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Date: February 1977
Location: Clearwater Colorado
Time: 0200A
Summary: On a weekend not long after a previous encounter in the woods, the witness was at the ranch sleeping on the couch. It was a weekend, as the other witness was out for Denver. About 0200A, the witness was suddenly fully awake, and found he was unable to move. He was looking toward the French windows. He saw, standing there before the window, a being seven-foot tall, unlike the two he’d seen earlier. He was very thin, and had a box like device on its chest, pointed, with three hose like extensions on either side, and wore what appeared to be a “space helmet” over its head with a plastic covering. “It was more or less pathetic in appearance—almost helplessly pathetic. It was looking at me in the same way that you would look at a patient on the table, not cruelly, or indifferent-just looking.” The witness kept making noises trying to call out to the other persons in the cabin, when the being suddenly just vanished. The witness was finally able to call out but by the time the others arrived the being was gone. Following more peculiar incidents at the ranch including a suspicious fire the witness and his family decided it was time to leave.
Source:  John Derr, & Leo Sprinkle for Apro

Date:  February 2 1977
Location:  Pineville, MO
Summary:  CE-II, one witness 
Source:  EGBA,577

Date:  February 2 1977
Location:  Louisville, KY
Summary:  Close encounter (CE-II) one witness.
Source:  EGBA, 510

Date:  February 2 1977
Location:  Concord (Contra Costa) California
Time:  0410A
Summary:  A 21-year old man reported to police that on leaving a restaurant about 0410A, he was confronted by two short, gray skinned men with enlarged skulls, no hair, and eyes with black pupils. The next thing he knew, he was in a school playing field, facing a circular craft, which had landed there, with a ladder extending toward him. Suddenly he found himself inside the object, with no recollection as to how he got there, he was examined by the beings, and told, telepathically, that they were on “a mission to study life habits” on Earth. They also told him that their craft was from a larger ship located outside the planet’s atmosphere. While on board, he stuck his hand into a chamber, which cause “all sorts of lights to go off.” Finally, he found himself outside an apartment complex in Concord, where for 15 minutes he was unable to move. He called the police at 0533A.
Source:  Humcat quoting, The Concord Transcript

Date:  February 3 1977
Location:  Seven-Mile Beach Tasmania Australia
Time:  2130
Summary:  Several children at a youth camp in Tasmania observed a stationary, dome shaped object hovering near the beach. The object then moved behind some trees, partially obscuring it. On the dome was a row of windows through which at least two of the children reported seeing a thin human like figure, with a round head. It seemed to be moving back and forth behind the window. One child described the object as similar to two plates placed edge to edge, with flashing yellow white lights along the edge and a red light on top of the dome. The object disappeared from view behind the trees.
Source:   Tasmanian UFO Investigation Center, Hobart.

Date:  February 4 1977
Location:  Basford, Staffordshire, England
Time:   2:25 AM.
Summary:  An automobile club patrolman sighted a luminous orange object at some distance from his car. His two-way radio had heavy static while the object was in view. There was simultaneous radio interference at the Stafford police headquarters. 
Source:   Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, case 407, citing Northern UFO Network News, 1977

Date:  February 4 1977
Location:  Broad Haven Pembrokeshire Wales
Time:  1330
Summary:  Several schoolboys at Broad Haven school saw a huge silvery object on the ground about 300 yards away in an adjoining field; David George, 9, said it was humming, and looked like a saucer with a point. He saw it by it a man in a silver suit, with long ears. Tudor Jones, 10, Jeremy Passmore, 9, and David Ward, 10, also saw the figure. Ward said, “the people wore green-they had sort of cameras—they had pointed ears.” The object was still there at 1400. At 1535, the object was again seen in the same place, for 5 minutes, by a total of 14 boys and 1 girl; their drawings showed a domed, dish-cover shaped object. The site where the UFO appeared was a muddy swamp; no traces were found.
Source:  Randall Jones Pugh from Bufora

Date: February 4 1977
Location: Auckland New Zealand
Time: 16:00
Summary: That afternoon I was at my letter box when I noticed four youth standing at their car looking out to Cox’s Bay. I followed their line of sight. It was low tide, fine weather, excellent visibility. I saw two figures walking. They were human shape and size, but completely silver. They walked side by side for about ten paces then morphed and there was only one, then another ten paces and then there was two again. This continued with repeated morphing separating morphing separating etc. I kept watching till they/it disappeared beyond the rocks at the left end of the beach. It was fascinating. They/it were not people.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  February 7 1977
Location:  Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
Time:  12:30 PM. 
Summary:  School students from a school saw a gray flattened cigar-shaped object moving slowly through the sky, surrounded by a vapor or mist. It changed color to orange, then to green, and flew off toward the east-southeast. The sighting lasted 10 minutes.
Source:  Northern Network files, case report dated March 1, 1977; Awareness, July 1977, p. 20

