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2004: May UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: February 14, 2016)

Date: May 2004
Location: Crockett, Texas
Time: late night
Summary: Dub Thomas and his wife Ann were driving home late at night when they saw something run right across the road in front of them. It was about 10ft in front of their car. They both later drew a picture of what they saw and they looked almost the same. They described a creature about 4 to 5 ft tall that ran on two hind feet. Its knees bent backward, not forward like a human. It was extremely fast and made it across the road in 3 to 4 seconds. It had the body of a slim small child, not like a fat kangaroo. The arms chugged back and forth like a person would run. The head had a pointed chin and a pointed top at the back like a roosters comb. The body looked gray or some other dark color. It was not fat, but was slim. The creature looked to be an alien to both of the witnesses.
Source: Your True Tales May 2006 Type: E Comments: Chupacabra in East Texas?

Date: May 2004
Location: Wayne County. Pennsylvania
Time: 21:30
Summary: The witness had arrived home with her sons and entered the house to find her mother terrified and shaken (her mother was babysitting her 4-year old daughter). Her mother stated that she and her daughter were sitting in the living room watching television when they heard loud knocks coming from the kitchen window. They went to the kitchen and looked at the window and saw what she described as a large black winged creature, its head was located on the top window pane; it had red eyes as big as a horse, and its face was protruding, it had both hands against the window which seemed dark and leathery. Its face had a dark brownish complexion with hair under the mouth area. The creature stared at them and did not leave, at that point her mother took the baby back to the living room and the creature remained at the window. Immediately after she arrived the reporter ran to the window and opened it; she didn’t see anything but heard the upper tree branches break as though something heavy was resting on them. It was estimated that the creature was at least 9ft in size.
Source: direct communication from witness

niagarafallsmontageDate: May 2004 
Location:   Niagara Falls, NY
Summary:   In the photo a distant monument of recognizable shape is visible giving us an excellent item to zoom in on with the same factor as we do the UFO. This allows for a unique comparison of clarity in this high resolution digital image to determine how much distortion is taking place with the UFO in the image. It would appear that the spire-like monument in the distance is considerably farther away than the UFO is from the photographer, else the UFO is gargantuan, which is unlikely.
Source:  Brian Vike, photographer, anonymous

Date: May 2004 
Location: Shinke-Cho, Osaka, Japan
Time: unknown
Summary: 29-year old witness David Nardiello reported a strange creature emerging from a newly formed lake. He described the creature as having a long white neck, cat-like head, paws, and the wings of a bat. This creature has been called ‘the Nekohebitori’ meaning, “cat-snake bird.” After the sighting David failed to hear of anyone else who’d spotted the monster, although strange cries had been heard in the area in the past.
Source: Neil Arnold, “Monster! – The A – Z of Zooform Phenomena p. 191

Date: May 1 2004
Location: Staffordshire, England
Time: night
Summary: Alec Williams was driving passed the car-park that sits at the base of Castle Ring when he witnessed a hair-covered, man-like entity lumber across the road and into the trees. A shocked Williams stated that the slighting lasted barely a few seconds, but that he was able to make out its amazing form, “It was about seven feet tall, with short, shiny, dark brown hair, a large head and had eyes that glowed bright red.” Interestingly, Williams stated that as he slowed his vehicle down, he witnesses something akin to a camera flash coming from the depths of the woods and heard a cry that he described as “someone going ‘Hoo’.”

Date: May 3 2004
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Time: night
Summary: A Turkish man, Yavuz, living with his family at the time in Germany was returning home after celebrating his birthday with some close friends at a nearby café when he felt something strange as if someone or something was following him. As soon as he reached his house he looked out the window to check and discovered a strange shadowy being or figure walking around the house as if searching for him. Afraid, he called his brother and both witnessed the strange shadowy figure. They did not mention it to the other members of the family. The same event repeated itself for two consecutive nights. The whole family was able to observe the shadowy visitor. It seemed to disappear for almost a week, however it returned on May 16 2004.
Source: Murat Aksoy UFO Turkey quoting Benim Hikayem Website

