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Date:  August 1999
Location: Maine, exact location not given
Time: 0130A
Summary: The witness was in his bedroom late at night when he suddenly felt a breeze and turned around to shut the window. He saw in front of him on the left window a bizarre face staring at him. The face was “beastly” in appearance, yet it had a manly air about it. The hair was like a mane that surrounded the pale brown face, and faded as it reached the face features. It had glowing yellow eyes that stared directly at the witness. It had a curved nose, like a dog and an open mouth. It had pulled back black lips, revealing long, sharp, yellow stained teeth. He could hear the creature breath through the screen. After a few seconds the witness reacted and ran from the room. He encountered the same creature on a later occasion.
Source: UFO/Paranormal Stories

Date: August 1999
Location: Acapulco, Mexico
Time: 0700A
Summary: The witness, Ivette V, who was vacationing with her family at the famous resort, had decided to take an early morning walk around the resort. She was listening to some classical music and was feeling very relaxed when she came across an area she had never seen before. The landscape was very different then the rest of the resort, and a little patch of grass grabbed her attention. She was looking at it when something caught her eye. There were these things flying around in a spiral around and around. At first she thought it was just some insects but these were different. They were flying around and around in a patch of sunlight. She soon realized that the little “insects” were not insects at all. They were skin colored little flying things with long torsos (about 4 inches long) with four iridescent wings. She stood there and stared for a while, she did not move not wanting to disturb what she had found. She stood there watching them go round and round awestruck. They kept going round and around and then they began to disappear as the circle patch of sunlight was getting smaller and smaller. As soon as all the creatures were gone she started walking again.
Source: Your True Tales, October 2003 Paranormal about com.

Date: August 1999
Location:  Near Bend Oregon
Time: afternoon
Summary: A young boy playing along a creek saw two little people that crossed the creek and stood looking at him. He described them as no more than 15 to 18 inches high and of a very dark complexion. They wore skin as garments, and after a period of 10 to 15 seconds, walked back across the creek and into the forest. The boy’s parents found footprints.
Source: The Elusive Little People, Part two

Date: August 1999
Location: Santiago Del Estero, Argentina
Time:  late evening
Summary: Walking through a wooded area, Sebastian Jarre kept hearing a noise resembling labored breathing approaching from the woods. It drew nearer and louder. Suddenly from out of the darkness something ran across the path. Jarre dropped his lantern, but was able to see a huge hairy figure, almost 2 meters in height, with strongly built hairy legs, and a face and head resembling that of a wolf. The figure quickly approached the witness making loud groaning noises. At this point the witness panicked and stumbled into his bicycle quickly peddling away from the area.
Source:  El Dragon Invisible

Date: August 1999
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Time: late night
Summary: A man visiting a friend’s house and sleeping on the sofa in the bedroom suddenly woke up feeling very panicky and totally unable to move. Looking towards the front door he saw a huge humanoid figure over 7 ft tall standing by the door. The figure resembled a large “Praying Mantis” and was wearing something resembling a black and purple cloak. Its skin was dark gray in color. It slowly approached the witness and reached out to him with a large hand with long thin fingers and grabbed his shoulder. At this point the witness lost consciousness and does not recall anything else of the incident. He remembered also feeling very cold during the encounter.
Source: Direct from witness

Date:  August 1999
Location:  Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Time: after midnight
Summary: A night delivery service driver was driving in a rural area when he noticed something bright in the middle of the road. He immediately slowed down. It was two big, bright yellow eyes. At first he thought it was an animal but then it was right in front of the car, about a foot away. The creature stood about 5 ft tall. It was black and very skinny with extremely long arms and a very big head with bright yellow, slanted eyes. It stared right at the witness through the front windshield for about 5 seconds, then turned to the driver side window and stared at him for 5 more seconds. It then turned and waved its arm as if it was signaling for the witness to leave. He started driving away. As he was leaving he heard a loud rush of air. Terrified he did not go back.
Source: Phillip L Rife, America’s Nightmare Monsters

Date:  Aug. 1, 1999 
Location:  Calgary, Alberta *
Time: 5:35 pm
Summary: Two witnesses observed a formation of eight silver objects high in the sky. They were originally motionless, but then began moving west except for one which headed north
Source:  The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date: August 8 1999: Long, tube-like object with small lights flying behind

Date: August 13 1999
Location:  Near Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Time: night
Summary: Driving on the Bray Road a woman named J and three kids encountered a bizarre hairy bipedal wolf-like humanoid about 5 ft in height and bright white round eyes that moved toward her vehicle in a bobbing or jumping motion. As it approached to within 50 ft of the car, the family decided it had seen enough and accelerated into the night.
Source: Weird Wisconsin

Date:  August 14 1999
Location:  Oregon, exact location not given
Time: night
Summary: The witness (Joy) again, found herself transported into some type of underground environment, where again she met the huge reptilian that called himself “King Leo.” This time he told her that some of his subjects would like to live on the earth’s surface again. Those who wanted to go topside, however, were concerned “that human beings would not accept their appearance.”
Source: Jerome Clark, Extraordinary Encounters