Date:  February 8, 1977: Brightly lit UFO seen

Date:  February 10 1977
Location:  Tucson (Pima) Arizona
Time:  1930
Summary:  Ms. Lois Stovall saw from the window a luminous object in the sky approaching her house from the north. She and her grandmother, Mrs Alice Buckner, went to the yard for a better view and saw it hovering over a small tree less than 50 ft away. It was capsule shaped with cylindrical axis vertical, and transparent on the side facing them, with dark vertical bars. Through this could be seen a flame like light and a human shaped figure, all over gray in color, that looked puffed up, like a balloon, with ridges or rings running round the appendages. She could not see any hands or feet. This figure in an inflated suit, about four-foot tall, was standing in a space only barely large enough for him, and was in a crouched position. The light was between his feet. Mrs Buckner walked directly under the object and tried to touch it, but it was two feet too high. She could see that there was a window in the head-part of the suit, and could barely make out that there was some sort of face behind the window. Then the object began to ascend, and passed out of sight to the south. Ms Stovall saw 3 helicopters with glowing red cabin lights flying very low over the adjacent school grounds. The investigators were unable to find any plausible source for these aircraft. Mrs Dessie Turner, a neighbor, also saw the object while it hovered, and estimated that it was 6.5 feet high and 2.5 in diameter. She thought she could see a shadowy figure inside. She also saw the helicopters.
Source:   Coral & Jim Lorenzen for Apro

Date:  February 17 1977
Location:  Broad Haven Wales
Time:  daytime
Summary:  A teacher and two canteen workers watched a silvery yellow cigar shaped object glide over a field emitting a loud humming sound. Before it left the area, a human like figure was seen briefly to step out of the object and then go back inside.
Source:  J A Brooks, Ghost & Legends of Wales

Date: February 18, 1977: Dog dies after close encounter on ranch in Uruguay

Date:  February 20 1977
Location:   Gallarta Vizcaya Spain
Time:  night
Summary:  A local farmer, Juan Sillero, was awakened by the sound of his dogs barking and by a loud humming sound. Going outside he saw a hovering metallic object with numerous lights and what appeared to be three legged landing gear dangling down. The craft had a semi transparent dome on top and was surrounded by rectangular windows. Behind the windows several moving figures that moved slowly back and forth could be seen. At one point he was approached by two tall human-like beings wearing dark diver suits that explained to the witness that they had to leave the area since they had been “detected”. In another occasion the witness saw a robot-like creature apparently exploring the area after it came out of a landed craft. There were other independent witnesses of crafts descending over the area. The witness saw a craft land in the same area a week later. Landing traces were found at the site.
Source:  Pedro Guirao, Ovnis, Proximo Contacto?

Date:  February 24 1977
Location:  Langenargen Bodensee Germany
Time:  0300A
Summary:  The witness, Lothar Schaefler saw a cigar shaped object carrying four very bright lights land about 150 feet away. The object emitted an extremely high-pitched, piercing, but not loud tone of constant intensity. Lothar ran along the kitchen wall and threw himself on the ground between some small bushes in front of the backyard fence. The whole area was brilliantly lit now. Suddenly Lothar heard a short whistling sound, felt a slight draft of air and saw, apparently appearing out of nowhere, two strange alien looking beings directly behind him. The figures were no more than 1.30 meters and 1.10 meters tall, respectively. The beings had a somewhat human-looking body, although their long arms reached almost to below their knees. Conspicuous were also their oddly cramped fingers, reminiscent of those of spastic children. Other than a kind of frill around the neck – somewhat like a harlequin – with some 6-7 light green “star like serration” Lothar could not make out any further articles of clothing. Their skin appeared to be somewhat lighter than human skin. Their headless heads were completely round, as were their clearly defined mouths. Nose and ears could not be seen; neither did they appear to have necks. The strange figures rocked their torsos slowly back and forth. The eyes were slanted, and large like those of cows seemed to stare unflinchingly at the witness, now paralyzed with fear. The witness was so terrified that he beat upon the glass of the closed door, instead of opening it. Then the UFO and the entities vanished “like a light being switched off.” At least six other independent witnesses saw mysterious lights and objects over the area on the same date.
Source:  Von Ludwiger & I Brand

Date:  February 27 1977
Location:  Ovre Soppero Norrbotten Sweden
Time:  1000A
Summary:  Nils Toms Labba, 51, reindeer keeper in Ovre Soppero, was out on his motor scooter in the woods. Near a lake beachfront he observed four strange beings dressed in brown, staring blankly, nearby stood an object that seemed “transparent.” As he approached to within 500 feet, the four beings quickly entered the object, which then ascended silently; when it took off’ it made the witness eyes irritated. He drove to the landing site on his scooter but found no traces.
Source:  Noorlandska Socialdemorkraten Lulea Sweden

Date:  February 1977

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