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Date:  July 1999
Location: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Time: 0230A
Summary: Several friends were driving home late one night when suddenly a figure appeared in front of their truck, they slammed on the brakes but were unable to avoid the figure as they drove right through it. As the exited the vehicle one of them saw the figure of a man encased in a pale green aura standing in front of the group. The witness screamed and the figure vanished.
Source: EBE All Web

Date: July 1999
Location:  Cerro del Indio, Chile
Time: evening
Summary: Claudio Castellon director of the Maria Elena Museum along with 13 other archeologists were surveying an old abandoned Spanish settlement when out of the hillside two tall figures approached. The men remained paralyzed unable to move as the figures walked by without communicating. They described the humanoids as about 2 meters in height, wearing white colored tight fitting suits, oriental eyes, pale skin, and blond hair. These humanoids moved clumsily almost robot-like, but quickly disappeared along the hillside.
Source: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

Date:  July 1999
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Time: night
Summary: Blanka Slemendova saw three glowing golden man-like figures hovering in the sky near her apartment complex. She apparently received telepathic communication from the figures. Involved in other encounters.
Source: Direct from witness

Date: July 1999
Location: Near Moscow, Russia
Time: night
Summary: Retired Air Force Colonel Alexander Smimov (involved in a previous encounter) and three friends were fishing in a remote forest outside of Moscow. At night they had parked their car under a large oak tree. The weather was excellent and the sky was cloudless. Smimov friends went to sleep but he remained awake looking at the clear and beautiful night sky filled with stars. He briefly felt asleep but was suddenly awakened and noticed an unusual dead silence in the area. Suddenly he noticed a star move side to side and stop in one place, it then descended to the ground sharply. Filled with curiosity he walked towards the landed object. About 15 meters from the craft he felt paralyzed and a dense of air hindered his movement. The alien craft appeared to be inside some sort of force field. Suddenly a hatch opened on the lower part of the craft and a platform descended to the ground. Several strange entities stood on the platform, they remotely resembled humans and had on “space suits” but very different from terrestrial spacesuits, they resembled the suits wore by deep-sea divers. Their faces were not visible, and the suits were dark. He had a sudden feeling of being watched or scanned and then heard a voice that told him that, “They were not going to do anything wrong” that they were just collecting water and soil samples. Smimov told the aliens that he was a former pilot and his great curiosity made him approach their craft. All conversation was via thought or telepathically. The protective wall of dense air remained. Smimov told the aliens that he had contacted them back in 1990, they said, “We know” and the wall of air suddenly dissolved and he heard the command to come in. He approached the circular craft with a tripod landing gear, resembling the time he had seen back in 1990. The craft consisted of two sections with its lower half rotating. The aliens told Smimov that they had “modified their technique” and told him to climb in. He obeyed and the platform ascended. The aliens were still wearing their suits and their faces were not visible, and Smimov wanted to see them. He then heard a response, “It is early, your air is not yet acceptable to us, and in time you will see us, come to the control post.” He approached the console, the instruments were giving light in the semi-darkness and he could see three chairs in the middle of the room. He was told to sit on the control console and was told how to operate the instruments. He was told to start testing the engines and not to “mix up the sequence”. Smimov began following the instructions but nothing occurred the craft did not take off. He then heard that everything was Ok that he was not ready yet that it had only been a test to probe his reaction. They said that they would teach him how to control the craft the next time; they recommended not telling anyone about their encounter. They added, “We establish contacts gradually, we do not need a panic among the earthlings”. The witness then stood on the platform and descended to the ground. He then heard a slight humming sound and the UFO ascended over the ground, the tripod landing gear retracted into the object. The lower section of the craft began to rotate, first slow and then at very high speed. The craft then sharply zoomed up and disappeared from sight.
Source: Anomalous News Saint Petersburg # 30, 2000 Anton Anfalov

Date: July 1999
Location: Brandon, Florida
Time:  late night
Summary: The witness suddenly woke up in a panicked state she attempted to turn the bathroom light on when she noticed an object floating outside her bedroom window. It was a sphere with four colored lights on it. The lights divided it into 4 separate colors like a “Simon” game the witness had when she was a child. Suddenly she heard, “go back to bed” and as she walked back to her bedroom the object went over the top of the house and came down outside her son’s window. She went back to bed and did not even wake up her husband. She does not remember anything after that.
Source:  Miami Skyscan

Date: July 1 1999
Location: Valenca, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Time: afternoon
Summary: 15-year old David Moura encountered two short 1-meter tall humanoids in a wooded area. The beings spoke to him in a strange language, which he could not understand and left the area. The next day there were newspaper reports of lights seen over the same area the night before.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, Brazil

Date: July 3, 1999
Location: Bruges, Belgium
Summary: A couple driving between Oostende and Bruges, Belgium saw a triangular object hovering seven meters above a field. It was silver and black with lights in each corner, and had a pulsating red light in the center. When one of them tried to photograph it the craft approached them. They panicked and drove off.
Source: UFO Magazine (USA), November 1999, p. 29