Date: May 6 2004
Location: Northern Brabant, The Netherlands
Time: after midnight
Summary: 24-year old Robert Van Den Broeke, involved in a long series of paranormal and humanoid encounters, photographed a long-necked alien visitor in his room. The visitor materialized from just a “fog” and was gray-whitish in color. The strange fog appeared during the next two nights, one after the other and Robert used a camera to photograph the fog forming in his room, he clicked the shutter 5 times. Eventually the entity appeared in the drawing room. Other contacts with Robert led researchers to the conclusion that those entities visited him not in the physical form, but the aliens were somehow able to materialize from a fog-like substance and then de-materialize.
Source: Byanka Wenvut reporter for “Omroep Brabant”, Nancy Talbot, Linda Moulton Howe and Svetlana Anina “On the brink of the Impossible”
Moscow # 21 2004

Date: May 7 2004
Location: Northern Brabant, The Netherlands
Time: 04:00 a.m.
Summary: Robert Van Den Broeke took several more photographs of the same entity, while sitting in the same armchair in the drawing room. This incident occurred on his birthday.
Source: Byanka Wenvut reporter for “Omroep Brabant”, Nancy Talbot, Linda Moulton Howe and Svetlana Anina “On the brink of the Impossible”

Date: May 8 2004 
Location:  Northern Brabant, The Netherlands
Time:   04:00 a.m.
Summary:  Robert Van Den Broeke had been unable to fall asleep. He got up, took his video camera, loaded with 8-mm film and installed it in his bedroom. At approximately 0400A the foggy cloud began appearing just opposite to the door. Robert switched on the video camera and started looking into the viewfinder. Soon a semi-transparent, grayish white figure began forming from the fog. The video recording was of excellent quality. The face of the humanoid was clearly visible. The humanoid did not move and after several seconds moved to the right and vanished. After some time the figure appeared again, emitting bright light and apparently taller in height. According to Robert’s father, 53-year old Peter van den Broke he believes the strange entity is able to absorb energy from “outer space” (solar energy?). Robert has compiled an extensive album of alien photographs and according to reports stays away from the media. According to Robert, the aliens are peaceful and are here to help humanity and the earth. Robert displayed paranormal abilities ever since he was a youth, including the ability to foresee the future. He also reported seeing energy spheres creating “Crop Circles”. Researcher Nancy Talbot reported seeing the same type of phenomena.
Source:  Byanka Wenvut, reporter for “Omroep Brabant”, Nancy Talbot, Linda Moulton Howe & Svetlana Anina “On the Brink of the Impossible” Moscow #   21 2004      

Date: May 8 2004 
Location:   Glen Etive, Scotland
Time:  evening
Summary:  Ewan Cameron and his wife Debbie were on their way home from a week’s holiday in the Scottish Highlands. It was a mild but overcast day. On the way back they decided to stop the car for a break, and go for a walk in Glen Etive to stretch their legs. The Glen Etive Road comes off the A82 and leads down Glen Etive for 14 miles to the head of Loch Etive.
A short distance along it, the couple parked at the side of the road and began their walk. The road runs alongside the Etive River. Ewan took with him his binoculars and Sony DSC-F717 camera in case there was any nice scenery to photograph.
After walking awhile, Ewan noticed a blue colored object by the river’s edge about 500 meters ahead of them. He assumed at first it was someone fishing. But when he looked through his binoculars all he could see was a navy blue colored square. It appeared to have a mottled effect to it, almost like army camouflage. The square shape did not look particularly large, perhaps a meter across and down. He thought nothing more of it at the time. They continued along the road, and as they did the blue object was lost from sight behind a hillside. A short while later they came around a bend in the road. As they did they saw a woman about 30 meters away from them. She was approximately where the square object had appeared to be. She was sitting by the edge of the river on a rock that was jutting out into the water. She appeared to be wearing a blue waterproof jacket zipped up over a white blouse, black leggings and brown walking boots. She had short black hair. There were several items lying out on the rock in front of her. As Ewan and Debbie approached her position and were not quite side on with her, she turned and looked at them. Ewan found this a little odd as she would certainly have not heard then approaching due to the sound of the running water. When the ‘lady’ saw them, she stood up. They noticed she was slim and quite tall, about six feet in height. she walked forward and picked up one of the objects, which looked like a sketchpad. She then returned it when she had been and sat down cross-legged. Ewan and Debbie decided that the woman must be an artist (from the future?).
Ewan was a little annoyed at the presence of the lady, as he felt the surroundings would make a nice photo if she wasn’t there. They started to walk away from her location. A little further along the road Ewan decided to take the photograph anyway, with the mention of editing out the woman later on. He left the road and walked a short distance down the embankment towards the river. As he didn’t want to intimidate the lady, he continued to walk away from her, then without warning turned and quickly took the photo. When he returned to the road, Debbie informed him that she had suddenly started to feel ill. She would later inform him that the woman had watched him the entire time. They began their walk back to the car. When they were almost back, another man clambered up the embankment onto the road a few yards in front of them. He appeared to be acting strangely and seemed to avoiding eye contact. Once back home, Ewan decided to scan in and check the photographs he had taken during the week. When he got to the photo by the river he was confused by what he saw. He found in place of both the woman and the objects in front of her was what appeared to be a short pale or glowing figure with a blue square behind it. The figure appeared to be a meter in height. No detailed features could be made out.

