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Date: May 2007
Location:  Kivakka Mountain, Karelia, Russia
Time: dusk
Summary: A man named Alexei Popov was vacationing in this beautiful and remote area and one day decided to visit the Paanajarvi National Park area with a friend, Vitaly Zabivalov. They had climbed Kivakka Mountain in order to take photographs of its beautiful scenery. At one point while Vitaly was taking photos they both suddenly felt the need to look behind him, they do not know why, They then saw a strange machine lying on the snow not more than 10 to 12 meters away, it was silvery gray in color, the shape reminiscent to a round loaf of bread. They could not hear any sounds. A luminous violet beam of light suddenly appeared, Vitaly was terrified but Alexei felt no fear just curiosity, he instinctively continued to photograph the surroundings including the object, he took about a dozen shots. Later while developing the film, all the photos of the craft were blank, the others were quite clear and visible. The object was very smooth, without seams, no visible doors or windows; it had a flat smooth surface with a diameter of about five to six meters. Suddenly at the top of the object an opening became visible, opening up like a ‘blooming’ flower. Out this opening two humanoids then appear, both are tall, about 2 meters in height, very slender, fine noses, beautiful eyes and wearing very close-fitting silvery shiny coveralls. All of this took place in complete silence. Then Alexei heard a sound, more precisely a ‘musical tone’. Soon the sound became clearer and he heard the phrase “Do not be afraid”. The sound or ‘voice’ seemed to emanate from one of the humanoids. Alexei remembers that they spoke to him but he does not remember what they said. This lasted for about ten minutes, and then the aliens returned to the object and the opening closed, the craft then disappeared instantly, Alexei looked up and saw the object high above the forest, and then it disappeared. Vitaly was in shock for about 5 minutes. Both men then decided to investigate the landing site and noticed that the snow was very loose and fairly deep, but at the landing site it was hard as concrete and very smooth.
Source:  http://www.oko-planet.net

Date: May 2007
Location: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Time: around midnight
Summary: The witness was at home putting her baby to sleep when she felt a very strong urge to go into the patio. Once in the patio she was confronted by a strange creature reptilian in appearance. The creature was light green in color and had several round protrusions on its head. The witness felt afraid when the creature suddenly spoke, ‘Don’t be afraid I came to tell you something”. At this moment the witness apparently blacked out. She later remembered that where the creature stood there was light all around “like daytime”. The creature never opened its mouth, it apparently spoke through telepathy.
Source:  http://enigma900.blogspot.com

Date:  May 1 2007
Location:  Los ToldosSalta, Argentina
Time: unknown
Summary: The witness, Mapuche Cacique (Lonko) Martin Antiman (involved in other encounters) was again contacted by the human-like extraterrestrials and asked why he had stopped spreading the word about his contacts with a higher civilization. He was also told that “they” have always been around watching, and have the power to control our actions and everything that occurs on the Earth. They also added that they have been around since the days of “Adam and Eve” and after the Great Flood. They were around at the time of the prophets and the time of the Apostles of Christ. Their purpose is to perfect our spiritual life. The witness believes that soon they will be known all over the Earth, but we must be “prepared”.
Source:  www.visionovni.com.ar

