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Date:  September 2002
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
Time:  2300
Summary:  The witness was awakened by a bright light shining through the blinds of his south-side home. After being fully awake he observed that the source of the light was a bright object hovering in the sky, it covered three panels of one inch mini-blinds. He got out of bed and went to the porch for a closer observation. The object hovered and he watched as it changed colors and directions. He was able to shoot some video of two maneuvering luminous crafts overhead. A few weeks later the same witness was awaken by an alien creature doing something to his hand. He could only move his head and in the dark, he could observe the creature massaging his hand. He doesn’t recall when the creature left but in the morning, he looked at his left hand and found a lump (which he still has) under his skin between the first and second digits.
Source:  NUFORC

Date: September 13 2002
Location:  Congleton, England
Time: 2200
Summary: Ian Kershaw was on the A34 motorway on his way to Alderley Edge to make a delivery when he saw a large dark shape on his headlights, moving across the road from left to right, this shape was bigger than a person or animal. He braked hard as the shape came in front of his wagon, it moved very fast, when it had passed to the other side of the road the Kershaw accelerated and left the area at high speed.
Source: Folklore-Ghost stories Newsgroups

Date:  September 17 2002
Location: Italy
Time: 22:30
Summary: i was looking at the sky, night time.. an object from south to north crossed among my head.. very fast.. the colour yellow almost white.. after a few minutes another one crossed the sky from east to west.. slowly this time.. the colour was orange.. no noise.. it was not very far from me..Duration: 5 minutes
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: September 20 2002
Location: Pobiedziska, Poland
Time: night
Summary: A man was walking on an isolated road between two villages when there was a sudden bright flash of light in front of him. He fell to the ground. Looking up from the ground he saw within a silvery glow a humanoid figure staring down on him. He described the figure as tall, thin, with stick like legs. It had a pointed chin and wide forehead and two small holes for a nose; he was unable to see any other details because of the bright light surrounding it. After about 5 minutes the figure walked away and entered a silvery object that was apparently on the ground, the object then vanished. Suffering from a terrific headache the witness was able to walk back home and sleep. He suffered from nightmares that same night.
Source: UFO Raport, Poland

