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Date:   May 2003
Location:  Regensburg, Germany
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness, an elderly woman, woke up in the middle of the night to see a large gray head of an “alien” floating next to her bed. It appeared to be some kind of hologram. She could not believe it and rubbed her eyes, but the floating head remained. She got up and checked if it was only some kind of weird effect of the lights and shadow. But it was not, the head just floated in the room. After a few minutes it seemed to dissolve into nothingness.
Source:  UFO Casebook Forums

Date:   May 2 2003
Location:  Illinois, exact location not given
Time:  0330A
Summary:  Three young women returning from a bonfire and party in the countryside and had finished returning some of the equipment and chairs to the shed. As they got back into the van one of the girls saw a figure standing a little off the drive-way by the house. She motioned the others to look at it and becoming somewhat afraid headed back into town. They described the figure as man-like, light colored or wearing white clothing. Soon they headed over to the bonfire, which was still burning. Suddenly in the glow of the headlights they all saw what appeared to be two separate rows of creatures or figures. Maybe 15 to each row and about approximately 3 to 4 ft tall and standing only about 15 ft from them, directly in front of the car. One of the witnesses described them as having “Christmas light heads” and that the heads were connected to the body but she couldn’t see how. Their arms were up, but she couldn’t see hands. She says they were stick-like, dark gray or brown in color. They did not move and stood perfectly still. They appeared to be frozen in two separate rows. Two of the girls began to cry and screamed for the driver to leave the area immediately. Terrified they drove away from the area and drove around for about 2 hours before having the courage to return back to their homes.
Source:  NUFORC

Date:   May 2003
Location. North Richland Hills, Smithfield, Texas
Date: May 3 2003
Time: 0330A
The witness had been sitting on the back porch looking over the pasture behind his home. The pasture had several horses but he could not see them at the time because they were at the other end. After about 10 minutes he began to hear the horses and it sounded like they were kicking the sheet metal and squealing loudly. He could also hear dogs barking in the distance. Just as he strained to look over to the horse shelter everything became silent, no movements or sounds. Everything was eerily quiet and the witness feeling somewhat scared stepped off the porch and began hearing a low whirring sound, he then saw a light flash on the ground in the middle of the pasture. He looked up and saw at about 100 ft off the ground a black craft hovering and shooting flashes of light at the ground from a pod on the right end of the craft. The craft had a multicolored mist or hot looking gas on the bottom of it, on the left side of the craft was what appeared to be a rectangular red window. He could see movement inside. At that moment he began to feel sick. The craft looked about 50 ft long with a dull blue light on the top. After about 5 minutes the whirring sound faded and the craft hovered silently for about 2 seconds and then zipped straight up without a sound. He also noticed that the power appeared to be off the neighborhood.

Source: NUFORC

Date: May 9 2003
Location: East Atlantic Ocean
Time: 17:00
Summary: The object was sighted by two eighteen year olds on a flight which left Tenerife in Spain at 15.20 local time and landed at Manchester airport in England at 19.20 G.M.T. Around 17.00 G.M.T. the young lady looked out of the window and down at the sea.It was a cloudless sky with good visibility.The aircraft was at cruising altitude and speed.She was amazed to see a long cylindrical shape which appeared to be under the water.At first she thought that it might be a very long chain of dark grey rocks but quickly realised that this was not the case because she could see both ends of the cylindrical shape which was keeping pace with the aircraft in which she was travelling.The aircraft was probably cruising around 600miles per hour.The object was definitely not visible when she first looked out of the window while they were over the sea.The enormous size of the object was only made apparent when a large ship sailed diagonally across the object.She estimated the object to be at least 40 times the length of the ship.The object’s shape was in the ratio of 12(length)to 1(width). The young man accompanying her also saw the object.They were concerned that it may have been a trick of the light through the window and so they looked from different positions through that window and then they took another look through an adjoining window.It was still visible.After watching the shape for around half an hour and being unable to resolve the mystery,they gave up watching it.Please note that they assumed the object was beneath the water because they could not see anything below them which could be casting such a huge shadow on the ocean.As a U.F.O. researcher of many years experience,I consider it highly unlikely that the object was travelling at 600 mph beneath the surface, although I suppose that anything is possible for the E.T.s.We do have two cases from a couple of years ago in Cheshire,England;where pilots in light aircraft were overtaken by a triangular shadow on the ground below them.Despite urgent efforts by the pilots to locate the craft responsible, no other aircraft were visible at any time.Therefore the E.T.s employ stealth technology which makes them invisible to the human eye but at the same time casts a shadow on the ground below.I believe that the same scenario could apply in this case.The two young people concerned wish to remain anonymous and were reluctant to tell me about the event.I have reported it to you in the hope that someone else may have seen the same thing or something similar on another occasion.The problem with this type of sighting is that the object seen appears to be too big to be feasible,and so such reports are probably seldom made.
Dear Mr. ((name deleted)),
Thank you very much for the report. Were you sitting on the left side, or the right side, of the aircraft, please? Cordially, PD