Date: May 7 2007
Location: Atlantic Ocean Approx 80 Miles SE of New York City Aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines “Liberty of the Seas”
Time: 00:10 – 00:15 AM 
Summary:  I had just left a show which ended about 12:10 AM (00:10). Knowing it was dark out I stepped out on the starboard side deck just to see what I could (often seeing lights of other ships in the distance in these conditions.) I presume the sky was hazy or partly cloudy as I could see only a few brighter stars. The moon was not visible from my vantage point (I do not know its phase or position on the date.) The horizon was very faintly visible as a just marginally brighter line above the sea. There were no visible lights on the horizon. I don’t know the heading of the ship but according to the passenger update log it would probably be somewhere between 110 Degrees and 70 Degrees. The ship had sailed toward the southeast and then turned towards the north. The sighting occurred at about the point where the turn was (to be) made. No land lights were visible. Three stars/lights did slightly stand out as they formed a triangle with two of the lights in a roughly horizontal line with the third lower and to the right. The separation of the top two lights was roughly 1 degree. The third light was roughly 2 degrees to the lower right. I am estimating these distances by mental reference to the size of a full moon – one half subtended degree. The center of this triangle was about 10-15 degrees above the horizon and about 45 degrees to the rear of the direction of travel of the ship. As I looked at these three lights for about 10 seconds, I perceived that the upper left and lower right lights were faintly orange in color while the upper right one was white. The white one was a clear point, as would be expected when viewing a star, and as other stars visible at the time appeared. The two orange lights appeared slightly fuzzy. Focusing my attention to these orange lights I noticed that they actually appeared brighter in the center with areas to the sides that appeared to “flutter” and very rapidly change intensity from dim to almost as bright as the center. This total width of light was no more than one quarter degree. This same “fluttering” effect was not visible above or below the center of the light.
My first notion was that they appeared to be helicopters, in that you can see a center mass and perceive the rotor as a “fluttering” change in intensity to the sides. This is a description of the appearance only; there was no sound and there were no navigation or marker lights, and helicopters probably wouldn’t be glowing orange. After seeing the three lights in position for no more than 10 seconds total, the two orange lights began moving to the left, relative to the white point star which did not move. The few other white point stars visible did not move either (the ship was not turning.) Over a total period of around 30 seconds that these orange lights moved, the top one moved roughly horizontally to a position roughly 45 degrees to the front of the ship. During that movement it did dip slightly in apparent altitude when it was about 90 degrees off the side of the ship. The other light also moved at the same time as the first but its movement was independent of the first. It first moved slightly down and to the left, then rose slightly and then continued horizontally to the left. When it was almost 90 degrees to the side of the ship it dipped slightly and then rose to the same height as the first light. It “followed” the first light for a second of two and then dropped slightly, all the while moving to the left. When these lights both reached the position approximately 45 degrees to the front of the ship they both faded out and I lost further sight of them. To reiterate, I could not tell the exact atmospheric conditions during this sighting but there were maybe 25 visible stars in my field of vision. These were white sharp points of light that did not move relative to the ship or to each other during the time I saw the orange lights, which did move both relative to the visible stars and to each other. Although they did move together and at the same time, the movement of the orange lights varied in speed and in altitude relative to each other, the other visible stars and to the horizon. They were stationary for about 10 seconds and moved for about 30 seconds before disappearing. The lower of the two lights moved a greater distance than the top one and therefore moved faster as they both started moving at the same time and disappeared from view at the same time with about the same distance separation. Age: 67, no health problems Vision acuity: 20/20 corrected with glasses, no colorblindness or astigmatism Physical condition at time of sighting: tired but relaxed Mental condition at time of sighting: no conflicts; finished one drink ½ hour prior. Outside air temperature/humidity: approx 55 degrees/unknown Ship speed/air speed: approx 18 knots/unknown

Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: May 7 2007
Location: Piugos da Pena, near Lugo, Galicia, Spain
Time: 1500
Summary: Juan M.L. and Bernardo D.G. were traveling in their car toward a sawmill located near the city. Apparently they were barely one kilometer from their destination at a location known as Piugos da Pena and had just left behind a well known automotive dealership when the witnesses noticed a dense fog that appeared to emerge from their vehicle. They pulled over on the shoulder to see what was going on. The smoke vanished. Only seconds after continuing their journey, they realized that they were in a completely different location from the one they had been before. “We had no idea where we were,” said Juan. “We were only meters away from the sawmill and we suddenly found ourselves next to a road sign that read: “Santa Eulalia de Boveda”. So completely astonished, we decided to continue driving to Santa Eulalia to see if we could get to the sawmill from there.” In the wink of an eye, they had traversed the 6 kilometers that separate the environs of the sawmill and the detour to Santa Eulalia de Boveda. While they looked for the way back, both men witnessed an odd phenomenon: the Sun appeared to be right in the middle of a gigantic, smoky triangle.
Source: . Marcelino Requejo in Inexplicata—The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Date: May 7 2007
Location: Zalma, Missouri
Time: 2100
Summary: 18-year old Ralph Carnahan was sitting on his family’s porch talking to his girlfriend on the telephone when he saw strange lights. Right in front of Ralph was a pair of bright lights in the sky; one light was red and one was white. The other pair off to his side, both were white in color. He called his mother and her boyfriend outside. However they didn’t think the lights were out of the ordinary, so they went back in the house. Ralph waited and the lights moved closer. The pair that was in front of Ralph began hovering above a nearby tree in the front yard. Then the light moved off, but it left something behind. Illuminated by the glare of a nearby streetlight Ralph saw a brownish-green creature with large eyes sitting in the tree. He ran to the house and called his mother and her boyfriend outside again. When they got close to the tree the creature seemed to blend with the foliage. His mother and her boyfriend then went back inside the house. Ralph walked to the porch where his mother’s dog was tied; the dog soon started growling toward a bridge over the nearby Huzzah Creek. Ralph looked down the creek by the bridge and saw a green “spaceship” hovering as high as the street light. He walked down to the bridge and checked it out. He could see it hovering in the dark. He ran back to the house and resumed talking to his girlfriend in the front porch. The figure in the tree was staring straight at him, so Ralph threw a coffee cup at it causing it to move. He saw it jumping on to the grass below. He went back inside the house and things in the house began to move on their own. Ralph was convinced that the aliens were now in the house. Ralph claims the aliens were transparent and he could barely see them. At 0500am he saw a tall alien looking through the glass on the top of the door. The figure was red with black markings on its face. He woke up his 16-year old sister but the strange figure had disappeared.
Source: T Peter Park tpeterpark@erols.com

