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Date: October 1999
Location:  Midhurst, West Sussex England
Time: 0800A
Summary:Lee Fellick was approaching Midhurst on the A286 road when suddenly a figure stepped out into the roadway a short distance ahead of his car. It was wearing a long waistcoat, baggy trousers, boots, and a Quaker-style hat. Fellick braked instinctively and by the time he had slowed down, he was about 15 ft away from the figure and realized that it was transparent in nature. He could see right through it. The apparition crossed the road and just “dissolved” into some trees.
Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land

Date: October 1999
Location: Not given
Time: 2239
Summary: After seeing a maneuvering light below the clouds over the area and other mysterious activity, the witness was lying down in his room when he heard the door shut. He opened his eyes and saw three men dressed in black suits, and black hats standing in a row. The witness yelled out “get away from me devil”, then he heard one of them say, “oh, he is one of the chosen ones.” The next thing he knew he was standing in his room and the men were gone.
Source: John Lynch, CAUS

Date:  October 1999
Location:  Huaika Tabio, Colombia

Date:  October 1 1999
Location: Manhattan, New York
Time: 1700
Summary: The witness was ascending the escalator at Penn Station and had reached street level when she noticed standing about 20 feet away, what seemed to be a male figure about 6-feet, 7 inches tall. He stood near the mouth of the entranceway to the station. The tall being stared at the passerby’s as though he was trying to choose one of them. The witness caught a glimpse of his face but she turned away immediately, and walked away down the sidewalk without turning back, feeling that if she would turn around for another look something would happen to her. For an unknown reason she felt tremendous fear. The figure’s face was not human, his eyes looked right through you. His face was light gray almost white, thick brow, and menacing eyes. He stood in a peculiar way, standing with his back arched, broad shoulders, his elbows pointing towards his back, his head was tilted back just a bit looking down at the top of people’s heads. The witness quickly left the area and did not return.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  October 2 1999
Location: Canyon Lake, Texas
Time: night
Summary: After a party six young people were walking through a field when they noticed that their bodies began to glow in a light resembling that of a “black light.” Soon they heard noises like people running through the grass right besides them. They then saw what appeared to be figures climbing up the trees. Afraid the witness began walking back to the truck and drove to a nearby old Indian cemetery. They parked about 20 feet away and decided to go into the cemetery. As they neared the cemetery they noticed something approaching them, it appeared to have a human shape, and red eyes. They all ran back to the truck one of them was pulled to the ground by an unknown force as he reached the truck. The also noticed a figure sitting between 2 trees, cross-legged as they drove away.
Source: Archive X

Date: Oct. 2, 1999
Location: Bird’s Hill Park, Manitoba
Time:  3:00 pm 
Summary: Two hikers saw “a white tube with black ends spinning and falling toward the ground.” It suddenly stopped falling, then flew away out of sight.
Source: The 1999 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY, an analysis of UFO reports

Date: October 12 1999
Location: Carmondean Livingston England
Time: 1900
Summary: A man was walking his dogs on a field near a wooded area when he saw something in the distance on the open ground, which he initially though was another person walking a dog. However as the figure approached he noticed that the figure was a luminous yellow in color. He described the figure as being very tall, possibly close to seven feet tall with the luminous yellow color in the head area, hands, and feet. The witness dogs began barking at the figure and one ran away. At that point he was no more that eight to ten feet from the figure and he called out, “Hello can I help you.” The figure appeared to turn his head, but there was no response. The witness then became more aware of the luminosity emanating from the head, hands, and feet of the figure. At this point he felt frightened and decided and left the area as quick as possible.
Source: George Niedzwiedz, Bufora

Date: October 13 1999
Location: Near Phoenix Arizona
Time: late evening
Summary: A father and son were hunting grouse in an abandoned field when they saw a bizarre looking craft hovering nearby. It was shaped like a barrel with bright red and green lights that flashed in a rapid circular pattern. It never touched the ground but it hovered about a foot over it. A door opened and a being dressed in bright yellow proceeded to use some kind of device that emitted several flashes of light towards the witnesses. Both could see a strange marking on the craft that resembled that of a rooster or a type of bird. The son wanted to shoot at the craft but the father convinced him otherwise. They watched the craft and humanoid for almost an hour when finally the door closed. Soon they heard a loud noise similar to a vacuum cleaner and the craft lifted up approximately 150 feet into the air. It then flew straight ahead and disappeared over the horizon.
Source: Unsolved Mysteries.com

Date:  middle of October 1999
Location: Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
Time:  2000
Summary: Gary Yates, a local stonemason was working in his construction shelter covered with a tarp and illuminated with a halogen lamp when he suddenly was overcome with the feeling that he was being watched. Looking out under the tarp he was surprised to see a bright light, “like a car headlight, but smaller.” The light pulsed and quickly grew in size over the roof of a nearby house. As the light got closer and closer to Yates, he was thrown back up against the bank. His next memory was of seeing the light receding away, and then it was gone. He briefly saw a figure with a gray face looking at him from within the light as it moved off. Going to a nearby convenience store he soon realized that he had lost 3 hours of time. The following morning he discovered a small object in his beard. The tightly curled organic object was about 4mm across, dark brown in color with golden, translucent edges. It resembled a ferrule as would encase a tiny blossom at the end of a stem. Some time later he discovered a short wound on his right hand side. This wound healed rapidly. Soon after Gary experienced “bad dreams” and the radio in the bedroom would come on by itself. The phone also experienced heavy static. No hypnotic regression was attempted.
Source: UFO BC

Date:  October 17 1999
Location:  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Time: 2025
Summary: Two cylinder shaped crafts were seen maneuvering over a road near the city. Two vehicles reportedly stalled as the objects approached and several of the witnesses felt dizzy at the presence of the objects. The objects were silver in color and highly polished. Each object had a row of about 13 yellow-orange lights. There was also a blue haze around one of the objects. Also at least two silhouettes of beings with large heads were seen in each of the crafts. The eyes of the beings were red and fiery and were like slits. The crafts did not land but came close to the ground. Suddenly there was a thunder like sound and the objects disappeared. Scorch marks were reportedly found on the ground near where the objects hovered.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  October 26 1999
Location:  California, exact location not given
Time:  late night
Summary: The witness suddenly woke up feeling a presence in her room. Her body began to get a familiar vibrating feeling, she then became lethargic. In the dark she saw a figure in the room, she could see it standing by the bedroom door. The witness became enraged and by using telepathy cursed at the entity several times. The being looked scared and it crouched in the corner with its head down. The witness tried to turn the light on but it would not work and then tried to use the phone but it was also out of commission. The witness now had calmed down and asked the being why they were not going anywhere; she received a reply “I Just Don’t like women.” The being now came over to the witness, who described it as a female, and sat on the bed. The witness then held her hand, which felt very cold. The being was about 4-feet tall, and was wearing a blackish hooded cape. The being then told the witness she was going to take her to the ship now. The witness next recollection was of waking up around 0214A, feeling a bit of the vibration in her body. The female humanoid was gone.
Source: CAUS

Date:  October 27 1999
Location:  Le Muy, France

Date: October 28 1999: Abduction on Carlyle Lake

Date:  October 1999

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