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Date: November 1999
Location: Grove Hill, Alabama
Time:  morning
Summary: After local police received calls about a strange entity seen at a local field, assistant deputy Gene Sheffield responded to the site. At the field Sheffield and another man saw a bizarre humanoid described as very tall, muscular and reptilian in nature with its body covered in what appeared to be scales. Sheffield gave chase on foot but was unable to capture the elusive being. Footprints were reportedly found.
Source: Año Cero XII

Date: November 1999
Location: Chilla Well, Northern Territories, Australia
Time: daytime
Summary: A craft resembling two plates put together and about four ft between, with a silvery blue light in the middle came down in this aboriginal settlement and hovered just above the ground. Several human like figures exited the craft; these had only three fingers on each hand and spoke the aboriginal language. As they walked towards the aborigine witnesses, these ran away in fear. The humanoids told the aborigines not to be afraid and the aborigines asked them if they needed diesel fuel. They said no, that they were looking for “blue crystal” for their craft. They were then told to go to a nearby location. The humanoids re-entered the craft and this one went away. It never touched the ground while there.
Source: Douglass from UFO Research Northern Territories

Date:  November 1999

Date:  November 1999
Location:  Heckmondwike , West Yorkshire
Time:  around 6 o’clock
Summary:  I was outside just checking the oil and water on the car it was dark and the stars were really prominent in the night sky as I looked over towards Morrisons I noticed something fly under a bright star and completely block out the light but I couldn’t see anything it was coming towards me so I kept my eye on it to think were it may be it came into sight directly up above me only saw it for about 3 to 4 seconds what looked like an old Northrop bomber it was cloaked I could see a lot of lightning and what looked like welding arc that bright flashing around the craft also when you look down a long road on a red hot day and you get like that shimmering effect well I could see that directly under the craft it didn’t look that high but when I think about it it could have been in space they was no lights on this craft no noise whatsoever and no markings ..but I can tell you this it wasn’t from this planet absolutely no way a boomerang shaped craft I wasn’t drunk I don’t take drugs either I know what I saw it was nearly 17 years ago there isn’t a day gos by without me thinking about it
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date: November 1999
Location: Lajamanu, Northern Territories Australia
Time: 1600
Summary: Phil and some other aboriginals saw a 4-wheel vehicle drive pass thru town, there was a woman and some men in it, the car was all dirty. Later that day, Phil and two aboriginal men set up camp outside of town. While sitting around the fire they noticed the car again, this time it was all clean and shiny, then they saw a huge UFO n the sky, greenish in color, long and flat with a round belly underneath. As they watched, the bottom of the craft opened up, and the car was gently taken up inside of the UFO, and then the UFO went up and disappeared.
Source: Douglass, from UFO Research Northern Territories

Date:  November 1999
Location:  Yosemite National Park, California
Time:  late night
Summary: The witness was camping alone in the wilderness when several figures about 4.5 ft tall appeared in his tent and communicated via telepathy. The witness felt calm during the encounter and reported that the “aliens” did not perform any intrusive procedures and only expressed concern about humanity’s treatment of the wilderness. His next memory was of being back in the campsite without any further recollection.
Source:UFO Reporter

