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Date: February 1953
Location: Vayres, Gironde, France
Time: 0200A
Summary: 63-year old Marcial Grillet was riding his moped on Route 89 along a field when he noticed multi-colored flashes of light nearby. There was total silence in the area. As he approached he noticed that the lights were on an oval shaped “colorful mass” that was hovering at about 10-15 meters from the ground. He could see what appeared to be several shadowy figures moving around under the light. The witness suffered from anxiety and a general malaise after the encounter. An area of about 60 meters in width of burned grass was found at the site.
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Location: Los Angeles California
Date: February 1953
Time: afternoon
A pair of strange looking men, described as over 6’ 2” tall, visited a local attorney’s office. Wearing old tattered clothing, with bluish-green skin tone and peculiar looking pointy ears. Both men claimed they were experts at locating “missing persons.” At one point one of the men made a deep wedge with his bare hands into the top of a metallic cabinet of at least half an inch in depth. Unnerved by their strange behavior employees called the local FBI office, but upon the arrival of the agents, the two enigmatic strangers had totally vanished.
Source: Scott Corrales, quoting Harold T Wilkins

Date: Feb. 1, 1953
Location: Terre Haute, Indiana
Time: 2130 EST.
Summary: A military aircraft on a 270 heading 10 miles west of Terre Haute sighted a close group of moving lights changing color from red to blue, to green to yellow. The T-33 pilot estimated their altitude to range between 30,000 ft. to 15,000 ft. flying in a manner similar to conventional aircraft. Searchlights from the St. Louis area seemed to be following the unidentified lights.
Source: Dan Wilson

Date: Feb. 3, 1953
Location: Keflavik Airport, Iceland             BBU 2384
Summary: At 5:25 p.m., unidentified radar plots were observed on radar scopes of the 932nd AC&W Squadron. The first plot was observed at 5:25 p.m., bearing 345 degrees, range 90 nautical miles. The second plot was observed at 5:27 p.m., and faded after remaining motionless for two minutes. The third plot was observed at 5:36 p.m., bearing 341 degrees, range 112 nautical miles. The fourth was observed at 5:49 p.m., bearing 348 degrees, range 118 nautical miles. There were no aircraft operating in the area according to all military and civilian sources contacted. The apparent lack of motion indicated during two full minutes is still unexplained. 
Source: Dan Wilson

Date: Feb. 4, 1953
Location: Yuma, Ariz.               BBU 2388
Time: 1:50-55 p.m. 
Summary: U.S. Weather Bureau observer Stanley H. Brown, using a theodolite, tracked to the E [W?] at 107° [270°?] azimuth 53° elevation a white, oblong object almost round, with a solid dull pure white color and a thin white mist completely edging it, flying straight up, leveling off. After 20 secs 1st object was joined by a 2nd similar object that twice flew away and returned to the 1st. Both lost to sight behind clouds to the SSW at 204° azimuth 29° elevation after 5 mins timed with stopwatch. 
Source: Berliner; McDonald 1968

Date: Feb. 6, 1953
Location: Rosalia, WA        [CCL#34]                BBU
Time: 1:34 a.m. PST.
Summary: A B-36 report, very accurate sighting description, showing object circled as the aircraft approached it, and light commenced flashing at short intervals. The B-36 aircraft was in flight in the vicinity of Spokane, Washington, when one round white omnidirectional light was sighted. The light was at an altitude of approximately 7,000 feet on a southeast course circling and rising as it proceeded. It was visually observed for a period of three to five minutes. The B-36 made 180 degree descending turn toward the light which was estimated to be moving at a speed of 150 to 200 knots. The aircraft was inbound to Spokane 15 miles out and located over Rosalia, Washington. 
Source: Project 1947; McDonald list

Date: Feb. 6, 1953
Location: Truk Island
Time: 11:10 p.m. local time
Summary: An Air Force Officer in charge of the Weather Bureau Station on Truk sighted a bullet-shaped shiny object traveling at 150 mph at an approximate altitude of 400 to 500 feet. The object appeared to be larger than a C-47 aircraft.

