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Date: January 1997
Location:  Pico Del Toro, Zacatecas, Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: A local farmer, Gonzalez Cabrillo, reportedly encountered a landed UFO and its occupants who he communicated with. They were described as human like & dark complexioned with generally human like features. They allegedly told the witness that they came from the planet “Ummo“. Many other sightings were made in the area around the same time, including the sighting of a flight of 10 cross-shaped objects that flew at 20,000 feet overhead.
Source:Colonel Steven Wilson (Retired)

Date: January 1997
Location: West Dade County Florida
Time: early evening
Summary: Beth C. was driving south on Krome Avenue and was attempting to drink water from a plastic cup she was holding in her lap, when suddenly a large van forced her off the road. She suddenly saw a hand reaching across the seat and taking the cup. She then saw besides her on the front seat two alien beings, one about 3-1/2 feet tall, the other much smaller. They were described as tan colored with smooth skin, large heads, & large dark oval eyes. She asked who they were, and the larger alien told her that he was “Rasheed” & that she was being watched. He then touched her forehead and she apparently blacked out. She does not recall anything else from the experience.
Source:  South Florida Skyscan February 1997

Date: January 1997
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Time: night
Summary: Blanka Slemendova saw a shiny white human like figure standing on what appeared to be a “rainbow” in the sky. She felt telepathic communication from the figure. Involved in further encounters.
Source: Direct from witness

Date: January 1997: Oscillating, orange object mesmerizes two brothers

Date: January 1997
Location: Mt. Nathan, Queensland, Australia
Time: late night
Summary: The same woman involved in other previous encounters, followed her husband down to the bottom dam and saw him talking to a very tall person dressed in a gray body suit, the figure then turned and disappeared as it got near a fence. One other night she woke up to see a tall figure in her room. No other information.
Source: Glennys Mackay, Keith Basterfield

Date:  January 1 1997
Location: Vladivostok, Russia
Time: 1900
Summary: During a terrific and uncommon thunderstorm, the worst ever recorded in the region, there was numerous radio, and television interference along with the mass appearance of what the locals called “flying lighting” and balls of fire that maneuvered in between buildings. A local family also attempted to film the ball lighting but the video camera also malfunctioned. At 1900 it was reported that while several families attempted to watch television the program suddenly became grainy and then a clear image of a man appeared. He was dressed in a bright suit, and read what appeared to be a message on a sheet of paper. However the audio defective and whatever little was heard was in an unknown language.
Source: Anomaly Newspaper, Russia

Date: January 2 1997
Location: Campina Grande do Sul, Brazil
Time: afternoon
Summary: A woman was waiting for a bus when she heard loud roars resembling those of a lion. Moments later she heard what sounded like “heavy steps on water.” She then saw flying right above the street what she described as a dark round form. No other information.
Source: Carlos Alberto Machado

Date:  January 4 1997
Location: Seattle, Washington
Time: afternoon
Summary: The night before the witness was sleeping in a hotel room when at about 0300A something awakened her. She then saw a brilliant white ball floating and moving outside the room balcony sliding door. It was about the size of a grapefruit, it then came in through the sliding glass door to the room, it came right up to the witness face, and she ran into the bathroom & locked herself inside. The next day at Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport, she encountered a tall young male dressed in a strange army fatigues that had unusually clear and radiant skin. He wore a green beret and had reddish blond hair. He had sort of a pleasant blank expression on his face. The whole time the witness saw him; he was standing in the “at ease” position. The witness eventually lost sight of the young man. She was convinced that he was somehow connected with the strange ball of light seen at the hotel.

Date: January 5 1997
Location: Ille et Vilaine, Chantepie, France
Time: 0200A
Summary: B C, a 57-year old farmer was awakened by a noise like an explosion and a strident whistle. His wife continues to sleep. He rises, and goes to the kitchen to get something to eat. Suddenly there is a bright flash outside. He looks out his French windows and sees lights in the middle of a field resembling headlights. He grabs a shotgun and goes outside. He runs towards the light and attempts to shout but no sound comes out of his mouth. He hits an invisible force field. He is unable to move. He then sees two small beings emerge from the luminous form. The figures appeared to be viscous and transparent and pass close to him, seemingly unaware of his presence. The figures walked towards the nearby barn. At the same time the witness feels a prickling sensation on his body and begins to sweat. The small figures walked by him again and disappear into the luminous form again, which shoots up vertically at incredible speed. B C is now able to move and walks to the kitchen still sweating, there appears to have been some missing time. His wife is still sleeping.
Source: Sentinel News # 6, July-August 1997