Date: November 1 1999
Location:  Benito Goncalves, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Time:  afternoon
Summary: Two men, Jose Freira, and Cid Moreira were fishing in a river when they observed a strange object approaching their location. The object hovered at about 3 meters above the water on the other side of the river. The object was round with small windows around its circumference. Behind the windows they could see two figures wearing helmets with antennas on the right side of the helmet. The craft hovered over the river for four minutes and then disappeared from sight.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:  November 4 1999
Location:   Papua New Guinea
Summary:  Hi, I saw an article in the Honolulu Advertiser (one of the two mainstream dailies in Honolulu), which cited this website: http://pidp.ewc.hawaii.edu/PIReport/1999/November/11-12-02.htm Thousands saw a UFO in Papua New Guinea. Rob uyeyama@hawaii.edu The article in the link is included here: ************************************ PACIFIC ISLANDS REPORT Pacific Islands Development Program/East-West Center Center for Pacific Islands Studies/University of Hawai‘i at Manoa THOUSANDS REPORT UFO OVER EAST NEW BRITAIN PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (November 11, 1999 – Post-Courier)—It was about 200 meters (660 feet) long, 50 meters (165 feet) wide and was lit up like a city in the sky. It moved very slowly across the sky, making a quiet puffing noise. This is the description of what thousands of people on the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain saw in the sky over the weekend. The people of the remote Bainingo ranges, cut off from television and anything else that is modern, possibly had the best description. They say a craft, which had huge lumps on the sides with light flickering around it. Some Bainingos said the object was lit up all around like a red-hot stone in an oven pit. But what they saw was exactly what others on the Gazelle Peninsula witnessed on the same night, Thursday, November 4. The people who saw the flying craft concluded that they were witnessing a spacecraft from another planet. On other parts of the province, similar sightings were made, although their descriptions were slightly different. Over on Duke of York Islands those living on the island closest to New Ireland Province reported seeing a huge craft hovering just meters above the seas off St George Channel, and traveling at a very slow speed. They claimed they saw other smaller crafts with bright lights circulating the bigger craft in a playful manner. They claimed they watched the craft until it disappeared over the high mountains in New Ireland. At Rangulit village, in the Baining area, on the same night, naturalized citizen John Berenti of Namatanai in New Ireland, and his family were sitting on the verandahs of their home when, all of a sudden, a huge craft appeared just above the top of the mango trees. “It was so big, about 200 meters (660 feet) to 300 meters (990 feet) long, and 50 meters (165 feet) wide. “It was moving very, very slowly across the sky and was lit up like a shooting star and it had two very bright lights at the tail. “We honestly did not know what it was, but it certainly wasn’t an aircraft,” Mr. Berenti said. “It was traveling too slow, far too slow. “It did not make any loud sound, just a quite puffing sound as it glided gracefully over the tree tops,” he said. Mr. Berenti said his entire family saw the craft. He said the people who lived there, who saw the craft, lit handheld fires and chased after the craft, wanting to see where it would go. Mr. Berenti said he had never seen anything like it and he was troubled by it. “It cannot be associated with anything on this planet.” He considered that the bright glow around the craft was its magnetic field, keeping the force of gravity away.” About 50 kilometers (30 miles) across the sea from Lassul Baining, Police Officer Raymond Theodore was sitting under his house along Vuvu Beach, North Coast of Rabaul, around 8:30 p.m. when he noticed what looked to be a huge craft traveling just meters above the seas. “First I thought it was a ship but then we saw it travel over Waton Island.” “It had very bright lights at the back as it moved along, but it made no sound,” he said. Others who saw the craft gave similar accounts. For additional reports from The Post-Courier, go to PACIFIC ISLANDS REPORT News/Information Links: Newspapers/The Post-Courier (Papua New Guinea). ****************************** The November 13 (1999) Honolulu Advertiser article (Page A2) is here: (I just typed it in): “Object flies over Papua New Guinea” PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea — Residents in several parts of East New Britain province reported seeing an unidentified flying object this week that was “lit up like a city in the sky” and was “making a quiet puffing noise.” People in the remote Bainingo Mountains, who do not have easy access to televesion and other electronic media, said the craft looked like a red-hot stone in an oven pit. In other parts of the province, similar sightings were made, the Post-Courier reported. “We honestly did not know what t was, but it certainly wasn’t an aircraft,” one resident said. [Compiled by Pacific Islands Development Program (East-West Center) & Center for Pacific Islands Studies (U. of Hawaii). E-mail Contact: hulsena@ewc.hawaii.edu More news at: http://pidp.ewc.hawaii.edu/PIReport. ] ********** Text in brackets was at bottom of article. This URL is where I found the first citation.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  November 4 1999
Location:  Not given
Time: 0330A
Summary:  The witness was falling asleep when he noticed some strange lights in the sky (through an opened window?). Soon after that he woke up to see two tall figures hovering above his body. They used some sort of long hook that paralyzed long enough for them to take him onboard a craft and put him on an examination table. There were three other people in the same room that he could see; one was old, with glasses and gray hair. The aliens surrounded the witness and began to rub a bluish liquid on his chest and arms. He was then taken into another room accompanied by one of the aliens, which touched a section on his leg that had been bruised the previous day as a result of a bicycling accident. Then another alien inserted an instrument in his nose, at this point he blacked out. The next morning he woke up in his bed and the bruise on his leg was gone. His arms and legs had a bluish tint to it.
Source: Alien-UFOs.com