Date: Feb. 7, 1953          BBU
Location: Okinawa 
Time: 9:22 p.m. 
Summary: USAF F-94 crew and other witnesses saw a bright orange object change color to red and green at intervals, disappear behind a cloud, ground radar tracking. 
Source: UFOE, III, VIII, Project 1947; McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 8, 1953              BBU
Location: Barter Island, Alaska
Time: 4:50 a.m. (AHST). 
Summary: Military pilot [and another witness?] working at airstrip heard a deep heavy sound and saw brilliant round white object with small ray-like appendages descending in a falling-leaf motion but without the upward swings, then hovered, moved about 50 ft against the wind to original position, after 45 secs began to climb using reverse falling-leaf maneuver, picked up speed changing color to orange tint. ()
Source:  Hynek-CUFOS re-eval; Jan Aldrich; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 9, 1953
Location: Virginia, N.C.
Summary: Border. Marine Corps pilot chased rocket-like object. 
Source: UFOE, IV

Date: Feb. 9, 1953
Location: Nr. Washington, D.C.
Summary: Evening. A Marine Corps fighter pilot, alerted by a Navy facility in Norfolk, searched for a silver, maneuvering object that had been seen from the ground near the Virginia-North Carolina border. The F9F Panther pilot at first saw nothing and was returning to the base. He then saw “what looked like an airplane with red lights which appeared below me… What caused me to look back at the object,” said 1st Lt. Ed Balocco, “was the fact that it moved from below me 10,000 feet vertically in a matter of seconds.” He turned to investigate and chased the object at speeds over 500 mph for 3-4 minutes, but could not close in on it.

Date: Feb. 10, 1953              BBU
Location: Misawa AFB, Japan
Time: 6:45 PM.
Summary: Unidentified radar targets spotted on GCA scope. Objects seen on both 2 and 10 mile azimuth scopes. Targets were solid and definite. The objects were reported flying at 50 knots. An F-94 was scrambled. The objects were not plotted or seem visually by the F-94. The F-94 reported radar interference.
Source: Dan Wilson, McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 11, 1953               CCL #37                     BBU
Location: Bet. Tunis, Tunisia & Tripoli, Libya
Time: 8:45 p.m. (GMT).
Summary:  USAF C-119 transport crew saw a disc pass the plane.
Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 13, 1953                   BBU
Location: Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, TX
Time: 2:35 a.m. (CST).
Summary: Pilots and crew of B-36 aircraft (one named Ruth) saw 3 bright lights of equal intensity in stacked vertical echelon formation approaching at moderately high speed (cruise speed of F-86), one object suddenly accelerated then came to complete halt and the other 2 objects did the same, then returned to original formation and repeated the maneuver, ending in a horizontal echelon with center object the pivot, then all climbed steeply in “swinging” motion at high speed. Possible ground radar contact.
Source: Hynek-CUFOS re-eval; Jan Aldrich; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 12, 1953          BBU
Location: Vichy, Missouri 
Time: 8:30 p.m. 
Summary: USAF Capt. Robert Bailey, his FO, and crew chief of C-47 transport at 7,000 ft, 170 knots (200 mph) airspeed, heading 43° (NE), saw a small round light as they neared the Vichy Radio Range Station. Light changed intensity and looked like it was on collision course at 238° bearing [heading? from behind or in front??]. Bailey turned on landing lights to try to signal it, light then stopped its approach, flew off their left wing at about 1 mile while changing color from red to amber to green. After 5-10 mins the light dropped back, increased speed, made 3 dives and zooms on a parallel course before disappearing. 
Source: NARCAP; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 16, 1953            BBU
Location: Ramer, Alabama
Time: 5:30 p.m. (EST).
Summary: Hawk and Stern. 
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 16, 1953                    BBU
Location: Willow, Alaska 
Time: 11:50 p.m.­ 12:05 a.m. [11:45 p.m. (AHST) ?]
Summary:  C-47 crew pursued nocturnal light which was below horizon, then ascended, hovered, maneuvered, disappeared. Initially to the E, after hovering, C-47 turned to pursue on 345° heading, object accelerated, brightened and decreased in size, C-47 chased at 270°-290° heading to disappearance in 45 secs. 
Source: Willy Smith pp. 43-48; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 17, 1953           BBU
Location: Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
Time: 6:55 p.m. (AHST). 
Summary: Ground observers and fighter interception. Nocturnal light with rapid vertical takeoff. 
Source:Berliner; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 17, 1953                   BBU 2419
Location: Port Austin, Mich.
Time: 10:04-10:25 p.m.
Summary: 2 officers and 3 airmen of USAF AC&W squadron saw an object larger and brighter than a star, changing color, moving slowly until 10:09. Radar tracked a target at 10:08 moving in a similar direction for 17 mins, at similar speed. 
Source: Berliner