Date:  January 6 1997
Location:   Kane, PA
Summary:   Witness, 5 years old, got up to get a glass of water. Returned to his room to find a “wavy blue vortex” from which a voice asked “Do you want to go with us?” He agreed and felt a tingling static sensation then found himself on what appeared to be a polished marble surface. A female ET (she had breasts) greeted him in a soft feminine voice with “Hello (name withheld) it is nice to see you again.” She was about 4 feet tall with milky white skin, a small nose, no lips (he thinks), and almond shaped eyes that were not as large as a typical gray. He was led up a staircase to a hall about 12 feet wide and in to an area with 12 beds, 6 on each side of the room. One bed was empty. There were hybrid (he thinks) children with medium gray skin in the beds and several were jumping on the beds. A clearly annoyed ET told them to stop jumping. The female ET escorting him gave him a medallion like one she was wearing and told him she was going to help him increase his mental powers. She told him to concentrate on her inner self. She then passed through what appeared to be a solid concrete block. She then instructed him to try. He was able to go only part way through and she had to pull him out. She told him to try again and the second time he was successful. She told him that he had mastered it faster than she did. She took back the medallion. She next led him through a door that opened by sliding up. where he met a male ET who was taller than the female and had “Native American cheek bones.” The witness states that the male was holding back his emotions. There were windows in this part of the craft and he could see out into space. There were also controls of some type in this room. He could see through a window in the floor into an area with a machine which he believes was the teleportation device. The craft was a disk and the size of “4 aircraft carries end-to-end.” An old ET entered and said it was time to leave. Everyone became sad. He woke up in his bed neatly tucked in. No one had ever tucked him in before.  When he was 8 years old, he saw the same type of craft and said that when it ascended, it was gone in the blink of an eye. He estimated the speed at ‘60,000 miles an hour.” He stated that they have craft the size of small planets and the one that was recorded drawing plasma off our Sun is one of them. The video is on YouTube.

On one occasion, he was shown a vision in which he saw 4 disk shaped craft and hangars as if on a military base. There was a crowd of people who all appeared to be in a trance state walking into a craft. He pretended to be in a trance also and boarded with them. In side there was a bench on the wall and happy gray children sitting on it swinging their feet. Several old ETs approached him and asked him, “Do you want to come with us or stay here?” He said he wanted to go with them and they were surprised. The vision ended. When he was 16 he had a vision of being taken to a beautiful planet where it was very bright but it did not hurt his eyes. He felt a powerful sense of peace. The houses appeared to be of Adobe. There was one building that was made of bricks that looked something like a college. It had a tower reminiscent of Big Ben. He was told that this is where they receive knowledge and store things from other planets. On another occasion, he remembers military doctors operating on his head. A reptilian male told them to stop because the boy was in pain. The witness is 23 years old. He has Celtic and Native American (Iroquois) ancestry. After his experience at age 5, he felt “different.” He has short term memory problems and states that he often feels that he is different ages, mostly older than his years. He has had chronic nose bleeds and his right nostril is difficult to breath through. He has a cousin who has had some experiences that were not gone into.
Source:   MUFON CMS

Date: January 7 1997
Location: Florida, exact location not given
Time: late night
Summary: Ryan Chapman and two other witnesses were staying in a cabin at an undisclosed location when they saw strange flashing lights in the sky. Feeling apprehensive the witnesses decided to make a perimeter check of the area. Suddenly one of them screamed and they saw a large disc-shaped craft hovering over the cabin. One of the witnesses loaded a gun and began firing at the craft, when nothing happened they ran to the cabin. On the way there their path was blocked by several short thin gray skinned humanoids that appeared to be carrying long needle-like implements. The creatures grabbed the witnesses who attempted to run but were overpowered. Ryan felt pain on the back of his neck as he fell to the ground and blacked out. The next day after coming to, they found strange marks on their chins, wrists & behind the ears. A scorched area was found on the roof & walls of the cabin.
Source:  Internet Sightings page

Date:  January 8 1997
Location: Worsley, Manchester England
Time: 16:00
Summary: Tear drop shape, emitting dull gold glow at around 7000 feet. Moving at same speed as airliners in landing pattern in same vicinity. One object, tear drop shape, blunt end forward, travelling roughly north to south at around 7000 feet, appeared to brighten slightly at one point. Dull golden glow. Airliners were in immediate vicinity in landing pattern for Manchester International Airport (UK). Appeared to be moving at roughly same speed as airliners. Traveled across the sky until it was no longer visible through haze, mostly clear blue sky. Observed by two persons, both technicians for a college.No sounds apart from that from the airliners. Both observers have seen many flying objects before which they subsequently identified. Both used to seeing aircraft in the sky. This object definitely aroused interest as to it’s nature. Both observers have also had one other occasion of a similar experience previously but at separate locations and times.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: January 8 1997
Location:  Iztapalapa Mexico
Time: late night
Summary: The 53-year old witness suddenly woke up and was unable to move as she saw 3 short dwarf-like creatures cavorting around in her room. After 10 minutes the little figure disappeared in a blue flash of light.
Source: Contacto Ovni

Date: January 14 1997
Location: Bloemfontein, South Africa
Time: 0830 A
Summary: Several watched a gray spherical object with red and yellow flashing lights descend low over their heads nearly knocking them down. It had many lighted windows and inside one of them a gray face with large dark eyes could be seen staring down at the witnesses. The craft apparently then left the area.
Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World

