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1997: July UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: July 1997
Location: Thossey Dans L’Ain, France
Time: evening
Summary: A woman working alone in a camping ground cafeteria saw five strange men walk into the restaurant. They sat down and ordered drinks and began speaking to the woman. They told her that they had come from another planet and that they spoke all languages. Since she spoke four languages, she asked them questions in all four, each time they answered correctly. They also spoke to her in other “strange” idioms, and without revealing their origin, they had their drinks and left. Around the same time and in the same area 3 witnesses had seen a landed UFO. No other information on the second case.

Date: July 1997
Location: Near Klamath Falls, Oregon
Time: afternoon
Summary: A farmer encountered a bizarre Chupacabra type creature in a field and shot at it with a 30-30 shotgun. It let out a high-pitched scream, and ran off without leaving any blood trail. It had been attacking the farmer’s cat when he shot it. The cat survived being bitten. It was described as three feet tall, yellow in color, with long spines on its back 1-1/2 ft long, glowing red eyes. The creature was ten ft away when it was shot and it immediately dropped the cat and ran off.
Source:The Western Bigfoot Society Newsletter # 69

Date: July 1997
Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Time: night
Summary: The main witness and a friend spotted a large low altitude low speed triangular shaped object. It had a red light on each corner and it made absolutely no sound. It seemed to drift over the area at about 100 or 200 feet above the tree line. They followed it around for about 30 minutes until it disappeared into the distance. Later the main witness was in his bed late at night when he suddenly woke up to see a strange humanoid figure staring at him from the window. The figure had a white luminous pearly white body, with a diamond shaped bulbous head; it lacked any nasal openings or mouth. The witness got the impression that he was looking at some sort of mask because it was very smooth. The eyes were a glassy black, but they were not slanted in nature. They were flat on the top and bottom, rounded on the inside edges and wrapped around the sides of the head like sunglasses, or more accurately like a dragonfly’s eyes. Terrified, the witness threw his head under the blanket, too scared to move a muscle or make any sounds. He left the room soon and stayed up all night clutching a butcher knife.

Date:  July 1997

Location. Zakopane, Poland
Date: July 1997
Time: after 2300
The witness, Alicja L was sleeping at a friend’s house and was having difficulty falling asleep, meanwhile her friend slept soundly next to her. She began hearing strange noises coming from a corridor of the house. Soon it became strangely silent, a very odd type of silence the witness had difficulty describing. Still she was not able to sleep, she became extremely nervous and began to pray. She suddenly felt uncontrollable panic and could not move her body. She then noticed a foggy silhouette of a strange creature, standing close to her body. The figure was about 170cm in height, with a small bulb-like head, with thin body, arms and legs. The witness felt the creature touching her. She cannot say how long the experience lasted by she felt very frightened. She felt tired and took a deep breath; at this point the creature seemed to have disappeared. It was 0400A; she fell asleep soon and suffered from different nightmares. The next morning she received a call from her mother who had been very uneasy and concerned about her. Somehow her mother felt like she had been in extreme danger.
Source: Robert Lesniakiewicz quoting Nieznany Swiat Magazine 2/2004

Date: July 1997: Acevedo Abduction

Date: July 1 1997
Location: Barranco de Badajoz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Time: night
Summary: Photographer Teyo Bermejo and several others heard a strong flapping of wings overhead. Teyo grabbed his camera and took several photographs, which revealed what appeared to have been a winged “energy” and luminous being flying over the area.
Source:Ramon Navia, “La Verdad Oculta

Date: July 1 1997
Location: Fort Benning, Georgia
Time: midnight
Summary: The witness woke up in the middle of the night to see two strange looking creatures standing at the foot of the bed. They were described as tall, gray in color, with large heads, apparently not wearing any clothing. The beings apparently communicated by using telepathy and approached the witness. One of them apparently had sexual intercourse with the witness. His wife slept through out the whole episode. No other information.
Source: NUFORC