Date: Nov. 5, 1999
Location: Salmon Cove, Newfoundland
Time:  8:30 pm
Summary:  A glowing red ball of light was seen to move from the ocean inland across a bay, illuminating the beach and rock face.
Source: The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date:  November 6 1999
Location:  East Haddam, Connecticut
Time: 0200A
Summary: Five young men were practicing martial arts at the local Devil’s Hopyard State Park late at night, when one of them, Paul Poniatowski, 18, heard his name being called in whispers. He heard “Paul…Paul…leave now or you’ll join us forever.” At least one of his friends reported hearing it too. Unnerved they decided to leave. On the way out, another one of the young men, Todd Silber, heard laughter. Another one, Joseph Robinson, 18, said he saw a beast-like “demon” sitting on a fence, although he couldn’t describe it in detail. Poniatowski said he saw a shadow with a jagged edge. Silber said he was thrown into the air and into a tree. He later found four slash marks on his pants. Another one of the men, Shaun Cyrn, 18, saw something so frightening that he refuses to talk about it. At his request they drove to the home of a local pastor. Police arrested the men for allege disruptive behavior.
Source: Christine Dempsey, The Hartford Courant

Date: November 13 1999
Location: Cachoeira de Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Time: 1400
Summary: Andre Marquetti and Jair Picerni were jogging in the local park on a very sunny day. As they ran near a clearing they saw a “classic” disc shaped object with a transparent dome on top. Stunned they stood and watched and attempted to run away but could not move. They then noticed a figure exit the craft, which completely ignored them and walked around the object. Five minutes later the humanoid re-entered the object which then rose up slowly and disappeared from sight. Soon the two men were able to move again. Both suffered from headaches and nausea for a week after the incident.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date:  November 16 1999: Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Sightings

Date:  November 16 1999: Luminous Formation Over Pennsylvania

Date:  November 17 1999
Location: Tejucuoca, Ceara, Brazil
Time:  1930
Summary: 74-year old Julia Moreira was walking home from the house of a friend on the night of the full moon after walking for about 8 meters she heard the neighbor’s voices alerting her that an object was descending from the sky over her. At first she thought it was a “trick” and did not give it much thought. But soon she looked up and saw an object resembling a metallic “elevator” that was descending on a curved path toward her. As the object hovered over her two enormous metallic clamps emerged from the object and attempted to grasp her around her waist. As she struggled with the clamps a neighbor ran over and pulled her away. The object then hovered over a nearby house. There the witnesses described the object as metallic and squat in appearance, which emitted heat and had numerous white lights on top. The craft also emitted a noise similar to a jet turbine. A total of 12 witnesses saw the craft and the attempted abduction of Moreira. Curiously the short period in which Moreira stood under the object she felt confused and perplexed and was not totally aware of her surroundings. Later she suffered from lack of sleep and from an unaccountable fear of venturing to the location of the encounter. Another young woman in the same location reported being attacked by a bright light around the same time. On another occasion a rider lost control of his motorcycle as a strong white light chased him.
Source: Jose Agobar, UFO Genesis Brazil

Date: Nov. 21, 1999
Location:  GOES Satellite image
Summary: This page is posted for information only and has not been evaluated.

Date:  November 24 – 25 1999: Argentina: UFO Stole Water from Military Base

Date:  November 25 1999
Location: Coari, Amazonas, Brazil
Time: 1623
Summary: Maria de Jesus was outside washing some clothing in her yard when she felt something moving near her, to one side. Turning around she was confronted by a short creature about 1.20 meters in height, with large black eyes, wearing metallic clothing, and holding a cane-like instrument in his left hand. The humanoid gesticulated towards the witness, who screamed in fear. This startled the humanoid that then seemed to levitate and disappeared behind a nearby stonewall. Seconds later from behind the stone wall, a large ball of fire appeared and shot up into the sky at very high speed. The encounter lasted for about 3 minutes.
Source: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET

Date: Nov. 26, 1999
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Time: 11:30 PM.
Summary: A glowing silver cigar-shaped object traveled very quickly up and down the beach in the Bethwells Beach area. It was seen by several witnesses and seemed to dematerialize and reappear a number of times; It finally hovered low over the water 200 meters away from shore. A dog started barking at the object, and the dog’s owner, who felt a static charge emanating from the object, then became frightened.
Source: Robert Frola, Australasian Ufologist, January 2001, p. 47; UFO Magazine (USA), March 2000, p. 17

Date: Nov. 30, 1999 
Location: Markham, Ontario
Time: 6:30 am 
Summary: A bright triangular object was observed hanging in the sky for 15 minutes.
Source: The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date:  November 1999

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