself inside the light on a table. There a short humanoid inserted something into his navel. Then a group of female aliens entered the room and apparently had sexual intercourse with him. He was then released.
Source: Scottish UFO

Date:  end of July 1994
Location:  Near St. Marks Florida
Time: 0300A
Summary: A local UFO investigator was driving through an isolated area following reports of mysterious activity, when he saw a short very thin humanoid figure with a large head and large reflecting eyes, standing in the middle of the roadway. Upon seeing the car the being ran off into the side of the road towards the tree line. Before entering the woods the being turned and glanced directly at the witness who felt some form of mental communication from the entity. The witness drove back & forth 2 to 3 times in the same area and again encountered the being. (The witness felt it was very peculiar that the being was able to look directly at him, since he was driving at 50 mph)
Source: Hank Worbetz

Date: late July 1994
Location:  Agreste, Pernambuco Brazil
Time: late night
Summary: Local farmers and ranchers reported seeing a monstrous creature that apparently killed numerous cattle, goats, and other assorted farm animals. One man reported seeing a tall hairy dark figure, with a huge square strong jaw. It ran away into the darkness. Many of the animals were found mutilated and partly eaten
Source: Recife Assombrado, Brazil


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