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1999: March UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: August 24, 2016)

Date:  Spring 1999
Location:  Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England
Time: 2000
Summary: After playing around a bonfire the two young witnesses were standing in the huge garden talking. Suddenly one of the girls turned white and started shaking, she pointed across the garden to the fence, the other one looked and did not see anything at first. The other girl told her she had seen two figures dressed in white standing by the fence. They stood around for a while trying to look for the figures when both saw the figures running across the garden at very high speed. All they could tell about their features was that they wore a white tight-fitting suit. They suddenly disappeared from sight. The first witness who lives in the house with the garden claims to have seen the same figures inside the house on a later date
Source: UFOs and Aliens among us

Date: March 1999
Location: Georgia, exact location not given
Time: late night
Summary: The witness was in bed when she was suddenly jerked from sleepy by the terrifying thought that someone besides her husband was in her bedroom. She sat up in bed and for a brief instant saw a being standing near the side of her bed, toward the foot. It was extremely tall, maybe 6 ½ to 7 ft, dressed in a flowing white garment and had short dark hair. The right hand was raised to its temple in a gesture she could only describe as surprise, as if she wasn’t supposed to have awakened and seen it. The room was dark and this creature emitted no light, so the face was not really discernible. The witness did not receive any sense of fear, love or evil from the figure and it suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye
Source: Castle of Spirits Stories Index

UFO_525Date:  March 1999
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Date:   March 4 1999
Location:  Fairbanks, Alaska
Time:   21:00
Summary:  When I looked out the window on March 4, 1999 and ran got my parents who were upstairs. We saw 2 spherical fireballs hovering above Fairbanks International Airport. A few miles past it in the Eastern night sky. This went on for approximately 2 minutes then 1 disappeared and another followed approx. 10 seconds later. While driving back from my grandparents my dad and I also saw large fireballs hovering over Fort Wainwright Army Base. These were bright orange and hovered for a minute and one hovered higher and disappeared and the other followed seconds later.

Date:   March 6 1999
Location:  Adelaide (Aldinga Beach) South Australia
Time:  17:30
Summary:  A friend took this photo of the late afternoon sky from my front yard, looking westwards over the gulf of St. Vincent…….she was totally unawares of the object in the photo and it was not the subject matter of the photograph to be taken……it was only noticed when the film was developed at a later date
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:   March 6 1999
Location:  Dublin Ireland
Time:  22:57
Summary:  I was bringing the dog out for his usual late night walk. Suddenly the entire village was illuminated by a flash of white light, this was immediately followed by another even stronger flash of light. The light was so strong that the street lighting was no longer noticeable. I looked up see where the light was coming from but could not see directly because of the buildings in my line of sight. All of a sudden a massive florescent green cigar shaped object (about the size of a train carriage) flashed across the night sky at approx. 35,000ft. It was travelling in a downward diagonal from northeast to southwest, such was its speed that it traversed the entire sky in a matter of seconds. All the while there was no sound, no vapour trail and it maintained its colour and form. Immediately after this object vanished the birds started to go wild in the trees. I would be greatful if anyone with a similar experience could email me.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: March 6 1999
Location:  Houston, Texas
Time: 2355
Summary: Douglas Juenemann and his girlfriend had gone to bed when a few minutes before midnight he felt compelled to look out the window. There he saw a misty apparition. It was a face, of little substance, but with very large eyes. The other features were obscured, but he could see a non-human nose and no visible mouth. After seeing the figure Juenemann felt an “electric” sensation going through his body, beginning at his wrists and his waist. His body became numb. The sensation traveled through his body twice becoming somewhat painful. The sensation ended and the face disappeared.

Date:   March 7 1999
Location:  Christchurch, Dorset England
Time:   04:30
Summary:  Very bright orange object in clear night sky at almost exactly due north from my location and 20 degrees from the horizon moved very slowly to my right and appeared to have what I can only describe as a halo around it or smaller lights rotating around it very quickly indeed. After five or six minutes it turned from orange to white and seemed to close like a camera lense, or rapidly move away from me. It was too far away for me to tell. I am not a crackpot or looking for fame in any way and am reporting exactly what I saw. There were the usual stars twinkling in the dark sky and I am used to seeing them every clear morning because I always have to get up at 4am to go to work. As for the size of the object I can only hazard a guess but I would say that as it was apparently some distance away from my position, it was at least ten times larger than the largest star I could see. I hesitated to fetch my video camera, binoculars or still camera in case it disappeared whilst I was getting them from my study. If I see anything like it again I shall make haste to get my binoculars and camera and risk losing sight of whatever it is. Duration: 5-6mins
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:   March 7 1999
Location:  Kiev
Time:  19:56
Summary:  Under the clouds(not far from the ground),for over 3 minutes 2 witnesses were able to observe a medium fireball(orange-red color) with blue dot in the middle,flying from the north to the south.During the observation witnesses were able to feel the hotness(daily temperaure -13C).For two days after problems with eyes(such as pain and tearness). During the observation strange sound were heard(someting like a giant motor).
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: March 7 1999
Location:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time: 2300
Summary: The witness was awakened by a sound outside his house. He got up and looked out to see a horrible looking woman with a white dress which locals called the “Pontianak.” The figure was facing opposite to the witness staring at an empty house. The witness heard loud laughter coming from the figure and noticed that she had a horrible grin on her face. The witness panicked and went back to sleep.

