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Date: Summer 1999
Location: Vyborg, Russia
Time: daytime
Summary: 32-year old Mariya was found barely alive, naked and injured on a highway outside of Saint Petersburg. She was taken to a hospital where it was found that she had numerous cuts, bruises and other injuries. After initial investigation local militia came to the conclusion that she had been raped. There was a strange detail present; the lower part of her body was covered in an unknown substance resembling mucus or frogspawn. When she regained conscious she reported that she had been staying with some friends at a country cottage when one day she decided to take a motorboat into the bay of Finland. She wanted to look at an island, which had the ruins of a former Finnish glass plant abandoned in 1939. Suddenly a dense cloud covered the sky, she looked up and saw a huge disc-shaped craft, and she felt paralyzed with fear and was unable to move. As the huge flying saucer hovered over her she lost consciousness. She does not recall how long she had been unconscious but she woke up feeling a terrible cold and fear. She opened her eyes and found herself lying on a metallic table, completely naked. She was not tied and was able to move but soon noticed a bizarre creature leaning over her. The creature was lizard-like, with huge eyes. She saw many shiny instruments around her and 3 or 4 lights shone over her. Suddenly she felt the creature climb over her, touching her. She felt like screaming but her throat did not obey her. She felt everything but soon lost consciousness again. She regained consciousness in a hospital 200 kilometers away from where she had originally been. Her boat was found on an island. The mucus or mucilage like substance proved difficult to wash away from her body.
Source: Maksim Dronov, “Undeclared Visit” Nr # 2, 2000  and militia / hospital staff witnesses

Date: Summer 1999
Location:  Ohio, exact location not given
Time: dusk
Summary: The witness was alone inside the house and had gone to the kitchen to get a coke. As he flicked on the light he saw out of the corner of his eye a small white creature with long arms, a fat stomach and short legs standing in the hallway. The witness looked twice and the creature suddenly vanished. He saw the creature again a few weeks later as he was stepping out of the bathroom. It bolted pass the witness and disappeared as it reached the light of the hallway.
Source: Unsolved Mysteries.com

Date: Summer 1999
Location: Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: night
Summary: The witness claims that on repeated occasions she has seen a huge winged creature, resembling a gargoyle descend and land on a the roof of her house. She described the creature as very muscular, green in color, with human-reptile combine facial features. It had two large horn-like protrusions on its head. It stared briefly at the witness with a malevolent look, and then it rose up and quickly flew away into the darkness. The stunned witness was unable to move for a few minutes after the creature left. At one time her and other family members heard footsteps on the roof of the house.
Source: Contacto # 13

Date: Summer 1999
Location:  Pennsylvania, State Park
Time: 11:00 pm
Summary: Right In 1999 I was working at a State Park in Pennsylvania and got to know the back areas of it pretty well; the areas most tourists do not get to see. Approximately one mile from the park on a long all-dirt road was a large clearing in the woods which was cleared for powerlines and gas well use. Once you got to that spot you would have to walk dover a long hill until you came to an old abandoned trail. If you followed this trial it would take you deep into the forest. Once day I followed it and found that it led to an old dilapidated cabin (not on the park cabin records) and it looked like it hadn’t been used for many decades. Even though it was daylight I still got this creepy feeling like I shouldn’t be there and worse…that something was watching every move I made. A few weeks later, while I was off-duty, two of my friends and myself were just out driving around enjoying the summer night and since I knew all the back roads I was taking them on kind of a tour (Note: none of these roads are off limits or secret so I wasn’t breaking any rules). Other than that mysterious cabin the park hasn’t any secrets. About 11:00 pm I came to that familiar clearing and I mention something about the old cabin. Being a brave soul I talked them into letting me show them the cabin, so I grabbed my flashlight and we took off down the hill and onto the path that led to the cabin. I took the lead and we walked half way when all of a sudden my light flashed on something on the right side of the path. Almost immediately I stopped and said, “did you just see that” to which they responded ,”see what?” As I panned the light back to the right side of the road I said, “THAT!!” There standing by a tree was a creature only seen in sci-fi movies. It had a greyish olive color skin and very thin in it’s extremedies. The calves and forearm muscles were very large as well was the chest. The face was the strangest thing since it had the typical alien grey head shape but there was no mouth. It had a nose that was long and thin but not longer than it’s “chin”. The eyes had a reddish gleam in the light but not the size of most reported aliens…very small even by human standard. I hate to make this reference for fear of questioning my sanity but my best description was like what the ‘Goons’ looked like in the Popeye cartoon. It leaning oddly against the tree, like if you were leaning on an arm chair by only one arm. To make another TV show reference but like the ‘Fonz’ would lean on the jukebox on ‘Happy Days’ (minus the legs being crossed).