Date: July 3, 1997: Sailing ship observe UFO near France

Date:  July 3 1997
Location:  Bochum Germany
Time:   23:00
Summary:  When I and my friends left our house to go to a party I saw a triangular formation of lights in the sky. Better to say: an angular formation of lights because there were no lights on the “back side” of the object. There were 4-7 white lights on both “sides” of the triangle. One light was in the “front corner”. The object made no sound. It made a circling motion. The axis of this motion was close to one of the “sides” of the craft. After ca. 2 min it vanished either by turning off the lights or disappearing behind the clouds or both. ( the sky was semi clouded ). The size of the object ( it’s altitude was at cloud layer ) must have been that of a passenger aircraft at least. I don’t remember if the white lights were blinking. It looked like this: ( not sure about the number of lights ) The “X” represents the axis of motion. O X O O O O O O
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  July 3 1997
Location:  Tbilisi, Georgia (Formerly USSR)
Time:   late night
Summary:  The witness woke up in the middle of night to see two figures dressed in black standing next to his bed. They seemed to be wearing polished visors, and no facial features could be seen. They began communication with the witness with telepathy. He saw in his mind a quadrangular picture and a spiral. They told him, he had been implanted with such equipment. A device they were going to use to be able to contact him in the future. They also said that it was so small that nothing could detect it. The next day he felt an itch on his stomach. He was surprised to find the numbers “2725” neatly edged on his stomach.
Source:  GUFOA

Date: July 4 1997
Location: Divino Amore, Rome, Italy
Time: 0430A
Summary: The witness was in his bedroom when he saw a short humanoid about 90 cm in height, with a large round head and moving in an awkward fashion as it ran in front of the bed and disappeared towards the kitchen. He followed the creature to see it disappeared into a hole under the kitchen. The family tried looking for it but could not find it. Moments later a loud sound was heard coming from within the floors of the house. A light blue stain appeared on the walls next to the stairs accompanied by a strange plastic like substance. Other family members saw in another room a bright sphere of light that flew over the floor and disappeared.
Source: CUN Roma

Date: July 4 1997
Location:  Jardim Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Rogerio Roche Grance, a 22 year old forester was attacked by a large, foul smelling creature, “with big hairs scattered all over its body,” while walking along an unlit stretch of road. Grance was treated at a hospital for wounds to his left arm caused by the creature’s claws. Reportedly the Brazilian Army asked that anybody who had been attacked should first present themselves at army barracks before giving any interviews to the media.
Source:Timothy Good, Unearthly Disclosure

Date: July 4 1997
Location: Near Irati, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Jaime Flores & Lauri Alves both employees for a local communications company were repairing a micro ditch on the side of the road when they noticed a strange bipedal creature staring at them from some nearby woods. The creature had large reddish eyes, and long arms that ended in sharp claws. As both men stared back at the creature they felt strangely attracted to it. And if not because they also felt scared they would have gone over to where the creature was.
Source:Carlos Alberto Machado