Location: Avellaneda, Quilmes, Argentina
Date: February 18 1953
Time: night
According to the witness, Eustaqui Zagorski he was abducted by several human-like extraterrestrials and flown to the Jupiter satellite of Ganymede. There he has extensive contacts and learns the “varkulets” or the alien writing. (Which is understood a coded Spanish by researcher Galindez). Reportedly had a second abduction on June 20 1968, at the height of the 1968 Argentine UFO wave.
Source: Eustaqui Zagorski “Yo viaje en un plato Volador” (unpublished manuscript), Phenomenes Spatiaux # 30 

Date: Feb. 20, 1953                 BBU 2426
Location: Pittsburgh-Stockton, Calif.
Summary: Sighting #1 time unknown; #2, 10:30 [11:30 PST?] p.m. USAF B-25 bomber pilots. Sighting #1, a bright yellow light seen for 8 mins. Sighting #2, a bright light flew on a collision course, dimmed and climbed away fast. ()
Source: Berline; FUFOR Index

Date: Feb. 22, 1953
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
Time: 3:30 p.m.EST
Summary: Claire Range on duty station with GOC at Lake Erie reported to the Buffalo Filter Center the observation of a silvery chrome object saucer like in shape 100 to 150 feet in diameter about 1 and 1/4 miles out over Lake Erie going west. No propulsion system observed and no sound was observed. The object was reflecting light brightly. Claire Range was a former Navy gunner. 
Source: Blue Book, Dan Wilson

Date: Feb. 24, 1953                     BBU 2441
Location: Sherman, Texas
Time: 7:43 p.m.
Summary: Warrant Officer and Mrs. Alden saw 2 bright red, round objects with big halos fly in small circles, climb and fade. 
Source: Berliner

Date: Feb. 25, 1953                   BBU
Location: Charleston, West Virginia 
Time: 3:30 p.m. EST
Summary: An unusual target (oblong, 2 miles wide and 7 miles long) was sighted on an FPS-3 radar of the 783rd AC&W Squadron. Fade-out occurred in like appearance to the gaining or losing altitude. The length of observation was 15 minutes.
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index, Dan Wilson

Date: Feb. 26, 1953
Location: Thule AFB, Greenland
Time: 1:50 a.m. local time
An unidentified radar track on the GCA Planned Position Indicator (PPI) scope was reported. Sgt. Lucas while tracking a MATS C-124 at a position of 5 miles NE of Thule Air Base, a prominent blip emerged from the normal clutter area on the scope. The speed of the object was estimated at 180 knots or better. The altitude of the object was estimated at 5000 to 6000 feet. The object was tracked for three minutes before it faded from the scope. 
Source: Dan Wilson

Date: Feb. 27, 1953                    BBU
Location: Great Falls AFB, Montana
Time: 3:16 AM. (MST).
Summary: Object appeared on radar scope, type AN/ FPS-3, fading and reappearing for a period of 11 minutes. 
Source: Dan Wilson, McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date:  Feb. 27, 1953                 BBU 2543
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana 
Time: 11:58 a.m.- 12:02 p.m.
Summary: USAF airman/private pilot saw 5 yellow discs make circular turns, flutter, 3 vanished first, then the other 2 flew erratic square turns. 
Source: Berliner

Date:  , 1953

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