Immediately everyone wanted to leave but as we turned my flashlight went out. My friends told me to quit messing with them and turn the light back on to which I informed them that I wasn’t messing with them and to keep moving now that I was at the back of the group. I frantically continued to beat on my flashlight trying to get it to work again. As soon as it came back on I immediately swiveled back around to shine it behind us. The creature had moved up significantly and now was on the left side. We hurried to the clearing and once we got back up the hill and to the main dirt road things got worse. Out of woods we had just come through was this high pitched blood curdling screeching noise which, after it started, others started to ‘answer’ back from the other side of the clearing. The fact that I was a Park Ranger, had been in the woods all my live and had my degree from Penn State in wildlife management means I’ve heard a lot of noises in the wild, but have never heard that sound before. I know it wasn’t any kind of owl or bobcat, bear, bird, porcupine…you get the drift. Once I told my Dad about the encounter he told me it could been the Chupacabras (which I had never heard of before and as far as aliens go, never believed in it until recently). Months went by without incident…other than not being able to shake that “I’m watching you” feeling. I was to the point of feeling like I was being stalked. One night I went to get something from my truck when I looked into the woods and saw those reddish glowing eyes staring at me in the shadows. I immediately ran into the house and grabbed my biggest knife (I;m not a gun guy) to which my Dad asked me what I was doing. I told him I was tired of feeling ‘stalked’ and was going to face this thing. He told me he was coming with me (but all along I knew he never truly believed me or my encounter). When we got outside he nonchalantly asked, “Ok, where did you see this thing?” and I pointed to the spot to which he directed his flashlight. Much to his disbelief there it was and as soon as the light hit it tore off deep into the woods. My Dad, an ex-Marine who served proudly during Vietnam, yelled at me to get back into the house with fear…FEAR in his voice.

To this day it still creeps me out telling this encounter and my hands shake even while typing while recalling it all. I am now in my 30’s with a wife and kids but even now, when I go outside at night, I still feel watched to the point that when I get a real strong feeling my wife won’t let me leave the house without her. Just as a side note…for the first 5 years of our relationship she too would catch sight of this creature, but mostly as it was going into the shadows. As a further note if anyone is questioning it, there were no drugs or alcohol or any other substance involved during this or any other encounter I have had. Ben

Date: Summer 1999
Location: Moscow, Russia
Time: night
Summary: Right before a mysterious explosion rocked a Moscow apartment complex killing over a hundred people, two elderly pensioners at a nearby complex reported seeing several flying creatures that had human outlines with legs, arms and head, apparently flying over the area.
Source: Pravda

Date: Summer 1999
Location: Portland, Maine
Time: night
Summary: The witness was taken while sleeping to some sort of military installation. When he came to he was in a dimly lit computer room that looked futuristic in nature with very soft soothing lights. Around him observing were military style dressed humans and some not so human creatures that could haze or cloak their image when he looked directly at them. The witness stood freely and was not on a table. One the men handed him a dangerous looking black handheld device. The grip was shaped like a pistol grip but it’s made of an extremely polished black material like onyx. Above the grip was a flat circular surface 4” in diameter, with six small “lasers” or energy beams, which shoot out of six little movable miniature camera lenses, spaced out equally on the rim of the surface of the circle. The witness found out that he could control the lenses by the power of thought or telepathy. When it first came on, it displayed a luminescent hologram of some type of language. The witness felt as if he was part of a test to see what he would do with the device. As he attempted to manipulate the device further he blacked out. Later he found himself back on his bed.
Source: I was abducted.com

Date: Summer 1999
Location: Rural area, Quebec, Canada
Time: night
Summary: The main witness and several friends were camping overnight in an isolated camping ground that had cabins and such. One night he was walking with a friend outside of the circle of cabins, it was a very clear and bright night and there was a campfire going and in one of the cabins there was a party with music. As they walked both of them suddenly felt a weird “sensation” as if they were being watched. They both turned and saw a blue figure, very tall, about 7 ft walking through the trees. It was completely silent. It was bright blue and glowing, walking through the forest. It was emitting a shimmering aura and both witnesses became very frightened. They shouted at whatever the figure was and asked it what it was. They received no reply. They stared at it as it walked away and out of their field of vision. They ran back to the group of people at the campfire, screaming and describing what they saw. Another youth reported watching the figure from a distance and was just as frightened as the two main witnesses.
Source: Your True Tales, April 2004

