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2002: December UFO & Alien Sightings

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UFO_544Date:  Winter 2002
Location:  Burnett Heads, Australia

Date:  December 7 2002
Location:  Hermitage Pennsylvania
Time:  2130
Summary:  The witness had not been able to sleep and went into his backyard to pray. Suddenly a beam of light surrounded him, his next memory was of being alone in a room. He thinks he then passed out. When he woke up two men accompanied him. They were talking. The witness could not remember anything else until he woke up on the ground in his backyard.
Source:  NUFORC

Date: December 8 2002
Location: Brookfield, Ohio
Time: 0430A
Summary: The main witness was away in a hunting trip with a companion when they retired for the night. The witness thought he was dreaming as his companion told him that he was gone in the morning and did not see him again until Monday morning. The witness could only recall in a dream-like state of being in a room with two other persons. One was a man who identified himself as Jake and the other was a woman. The woman seemed disoriented. There was another man present; a small dark figure that called himself “Gayban”. The witness was taken into a room and recalled feeling strange sensations. The next day he found some strange marks on his neck and chest area.
Source:  NUFORC

Date: December 8 2002
Location: Chimes, Arkansas
Time: 1400
Summary: A middle-aged couple was driving home on State Road 254 when they saw 2 boomerang- shaped flying craft hovering over a neighbor’s field. On at least one of the crafts a series of lighted windows could be seen with occupants moving around inside. When the couple turned around to go down the neighbor’s driveway, the objects vanished. They turned around to go home and when they arrived, their college-aged daughter was waiting for them. She had just arrived home from college from the opposite direction and excitedly told them about seeing a triangle shaped object up the road, before they could tell her about what they’d seen.
Source: NUFORC

Date: December 15 2002
Location: United Kingdom location unspecified
Time: 01:00
Summary: In the winter of 2002, me and my father toke a interest in ufo spotting, using different things to contact them e.g powerful torches, we would normally sit at the back garden For some hours flicking our torch on and off 3 times every 5 mins at satellites going over at night or at white round objects. These objects have been returning our light pattern that we have sent them, they would pass over 3 or 4 times and then drop in altitude to about 1000 ft, they have sent probes down as well? We have no evidence of what we have done, as no one would believe us, and we don’t no why this happens. Our latest contact was at night doing our usual thing, then out of nowhere came these 3 red triangle ufos at a speed of 100 mph, they had a some strange sound to them? Anyway i believe in my own personal way, that these ufos that the world has seen, are not crafts but some sort of animal.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  December 2002



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