Source:   Dave Hodrien, Birmingham UFO Group

Date: May 8 2004 
Location:  Santa Barbara, California
Time:  midnight
Summary:  The main witness, Summer Sanders, and five other friends had decided to go star gazing at a beach about 10 miles from downtown. They walked out onto the beach and scoped out the scene, there were no cars around and the closest house was at least a mile away. Soon the witness noticed a large black object in the water that seemed pretty heavy by the way it was flowing around in the current, it must have been about 500ft away. It would go under the water and closer then further away from shore, after watching it for about 5 minutes it floated closer to the breakwaters. Suddenly this black “object” came up onto the shore on 4 legs, it was about the size of a small horse but its body was very skinny, it jetted across the shore for a good 100 ft, almost at a gallop, at this point the group of witnesses became scared. The “creature” then turned to its right toward highway 101 and went onto 2 legs at this point. The bizarre figure seemed to be about 7 ft tall and it walked up the beach at a steady pace moving slower and then it seemed to speed up on the sand going uphill and when it reached the rocks that divide the street from the beach which are very big it hopped over with ease and disappeared. (Those rocks are exceptionally large). At this point the witnesses were terrified and were ready to go. On their way to the rocks an unmarked cop car pulled up, and they thought it was going to ticket their car and tell them to go home, but they didn’t they shined their searchlight toward the ocean on the exact same spot where the creature had been in the water and crossed over, but they didn’t say anything to the group. As the group was leaving they heard a whistling sound, which seemed to follow them as they climbed the rocks up to their cars. The main witness compared the creature as the one portrayed in the movie “Signs”.

Date: May 10 2004 
Location:  Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile
Time:  1740
Summary:  The witness, German Pereira A. had gone to a local nature park in order to take some photographs of the area. After taking about 10 shots, he thought it would be interesting to photograph a group of Carabineros (state police) on horseback patrolling the sector. The photo was taken from the corner of JM de la Barra and Av. Cardenal Jose Maria Caro, across from the Bellas Artes building and looking east. It was a cloudy day and the sun was hidden. Later upon downloading the photos to his PC the astounded witness discovered the image of a very small white humanoid figure that appeared to be crossing a path in front of the horses. While taking the photo the witness did not see anything out of the ordinary.
Source:   Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) and Liliana Nuñez O. 

Date: May 10 2004 
Location:  Ciudad Mendoza, Veracruz, Mexico
Time:  1800
Summary:  Three witnesses, including a husband and wife watched a dark man-like figure flying in the air without any means of propulsion approaching from nearby Cerro de La Cuesta. The figure was rigid with its arms straight down on its sides, completely unmoving. The figure glided high above the witnesses’ location and quickly disappeared from sight over a nearby mountain. Other witnesses in the region have reported tall human-like figures with shiny outfits also flying over the fields and mountains.
Source:  Rossana Tejeda Lopez     

Date: May 12 2004 
Location:  Seguin, Texas
Time:  2300
Summary:  The two witnesses, a man and a woman, were walking a dog when they suddenly spotted a giant disc-shaped craft descending from the sky. The woman began screaming, saying that there was a loud ringing in her head and she thought she could hear voices trying to talk to her. The dog became disturbed and ran off. The man began to cry as two more discs appeared. He could see that the objects were charcoal gray in color and ringed with “black” lights. All three craft had what appeared to be strange writing or symbols on their hulls. The witness thought these resembled “ancient writings”
Source:  NUFORC