UFO_814Date:  May 9 2007
Location:  United Kingdom

Date:  May 10 2007
Location:  Hatillo, Puerto Rico
Time:  1430
Summary:  Cindia Medina was walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot at the Centro Comercial Plaza del Norte when suddenly she spotted two strange figures, very tall and pale, that were walking very fast. As they passed next to her she was able to see additional details. They were not albinos but were defiantly very pale, very tall, about 6’4” in height. They were almost identical to each other and it was hard two determine their sex. They were wearing the same clothing and were exactly alike except for the hair. One was bald at the front but had long shiny blond hair on the back, and the other one had long white hair. Both were wearing cream-colored shirts, cream pants and carrying backpacks. As they passed by her she noticed that they knew she was staring at them and they both exchanged brief glances between them, but kept going. Being extremely curious to see if they were both men or one male and one female she looked back at them and noticed that the stranger with the long white hair appeared to have a bit of a “curve” around the hips, thus the witness deduced that it was a female. The witness estimated their age to have been between 45yrs to 50yrs. She suffered from strange dreams after the encounter.
Source:  http://www.puertoricotopsecret.net & http://www.ovni.net

Date: May 10 2007
Location: Hatillo Puerto Rico
Time: 1500
Summary: Again at the Wal-Mart parking lot a witness involved in a similar experience at the Plaza del Norte shopping center had felt a “strange urge” to visit the mall and as she looked for a parking spot she noticed two similar strange “personages”. However she insists that they were similar to the ones she saw before but not the same ones. This time both strangers stopped to stare at her intently, totally expressionless. This time she felt a sense of calm and “good feeling” as she stared at them. Once she turned around again in her car they had already vanished. She felt that she had encountered “angels”. 
Source: http://www.puertoricotopsecret.net & http://www.ovni.net Comments: Note that this incident took place at the same location and only 30minutes later after the previous one.

Date:  March 2007

Location. Pico Rivera, California
Date: May 11 2007
Time: 1030A
This morning the witness, James Michael Gomez, was suddenly awakened with such an intense fear that he almost screamed. It was the same feeling you get when you wake up from a bad dream, only that he wasn’t dreaming, and he felt like he was awakened because he was in some kind of danger and his body somehow could sense it. His bed is pushed into the corner of his room and there is a window along the side, and he sleeps parallel to the window. The window is about 5 ft from the floor and is 2 ft x 4ft. After he nearly screamed, he instantly jerked his head to the right (where the window is located). Looking at him through the open blinds was a strange figure that was over five foot seven in height. Whatever it was outside looking in was able to look right in and stood to about the halfway mark of the window. It appeared to be wearing a gold glittery type of robe and a hood-mask type covering on its head resembling that of a ‘KKK’ hood, it was slightly pointy and it went to the shoulders. Gomez froze for a second, he knew he was really awake and it wasn’t a dream. The figure’s outfit looked like a Halloween outfit. The eyes looked like you brush glue over the hood in the shape of an eye and sprinkle gold and silver glitter over it. The witness turned his head forward to see out the other window and when he quickly looked back to the window where the ‘thing’ was at it was gone. He then jumped up and even though he was really scared and his heard was pounding, he ran out of his room and into the den to look out into the backyard. He didn’t see anything but was too scared to go outside to check the backyard at this point. He didn’t go back to sleep he tried to watch television in the living room to attempt to forget about it.
Source: direct from JamesMichael@grid-magazine.org