Dear Mr Davenport,
In answer to your question,the two witnesses were sitting on the right side of the aircraft,and in front of the wing. Best Wishes———— ((name deleted))

Dear Mr. ((name deleted)),
Thank you for the prompt response. Based on your description of the “object,” combined with the new information you provide below, I suspect that you were observing a shadow cast by your aircraft, and the presumably short contrail generated behind it. I doubt that a sub-marine “UFO” would track your aircraft over several hundreds of miles. Also, you may have observed a bright spot at the head of the elongate image you saw. Is that the case, by any chance? Thank you for the added information. We probably will post your report, but we will qualify the object as a probable non-UFO. Cordially,
Peter Davenport

Dear Peter,
With reference to your reply,for which I thank you.The proposal that the U.F.O. was a shadow from the plane does not seem to me to be the likely cause.The reason being that the plane was at cruising altitude.At 30,000 feet,I would have been surprised that any shadow from the plane could have been discerned on the ground.Also,please bear in mind that the shadow or whatever it was ,appeared to be a very dark grey in colour as if the source of the shadow was quite close to the sea.There were no bright spots anywhere on the shadow.I fully accept that there may be a perfectly
sensible explanation for all this,but as yet I do not believe that we have found it.If you enter this case on your notice board I would not blame you in the slightest if you qualified it as a probable non-U.F.O
Source: NUFORC

Date: May 10 2003
Location: Lecce, Italy
Time: night
Summary: The witness, who had before seen a strong light shining from outside his bedroom window. Reportedly saw a in a very vivid dream like state a hovering luminous sphere and within it a beautiful human like female. The female approached him and in a very sweet voice told him not to fear that they were here to take him with them, and to not to fear anything evil.
Source: Roberto Malini, UFO Italia