Date: July 3rd/4th(?) 1999: UFO in the Rio Grande do Norte

Date: July 5 1999
Location: Fleetwood England
Time: 0603A
Summary: Paul Norton remembered seeing bright lights in his room. Soon he found himself at a brightly lit location where he encountered a seven-foot tall figure, with large “evil” almond shaped eyes. The creature had no hair and was wearing a red band around its shoulder and waist. It had a small mouth and gray-white skin color. The witness reported finding a peculiar scar around his genitalia.
Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page, UFO Watch

Date: July 5, 1999
Location: Ross, Tasmania
Summary: When the witness turned the light on outside her shed she noticed an orange glowing rectangular structure 200 meters away beyond some trees. It was about the size of a house and was surrounded by vapor. It rose, tilted at an angle, and then just faded from view. There were no traces at the site
Source:  Keith Roberts, Tasmania UFO Information Centre, November 1999 web page

Date: July 10 1999
Location: Near Moron de la Frontera, Sevilla, Spain
Time:  0130A
Summary: Juana Barragan along with several other witnesses were parked in an isolated area called “El Arahal” participating in the “Ovni Alert” watch by a local UFO group. Soon a dog nearby began to bark and Juana, who was sitting in the car, felt dizzy and the atmosphere around her suddenly became oppressive. And then standing about 12 meters away from the car she saw two tall humanoid silhouettes, about 2 meters in height wearing what appeared to be a belt with a strong red light around the belt-buckle area. They suddenly vanished mysteriously, seeming to drop towards the ground. Around the same area another witness saw a tall coverall clad figure standing still on a field, the humanoid apparently noticed the witness and also suddenly disappeared. Later a scorched area was found where the humanoid had stood.
Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista

Date: Yatzitz, Israel
Location: July 13 1999
Time: night
Summary: Various different villagers reported encountering misty humanoid images after animals became very noisy and they went out to investigate. The “images” were described as human in appearance but either small, half the size of a normal man, or large, one and a half to two times larger. They were seen just outside the homes of three of the locals and were reported as hazy, as though they were formed of cigarette smoke. An umbrella shaped pictogram or crop circle was found on a nearby field around the same time.
Source: Barry Chamish, FSR Vol. 45 # 1

Date:  July 14 1999
Location:  Mt Adams, Washington
Time: night
Summary: James Gilliland was outside when he was hit by three balls of light within a stream of energy after which a woman appeared to him wearing a strange headdress apparently used for communication and other higher consciousness and energy works. Then a ship came in as a golden light from the north. It dropped down real low and hovered. Gilliland had been in telepathic contact with “aliens” for 12 years after an NDE. Later he went to bed and woke up with a bright red circular burn on his chest right over his heart.
Source: UFO Resource Center

Date: July 14 1999
Location: Virgilio, Sicily, Italy
Time: 2345
Summary: Three men were walking back home from a local pizza parlor when they spotted a sphere shaped object, bright red in color descending slowly at a 60-degree angle. It had a weak yellow light on its upper section. It was about 200 meters away above a nearby rooftop when first seen. Before reaching the ground, the object stopped at about 6 meters from it and hovered. Through an opening on the top of the craft the witnesses saw a vaguely human shaped figure. Immediately after that, the craft shot up and disappeared over the rooftops in a horizontal position. Five days later around 1430 the main witness was returning home when he saw a white vehicle occupied by two men, parked in front of his house. Soon after he went in, the two men knocked on the door. He described them as very tall, about 40 years of age, wearing white shirts, and gray pants. They appeared to have nametags on the shirts, which they quickly covered. They basically asked the witness several questions about what he saw and harassed him.
Source: CUN Italy

Date:  July 14 1999
Location:  Khabarovsk, Russia
Time: 0020A
Summary: In order to relieve the extreme heat, Gritsuk I stepped out into his balcony and saw on a nearby football field a hovering disc-shaped object, which then landed silently. He briefly saw two glowing green figures exit the object. The figures then immediately re-boarded the craft, which then rocketed off at high speed.
Source:  UFO Kiev

Date:  July 17, 1999
Location: Giza, Egypt
Summary: A couple visiting the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt saw multiple unexplained lights flying north toward Giza. The lights settled on the ground and then disappeared. At the site there were dark blue burnt areas, about the size of two football fields. In places the sand had been vitrified in 4-5 foot diameter circles.
Source: UFO Magazine (USA), November 1999, p. 29