Date: May 13 2007
Location: Chennai India
Time: 21:40
Summary: A moving array of tiny lights past the sky centre line south to north, sighted four times with 2-3 minutes interval.
Event Description: During Casual gazing at the stars on 13th May 2007 night (Time around 9:40pm) (while lying on the flat terrace (third floor) and looking at the sky upwards), i suddenly noticed a set of faint light moving uniformly in one direction, from south direction to north direction. The view was pretty faint, and had i observed it alone, i would have definitely ignored it as my illusion. However, i immediately asked my wife to look at by pointing the direction, and she too spotted it. We both agreed it cannot be a illusion, but however slightly differed in its description: I felt it was two lights moving side-by-side in that direction and with the gaps between narrowing down while my wife’s described it rather as an v-shaped line (of lights!). We were wondering about it for some time, and then ignored it and were talking on some other topic. After maybe 2-3 minutes, we once again noticed a similar movement of lights, in the same direction. This time, we noticed at the fag end of its transition across the sky, and at least i could not remember clearly its features, felt it to be haphazard collection of moving lights. Again, we had a disagreement on its features: i noted it be a haphazard set of may be 10 white tiny lights (like a star constellation) while my wife once again described it as an V-line formation. Actually, its movement was steady, going straight from south direction passing very nearly to the sky centre line and towards north direction. The entire crossing, i guess would have happened in 3-4 seconds. The object, or the thing could be sighted only over the center portion of the sky, and seems to be fading in the background over the horizon, as the sky was brighter (probably due to city lights) at (about less than 30 degree) horizon compared to the centre. I was casually mentioning what we are seeing could be similar to the many mysterious UFO’s reported but not proven kind of stuff discussed in the science/science fiction TV programmes and other media. Once again, we! spotted for third time after maybe about 2-3 minutes, a similar moving object (by now, it become befitting to be called an object!), again moving in the same direction and in a similar way. After the 3rd sighting, we become alert and probed for the sky for any more such sighting. i was wondering whether it is the same object passing through the sky again and again, or if these were separate objects travelling one after the other. i told myself that i would be alert enough to focus on the movement and get a good glimpse of its features, if i see it next time. And yes, we witnessed the flying object for the fourth time, again may be after 2-3 minutes, a similar moving set of steady lights. This time, i agreed with my wife on its features. It was a V-formation of lights. My rough estimate for the angle between lines of the V would be 140 degrees!. The V-pattern was moving with its centre pivot at the front and V arrow itself pointing towards the direction of its movement. The angular distance of the object, i would put it to be around 3 degrees. We were thrilled at these sightings and hoped would to see fee more. I stargazed for another 30 minutes before giving up and we left to go to sleep. I was convinced that it was indeed an unusual event and said to myself to mark this day as memorable day of my life, lest i ignore and forget it just like those fading movement of light objects. I decided to check websites on UFO’s and report my sightings, for a general benefit. As a responsible person, i thought i should inform and record this event, so that if any/more persons sighted this like us, it would become befitting enough to do investigation and get some meaningful explanation. But, one thing’s for sure: If somebody else observed it and tells me what he/she saw, i would not have taken it seriously and most definitely ignored it, thinking that person has made somehow misjudged a simple plane as an UFO; And that people have enough personal problems to worry about, than these bizarre movements in the sky. That’s why i d! id not w ant to make a big fuss about what i saw to all the people i meet, and getting branded as an paranoid/cracknut. Instead, i have just put down all my (sincere) observations on the event in this UFO observation site, due to my own curiosity to know what i saw, and probably aid the concerned person/investigator/other UFO viewers, to make sense of these UFO’s. I sincerely hope that myself and my wife were not the only one who witnessed this, and somehow a good number of people have also watched this particular event, so that it is not discounted as an not-strong enough, isolated, ignorable event.

I am not a big advocator of UFO sightings or theories on it. I am not a person who collects information about UFO’s reported by people, but rather know it as only among one of the many interesting news/documentary reported in the TV channel like discovery. Infact, i never got curious enough to know about it by searching/browsing the websites. I do not know if what i saw is qualified to be called as an UFO. But all the same, i am listing down, what is so unusual about what i saw that makes it un-ignorable (at least to me) and curious: * The object could not be a Plane: I have never seen a plane to be shaped like array of lights lined a arrow shape. But, for my fourth sighting, i would not even consider as and line of lights, but rather a haphazard collection of of lights, in which case would definitely not fit as the lights from the some human-plane. There was no sound heard, but still flew past pretty swiftly. Thus, it could not be just an conventional plane travelling too on ground making it seem to be flying fast(as in which case some sound should have been definitely heard for such low heights). I believe that it could not be a high flying plane (whose sound could not be heard), as i intuitively feel the plane would have to travel at indeed a unbelievably high speed for it transcend the sky in 3-4 seconds. * It could not be a meteorite: My first observation as two tiny lights moving together could have probably taken as just a meteorite or shooting stars. Okay, even my second view as a collection of lights like a star constellation, again could have discounted simply as travelling of multiple number of meteorite rocks. But, i cannot definitely take my final sighting of an well arranged V-array of lights simply as falling meteorites. And also, will meteorites travel in such a periodic manner (every 2-3 minutes) and also in exactly same direction and following the same path int he sky!!? And also, the lights were not accelerating, were tending to move straight with a steady speed, and no brightening or burning out kind of movement. And the lights were uniformly light (can it be parallel set of uniformly lit shooting stars??, very unlikely.).