Date:  July 5 1997
Location: Fos sue Mer/Salon DE Provence Between France
Time: 00:25
Summary: A huge light that most of all seemed like those light-balls in the discotheques followed our car. We were alone at the road and when we stopped to verify it stopped too. It was not a helicopter ’cause there were no sound at all and it moved almost 25 km. so it wasn’t a light coming from the ground neither. We were 4 people coming from a practice session with our salsa band. We had to drive app. 30 km to get home and when we got out of the city the girl in the back saw “something in the sky” so first we thought that there was a party going on somewhere. But as it was still there 5 minutes later we thought that it could be car moving with a light on the roof or something like that. But when we realized that it was a forest ti couldn’t be that neither. Therefore, even I, who normally does not believe in such things, started to get nervous. We tried to stop the car to see if we could hear something but no sounds were there besides some birds. The sky was not cloudy but not totally free from clouds neither. There were some kind of fog. But it could not be a helicopter; if it were a helicopter I would have been able to see it above. An det light was not coming from the ground neither. We started the car again an drove app. 10 km But as it was “following” us we stopped the car once more. When we stopped the car it stopped too. It was always right beside us. When we passed through a small village we thought that we had lost it, but when we got through it rejoined us beside the road. We were driving from Fos sur Mer to Salon de Provence in South France. The singer who was sitting in the back (the girl who first saw the thing) claimed that she had seen exactly the same ting in December last year with 2 friends as they were taking a walk in the forest. But it has only lasted for app. 10 seconds. This time the light followed the car for app. 25 km even when we took some sharp turns and when wh changed the road etc. it was right beside us.The Light:It was round but not like a circle. It was more like some small squares of light that was turning first one way and then the other in a smooth way. The center changed size all the time; it was like something pulsing – like a heart. Around of the center there were the smaller squares of light og all was turned in the same direction.It was like one of the best science fiction movies ! It changed size, high and speed. And it was sure that it followed us because we drove app. 3 km through the city and made some very sharp turns. If it had been something from the ground id would have had to pass through a forest, a lake and one more forest. If it was coming from the sky it made no sound at all and it could see us even when we drove with the lights out. When we arrived at Salon de Provence it stopped following us and returned to where we came from.We were all afraid as it was clear that this could not be explained. Even the driver who is a non-believer was afraid. The persons in the car: ((4 names deleted)). I am writing this with all the risk to called stupid og non realistic but I hope it can help if other people will report the same thing. Please do not hesitate to mail me back for further information (if there is any).I am writing this at the time of my return i.e. 10 minutes after the episode. ((Name deleted))
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: July, 6, 1997: Triangle in Scotland

Date:  July 12 1997
Location:  Milan, Italy
Time:  late evening
Summary:  A 14-year old boy walking on a field heard a low rumbling sound, apparently coming from a nearby wood. Curious he walked over to the trees and noticed a dog that was eating some discarded meat. Suddenly the dog perked up its ears and ran away from the area as if scared of something. The witness then noticed standing nearby a one-meter tall, thin, greenish colored figure, standing to its back to the witness. It apparently heard the witness and turned around revealing two large black staring eyes. Terrified the witness ran away from the area.
Source:  Misteri UFO Archive

Date: July 13 1997
Location: Hull England
Time: 01:30
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  July 1997

Location. South Armagh, Ireland
Date: July 13 1997
Time: late night
SAS troops on an ambush patrol against IRA gunmen, were stunned to see four small gray humanoids walk up from behind a hillside and cross their path. The soldiers and the gray entities stared at each other for a few minutes, and then the gray figures vanished. Minutes later the soldiers saw a flash of light in the sky. The soldiers then abandoned their stakeout.
Source: United Kingdom UFO Network # 78

