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Date: October 1994
Location: Ohio, exact location not given
Time: 0315A
Summary: The witness awoke to the sense that something was in the room. She turned over and was startled to see three entities standing at the foot of the bed. There were two taller ones (4ft.) and one shorter one (3ft.). The shorter one told her telepathically, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.” In an instant they were gone, and the witness as sitting up in bed. She vaguely remembered the entities presenting her with a child and telling her that it was hers. She became upset and the smaller being tried to calm her by attempting something resembling a smile. After this incident the witness had numerous terrifying vivid dreams.
Source: CAUS

Date: October 1994: Infant Disappears in Killeen, Texas

Date: October 1994
Location: Jasov, Slovakia
Time: night
Summary: Five men first hear strange voices coming from a field and then saw a large orange-red spherical object hovering over the field. The next day they found numerous broken branches and stones pressed deeply into the soil as if something terrific pressure pushed them into the ground.
Source: Dr Milos Jesensky

Date: October 12 1994: Okeechobee, Florida CE-V

Date: October 13 1994
Location:  Palm Bay, Florida 
Time:  Night
Summary:  My younger cousin (3) visiting had a gum infection and was being driven to the hospital by my first cousin, and her mother, my aunt. Within 3 minutes of leaving the house, the came running in the house screaming “there is a UFO.” My mother and I jumped in the car, and the sighting was less than a half mile away. They had said another car also spotted the object coming over the tree tops (approx 20-30 ft, above pine trees) and abruptly made a u-turn. I saw the object at 30-50 ft in the air. It was roughly ovoid shaped, with approx. 13 yellowish lights defining the outline of the object. It hovered with a static in the air, thats the best I can describe it, but electricity in the air is what it felt like. Was quite large, no less than 30′ in diameter, possibly as great as 100′. It ascended at a steady pace, directly upwards, until it was no longer visible. We actually called the national weather service which has a station nearby, the police, and the news, but no other reports were related to us. I went to school the next day and drew what I saw on a piece of paper, a classmate made fun of me, and I was suspended for the first time in my life, so the memory is vivid. No one in the family that was there has forgotten either. We live on the Space Coast of Florida, so we are familiar with both shuttle/rocket launches and jet and helicopters that are common closer to Patrick Air Force Base and Kennedy Space Center
Source:  MUFON 77323

Date: October 14 1994
Location: Rocchetta San Antonio, Italy
Time: 1115A
Summary: While walking along the countryside M F noticed at about 500 meters away, next to an oak tree, a short human like figure or form that appeared to be picking something up from the ground. The figure was silvery in color, with the top section blue in color. It was about 50 cm in height. The witness hid behind some bushes to watch the figure. The figure suddenly rose up in the area and hovered above a tree. At this point the witness noticed an antenna like protrusion on the top portion of the figure. The figure then shot up into the sky and vanished.
Source: C.I.S.U Puglia

Date: October 30, 1994: Triangle-shaped object follows car in Selestat France

Date: October  1994


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