* Array Movement: Based on the pattern of lights alone, the closest thing that i can associate it is an beautiful V-shaped arrangement formed by a flock of migratory birds. But again, what is disturbing with this description is: The pattern was too geometrically spaced and uniformly moving for it be considered as an natural phenomena; and how come these birds are flying so fast, and why are they carrying tiny lights with them? My only logical deduction of what i observed based on my own personal experience (ignoring all about UFO reported by others), would be, that it is either a specially designed human made flying object, possibly a secretive (military or otherwise) vehicle, concealed from the purview of general public. Or, it is an mysterious flying object unproven and unknown to humans. Or it could be just chance of a chance of a chance occurrence of simultaneous hallucination of myself and my wife, and that too for concurrently 4 times, and sharing more or less the similar hallucination of moving lights in the same path!!! And now thinking about it, may be it possible to give a even simpler explanation. It is simply an low flying kids plane toy or similar such stuff, moving with no sound, with its faint tiny lights. Or, could it by flying light emitting insect, but then again flying so uniformly arranged, hmmmm hard to believe. So, this is an sighting whose origin is not known to me now, and possibly i may never be able to know for sure.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

UFO_809Date:  May 15 2007
Location:  New York

Date: May 20 2007
Location: Near Wloclawek, Poland
Time: 1700
Summary: On this date a group of young people, three men and one woman were grilling near their cottage in a wooded area close to Wloclawek. The cottage is fenced and the fence touched the forest in its northern section. The forest separates the cottage from the Vistula River. The area is surrounded by other cottages and gardens. One of the men was lying on a blanket on the grass at about 5meters from the others, at the same time the young woman was filming the event with the video camera in her mobile phone. In one brief instance the image of her friend lying on the blanket appeared on the video, which lasted about 1.5 sec. Minutes later while reviewing the video something bizarre caught her eye. Next to the body of the man on the blanket something seemed to suddenly materialize, it seemed to be a humanoid figure about 70 to 80cm in height which seemed to bend down and touched the man with a sort of wand or rod. No one knows what happened later since the frame moved towards the right and away from the scene. After a while a dog that had been with them and had acted normally went to the location where the many was lying and acted nervously. It growled in the direction where the strange figure had appeared from. At that moment the others present did not connect the dog’s behavior with the strange figure on the video. The woman filming and the others had not seen anything out of the ordinary. Several days later three red spots appeared on the man’s knee, they were placed in the shape of a triangle. According to the man it seemed to hurt like a snake bite. However he stated that he had not felt anything at the time.
Source: Stanislaw Barski, Poland

Date: May 25 2007
Location: Manchester, England
Time: night
Summary: The main witness “Sting” Madison was taking a stroll with his girlfriend along some open fields and was looking at the hill ahead of them when he saw a figure at the top. The figure was oddly shaped, with a large head, and amazingly tall (around 8ft from where he could see) and it also appeared to be naked. At first he thought it was a homeless person and being a bit reckless approached it. But it began moving backwards as the witness climbed up the hill. As he reached the summit of the hill, the figure was standing about 10ft from him. The witness barely moved as the creature eyed him up and down, taking in his appearance. It then suddenly took off at great speed down the other side of the hill. The witness’ girlfriend was terrified and they decided to get off the fields as quick as possible. When they got home the witness noticed that it was already 0300am which was odd since he had left the house at 2300 and thinks that they were only out for one hour or two. The next morning after waking up he was looking towards the fields when he saw something shaped like a pyramid taking off. The object appeared to be made out of metal and had an iron gray color to it. The witness cannot explain the lost time and claims his girlfriend has been experiencing dreams of things (no specifics) that may have happened that night.
Source: http://www.iwasabducted.com/ufoboard/reports891.htm

Date: May 31 2007
Location: Delhi India
Time: 20:30
Summary: Bright set of lights. Was of triangular shape. Was slow moving. Duration: 15 min
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  May 2007

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