Date:  July 15 1997
Location:  Sleaford, Lincolnshire England
Time:  22:30
Summary:  faint orange lights high in sky moving rapidly at high altitude whilst looking for shooting stars and satellites, noticed 5 faint orange lights approx same size as satellite would appear moving west to east. 3 objects remained in line whilst front 2 were jumping in front of each other rapidly trying to lead. duration across sky approx 5 – 10 secs. Had previously seen only two 2 days prior flying east to west again swapping lead very quickly. Duration: 10 secs
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: middle of July 1997
Location: Bezhetsk, Tver region, Russia
Time: 2200
Summary: Five local residents, including a young man named M. Ryapolov, were fishing in a pond between a grove of birches and some cottages with private garden plots near Kashinskaya and Zarechnaya Streets when suddenly they saw a fiery red-yellowish globe flying in the sky. The globe then descended in an inclined trajectory and began to hover low over the ground at an altitude of about one meter. The globe-shaped object appeared approximately to be 3 meters in diameter. The distance from the witnesses and the object was about 40 meters. The globe was smooth, with what appeared to be a horizontal belt consisting of a row of spikes or thorns (each one about 10cm in diameter and 25cm long) were circling its middle section on its even smooth surface. A rectangular shaped door was opened in the lower section of the globe downwards creating a ladder, which was installed in the inner surface of the door. Two humanoids easily stepped out of the globe. Each entity was about 1.9 to 2 meters in height. They were dressed in dull gray black cloth-like tunics, but tighter fitting than those priests wear. The aliens had protruding noses, small ears, and hairless heads. Their skin was light, with round bulging eyes. One alien had red-yellow eyes, the second, lackluster bluish eyes. Both aliens had just slits instead of lips. At first the humanoids moved about as if they were “skating”, but then moved about like normal humans. They walked towards a cottage, several of the witnesses attempted to get closer but Ryapolov dissuaded from doing that. Meanwhile the humanoids were returning from the cottage and were carrying an elderly woman with them. The woman was screaming, “Help me, save me!” and was attempting to resist. When the aliens finally brought her to the craft, she stopped resisting and lost consciousness. The humanoids had been carrying her in a strange matter, elbows pointed to the front. During the ascent into the door of the craft the woman slipped out of one of the humanoid’s hands, but they quickly picked her up and moved her inside the spacecraft. The door immediately closed after that, and the globe-shaped craft zoomed into the sky. After that the witnesses approached the landing site but could not step into as they suddenly experienced cramps, convulsions in their bodies and extremities as if shocked by electricity. This situation was repeated on each attempt within 5 meters of the landing site. It appeared to have a protective field or barrier around it. The humanoids left clear boot prints on the soil.
Source: Pavel Hailov, and Anton A. Anfalov

Date:  July 18 1997
Location: Wolverhampton England
Time: 00:00
Summary: i had been ill and so slept in the late afternoon approx 4 to 5 pm, i went to bed and awoke in the dark assuming it must be approx 2 am, i tried to look at my watch but there was not enough light, i was looking downwards as i pulled the curtain open to gain enough light and saw the time to be midnight and a few seconds as set by the teletext page on tv so assumed to be fairly accurate, i glanced up and this is the point i saw the ufo, the base of it was a diamond shape if you will with the ends cut off so it actually had six flat sides the corners were rounded smoothly, the front edge was shorter than the rear, on the front edge were bubble shaped lights colours red white and blue there were five of them set into the side flush they filled the side of the base of the craft, there was a raised ‘cockpit’ this had a red light on top rather like the kind you may see on a rescue truck but larger, and lit windows with thin dividers between them no sight inside wa! s possible, they tapered downwards as did the cockpit i believe there were five i could see, the last being a stretched isosceles triangle shape, the side of the craft was curved by the cockpit rear, the body of the craft was silver and looked like seamless polished aluminium, the rear of the craft had two oblong grilles which glowed dull orange/red the grille appeared to be made of hexagonal shapes maybe a couple of inches wide each, at the time i lived in jenkins close bilston wolverhampton i was on the second floor the ground floor being below me, the object was moving at no more than ten miles per hour maximum and no higher than 50 foot it was really low just over the rooftops of the two story flats (house style apartments having two floors)of dawson close directly to the rear of the maisonettes i lived in, at most 60 or so feet away it travelled in a north westerly direction and began gaining height passing arthur greenwood court at the ninth floor, there was no sound f! rom the object, just about half a mile away is a tyre recycling power plant which i could hear roaring most nights so if this had any conventional propulsion i would have heard it from the stated distance, the length of this object was one flat (apartment) and a half i estimate 40 to 50 feet this object was also observed by two brothers who lived in the same maisonettes as i did, i saw one of them the next morning he asked did i see it last nite, i said see what?,then he told me, this was so i could confirm objectively that i did not taint the sighting, we compared sightings, also i have seen a report of a second witness to this from another location on the wellington road on the internet i would also like to say i have drawn this object in several views and also made a diagram which i overlayed on a map taken from google maps and will be submitting (note to webmaster please do not publish anything but my name and location at the time and delete this part of the message thanks for your time)
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: July 20 1997
Location:   Corsica Peru
Time: 14:30
Summary: Several watched a cylindrical, clearly metallic, resembling shiny aluminum, somewhat rounded object hovering on nearby hills, moving pendulum-like in and out of sight over top of the hill, at about 2000 feet at most. It suddenly disappeared with a very fast vertical movement. no sound heard. About one or two in the evening, in broad daylight, no clouds, object was seen hovering nearby mountains, not above but in front and then behind of the top, particularly strange movements, pendulum-like, fast and then slow. Cylindrical shape, clearly metallic and shiny like polished aluminum, no lights, perceived some rounded form in the middle, perhaps ring shapes on the top and bottom, probably sizable object of about 20 ft. long and 6 ft. wide. No balloon, aircraft or any other object in the sky. Was observed on rural area of Peru. Object clearly seen in front of mountain background, no sound heard. Object apparently disappeared but witnesses perceived very fast movement upward, in a northern direction. Event happened when I was about 12 or 13 years old, in 1966 or 1967, maybe thirty years ago. I just want to know if this kind of object or similar sighting exists in your archives or database. It not only was real, is a vivid image that for 30 years I been wondering about. I don’t want explanations, I am not an UFO believer, but I have seen what I have seen, nobody believes it really, but for me this is not a matter of faith, is just something I saw as a boy and can’t find no explanation for it. Please let me know about it, specially this rather strange object, different from the classic UFO’s that everybody knows.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: July 22 1997
Location:  Arad, Israel
Time: 0100A
Summary: Several local residents including 23-year old student Tal Igur reported seeing a flying silvery figure over the area. The figure appeared to have a frozen, silver face with torso and arms. Others saw an object that was emitting flashes of light towards the ground.
Source: Barry Chamish, Return of The Giants