Date: May 15 2004 
Location:  Towson, Maryland
Time:  0030A
Summary:  A woman reported seeing several objects hovering above her townhouse and reports a conscious sighting of a “gray” entity in her home and feelings of giddiness-almost drunk unlike anything she has ever experienced before. She reports a minimal time lapse of 35 minutes. She has requested a complete investigation and describes the entity as an “old friend”. Contact was made with her telepathically and she experienced feelings of peacefulness and claims the entity seemed to express concern for her. Further information is pending.
Source: NUFORC quoting MUFON member 

Date: May 15 2004 
Location:  Guri Dam, Southeastern Venezuela
Time:  early morning
Summary:  An unidentified flying object crashed last Saturday in the vicinity of the Raul Leoni Hydroelectric Station, located in a remote jungle region. The hydroelectric station is at Guri Dam, at the north end of the man-made Lago de Guri. The dam is on the Rio Caroni, 100 km south of the Rio Orinoco at Ciudad Bolivar. The accident, which occurred during the early hours of last Saturday, was witnessed by workers at the dam and took place to the northwest of that location. Soldiers of Venezuela’s Guardia Nacional, who proceeded to cordon off the area, immediately undertook stringent security measures further north, in Puerto Ordaz, residents saw low-flying black helicopters cross the overcast sky, heading south towards the dam. The presence of U.S personnel was also observed, a common feature in all (South American) crashes involving UFOs. It must be noted that the seismology unit at the university in Caracas, reported movement at the time of the crash, a detail reminiscent of the Roswell, New Mexico incident of July 1947. Access to the crash site has been highly complicated due to the torrential rains at the site during this time of year. No other information so far.
Source:  UFO Roundup May 25, quoting Proyecto Orion, Scott Corrales, Christian Quintero Planeta UFO

Date: May 15 2004 
Location:  Sumony-Csobankapuszta, Hungary
Time:  night
Summary:  A 79-year old woman became aware of unusual lights illuminating the street outside. Stepping out she was surprised to see a large sphere shaped object approaching over some nearby pylons, on a southwesterly direction. The craft approached the house silently and finally landed in front of the house. She estimated the craft to have been about 1.5-2 square meters in width. She could see four lights on the object that appeared to be windows. As soon as the object landed, and to her surprise a small creature about 60cm in height climbed out of it and jumped down to the ground. Moving with difficulty in a strange waddling motion the creature began to move slowly towards the house. She described the creature as generally humanoid, very thin, with long arms and wearing what appeared to be a helmet on its head. The object had landed about 10-15 meters away on a brick sidewalk. The creature apparently noticed the witness standing at her door and then turned around and waddled back to the craft and jumped back in. The UFO then rose up silently and quickly disappeared from sight.
Source:   Kriston Endre RYUFOR Foundation Hungary   

Date: May 16 2004 
Location:   Martinez, California
Time:  night
Summary:  Layla Wingate, in her early twenties, was looking out of her window, her view taking in the southern sky, also giving her a view toward San Francisco. Over a Shell Oil Company refinery she watched a rusty red colored creature with bat-like wings flying in circles over the facility. She watched it for an estimated five minutes. It glided quite a bit, occasionally flapping its wings. At the end it flew off toward San Francisco. Layla said it felt evil to her, and that she hadn’t seen this creature since some 13 years ago with her family in Bristol Tennessee.
Source:   Brent Raynes, 

Date: May 17 2004 
Location: Culloden, West Virginia
Time: night
Summary: The witness was house cleaning when she spotted a black figure run past the window, she looked outside and at first did not see anything. She resumed her cleaning but again saw another figure, not as dark run by the window. 10 minutes later she was in the kitchen when she was blinded by a bright light for a brief second; it came in through both the back windows. She then closed her curtains. The next day her dogs acted strangely and there was a power outage in the area.
Source: NUFORC quoting Donnie Blessing MUFON Ohio

butahlargeDate: May 20 2004 
Location:   Provo Canyon, Utah
Summary:    To the naked eye, Tommy Woodard’s digital photograph appears to be nothing more than a pretty picture of trees in Provo Canyon. But zoom in, he says, and the purple glow of a saucer hovering at an angle above the tree line starts to take shape. Woodard, 22, a photo librarian with the Utah Film Commission, took the photo that he believes represents an unidentified flying object. He was in the canyon Tuesday shooting still pictures for a possible film location, and began taking pictures for himself on his way out. At the time, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary in his photograph. But later, after noticing a black speck in the frame, he zoomed in and “the closer I got, the more impressed I got by it,” he said.

