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Date: 2001
Location: Russell ParkNew York
Time: night
Summary: After seeing UFOs in a park the witness experienced a period of missing time. Later he was able to recall the incident fully. He saw a noiseless alien craft come down and land. He saw a ramp open as if inviting him inside. He went up the ramp ducking as he went in. The floor of the ramp felt strange on the bottom of his feet. Almost like a skin more than a metal ramp. Inside it was dimly lit, his cousin that had accompanied him was nowhere in sight. Inside he saw huge octagonal metallic walls or doors, about 9 feet high. The inside of the craft appeared to be larger than the outside of the craft. Each wall had a large symbol that looked like a different complex pattern burned into it. He began to receive messages in his head and turned to see three gray skinned humanoids with large heads and child like bodies sitting around some sort of biological hi tech computer device. They wore tight fitting diver suits; they did not look up at the witness. He asked questions in his mind and received quick answers. He was informed that they were advanced bipedal animals with the soul or spirit of demons with great scientific knowledge that people on Earth could not begin to understand. The frightened witness began experiencing heart palpitations, shallow breathing, and tunnel vision. He began to pray. The craft was surprisingly simple and the floor had an interesting structure and design similar to cutting an orange in half and seeing those lines coming out from the center of a single focused point. There were no windows. He asked them how they navigate through space and survive. He was told that they use their minds for navigational purposes. It took three humanoids to properly fly and navigate this craft for interstellar travel. He also saw the top of a cylinder that was like looking at an advanced 3-d computer monitor with images stacked over images, like a hologram. The screen was round like a computer monitor that was laid face up. He saw star charts or lines connecting constellations and it had an alien font or hieroglyphic data on the outer rim of this device. They told the witness that they made it work by placing their hands on what he could only describe as a control panel. The humanoids had two fingers with an opposable thumb.
Source:Filer’s Files # 21, 2001

Date: 2001
Location: Santa Clarita, California
Time: 2000
Summary: Two witnesses were walking near a section of the street where the street lamps had burned out. They suddenly heard a weird rasping-screeching sound. They had been carrying a flashlight and pointed it at the source of the sound. There they saw a strange creature that looked like it was about to spring. It had red eyes, and when it turned and fled the witnesses noticed that it had two powerful hind-legs. They then heard rustling sounds coming from the trees and fled the area.
Source:  Chupacabra page

Date: 2001
Location: La Mancha, Spain
Time: night
Summary: During several days a young girl experiences several night visitations by unknown entities one of them witnesses by her parents. Days later, in broad daylight at her school playing field, two strange humanoid figures appear and communicate telepathically with the young girl. The girl’s parents sequester her and refused to divulge further information.
Source: Revista Investigacion-La intervencion Extraterrestre

Date: 2001
Location: Reno, Nevada
Time: night
Summary: For several months the witness reported seeing black helicopters, egg shaped objects, triangles, cigar shaped craft, chevron shaped, teardrop, etc. They flew over the area like a swarm of bees, mostly in the middle of the night. One night an entity appeared in their home, it stood next to the refrigerator, looked at the witness son and then walked past him came over to the witness and entered her body. (There is no description of the alien).
Source: Mystical Universe

Date: 2001
Location:  Jaboatao, Brazil
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness, Tarcisio Bantas Cancado was at home conducting some chores when he suddenly went into a dream like state. He remembered floating through a long dark tunnel and entering a luminous compartment, which had an oval shaped table in the center that appeared to be the source of the light. In front of the front of the table stood four human like figures whose bodies seemed to emit a white light, fluorescent in appearance. The witness could not see any facial details only a protuberance resembling a nose; he could not see eyes or mouths, ears or hair. He began to feel that the beings did not represent any danger to him. He was then encouraged to ask what they wanted of him. He was told that they were from a place, which he understood it to be called “Shiraqueanos” They were apparently in some kind of mission and was told that he was not unable to return to his home, however if he did not agree on this conditions he would be let go and another person would be found. Moments later everything became dark and he woke up scared back in his home.
Source:  UFO Genesis Brazil

Date: 2001

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