Date: September 23 2002
Location: London England
Time: 01:00
Summary: 23rd Sept 2002, at 1am I was talking to a friend on the computer, I have a solid wood and leather chair. I felt vibrations and thought I imagined it, but a second wave through the chair and stronger ones frightened me so much so that I jumped out of it and to the other side of the room. As I sat and almost waited for the chair to do something else, not realising it had been a tremor at that point I got up and went out onto my balcony (I have french windows in this room), the sky was exceptionally clear, it was very cold and there was only the faint hint of a breeze. To give an idea of direction, the full moon was facing me slightly to the right and Heathrow is to the right. I looked to the right and saw a clear light about the size of a headlight about pencil length above the rooftops of 4 story flats in that direction (I’m on the 5th floor and about the same level as their roof) The glare was bright and I’m very used to watching planes and helicopters being in central London. I thought for a moment it was a plane but at the size it was, I would have expected it to move or change direction or something or at the very least, grow in shape if it was coming directly towards me for example, but it was stationary for a good 5 minutes. I ran in and prayed my batteries were okay and hunted for my digicam (nikon coolpix 775) and ran back outside. I took a couple of pictures but it was very cold out and I was shivering so they are a little blurred, but I also managed to get a couple of short videos though again they’re a little shakey, as the camera has a 15 second silent video feature. Had that been a plane it would have grown in size and neared except that wasn’t the right direction for the usual flight path either. A helicopter appeared from behind me and hung around between me and the full moon or there abouts and still the light didn’t move straight away. Eventually it moved slowly up and to the right in direction and I feared I would not be able to see it as it slowly passed behind my flats. I ran to the other side of the flat and out to the front balcony. First the helicopter came over the roof, (the whole time there was only ever the helicopter noise, nothing at all from the object itself.) It could have been a completely separate UFO as the look differed greatly from each view ! point or the same one with just the angle making it look very different. Bu it climbed and began to come right over head where now, although it was dark as was the object (which did at that point look possibly like it could have been a plane) when I realised the pattern of red lights were alternating and going in a triangle shape, very clear bright flashing red lights in a continuous pattern, I could make out a basic triangle shape and confirm to myself that this was not a normal plane. The object moved in front of me from left to right and I managed to get a photo of this. (Heathrow would now have been to my left, and the moon would have been behind me). Having loaded the photo’s to the computer it looks very odd. One light shows only (they had alternated) and two of the outside edges can be seen though they are blurry and look almost cloud like except there were no clouds whatsover and it stayed this shape the whole two-three minutes it took for it to pass over heading towards the direction of Hamstead (if you imagine the point being close to me and the flat side moving away) I was asked if it looked like a vapour trail but this would have been completely reversed and was moving clearly (between the size of a penny and a twopence piece) in the totally wrong direction for it to have been so. It didn’t look like that to the eye, to the naked eye it was a triangle shape with red flashing/alternating lights that went round the inside edges of the triangle shape and possibly one in the centre when I try to think back. Just one edge red light showed up on the photo though and I’m glad to have got as much as I did considering by now I was absolutely trembling with the cold and trying to get the object in the picture at all. I’m very used to planes, (though not camera’s!) I often watch and am used to seeing anything up to 18 in the air at one time from my view and am also used to seeing the President’s aircraft landing in the American Ambassador’s home in Regents Park directly opposite me. It was not a plane, it was not a helicopter, it most certainly wasn’t a meteor (as has also been suggested) as the shaky photo’s can only show a split second still and nothing like what the naked eye sees by way of clear lights flashing in a continuous sequence and a definite shape etc. >From the tremors with the chair to the object leaving, the whole thing lasted 16 minutes.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: September 27 2002
Location: Colonia Liebig, Corrientes, Argentina
Time: 0720A
Summary: 13-year old Luciana and 15-year old Monica were walking on their way to school when they felt a strong odor, both of them then apparently passed out. Later Monica remembers waking up lying on the ground near the railroad tracks. She felt a strong headache. Her cousin Luciana was lying on the tracks. As she attempted to wake her cousin she noticed a strange figure standing in the shadows of a nearby tree. It was a small man-like figure wearing a red cape from the neck to the ground and a large yellow hat on his head. The little man’s face was dark in color. Both then walked away from the area feeling very thirsty and unable to talk. They last saw the strange little man as it turned its back to them and disappeared behind the tree.
Source: Pablo Omastott, El Dragon Invisible

Date:  September 27 2002
Location:  Ponce, Puerto Rico
Time:   late night
Summary:  After reporting several bizarre attacks to his poultry and chickens, farmer Ramon Guzman, forensic doctor Irma Vazquez and local UFO enthusiast Noel Vazquez were standing watch late one night when they heard strange noises coming from a nearby field. Running towards the field they noticed a bizarre creature that was at that moment taking flight leaving the area at very high speed. The figure, which was briefly seen by the light of the flashlights, was described as about 1 ft & a half in height, with large four foot in width wing-like protrusions, “it resembled a gargoyle or a mutation” according to the witnesses. Strange tracks and footprints were also found.
Source:  Gloria Raquel Colchi, quoting “Primera Hora” Puerto Rico

Date:  September 30 2002
Location:  Curitiba, Brazil
Time:  0330A
Summary:  The witness suddenly awoke at about 0330A and heard her twelve dogs barking and was surprised to hear birds singing at that time of the morning. She stayed in bed until her husband woke up and opened the window and they noticed despite the heavily clouded weather that it was light as if it was a full moon. After watching the backyard for about 30 minutes it suddenly turned dark again and the birds and dogs went quiet. Her husband reported seeing one of the dogs barking at the backyard wall, he looked in the direction of the wall and saw the figure of a “person” standing still on the top of the wall. The man like figure was as tall as the wall or at least 8 ft in height. Astonished all he could do was stare. He felt that the “person” may have noticed being observed and walked very swiftly to the corner of the wall and did not jump, it just walked off the wall as if walking off the stairs of a house. Right after that, it went dark again like someone had turned off the light. The next day the witnesses learned that several locals including military police had reported the unusual brightness in the sky from different points of the city.
Source:  NUFORC

Date:  September 2002

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