Date: May 20 2004
Location: Northern Brabant, Holland
Time: 01:30 a.m.
Summary: 24-year old Robert van den Broke involved in a series of ongoing paranormal and humanoid encounters felt that something important was going to happen again. He went to sleep, but awoke around 0130A to see two entities standing on the corners of his bedroom. The humanoids had almond-shaped eyes, and resembled whitish shadows. The creatures his bed, looked at each other, nodded their heads in agreement and touched the tips of Robert’s fingers. Robert then heard a buzzing sound and felt taking off into the air. The next moment he found himself standing amid a huge circle that had appeared behind his house. He noticed tiny puncture marks of his fingers and small bumps. When he returned home, he found all windows and doors closed. He couldn’t explain how he appeared outside his home. UFO researchers visited him only on July 23. The circle was still in the same, distorted by footprints, by still visible. Other contacts with Roberts led researchers to conclude that the entities had visited Robert, not in the physical form, but were able to materialize from a fog-like substance and then dematerialize.
Source: Byanka Wenvut reporter for “Omroep Brabant”, Nancy Talbot Linda Moulton Howe and Svetlana Anina, “On The brink of the Impossible” Moscow # 21 2004

Date: May 22 2004
Location: Al-Naisia, Syria
Time: afternoon
Summary: Seven laborers spotted a strange entity in an olive grove. The creature remained seated for a while before taking running strides to climb up a tree. The entity was described as red in color, human in shape, and “peasant-like” in appearance (!). According to the witnesses the sighting came to an end when the creature rushed skyward with incredible swiftness leaving a wake of smoky white bubbles. Authorities mandated an inspection of the site but apparently nothing abnormal was found.

Date: May 28 2004
Location: Near Teresina, Piaui, Brazil
Time: 03:30 a.m.
Summary: Taxi driver, Aerton Alves de Araujo was had just dropped off a passenger and was on his way to drop off two others when he noticed something bizarre on the side of the road on a nearby field. Aerton and his two female passengers noticed a calf lying on the ground and a strange creature standing near the calf. It was a strange animal twice as large as the calf with red eyes, black hair, large fang-like teeth and a large snout. It was in a position as if was about to begin to feed on the hapless calf. The two passengers became terrified and begged Aerton to drive on and not to stop. Aerton was convinced that what they were seeing was not a wolf or a dog. He did not stop and did not return to the site.
Source: Igor Patrik, Brazil

Date: late May 2004
Location: Norwood, Ohio
Time: 01:30 a.m.
Summary: The 43-year witness and a friend were returning home from playing pool and were walking on an isolated road. The witness was keeping a wary eye out and soon noticed a man standing beside a dumpster about 50 yards to their right. He just thought that it was a drunk relieving himself. He poked his friend “Bob” and nodded towards the man; Bob also nodded and also saw the man. They slowed their walk and noticed that the stranger was waving his hands over the electric power meter on the wall. In his hands it looked like he had a remote control like for use on a television or stereo. He stood there staring at the man and again asked Bob what he thought the man was doing; Bob yelled in a loud voice that the guy must be some “crazy”. When Bob said that the man whipped around and said something under his breath, looking right at them he punched his remote a few times muttered something again and then walked backwards into the wall of the store. He seemed to become part of the wall. The witness started walking over to the wall, but Bob grabbed him when he was about 4 ft from it. Bob bereaved him for trying to touch the wall and told him he would prevent him from doing so if necessary. As they walked away in the darkness the witness felt like they were being watched. (Unfortunately there isn’t a more detailed description of the mysterious “man”).
Source: Fortean Times Forums

Date: May 1 2004 



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