Date: July 18 1999
Location: San Antonio Texas
Time: 0504A
Summary: The main witness was staying with a known abductee and her child in order to offer some protection and company and had fallen asleep, when suddenly he felt movement behind him. Thinking it was she, he did not turn around. Then he felt a “body” next to him, he then felt a pleasant touch on his upper back, and he felt a peculiar sensation as an “arm” passed over his ribcage. Concerned he tried to move but was unable to, he was finally able to turn his head when he saw a round basketball shaped object under the covers, he jolted to his feet and heard a slight giggling sound at the same time that the object under the covers appeared to deflate. He attempted to wake up the abductee but was unable to. Two nights later he saw a small white grayish figure standing just inches away from him that suddenly disappeared. Other strange occurrences were reported.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  July 19 1999
Location: Leeds England
Time: 16:00
Summary: When I was 9 I saw a UFO in the sky in 1 place for a few hours It was just staying in 1 place for a few hours, It was bright orange with red and green and orange lights going on and off 1 at a time every 5 seconds or so, Ii was only about nine when this happened so I went to my Grandparents house 3 doors next door and they had visitors and I showed them it too. Later about 10pm ish I kinda got psychologically traumatized and jumpy for about 10 minutes then I cooled down and went to bed, then I couldnt sleep for some reason then I looked out of my bedroom window (facing the opposite of where the UFO was) then I saw that ufo going over my house slowly and across the sky at about 50 meters, what I found wierd was that it made no sound at all, then I got scared and went to bed and looked a few minutes later and it was gone and then I was relieved.
Source: NUFORC

Date: July 20 1999
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Time: 0300A
Summary: The witness went to investigate a light and saw an object moving his way. It was a circular lighted object. Through a windshield like opening he saw two human-like occupants, one was smiling broadly. The object passed overhead at about 40 feet in altitude. It appeared to have two large ducts underneath set into an undercarriage. It had several openings in direction of flight. It disappeared from sight, dipping below treetop level.

Date:  July 20 1999
Location: Ararangua, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Time: evening
Summary: Maria Joana da Silva was driving along a road on her way to Florianopolis when she noticed on the right side of the road a very bright light. Next to the light stood four humanoids about 1.30 meters in height wearing silvery tight-fitting clothing. The car began to stall, but Maria was able to step on the gas and quickly accelerate away from the area.
Source:  Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:  July 25 1999
Location: Caicara Venezuela
Time: 2000
Summary: In a rural remote area of eastern Venezuela in a clear and moonless night the witness was having dinner with some friends when he stepped outside to retrieve something out of his truck. It was very dark and he had to use a flashlight. While he walked towards the truck he noticed a light coming from above, looking up he saw a round object about 200 ft wide hovering right over the house. The object had a reddish light in the middle. Immediately he called his friends and they all came out to look at the object. One a girl in the group flashed a light towards the UFO while some others panicked and ran to the house. 10 minutes later the light on the middle of the object became a beam of light that landed right on the roof of the house. Soon a human shaped figure floated up and down within the beam of light, apparently looking down at the witnesses. It was impossible to see any facial details because of the light, and the figure looked dark gray in color. After a few minutes it slowly left. The next day a circle of flattened dead grass was found in the area.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  July 25 1999
Location: Mafraq, Jordan
Time: night
Summary: Locals reported capturing a strange creature that had been devouring dozens of hens and pigeons for the last month or so. The creature was described as feline-like with a small head, disproportionately large eyes, teeth, and tail. The creature was supposedly handed over to local veterinarians. No other information.
Source:UFO Roundup, unknown number

Date: July 26 1999
Location: Cagepa, Paraiba, Brazil
Time:  0130A
Summary: 42-year old Antonio Gadelha was parked in his vehicle in the outskirts of the city when a brilliant light suddenly surrounded it. Soon several short shiny silvery humanoid figures approached the vehicle, completely surrounding it. At the same time he heard the humanoids apparently communicating with each other, in loud beep like sounds. After about 10 minutes a strong beam of light originating from a hovering oval shaped craft illuminated the group and the humanoids rose up one by one quickly disappearing from sight. The object then departed. 
Source: Centro Paraibano de Ufologia

Date: July 27 1999: Swedish Military Search For Fallen UFO In Lake

Date: July 28 1999
Location: Poggio Umbricchio, Italy
Time: 0630A
Summary: Two young brothers, Giacomo and Alfio were collecting mushrooms in a pine grove near this city when a loud rustling sound attracted their attention to some nearby trees. They stood looking at the spot where the noise had originated from and waited in total silence for about 15 minutes. Suddenly they heard loud grunting sounds coming from the brush. Curious, both boys walked toward the brush to see what was making the strange sounds. Suddenly out of the brush stepped out a bizarre humanoid covered in dark black hair, about 1.50 meters in height, with an oblong shaped face with four eyes, two on top and two closer to a snout-like nose. It had normal hairless ears and what appeared to be five clawed legs. The creature stared at the boys with a malevolent gaze full of hate. As both watched in horror four other similar creatures walked out of the woods. Both witnesses fled the area in a panic. Later they debated whether to notify local authorities, but they decided against it.
Source:  Gianfranco Degli Esposito, CUN Bologna

Date: July 28, 1999
Location: Langley, BC
Time:  10:00 pm 
Summary: A light “as large as a garbage can lid” appeared across the street from a witness’ house. It moved slowly towards him and hovered over a hydro pole, then vanished.
Source: The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date:  September 1999

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