Date: March 8 1999
Location: Lucignagno Arezzo Italy
Time: 1600
Summary: A married couple was taking a walk along the Calcione Forest when they noticed a luminous triangular-shaped object hovering still in the sky. Moments later further ahead on the path they spotted a human like figure of normal height that was wearing coveralls with a helmet and visor. Inside the visor they could see a pair of blue eyes, eyebrows, pale skin, a human like nose and a barely noticeable mouth. In a metallic sounding voice the figure said “Peace.” Then a loud whistling sound coming from the hovering luminous object distracted the witnesses. They saw the object move slightly then gradually disappear from sight. When they looked back on the path the strange figure had also vanished.
Source:CUN Florence

Date:   March 8 1999
Location:  Guilford England
Time:  15:45
Summary:  Kempton Golf course looking skywards towards the Guilford area,Gray background sky,with heavy dark rain Clouds,as i looked at the edge of the cloud, i noticed a very bright circular light, like a small sun,It hung next to the cloud ,then moved towards the cloud, it seemed to accelerate then within that small distance it was gone !
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: March 10 1999
Location: Almirante Tamandare, Parana, Brazil
Time: 1500
Summary: Pedro da Rosa was working in his vegetable garden when he heard a loud buzzing sound. Turning around, he saw at about 500 meters away a strange silvery metallic oval-shaped object. At first he saw it was a neighbor’s brand new tractor. Five minutes later he noticed two short humanoids walking around and under the object. The short figures re-entered the object, which emitted a loud whistling sound and shot up towards the sky at high speed.
Source:Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:   March 15 1999
Location:  Baumholder Germany
Time:  12:00
Summary:  This happened when I was in the 4th Grade. I’m now 46. My father was an NCO in the U.S. Army stationed at the NATO base in Baumholder, and I was his dependent. I’m sure this story is of little use to you save as a curiosity at this point, but I’ve never written it down or reported it to anyone prior to this. This was a very clear, bright day. There were not haze or clouds. I was between classes after lunch. A friend and I were looking out the class window over the town of Baumholder. I observed a rather bright object coming towards the school. It was curving in from what must have been the NNW heading towards the SW. Because of its arc I was able to see at different times its port and starboard sides as well as it’s bottom. There was no way to gauge altitude, so I couldn’t tell you what its size was. Likewise, couldn’t estimate speed, although it seemed to be in no hurry. We thought at first that it was an airplane. We began to joke about the Russians (remember where I was, and that it was 1962). As it came closer, nearly overhead the school, I began to realize that it was not a plane and that I had never seen anything like it before. We gradually became silent with out joking. It had no wings, empennage, or markings. It made no vapor trail and had no exhaust. I saw nothing to suggest an engine, cockpit, or windows. I’d seen a lot of planes and helicopters in my young life (Army brat). It was not a plane or helicopter. Neither was it a blimp, balloon, kite, gyrocopter, or droid. It made no noise that I could hear. It seemed quite graceful. It looked like nothing so much as a flying fluorescent light. It was long, but cut off very cleanly and abruptly on both of its ends. It’s lines were exceptionally well-defined. It seemed seamless. It did not seem metallic. It did not seem to reflect the sun. It had a very curious dull, off-white, glow to it, not bright, but very steady and uniform. It looked as if someone h
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: March 15 1999
Location: Altona, Parana, Brazil
Time: 2315
Summary: 18-year old Rodrigo Friedrich was returning to his home from a party when he noticed what appeared to be numerous shiny “stars” in the sky. Suddenly one of the “stars” began to descend at high speed. He thought it was a shooting star and completely ignored it. 40 minutes later as he was arriving home a bright glow attracted his attention about 1km away from his location. Curious he approached the light and encountered a huge 30-meter sized disc shaped object completely illuminated. Near the object where six short humanoids running back and forth as if looking for something. At this point Rodrigo, began to get a headache, and attempted to yell out to obtain additional witnesses. As he walked away he looked back and saw the object climbing up into the sky at high speed. Several days after the encounter Rodrigo began experiencing nightmares in which he saw short gray colored humanoids.
Source:Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date: Delano, Florida
Location:  March 17 1999
Time: night
Summary: Mary T (involved in other encounters) was awakened from a sound sleep and found several 5-foot tall beings with dark eyes standing in her room. She could not move and her arm was hurting, “something else hurt.” The dogs were barking. Frightened she then watched the beings “backed up through the wall.” The next morning she found black and blue fingerprints on her left arm but she did not hurt.
Source: Donald M Ware

Date: March 19 1999
Location: Moreno Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 0450A
Summary: Abel Pedro Bifano suddenly woke up in the middle of the night unable to move, he attempted to rise but is unable to. He then tries to scream but realizes that nothing comes out of his throat. Frightened he then sees on the left side of his bed a very thin hand that is approaching with a strange object resembling a remote control, that seemed to be emitting electrical discharges, at the same time he feels a heavy weight on his chest. Looking towards the front he sees two figures, one of normal height, and the other one shorter with a large head, and huge eyes. At that moment he is suddenly able to move and rises from bed at the same time hearing the screaming sounds that he had previously attempted to make earlier. He tells the visitors to leave, not to bother him anymore, suddenly the figures vanished. For the next several hours he felt dizzy, and nauseated.
Source:Puente Espacial, September 1999

Date: March 22 1999
Location:  Vale Do Jatoba, Minas Gerais Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Grasiele Guedes was taking a short cut through a valley when she came upon a short creature with large yellow eyes emitting a blue beam of light. She tried to approach the creature to obtain a better look, but the figure suddenly approached her. Afraid she ran home, later the witness returned to the area with her mother but the creature was nowhere to be seen.
Source:Revista Brasileira de Ufologia

Date:   March 1999



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