Date:  January 1997
Location. Delta British Columbia, Canada
Date: January 17 1997
Time: 0200A
Two 12-year old boys, Peter & Steven, had silently sneaked out of their homes as their parents slept, & had gone to a nearby storage yard to play for awhile. Soon they headed home taking a short cut through a large equipment yard, sliding underneath the chain link fence. Halfway through the lot they noticed a very large shiny white box on the ground. As they passed it hey heard a “thump” like noise. Right after that came a “popping” sound. They moved on to see a series of lights, red, blue, green reflecting from some nearby equipment. Unable to determine their source they crossed the yard, at this point reaching a dark area of the property. They then heard a lengthy high-pitched modulating screech that made their hair stand up. Whirling around they saw, three small “pink figures” walking rapidly between some items of equipment, quickly becoming lost from view. The being had no sign of a buttocks cleavage, nor visible evidence of knee joints or fingers. During the whole encounter it was very warm. At this point a maroon van suddenly roared around the corner and came to a skidding halt near the boys. Its headlights illuminated the boys & its bald headed driver remained inside the van. Very frightened at this point the boys ran out of the property vaulting over the chain link fence. They felt extremely thirsty upon arriving home.
Source: Graham Conway

Date: January 17 1997
Location: Sydney NSW, Australia
Time: 02:00
Summary: A long, rotating tube like object, covered with small windows. Perhaps 50m long. With two antennae like objects protruding from the front. I was standing on my balcony drinking some Sprite. I first saw a bright orange light coming from a fringe of trees behind my house, and then a large tube like object,perhaps 50 m long swept across over the trees, stopping for about 10 minutes and rotating in circles. It had two antennae like object protruding from one end of the tube,which moved upwards and downwards as it surveyed the area. It then disappeared, and there was another bright orange light. And I was left drinking my Sprite.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: January 17 1997
Location: Rio DE Janeiro Brazil
Time: 20:52
Summary: 3 fast moving reddish lights, very high, moving first North to South, them one maneuvering to NW, followed by the other 2. Clear evening with moon. Three moving lights close Orion constellation. First moving from N to S. One of the lights turned to NW and the other 2 followed it.One is moving straight and the other 2 are following with speed and distance from the “guide”, like two motorbike in a wide road, drived by young boys, waving around the father.All had same constant reddish light.They disappeared behind some heavy clouds at NW, at about 30 degrees from horizon. It takes about 30 seconds. Seems very high speed in high altitude.My wife trying to identify Orion constellation stars, notice the movement, which initially I interpreted as one satellite, but she notice the three objects, in a not regular tracks.We showed for the two guards of the Marina.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  January 1997

Location. Essex, England
Date: January 19 1997
Time: night
Four days after encountering a UFO William Shearer had come home from work, and was trying to get some sleep, his wife and daughter had stepped out. He came downstairs for a drink, and thought he heard a faint knock on the door. As Shearer approached the door he could see the outline of a tall man through the glass. Shearer opened the door and was faced with a strange sight. The man was around 6’4″, and dressed in a dark gray suit and full-length coat. He wore a brilliant white shirt and a red tie, and was holding a brimmed hat. Another similarly dressed man was standing behind Shearer’s wife car, and appeared to be looking up and down the road, as if to see if anyone was coming. The tall man said, “Can I speak to you please?” His voice was very deep, and seemed to be coming from his chest rather than his mouth. At this stage the man’s gaze was lowered to the floor so Shearer could not see his face. Thinking they were Jehovah’s Witnesses, Shearer replied, “No, I am not dressed”. The man persisted, and asked again to speak to Shearer who again declined and asked him to come back later. When the man lifted his head and looked straight at Shearer his first impression was that the man was very ill, as he looked deathly pale. In contrast his lips seemed to tinged red, as if he were wearing lipstick. The stranger insisted in coming in, but Shearer held his ground. The two strangers kept looking at each other, either nodding or gesturing in some way. The men then walked towards their car, which was black and according to Shearer it looked like something straight out of a gangster movie, yet it looked brand new. Shearer noticed that the men walked awkwardly and appeared to have no facial hair. He also received a later visit.
Source: Andrew Lunn, ISUR

Date: January 21 1997
Location: Camuy Puerto Rico
Time: 0130A
Summary: Juan Hernandez was driving his car near town when he saw a bright star-like object suddenly descend over the area. He stopped his car near a local bridge in order to obtain a better view of the object. The bright blue light approached his position changing into a turquoise tint. The witness then saw a ship behind the lights. He described it as a huge triangular shaped craft, with a transparent cupola on top. Inside the cupola he could see a tall humanoid figure looking down on him. The figure appeared thin, with a large bulb-shaped head; he also noticed that it had large dark eyes. While looking at the craft a bright beam of light suddenly illuminated him. At that moment he felt a great sense of peace. The craft was silent and it had blinking multi-colored lights. The craft then began to move slowly away. He got inside his vehicle and attempted to follow the object, but his path was blocked by what appeared to be a military vehicle. Several men wearing black military outfits warned him not to follow the object or something might “happen” to him. The craft was soon lost from sight, and the men & military vehicle left the area.
Source:Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 13

Date:  January 1997


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