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Date:  December 1999
Location:  Pusalu China
Time: night
Summary: A luminous golden shimmering figure, human in shape, was seen by dozens of villagers, “It was beautiful” remarked a witness, Wang Cunquio. It ascended slowly from the barren hills behind the town into the dark skies above. “It looked like someone flying up to heaven.” Remarked witnesses.
Source: The International Directory of Haunted Places

Date:  December 1999
Location:  South Windsor, Connecticut
Time: various
Summary: Debbie Summer reported seeing a tall scaly humanoid with spikes on his head and glowing red eyes and wearing a black cape. She reportedly saw this creature on several occasions. Around the same time her youngest daughter reported seeing an unknown object hovering outside their window. No other information.
Source: Direct from witness & I was abducted.com

Date: December 3 1999
Location: Breadsprings, New Mexico
Time: 0030A
Summary: The witness had gone out to the outhouse when he saw a strange light come out from behind a large tree about 30 feet away from the house. Terrified he was unable to move as the light came closer and closer. He then apparently blacked out. He could only remember a bright light in front of him and small strange beings surrounding him and performing “tests” on him. This incident took place at the foothills of the Zuni Mountains.
Source: UFO Sightings in New Mexico & the World

Date:  December 3 1999
Location: Rochester New York
Time: 0215A
Summary: Just after going to bed the witness found himself in a dream like state, he was in an odd bedroom, with furniture that did not look like bedroom furniture, it was more hospital like. A person came in the room that looked like his sister, but was apparently not. They had a conversation and she left the room, then another person resembling his mother came in. They also conversed and he was told to lie down on his bed. When he approached the bed he noticed that it was like a metallic hospital bed, on the right of the bed there was a table with a sort of rectangular beige device on top. There were wires coming out of the side of this box that connected to the bed. At the back of the box there were wires that connected to the wall. He touched the bed and felt some sort of electrical current. Frightened he ran out of the room, he then ran down a ramp to a nearby building, he heard a noise and saw a man wearing a blue tight fitting outfit behind him. He attempted to run but then saw a person to the right of him that looked like his deceased grandmother. She screamed out “take me instead!” The stunned witness now realized he was barefooted and wearing his pajamas. He continued to run and saw another similarly dressed man leading a woman that appeared to be drugged. He turned to face his pursuer and briefly struggled with him, noticing that his face was covered with a visor, and he apparently was not fully human, he had a strange grin on his face. The man then placed his hand on the witness crotch area and led him into what appeared to be a hovering orange van-like object with no wheels. Inside he saw three children that spoke to him without moving their mouths. He sat down across from the children, and noticed two men in blue uniforms sitting at the front of the van like object, operating a control panel. He spoke to the children who told him that they were not afraid and strangely just stared at him. He noticed the object rising up and saw what appeared to be the lights of a beautiful city below. Angry he began banging on the glass partition of the van, and then he felt something on the lower back of his skull and lost consciousness. His next memory was of being let to a room by the man in blue, as they stood outside the room he saw about 15 people inside the room, all dressed in white that were casually talking among themselves. The man that was leading the witness now began to talk to another man inside the room who told him that he was “not a telepath.” The witness then heard him say, “I will tell them you are ready”, then he lost consciousness again. Later he woke up in an orange red-lighted room. A non-human entity was on top of him, and he felt his arms being restrained. He touched the being’s face, and the skin felt inhuman. He also noticed that the lighting in the room made it difficult to distinguish things around him. The being on top of him was making some type of fast purring noise. He looked to his left and noticed other examination tables, with a person lying on it, with the same procedure being done to them. He lost consciousness again and later came to in his bedroom suffering from excruciating lower abdominal pains. Others in the house had earlier heard a commotion in the witness room but had gone back to sleep.
Source: NUFORC

Date: December 5 1999
Location:  Pato Branco, Parana, Brazil
Time: 2200
Summary: Maria Alice Medina was sitting at her verandah drinking some coffee when she observed a short 1.20 meter tall humanoid approach her. The humanoid wore a silvery coverall, and blue boots. His head was bald and he had large black eyes. The humanoid attempted to communicate emitting strange sounds, which Maria was not able to understand. The humanoid then turned around and walked into some nearby woods. Soon she saw a bright light rise from the woods and shot up into the space.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:  December 7 1999
Location:  Ohio, exact location not given
Time: 1730
Summary: The witness was sitting in his room listening to some music when he saw a dark figure move through the room. It came out of the closet and stood there for a second and then passed through the wall into the adjacent room. No other information.
Source: Haunted Hike.com

