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Date: May 1994
Location: Feijo, Acre, Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: An Indian chief in a remote Amazon area reported that a huge hairy humanoid with sharp claws attacked and killed several of his men, apparently eating a couple of them. Another Indian Chief, Joao Kampa, from the nearby Coco-Acu settlement also reported an attack by a similar creature that killed two of his men. The creature is reported to emit a strong defensive odor out of the center of its belly from some type of odor emitting gland located there, sometimes confused with a mouth. Locals call the creature “Mapinguary“.
Source:  Pablo Villarrubia Mauso

Date: May 1994
Location: Near York, England
Time: evening
Summary: J Bardet was walking across the Pike Hills golf course near the Askham Bog nature reserve. The sun was still shining and visibility was reasonably clear. Suddenly his attention was drawn to some figures roughly 100 yards ahead of him, apparently putting a ball around on an otherwise deserted golf course. There were five or six very small figures, which Bardet presumed to be children, quite engrossed in their game and he continued to walk in their direction until he was about 50 yards from them. It was then that they appeared to become aware of him and he could now see that they were not children but very small adults, of about four feet high. At this moment one of them appeared to prepare to strike the ball hard in the witness direction. Nonplussed the witness ducked behind a nearby tree for a few seconds. Still curious he immediately re-emerged from his temporary shelter to find an empty green and fairway ahead of him.
Source: Fortean Times

Date:  May 1994
Location: Galicia Spain, exact location not given
Time: night
Summary: One night the witness found herself inside an unknown object. She was lying on a cot-like bed totally naked and surrounded by several entities (not described). She was stunned to see, laying next to her on a similar cot, an also naked woman that looked exactly like her. The witness was convinced that it was some type of clone or double. No other information.
Source: Manuel Carballal 

Date: May 1994
Location: Sedona, Arizona
Time: night
Summary: A local man reported being taken onboard a spacecraft. He remembered seeing several humanoids with large black almond shaped eyes, & large heads. Something was apparently done to his knees and temples, possibly implants. No other information.
Source:  Tom Dongo in Intl. UFO Library Magazine 3-4

Date: May 1994
Location: Near Flagstaff Arizona
Time: late night
Summary: A couple was camping in an isolated pine forest. During the very chilly night they built a campfire. But for some unknown reason the fire kept failing. The woman felt uneasy and scared for no apparent reason. As the temperature dropped they sat in the car. Shortly thereafter the woman saw a bright star like object above the tree line. The light moved from side to side and up and down. After about 20 minutes they looked to the west and saw five more similar lights above the tree line. These appeared to be balls of light that danced around very quickly. As they watched the original light descended down behind the tree line. While observing the lights a multi-colored craft came out of the distant northwest sky, it flew at incredible speed and quickly out of sight. Increasingly scared both prayed. Soon the lights from the sky were gone, but an oblong bright white light illuminated the forest floor. Both then took a shotgun and a pistol and settled in the tent. Soon they heard what seemed to be persons walking outside. They sat and listened to what sounded like six to ten people walking around in every direction with an occasional tap or prod to the tent. After an hour a sound came over the tent while simultaneously the ground under the tent floor moved like waves of energy. The wife then looked up through the screened roof and saw a bright ball of white blue light in the sky, just about the tree line. From this light came a large white colored beam of light shining into the tent. The number of “persons” or creatures outside the tent increased, sounding like 30 to 40 of them. Occasionally they heard a sound like whipping wind, along with what sounded like a yipping barking noise that gave them the creeps. At one point a pulsating orange white blue light glowed right next to the tent on the forest floor. It grew larger in size then just disappeared. At daybreak both left the tent and found strange footprints in the dirt and handprints on the dust of the car. The footprints “were toed cloven hoofs” and larger three toed feet. The four-fingered handprints had a skeletal, very long thin look. Frightened they left the area. Their families did not believe their story and they were told that they were “possessed”.
Source: Roger Bollinger