Date:  August 14 1999
Location:  Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Time: 2330
Summary: Attilio B had briefly gone out to a field next to his house in order to satisfy a physiological need. Soon he noticed some shiny multicolored lights coming from a nearby field behind him. Investigating closer he saw a huge circular object hovering about 2 meters from the floor. The craft was somewhat turtle shaped and was about 30 meters in diameter. The top part of the object was so completely transparent that it appeared “invisible.” The lower part consisted of a green platform that presented a central hollow section. He could not see any instruments inside. But inside a well-lit whitish dome the witness was able to see five occupants. These were described as short in stature (about 80 cm) with large heads as respect to their bodies. According to the witness, the humanoids heads resembled somewhat that of a donkey. They had extremely long faces and their heads were covered with short black curly hair. They had large round black eyes about 5cm in diameter, lacking pupils and very close to each other. Their noses were large and “potato” like. Their mouths were large and wide, resembling those of a monkey with large meaty lips. On each side of their heads were two large pointy ears, resembling those of a wolf. Their skin was light brown in color and they had six digit hands. As the witness watched, one of the humanoids, made a gesture, which he interpreted as a salute. The humanoids wore tight fitting yellow outfits that went up to their short necks. Their footgear resembled pointy sandals, similar to those worn by “Gondoliers.” He continued his observation feeling a sense of “joy and tranquility.” He felt that the humanoids were gentle and kind. One of the humanoids seemed to be counting some yellow paper like objects resembling “banknotes.” The whole episode was completely silent. After about a minute and a half the object lifted up vertically disappearing from the area at very high speed.
Source:  Antonio Chiumiento

Date:  August 18 1999
Location: Fort Gibson Lake, Oklahoma
Time: 0005A
Summary: 40-year old Greg West was at home when suddenly he was overcome by an eerie feeling. Soon he found himself lying nude on some sort of table. A bright light shone on his eyes. He then encountered several 4-foot tall, metallic blue colored beings, that had no ears, small black slits for eyes, very thin and fragile looking. They had long arms and three fingered hands. A taller silvery being seemed to be in control of the situation and the smaller blue beings seemed to fear him. The witness later awoke back home. Later he found a scar behind his ear.
Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch

Date:  August 18 1999
Location:  Izmir, Turkey
Time: 0410A
Summary: The witness first saw a huge oval shaped craft almost 1 km in length over the area, it suddenly vanished. Then a small egg shaped, gray colored object with small windows landed in his garden. Several small grayish humanoid exited the object and stared at the witness. One of them approached the witness and held his hand slowly; the humanoid’s skin was very soft. He tried to pull the witness hand gently in an attempt to invite him onboard the object. But the witness declined the invitation. The witness felt at peace during the encounter.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  August 19 1999
Location: Monterrey Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: Mexican Jose Eriverto filmed a green flying creature, believed by locals to be the infamous “Chupacabras.” Examination of the video reveals that the unknown animal possesses a thorax and arms linked to a membrane-like winged structure, giving the overall appearance of a manta ray in flight. Farmers in the area had been reporting mysterious cattle deaths whereby the livestock have been killed and drained of all blood.
Source:  FS Crypto Corner

Date: August 20 1999
Location: Horan Valley, Iraq
Time: night
Summary: Drivers passing through the valley outside the town of Haditha, northeast of Baghdad, reporting that “ghosts appeared next to the bridge, naked and doing some acrobatic moves.” Motorist Shawki Sabar said, “they were almost human—although I could not concentrate on their looks because I was so scared and it was dark.” The ghost-like figures were so life-like that one motorist thought he’d hit a person and reported the accident to the police. (Haditha is the legendary birthplace of Lilitu, the Sumerian goddess of darkness)
Source: Iraqi newspaper Al-Alwan

Date:  Aug. 21, 1999: Cubatao, São Paulo, Brazil Sighting

Date:  Aug. 21, 1999
Location: Surrey, BC 
Time: noon 
Summary: A metallic object appeared in the sky near a passing aircraft. It moved slowly after the passing of the airliner and was eventually lost to sight.
Source: The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date:  August 22 1999
Location:  Near Lodi Wisconsin
Time: afternoon
Summary: Michelle and a friend were hiking in a remote trail called the Ice Age Trail when she became separated from her friend and went ahead. Soon some 50 feet away she saw a flash of motion ahead. It was a blue-gray figure moving along the trail toward her. His first impression was that it was someone dressed in a blue jacket. Abruptly the blue figure glided to her right, disappearing into the trees. It did not seemed to be walking; it displayed a smooth gliding motion. Before it glided away the blue figure seemed to change directions. As it turned the witness noticed a long blue plume of something, waving from behind its head. Startled she turned to her companion who had come up behind her. She told him what she had seen and both went to investigate the path where it had disappeared into the bushes. Nothing was seen.
Source: Weird Wisconsin

Date: August 25 1999
Location: Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Time: 1630
Summary: Carlos Colon was alone returning to town when as he neared some cross roads he began hearing a loud humming sound that seemed to be getting more intense. He decided to stop the car. He began checking the radio thinking it was the origin of the strange sound, when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he noticed five figures walking on the nearby embankment. The figures were described as man-like very tall; with large tear drop shaped heads, and a long neck. The facial area was covered by a dark upside down teardrop shaped area; no facial features could be seen. They all wore tight fitting dull white coveralls. They approached the witness to within 20 meters. Colon noticed that the figures seemed to be behind some type of “viewing” screen like a projection of some kind. He stared at the figures for some time, then looked back at his vehicle and noticed that it was now facing the opposite direction. He walked away, entered his vehicle, and drove away. Afterwards he felt a strange malaise and felt very apprehensive for some time.
Source:  Francisco Fazio, Centro Internacional Reportes OVNI

Date: Aug. 26, 1999 
Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Time: 3:00 am 
Summary: A triangular object with white lights at its corners flew over CFB Suffield, performing several right angle turns, then flew out of sight.
Source: The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date: August 30 1999
Location: Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Valdineia Oliveira had gone to check her chicken coop as the animals seemed to be in an extremely agitated state. She looked inside the coop and saw nothing amiss then walked outside and was stunned to see a short figure, perched on top of a wall, that was observing her. The humanoid was apparently also startled and ran away. Minutes later a bright ball of light rose from the ground and then disappeared in plain sight.
Source:  Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:  August 1999

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