Location. Los Angeles, California
Date: July 23 1997
Time: 1330
The witness was walking on busy Wiltshire Blvd, when she looked up, and saw hovering between two buildings a large metallic hat shaped object, with several portholes around its rim. It was completely silent. As the witness stared at the object she felt some type of mental communication from it. Several nights later in a dream like state she remembered being in a round room with windows around it. She could see the skyline of West Los Angeles. She was apparently there with her sister and two nieces. Each of them had an instructor or guide. Her instructor was a very handsome man, with shoulder length blonde hair, about 32 years old, with a bare chest. He was loving, gentle, and kind. He had beautiful skin and smelled wonderful. Apparently she was taught many different things, one of them was that there was no such thing as time that it was a concept that earthlings only believe in and had grown accustomed to it. She remembers going up in the room in a spinning motion. They looked down and could see the San Bernardino Mountains.

Source: NUFORC

Date:  July 1997

Date:  July 26 1997
Location: Moscow Region, Russia
Time: 2200
Summary: The chief of a local children’s health camp, Anatoly Ivanovich K sat exhausted in the porch of the office building after another long fruitless search for his 5-year old son already missing for over 24 hours in the nearby impenetrable forest. Filled with painful thought he rose and retreated to his bedroom. Laying in bed awake the room was suddenly filled with an unexpected bright light from an unknown source. After looking around he could not locate the origin of the light. As he sat down back in bed he felt a presence next to him, after turning his head to the right he saw a bluish circle of light and within it a short gnome-like figure. Stupefied the camp chief watched the fairy tale like character, which he described as resembling an old man with a long white beard, wearing a red sash and a broad white belt with a red cap. The bizarre creature was distinctively visible within the bluish light. The old man smiled politely and greeted the witness and then said, “Your son will arrive tomorrow”. Then he beckoned to the witness with a miniature finger and rapidly walked towards the forest, at all times encased in an eerie bluish light. Despite his atheism Anatoly involuntarily crossed himself and almost unconsciously followed the old gnome-like creature into the forest. After entering the forest he found himself in an impenetrable darkness lit only by the glow around the short gnome. He followed the creature for about half an hour until they reached an impenetrable thicket. The witness, who knew the area very well, felt disoriented and confused, he did not recognize his surroundings. At this point the short gnome had already vanished. The witness was found dazed and shoeless wandering near the office building by camp associates. He had no memory of where he had spend half of the night. Happily his son did show up to the camp the next day, apparently unharmed.
Source: Vasiliy Kosinov, Russia