Date: Summer 1999
Location: St Phillips, Newfoundland, Canada
Time: 2300
Summary: The main witness’s mother heard noises around the house in the nearby woods. Their pet dog was howling, and visibly frightened. The witness father decided to drive into the backyard with the truck to shine the headlights in the woods to see what was back there. The headlights caught two large greenish glowing eyes in the bushes. It was too dark to make anything out completely, but whatever it was, was very large and dark, very dark black. The father grabbed a pellet gun and shot into the air. They all caught a quick glimpsed of a large black animal, half-cat and half-dog in appearance running into the woods.
Source: Haunted Hike.com

Date: June 1999
Location: El Tablon, Campamento Garcia Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
Time: late night
Summary: Police officer Jose Corcino and a friend were driving a pick-up truck late at night in an isolated area, when the vehicle headlights illuminated a short gray figure that crossed the road slowly in front of the truck. It disappeared into the brushes on the other side of the road. Corcino stopped the truck, grabbed a flashlight from his friend and attempted to look for the creature, but could not find it. The creature was generally humanoid in shape, somewhat bulky form the waist up. It was about 4 ft tall, with a large round head. It walked as if “standing at attention.”
Source: Jorge Martin, Vieques Poligono del Tercer Tipo

Date:  June 5 1999
Location: Athens Greece
Time: late night
Summary: In a dream like state the witness found himself standing by his bed accompanied by two short figures with huge eyes standing next to him. The beings spoke without opening their mouths and seemed to read the witness thoughts. The witness soon follow the little beings and found himself sitting in a very low chair at the same time communicating with the beings, apparently through mental telepathy. His next memory was of seeing the floor below him become transparent and seeing the Earth below him. The object the witness was traveling in began swerving and going up and down like a roller coaster. At this point the witness felt a mild electrical shock and everything around him seem to melt. His next memory was of hovering over a planet with domes on it. He asked the little creatures if he was going down there but they said no. His memory of the event ended at this point. Apparently then he finds himself back in his bedroom.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 5, 1999
Location: Ollioules, France
Time: 11:30 PM. 
Summary: Nine delta-shaped objects were seen flying in a V-shaped formation. They moved toward the west, then rearranged into a linear echelon formation. 
Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, September 1999, p. 10

Date: June 7 1999
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Time: 2045
Summary: The witness was out for a walk when a suddenly a silver “spaceship” like object appeared in front of him. Before he knew what was going on he found himself inside the ship. He could not see anything inside since it was pitch black, all of the sudden he felt something like a needle go into his back. He screamed and then apparently blacked out, soon he found himself back on the ground. He apparently notified the police and they blamed the episode on his “high blood pressure.”
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 8 1999
Location: Ano Courtesi, Greece
Time: 0200A
Summary: Dimitris Hellenas had taken his motorcycle and went to a specific part of his farm to turn on the water valves for the watering of the plants. The night was hot and calm. Suddenly he saw in front of him a luminous triangle, about 15 meters high and the same distance away. It was emitting a golden light. Startled he reduced speed immediately then he heard a calm, sweet, masculine voice that told him: “Don’t be afraid, I am the Almighty. I will do whatever you ask me to.” After the initial shock, the farmer did not hesitate a single minute. He asked from the luminous triangle to be relieved from the habit of smoking and torturing migraine headaches. The response was immediate. “In no time at all, the headache was gone. I took the packet of cigarettes from my pocket and threw it away. The permanent bitter taste I had in my mouth for years was lost. So did the triangle.” Hellenas was still shocked but full of joy and happiness. He continued on the road with the motorbike until he reached the water valves. He took out his flashlight, but then the triangle appeared again—along with the voice. “Throw it away. I will light your way from now on.” The voice said. Then the voice from the triangle told Hellenas to go to the shack and tell the other workers what had happened, of course he was not believed. After that, Hellenas came out and saw the luminous triangle again, which now told him to go to his girlfriend’s house. But her reaction was the same as his co-workers. He returned to the farm, having the triangle as his guide. During the whole time, the luminous triangle was flying at the height and same distance of 15 meters. He stopped the car and the voice then instructed him to go on foot to the fields. Using superhuman strength he ran there. Once in the field the voice instructed Hellenas to take the lighter from his pocket and burn his hand, he felt nothing but saw his flesh roasting, with the smell of burning flesh making him sick. Then the voice told him to put his hand out. There was no burn, no pain. He did this two more times. He was then told to “swallow” the flame to “clear all the dirt he had within him.” After that the voice demanded from Hellenas to hold his lighter and chant an Orthodox Church hymn, “Blessed be God” three times. He was then ordered to eat a handful of soil, which he did. He was then told to go on and do his work (fertilize the watermelons) and come back later to “talk like old friends.” During his next encounter with the “voice of God” he was instructed to drink a mixture of fertilizer and water (a strong poison) and after that to drink his own urine (!). During the experience, the triangle and the voice were intermittently appearing and disappearing. He was told that during the second coming “all the bad people on earth” would be eliminated. Soon he left to work in the fields again and return later but the luminous triangle did not appear. Soon he started to hear music, resembling many birds singing and then animals screaming, live wolves, and jackals howling. This went on for 10 minutes and then the triangle appeared again. Soon he was told to leave that their “conversation” was finished.
Source: Thanassis Vembos & Makis Nodaros, Greece