Date:  December 12 1999
Location: Volgograd Region, Russia
Time: 2130
Summary: A woman, Larissa and her father were driving home on an isolated highway when they suddenly noticed two figures dressed in black standing on the side of the road by a piece of vacant land. Soon after that the vehicle seemed to have entered a thick yellow fog. She mentions this to her father who is driving but he remains silent, totally ignoring her. Her stares straight ahead. Moments later Larissa hears a loud metallic clang. She again asks her father what was wrong but is again ignored. She then hears a voice in her head saying, “keep traveling, you know the road well”. Soon without knowing how they both found themselves parked on the side of the road near a village called Khim Kompleksa. Larissa briefly recalls seeing two heads looking at her and sparkling lights soon after having entered the fog. They soon realized that there is a considerable period of “missing time”. Her father also recalls having seen two large heads with slanted eyes looking at him. In the morning her father felt a very strong pressure in his head and Larissa experiences unnatural vaginal discharge resembling bloody mucus. Later both volunteer for a hypnotic regression. Both recalled seeing a large entirely black “shiny” triangular shaped craft descend over their vehicle and land on the road ahead. They next recalled being somehow inside the object and two humanoids with large heads and huge oblong shaped eyes looking at them. Larissa recalls receiving telepathic communication from the aliens and sitting on a molded chair in a rounded room surrounded by four short humanoids. Later she is introduced to a small “child” (hybrid?) with a very large cranium, huge blue eyes and very short extremities. She also experiences severe stomach pains. Her father recalls sitting on a comfortable chair and a being placing something on his forehead. He recalls that the humanoids are similar in appearance with large slanting eyes and small mouths. They seemed benevolent. He sees other smaller robot-like creatures that appear to be operating controls. Their next memory is of being back in their vehicle, parked on the side of the road.
Source: Anton “Cade” Belousov, X-Files

Date:  December 17 1999
Location: Passo Fundo, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil
Time: evening
Summary: Roberto Gomes Misson reported to the local police that he had encountered 2 short 1-meter tall humanoids on a road next to his house standing next to a huge hovering disc shaped object. The object was about 15 meters in width and emitted red, blue, and orange lights. The police reportedly found ground traces.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:  December 19 1999
Location: Sobral, Ceara, Brazil
Time: evening
Summary: Paulo Cesar was riding his horse through his farm when he noticed that the animal began acting strange, as if scared of something. Looking towards a nearby lake he saw a large round object on the ground next to the water. Close to the object stood four humanoid figures about 1.50 meters in height. One of the figures appeared to be the leader since it was pointing and apparently telling the other 3 what to do. Cesar yelled at the figures that seemed startled and entered through an opening that suddenly appeared on the object. The object began spinning rapidly and shot up into the air quickly disappearing from sight.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:  December 20 1999
Location:  Rio Branco, near Acre, Brazil
Time: midnight
Summary: 12-year old Joselino Moraes was fishing on the shores of the Amazon River when a bright light suddenly blinded him. After it dimmed he was able to see a huge circular object hovering over the river. Behind some small windows, he was able to see several moving “shapes” or figures. Moments later the object rose and disappeared from sight. The witness was in a stupor for the next several days.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date: December 22 1999: Red Light near Prescott

Date: December 24 1999: UFO Sighting in Belarus

Date: December 26 1999
Location:  Venice Florida
Time: 0120A
Summary: The witness was attempting to fall asleep when he suddenly had the feeling that someone was in the room. He looked up and saw a 4-feet tall figure standing at the end of his bed. He was unable to move. The figure was gray in color and had very large penetrating eyes. His next memory was of lying down, surrounded by very bright lights. Out of the corner of his eye he could see several moving figures. His next memory was of waking up and finding blood in his pillow, he also had a black eye. Later he found scars behind his ears.
Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch

Date: December 29 1999
Location:  Stockbridge, Georgia
Time: night
Summary: A Stockbridge family seems to have been stalked by aliens. A mother and her thirteen-year-old son discovered beings in their respective rooms late at night. No other information.
Source: Jim Miles, Weird Georgia 

Date: December  31, 1999: Triangular Craft Sighted in Kansas City

Date: December 31, 1999
Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Time: 12:30 AM. 
Summary:  Two bright orange balls of light followed one another across the sky, then stopped suddenly, changed colour and “shot up into the sky and disappeared.”
Source: The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date:  December 1999

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