Date: May 12 2003
Location: Yazd Iran
Time: 01:00
Summary: dear; sir we have seen the U.F.O from one month every day they are seen from 5 pm to 10pm with defran color of light with circular we have take the film of it they come to some 500 meter to earth some time some time they are more then two or five some time they come out from site and stant for some time if you need more information or filme contact us
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:   May 22 2003
Location:   Near Calama, Chile
Time:  1830
Summary:  Five young men were returning to the goat pens in a local farm when they suddenly saw six short bizarre beings emerge from behind some nearby brush. The humanoids were only about 60cm in height completely hairless and with dark gray skin. They had huge oval shaped heads, two large pointed ears, small black oval shaped eyes, the beings had large deformed noses, and their mouths appeared to be disproportionate in size in relation to their heads. The witnesses could see yellowed teeth inside the mouth, some separated by large gaps and some completely missing. All six beings had what appeared to be a grotesque and sarcastic grin on their faces. Their facial features were similar to humans and displayed what appeared to be traces of scars and cuts on their skins. One of the witnesses swore that one of the humanoids had what appeared to be a piece of his nose hanging down. Their necks were very short, similar to children. Most of the humanoids had protruding bellies and all wore similar clothing, which appeared to be a multicolored “dirty” looking outfit with a wide belt around their ample waists. Their legs were very short, resembling very much those of a rabbit ending in long sharp nails. They moved around using peculiar jumps and steps, moving in all directions. The moment these peculiar entities came out from behind the bushes they began to “play” and jump among themselves. They seemed to jump and intentionally strike each other with their bodies. Some of them would scratch the ground, throwing up large gobs of dirt and rocks. During the whole incident the men noticed very strong sulfur like smell in the area. The beings stared at the men and emitted sinister guffaws and laughs, which caused a certain fear with the men. The sudden appearance of the bizarre humanoids caused a sense of immobility and stupor among the witnesses. After “playing” around for a few minutes the humanoids walked over to the sheep pen. The sheep began to exhibit great fear and began to group together in one corner of the pen. One of the humanoids approached the sheep and suddenly jumped on top of one of the unfortunate animals. The humanoid commenced to roughhouse with the animal, squeezing it with its legs and then inserting its sharp claws into the animal’s neck. The sheep could only shake in terror and howl, apparently it could not move. Soon four of the other humanoids surrounded the animal and began to strike it mercilessly with great violence until the animal fell mortally wounded to the ground, at that moment all six humanoids began to attack the injured animal, tearing its flesh apart, while the animal howled in pain. The terrified men watched the spectacle unable to move; finally one of the men broke from his stupor and flung several rocks at the creatures. The humanoids evaded the rocks, laughing even louder at the witnesses. But this gesture on the part of the witness apparently caused the creatures to regroup and jump towards the same location from which they had come out. The humanoids then disappeared into the brush. At this point the rest of the witnesses reacted and approached the mortally injured sheep. The unfortunate animal displayed several large holes and scars on the neck area and due to the gravity of its injuries and the great loss of blood it had to be sacrificed.
Source:  Calama UFO Center, Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

Date:   May 23 2003
Location:  Sheffield, England
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness felt as he was dreaming and in his dream he was having a conversation with someone, but he was not sure with whom or what. He was speaking in English but the person responding was speaking in “silence” (telepathy?). The person was telling the witness to refrain from doing something, but he said “No”. It was then that he woke up. As he was trying to go back to sleep, two dark figures about 4 ft in height jumped onto his bed. One of the figures grabbed his legs and held them down, and the other sat on his chest and began to strangle him (!). He could not breathe and began to slowly pass out. Somehow he mustered up enough energy to break free with his legs and push one figure off his chest and kick the other figure away simultaneously. As he did this he heard a couple of thuds and the figures vanished before his eyes.
Source:  UFO Organization dot Com. England

Date:   end of May 2003
Location:  Moscow region Russia
Time:  late night
Summary:  After a long day of weeding potatoes in the fields the main witness and her mother were sitting on the porch of their house resting and admiring the evening sunset. Their attention was suddenly drawn to a lonely cloudlet of unusual form. It greatly resembled a pear. Thinking that it was really a cloud they ignored it. Later that night as the main witness slept she suddenly awoke feeling a terrible headache, a strange vibration in her body and a severe earache, similar to when what happens when landing in an aircraft. Her teeth rattled involuntarily. A bright beam of light fell through the window on her bed. However he mother slept peacefully in the same room. The witness could hear a monotonic sound that apparently her mother was unable to hear. The witness rose from bed and hurried out of her bed, as soon as she left lighted area from the beam of light the headache subsided. The witness then walked to her porch and opened her door. At this point she was stunned to see hovering directly above the potato beds an object very similar to the pear-shaped “cloud” seen earlier by the witness and her mother. The object was similar but only much brighter, with silvery, blue beams of light and a protrusion resembling a cell phone antenna. Feeling no fear the witness took off in a run towards the object, yelling and wildly swinging her arms. Suddenly her body acquired a weightless constitution and she seemed to float above the earth. She floated quickly towards the bright object when she was about 2 meters away she seemed to fall and loose consciousness. She came to the next morning lying on the cold ground covered with morning dew. She lay on the earth for more than 3 hours. Later she arose slowly and walked back to the house. Later a circular burnt patch was found on the potato bed directly under where the object had hovered. Nothing grew on the spot for about 3 months afterwards.
Source:  X-Libri UFO Russia

Date:   May 2003

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