Date: July 27 1997
Location: Grimaldi-Ventimiglia, Italy
Time: 0200A
Summary: A police officer out on patrol saw walking along a road a huge hairy man-like figure that ran across the street in front of his vehicle in a bipedal fashion. No other information.
Source: CUN Genova

Location. Ceduna, South Australia
Date: July 28 1997
Time: unknown
An elderly water diviner “Alan” set up a “psychic” style alphabet Ouija board. Via this medium he was told to go to a particular location in the bush near Ceduna, which he did. At this location he was told that an alien would meet him and take him away in his flying saucer. He traveled to the location, but the alien told him “he was too good a man” and decided not to take him. Alan believed the alien’s intentions were “not good.”

Source: UFORSA

Date:  July 1997

Date: July 28 1997
Location: Ochopee Florida
Time: 2130
Summary: After numerous reports of encounters with tall hairy bipeds in the area, one of the witnesses, Dave Shealy, who had collected hair samples and taken plaster casts of prints, was sitting in his trailer when heard a knock at the door. Answering he was confronted by two tall men wearing “English style felt hats” and sunglasses. They entered the trailer and produced badges, but Shealy could not see the agency on them, and began asking questions about the recent sightings regarding the hairy humanoids. They requested to see the hair samples and plaster casts. As soon as he brought the hair samples one of them took it and said they were going to have it analyzed and left. The next day around 0300A about 8 large helicopters that were circling over the nearby Turner River Swamp awakened him.
Source:Rick Grootveldt & Newspaper reports

Date: July 30 1997
Location: Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Time: 0015A
Summary: A local young man named Igor V. Kolomiets (involved in other encounters) encountered a strange humanoid figure that suddenly appeared in his bedroom out of thin air. The alien was very tall and was dressed in a black or gray loose-fitting overall. Facial details could not be discerned because it wore a hood or cowl that covered his head completely, and the room was also very dark. But Igor could see a greenish aura emanating from the alien’s body. The alien also radiated fear and the witness was immediately paralyzed, but was able to retain the ability to speak. The witness had been subconsciously ready for the contact and asked the visitor who he was and where he was from. Igor then heard inside his head in a cold, chilly and emotionless voice, “I am a representative of a civilization from the Canum Venaticorum constellation”. Igor was not frightened and began to ask additional questions, he asked, “How old is your civilization?” “Two million years. We are ahead of your civilization by 1000 years” Igor then asked, “Are you part of the Black League” (Apparently a group of negative civilizations from the Constellation Orion and others). The answer was a resounding yes. “What do you want from humans” asked Igor. He answered “We need vital space”. “What do you want from Irina?” (Igor’s friend who had also experienced contacts with a similar entity). The alien answered, “She is a powerful medium. We want her. We will take her soon”. (According to Igor’s claims Irina is actually a reincarnated alien being, by the name of Inzeada). Next the alien stopped answering questions and began speaking in a monologue, “Your civilization disturbs and hampers us. We did not find Irina by accident; we “pushed” her to you, because we are searching for control of you.” The alien paused a minute and then said, “Don’t interfere in the alien or UFO business, or death will await you. You will belong to my race”. After hearing this Igor became upset and yelled at the alien to “go to hell and get out”. At the end the alien transmitted a message in his brain, which the witness wrote in a piece of paper in the morning. It was purportedly a message from his “Government” directly to the witness.
Source:Anton A. Anfalov

Date:  July 1997




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