Date:  May 1 1994
Location: South Dakota
Time: 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Summary: South Dakota – 1994-05-01 – 1:00 AM: I was in front of my house, returning home with my friend after a walk. I was about ten-years-old. My family lived in the woods in western South Dakota. I saw an aircraft-like object that was diamond in shape. At first I thought it was a plane because we lived near an Air Force base, but it wasn’t like any plane I had ever seen before: it was flying sideways in a vertical diamond shape, which drew our attention. The craft seemed to hover. We watched it for a while. It came closer to us and lowered in elevation. Then, it disappeared over the horizon. We chatted for a while about it, and several minutes later I saw two tall, dark shapes emerging from the woods in the direction from where the UFO disappeared. They were taller than humans, approximately 15 feet, skinny, dark-toned. I couldn’t make out any features. I was scared so I ran into the house; my friend didn’t see them but followed me into the house, scared by my abrupt, terrified departure. This occurred at approximately 10:00 PM. Later, at 1:00 AM, I was alone in my room. I was reading in bed and listening to the radio. I went to sleep, turned off my light, and almost as soon as I turned off my light and got back into bed a red glowing light emerged from behind the blinds of my room’s window. I was curious to see what was causing it, so I, remaining in bed, reached for the blind and pushed a few blind slots apart. It looked very blustery outside: debris was flying around, the trees were shaking. However, I couldn’t hear a sound, and normally I could hear wind very clearly in that bedroom. The entire sky appeared dullish red. All of the objects outside also appeared red, as if there were a red lens over everything. I looked through the blinds for a literal second, maybe two, and then closed them in fear. Almost as soon as I stopped looking the red light disappeared. I remained awake for the rest of the night, until dawn. Since this occurred, on several occasions I have woken up in strange locations inside my house and, one time, in the backyard. I did not know how I had gotten there.

Date: May 6, 1994: An Airline Pilot And Others Watch A Domed Disk

Date: May 9 1994
Location: Metan, Salta, Argentina
Time: night
Summary: Jose Perez, a young hunter had become separated from two other hunting partners in a wooded area when suddenly he came face to face with a huge hairy creature over 2 meters tall. The gorilla-man like creature, using incredible strength lifted Jose up over his shoulders, carrying him over 50 meters towards a nearby cliff. Suddenly out of the darkness two dogs came running out and attacked the hairy humanoid, which dropped Perez to the ground and ran into the thick foliage quickly disappearing from sight. Perez attempted to shoot at the creature but it moved to fast.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date: May 10 1994
Location:  Sagrado Corazon, Cosolapa, Mexico
Time: 2300
Summary: A local villager watched a large white light descend from some nearby hills and land a few meters away. A short humanoid creature descended from the object. The humanoid was dressed in all white and had a shiny belt and helmet that changed colors constantly. Another villager attempted to approach the humanoid but it withdrew back into the object. Minutes later a boy threw a rock at the object, which then promptly dimmed and took off towards the hills at high speed quickly disappearing from sight.
Source:  Dr. R.A. Lara in Samizdat Vol.2 # 4

Date:  May 11 1994
Location: Switzerland exact location not given
Time: late night
Summary: The witness was in his bed sleeping when a strong, pulsating blue light suddenly awakened him. He hid under the blanket and suddenly had the feeling that he was floating, he then blacked out. The next thing he remembered was lying on a table in a dark room. The wall, floor, and ceiling were very smooth. Below his feet and on the right side was something resembling a marble column. Suddenly a slim, small white being jumped on top of him. The being was a female with large dark eyes and no hair on her head. She somehow made the witness fell sexually excited; the whole episode was repeated by another similar being. Then a third female with more human features appeared and apparently the same thing happened.
Source: Dr. Johannes Feibag

Date: May 15 1994
Location: Antarctica Ross Ice shelf
Time: 13:00
Summary: green fireball streaking across the ski in a southwesterly direction I was doing a winter contract at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. My partner and our helper and I were out on the ice shelf at the runway readjusting the runway lights. I was down in a hole digging out a transformer when my partner exclaimed “did you see that!” Our helper said yes he did. I asked what happened and they told me a bright green light went streaking across the sky. It was still daylight at the time and clear sky since the sun hadn’t set then. We figured that it was a meteor and had copper in it to give it the green color as it burned through the atmosphere. I was listening to you on Art Bell on the Sept 25 show and you mentioned no sonic boom. That brought to my mind about the above sighting… there was no sonic boom. We were basically out in the middle of nowhere… McMurdo being six miles away so the only noise being made was by us. Not sure now if what they saw was a meteor or not. It was seem by other people in the town too from what we heard when we got back. My partner and I are both electricians and our helper was just learning. Not sure what else you may need. My email is ((deleted)) if you need more and phone is 314-((# deleted)). I report this now since the green fireballs you were talking about to Art brought the memory back to me.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: May 20 1994
Location:  Frigole, Lecce, Italy
Time: 0005A
Summary: Soldier, Claudio Mucignat was making his rounds at a local Army installation when he noticed a small laser like point of light by a nearby-parked armored vehicle. Thinking that it was a soldier smoking a cigarette he approached the area in his military vehicle. As he neared the site, his vehicle headlights illuminated a 2-meter tall human like form, wearing a dark non-reflective outfit that appeared to move towards him in a strange undulating fashion. Terrified he attempted to fire his weapon but it malfunctioned. Suddenly a red beam of light shone on him apparently causing instant paralysis. After about 5 to 6 minutes he recovered his senses but the strange figure and lights had disappeared.
Source:  Il Giornale dei Misteri # 296

Date: May 21, 1994: A UFO in a Street in Plauen, Germany 

Date:  May 1994

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