Date: June 12, 1999
Location: Goias, Brazil
Summary: In the afternoon of this day in Goias, Brazil a UFO the size of a football field landed in the city. Jet interceptor aircraft were scrambled from Annapolis AFB in response to the reports, but did not arrive in time.
Source: UFO Magazine (USA), September 1999, p. 19

Date:  June 14, 1999
Location: Sydney Australia
Time: 03:00
Summary: I recently stumbled upon your website and decided it time to report one of dozens of sightings in my life. I have witnessed dozens of flying objects as a keen sky observer and budding amateur astrologist.. but can’t verify any of them as i always seem to be isolated and alone when it happens and many are most likely space junk causing “shooting star” like objects to fly across the night sky. I’ve seen dozens of those now. I once reported to the Australian police a sighting of a perfectly round object hovering above my top floor apartment which appeared to be at least 5 miles wide.. this was ignored.. and I myself quickly wrote it off as just light refractions. My report here however is not of a UFO but of a being. I had walked out of my home late at night as i was studying.. it was approximately 1999.. so i cannot recall the exact date. The night was still and silent with no wind. I walked outside my back yard.. and spotted a white figure.. i estimate it to have been 4 feet tall.. and was all white with a subtle glow. I stood in frozen shock as we faced each other off for approximately 3 minutes. We stood only 5 meters apart so I could make out the shape but could not discern a face nor shoes.. it was completely white. In that time the object sat on top of my fence at the rear of my backyard which fell into parkland behind it, and made no effort to run away.. It did not move for the whole time, even as i approached- i got spooked when i was 5 meters away though and stopped purely because this figure did not seem worried by me approaching it.. we faced off for the next 3 long minutes.. and then eventually it slipped over the fence and disappeared. As it slipped away.. it did not make a single sound.. and nor did it make a sound as it left.. The object did not move and as i stood frozen i simply stared at it, thinking it was a burgular. strangely though.. the figure simply disappeared after a few minutes. it did not make a single sound as it did. A burgular hopping off a fence would have made some noise.. and in the dead of night i would have at least heard leaves crunching underfoot.. but in this case there was not a single sound. it simply vanished. the fact it was all white left me to this day with the eery feeling that what i experienced that day was not a burgular but a potential visitor from another world. I could not see any discernable features other than it was a human type shape.. i did not see arms or legs though.. roughly 4 feet tall.. it seemed to be shaped like a round blob sitting on my fence.. and then like a jelly blob.. it flopped over the fence and disappeared.. it did not make a single noise in doing so and i did not hear a single noise thereafter. This story is not provable and more for your information than for public publishing.. the area where this happened could even be tested as the fence upon which the figure appeared has not been changed since.. it could have been a potential burglar that night.. but if it was, then it was one highly skilled dude.. because not only was it terribly out of shape and unathletic looking (it was shaped like Jabba the hut from Star Wars fame) but it managed to completely disappear without making a single sound in the dead of night.. and it seemed to just roll off the back fence..which is 8 feet tall.. also.. if it was a burglar why would it be wearing only white clothing.. they usually wear black.. to this day.. the thought of that night sends a chill up my spine.. so i thought i would report it for documentation on your database.. this happened in a suburb called Ashbury in Sydney’s inner city area ( the park is called Wagner Oval) .. a highly populated area but my home backs onto a large park which is where the figure disappeared into. it was also approximately 3am and no one else was on the streets at the time and the park was silent. my study is at the rear of my house overlooking my yard.. and my lights were always left on throughout the night as i studied for many years.. perhaps that attracted this figure.. a burglar again would have been deterred given that i was active till late all night.. this figure seemed to be sitting there just watching me.. until i noticed it, stared it off from a distance of only 5 meters.. it did not flinch nor seem worried either. it sat there the entire time before disappearing.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: June 16, 1999: Flying Saucer appeared in 10 countries

