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Date:   Spring 1994
Location:  Dublin Ireland
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness reported being taken onboard a craft, where he saw something resembling a “translucent apparition” with golf ball sized groups of multi-colored lights floating inside of it. He also saw a creature, which was humanoid, with large black eyes and a small slit for a nose. Light appeared to emanate from the humanoid’s mouth. 
Source:  IUFOPRA

Date:  Spring  1994
Location: Sacramento, California
Time:  clear spring day
Summary:  A minister claims she and her daughter saw an unidentified flying creature that looked like it was “straight out of Jurassic Park”.  The minister, a 50-year-old Texas resident and avid bird watcher, said they were at Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, south of Sacramento, when the creature showed up on a clear spring day. “We were hiking and looking for Blue Herons and other migratory birds.” “My daughter and I saw the bird first and we both pointed to it, stunned and in shock as we tried to come up with a logical explanation for what we thought we were seeing. It was not a kite, it was a real animal,” she added about the alleged 1994 encounter. The eyewitness says they observed the animal for about 20 minutes as it circled an area and then veered off in a different direction. She explains that even though it makes her “nervous to have to admit it”, the bird was “very pterodactyl in shape”. “That is the only point of reference I have for it. I remember I said ‘that’s impossible… they are an extinct species’. My daughter, who was well read on extinct birds, kept pointing out the unusual features of this animal.” She says her daughter described the creature has having a featherless, long thin tail and a “pterodactyl-like head”. Its wings, she explained, were “not shaped like a bird’s wings”. “It had a long neck, long head and long pointed beak area. It had a large wingspan, bigger than a blue heron. It was gliding very high up, with very little flapping movement of its wings.”The minister admits to being “a little freaked out” at the time and wondered whether the creature would attack them. “I couldn’t wait to get back to the car. When we got back we couldn’t stop talking about it.”The two family members say that, even though to this day they can not positively identify the bird as a “dinosaur”, they know what it resembled. “While on the phone with my daughter tonight we both Googled photos of pterodactyl sightings and some of them are similar to what we saw,” she confessed. “Being birders, we were familiar with most birds. I didn’t think I could call Audubon Society and tell them about the sighting, because this bird was not on their checklist. They would have likely told me that I miss-identified it because it was up in the air, and that it was probably a crane or heron. Believing that would certainly solve things, but my brain wouldn’t rest. What we saw was neither a crane nor a heron. We saw a real living animal that was not familiar to us and looked like it was straight out of Jurassic Park.” And the sighting, she explains, also carries social problems and the risk of ostracization, so they have kept it pretty much a secret until today. “I did tell a couple of people… I told them factually and they just stared at me saying ‘hmmm wow‘. I do not want to be exposed to the ridicule and have to defend my story, which I finally got brave enough to share. My daughter and I talk about it sometimes. Discussing it is like self-counseling, it gives us an opportunity to share that experience again and validate each other. At least we know what we saw and discussing it is one way to try to keep the story alive, unravel the mystery in our heads and find some kind of understanding and clarity as time passes. It does help to read online that others are seeing these animals also. This is what gave me the idea to come forward and share our sighting,” said the minister. 
Source:  cryptozoologynews.com

Date: March 1994
Location: Aksi, Estonia
Time: evening
Summary: The witness (involved in previous encounters) was at a friend’s house after accepting a birthday party invitation. Sitting at the birthday table, the witness suddenly felt that he was floating upwards, that he saw the others sitting around the table from high above as if under the ceiling. After that he saw the stars flash by. He understood that he was being taken to somewhere but he did not feel afraid. Fear, awful fear, struck him only when he found himself standing in a huge hall before giant beings. One giant looked like a man, he had a narrow dark mustache and cold eyes. Sitting, the giant was about two or three meters tall. Behind the apparent chief were several other beings. The chief said to him: “You will stay with us.” But he cried being almost mad with fear, “I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home!” The beings did not want to let him go. “You are a fool!” They said. They talked to him but did not use their mouths at all—their voices came from their foreheads or from somewhere else—but he heard a very loud voice. “Ok! You will go home, but you shall die, you shall have a lung disease, lung cancer,” they said. And he saw another creature nod agreeing. Soon he was sent back. For a moment he saw the others sitting around the table from high above and then felt himself sitting again at the table. Incredibly the others in the room had not noticed his absence but were stunned to see that forks and other metal utensils stuck to the witness hands from a long distance. In April he went to see a doctor to check his lungs, everything was apparently all right, but two weeks later he began to cough, went back to the doctor and discovered that he had lung cancer in the last phase. The source does not say if the witness died as a result of the disease.
Source: Mare Koiva, Estonia

Date: March 1994
Location: Lomas de Poleo, Mexico
Time: night
Summary: Around the same time that several farm fowl were found mutilated, missing their eyes, tongues. Locals watched several lights maneuvering over the area plus a huge disc shaped object that descended to a low altitude. A young girl Zaira Luna encountered a short white-gray humanoid with large protruding ears near the site where the object hovered. Also, in a very bizarre development a severed claw of an apparent polar bear was found at the site of the mutilations. (!)
Source: OJIO

Date: March 20 1994: The Story that 48 Hours Missed

Date:  March 23 1994
Location:  Punilla, Chile
Time:  1100A
Summary:  Hare hunter Rafael Maulen was resting in a field with his two hunting dogs when he felt a strange sensation overcame him, his next memory was of flying through the air inside an object with several large viewing windows. He apparently blacked out again and later woke up in a field about 20km from where he was originally picked up. His two dogs stood next to him shivering with cold and apparently very frightened.
Source:  Enrique Linares, Chile

Location. Siracusa Italy
Date: March 27 1994
Time: 0730A
Mrs L D was opening the curtains of her windows when she noticed a strange “balloon-like” object approaching in a straight line about 150 meters away. When it approached she noticed that it was an “human-shaped” object consisting of a thick central oval shaped section, with two square metallic appendages on its bottom. Using a pair of binoculars the witness followed the object’s trajectory as it landed on a field near the witness location. It was described as orange in color about 1 meter& 60 cm in height, on top of, it had what appeared to be a sort of thin “handle.” On the front it had two rectangular openings, resembling shutters. The strange robotic creature seemed to stretch out it upper portion into a fluid orange-gray shape. The witness was at this point convinced that the strange humanoid was a living being. She was momentarily distracted by the telephone ringing, and upon returning to the window the strange humanoid had vanished.

Source: Archivio SUF

Date:  March 1994

Date: end of March 1994
Location: Mecklenburg Germany
Time: 2300
Summary: The witness was on her way to her room after having put the children to bed when she suddenly felt very uncomfortable. She felt as if she was being watched, she ran panic stricken into her bedroom and jumped into bed. She suddenly heard a humming sound and was unable to move. She then saw several small gray figures standing at the end of her bed. She wanted to call out, but could not. She felt that there were other figures in her daughter’s room also. Then suddenly she wasn’t able to hear or see anymore. After that she does not recalled what happened.
Source: Dr. Johannes Feibag

Date:  March 1994

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