Date: June 16, 1999
Location: Courtenay, BC
Time: 11:40 pm 
Summary:   An officer in the Canadian Air Force and two other witnesses observed an object first thought to be a satellite. It stopped its forward motion, “dipsy doodled” in the sky, interacted with another object and then flew away.
Source: The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date: June 18 1999
Location: Not given
Time: late night
Summary: Adam Clark woke up in a cold sweat and heard a high pitch humming sound coming from outside. Deciding to investigate he walked outside a large triangular shaped object with an orange light on each corner and a pink light in the middle hovering over the yard. As he stared at the object he suddenly found himself in a cold dark room sitting on a cold metal “iron board.” There were two “little green men” with pointy ears, and long arms that went down to their knees. He heard a telepathic message from one of the humanoids telling him that they were going to give him an implant. He screamed and remembers the little men walking towards him. His next memory was of standing in the yard and looking up and the object disappeared back up into the sky. He has no further memories.
Source: Starbuck’s UFO Abduction Page

Date: June 19 1999
Location: Near Penco Chile
Time:  0400A
Summary: A cab driver was driving back from a fare along a lonely road when he saw something standing on the side of the road near a hill. It seemed to be a dark figure, with two brilliant reddish points of light where the eyes should had been. The strange figure began to move towards the vehicle and the driver began to accelerate away from the area. Suddenly the figure seemed to rise up in the air, he briefly lost sight of the figure, and then it apparently landed on the roof of his vehicle. The driver saw the figure hanging to the rear of the cab, through the rearview mirror. He could see the outline of a face and forehead. He briefly looked away, and then looked back and the figure was gone. Later while checking his vehicle he was stunned to see that the odometer reading had nearly triple from where it was the night of the incident. He could find no explanation as to why that happened.
Source: UFOPR

Date: June 22 1999
Location: Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil
Time: 2100
Summary: Valdir Espinosa was fishing in a beach near Vitoria when looking up to the sky he noticed a “star” descend down to the beach shore about 100 meters away. From the star-like object five short figures emerged and approached the witness who panicked and ran away from the area, not looking back. Two hours later he returned to the area with two friends and the object and humanoids were gone, so was his catch of two fish that he had left behind.
Source:Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date: June 22 1999
Location: Near Albany New York
Time: 2130
Summary: Three women walking around a forested area in a small town where about a quarter of a mile from the house when they saw a pair of huge glowing red eyes. They were about 50 yards away. When they got to about 20 yards away they got a better look at the creature. It walked on two legs, looked like about 6 or 7 ft tall, and had wings that resembled those of a bat. When they got to about 10 yards away from the creature, it spread its wings (which stretched to about 10 ft) and silently started to rise into the air without even flapping them and disappeared at very high speed. There was an apparent time lapse involved.
Source: David Icke, Reptilian Research

ufo_158Date: June 25 1999
Location:  Romerike in Norway

Date: June 26 1999
Location:  Hartley, Kent, England
Time: night
Summary: Bob Prowse was driving through the village when he glimpsed a strange figure in his headlights standing on the side of the road. The figure was that of a tall, blond male. It had a bluish cast to it, and had its arms to its side as if standing to attention.
Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land

Date: June 27 1999
Location:  Fauquier County, Virginia
Time: 0200A
Summary: A 44-year old woman was attending a camp-out with her daughter when she felt compelled to leave the camp-out and told one of the other adults she was going home. She drove her van to a now closed military base. She parked in a parking lot next to a picnic area just outside the fence. She got out of the van to look at the full moon. She then noticed a bright blue light approaching the area. The light approached from her right side and as it got closer she noticed it was egg shaped. The object hovered over a clump of trees in the field 200 yards away. The egg shaped object hovered inside the nearby fence. She then saw three humanoid figures suddenly appear under the object. They were about 3 to 4-feet tall, green in color, with only four fingers in each hand that appeared to be gathering soil samples. The beings then noticed her. They then started moving toward her. Her next memory was of waking up inside her van with the doors locked. Later she was able to remember that the beings came through the fence and stood on each side of her with one behind her. The three beings then took her back through the fence to the still hovering object. She was floated up in a very bright light beam that was shining down from the bottom of the hovering craft. She was then led into a room, and was put on an examination table and was apparently examined.
Source: Richard Lang, Mufon

UFO_521Date:   June 29 1999
Location:   Mt Popo, Mexico

Date:   June 1999

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