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Date: October 2 2007
Location:  Youngstown, Florida
Time: night
Summary: On October 1 between 1930 and 2015 the main witness, Thelma Landers, 3 other adults and two teenagers watched several orange white spheres, small glowing discs, red lights and a football field sized aerial triangle that moved at treetop level without a sound. A red beam of light from the triangle struck Thelma in the face, who felt confused and in shock. Her next moment of awareness was when the object was now about a mile away. At the same time she noticed an eerie silence in the area, not even the crickets from the nearby swamp could be heard; she also felt a very strong breeze in her face. The witnesses remarked how the red lights appeared to be trying to get away from the glowing white discs as if engaged in some type of “conflict”. Another interesting fact noted by the witnesses was that as soon as the black triangle was lost from sight 2 military jets appeared and flew in the opposite direction from where the triangle had disappeared to. The next night (October 2) Thelma’s dog woke her and began to growl (very unusual behavior for that animal). She got up and opened the curtain slightly and saw two light colored heads or figures, one in front of the other, apparently standing in the yard near the air conditioning unit. The dog kept growling and staring in the direction of the unit. The next day she found several areas of pressed down dirt near the unit as if something heavy had walked on it.
Source:  http://www.earthfiles333.com

Date: October 2 2007
Location:  Area of Kanaskis and Foothill Mountains, Alberta, Canada
Time: 1900
Summary: The main witness and his friend Jon Ross were hunting and target shooting around Fisher and Gorge Creek and in the mountains they were getting a weird feeling that they were being watched. Out of the corner of his eye he kept seeing movement in the distance in the forest. So they were cautious and decided to head back after it started to get dark, predators come out at night in this area. They started to head back along the plain (about a 450ft open field with dirt marks and a small pond in the middle) and they got a worsening feeling. He had on him a Small bolt action .22LR and a Chinese Made SKS Carbine (7.62x39mm) for larger game and self defense, his friend had a Lee Enfield in .303 British…so they were prepared for anything bad to happen. They started to walk up the trail, and Jon Ross looked back and they thought their eyes were playing tricks on them, but there was something standing straight up in front of the pond…they yelled at it for 2 minutes, it was skinny and lanky, the lighting did not provide help, but they got a good look at it…there were no reflections or trees, or anything that could have made them confused. They warned it 3 times, so Ross fired his rifle at it. To the witnesses surprised the shot did not appear to have any effect on the strange figure, concerned they started to head back home as it got darker. Soon the main witness saw something out of the corner of his eye move, so he lifted his rifle immediately and aimed toward the object he saw which he described as a very thin lanky person get up and run, it was tanned/brownish and had long arms and legs, completely hairless, a round head and blank face. The witness fired three shots at it while it ran away, he did not see it drop, kit kept running, and Jon also aimed and fired a round at it as well, also without any effect. Terrified the men ran to their car roughly 120meters east of their location. They kept hearing ruffling sounds in the forest to their left while they ran and they also heard “chattering” in at least a dozen separate places. They drove out of the area at least 100km an hour. He reported it the next day to the RCMP and wildlife officials and they gave him a list of animals that “run” on two feet that are reported in the gorge area, none fit the description of the strange entity.
Source:  http://ufocasebook.conforums.com

Date: October 7 2007
Location:  Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Time: 1600
Summary: A woman was in the bathroom fixing her hair when she heard footsteps on the roof. She asked her brother if their dad was working up there and he said no. Then she looked up to the skylight window on the ceiling and asked, “Then what the heck is that?” Her brother walked in and what he next freaked the daylights out of him. They both saw what can only be described as a black furry hoof of an “animal” scratching at the window. Only the leg was visible. Moments later their mother showed up in the bathroom, but the hoof had disappeared and in its place was a black crow. It was literally seconds ago that the two witnesses had seen the hoof. Their mother had also heard the footsteps on the roof, but assumed that it was one of her children making noises around the house. They went outside to investigate but saw nothing.
Source:  Your True Tales—November 2007

Date: October 8 2007
Location: Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
Time: 11:30
Summary: Any information, please type UFO in Kota Kinabalu at youtube.com
Source: NUFORC 

Date: October 9 2007
Location: Waynesville, North Carolina
Time: 21:33
Summary: My girlfriend and I were driving west on I-40 nearing the Tennessee state line. We were going to Max Patch Mountain, a large mountainous bald approx. 50 acres. We arrived at around 8 pm laid out a blanket and looked for meteors as we often do at this site…. Weekly. We were both sober and neither of us has ever reported a UFO experience. We sat looking at the stars for around an hour the event time listed is approximate, and we saw a few shooting stars as normal. I lit a cigarette and over the opposite ridge from where we were sitting a large glowing disk shaped object emerged. The object slowly drifted in our direction and within seconds was directly over our head. The bottom of the craft looked like a mass of glowing jelly. I know this sounds weird but hey its what I saw. A greenish color that turned a turquoise blue at it’s edges. We were standing there looking in amazement when a flash of light broke my concentration. I looked to my girlfriend and she was as bewildered as I felt. The cigarette in my hand was burnt to the butt and had burned my fingers to a red color…and of course it hurt like I was burnt. How long did I observe the craft? Were we abducted? Why don’t I remember the time it took for a full cigarette to burn or remember it burning my hand? This location is miles from civilization approximately 8 mi’s of dirt road travel from the interstate and is often regarded as one of the most beautiful places on the Appalachian Trail. Any insight into what may have happened would be appreciated. Has this occurred within a reasonable distance of this location before? In excess my girlfriend is a Registered Nurse (and she’s great) and im a chemistry student. Neither of us have mental disorders, substance abuse problems, or take prescription medicine. We are both 24 yrs old. Sincerely, Stunned
Source: Davenport, Peter 

Date: October 10 2007
Location: Stockbridge, Georgia
Time: 01:00
Summary: i was walking along when 3 blob like crafts shone through the clouds then i was lifted from the ground then an hour later i was in bed but i remembered it all except what happend after being lifted
Source: Davenport, Peter 

Date: October 11 2007
Location: Maryland (exact location confidential)
Time: early morning
Summary: The 51-year old witness was lying in bed sleeping when he drifted into wakefulness, having that funny feeling that someone was staring at him. The feeling was distinct and real. He opened his eyes a crack. Sitting on his bed, not quite two feet away from him was a tiny person perhaps about 10 inches tall. He quickly shut his eyes, assuming this was some sort of sleep-induced hallucination. He felt curiosity but mostly disbelief. He decided to open his eyes again to get a better look at it, but not too wide, he didn’t want it to know that he was looking at it; he didn’t want to frighten it. He was concerned that it might be afraid of him. He purposely kept his breath slow and even, trying to feign sleep. He opened his eyes just a bit wider this time, got a better look at it, and then quickly shut his eyes again. The little person was still watching him intently, with an expression similar to someone observing an animal in a zoo. It was perhaps 8 to 10 inches tall; this was not easy to estimate as it was sitting. It was in a cross legged position looking directly at the witness. The witness was sure that he was sleep-hallucinating so he decided to pen his eyes wide, and it would be gone. He stopped feigning sleep, he was awake and he opened his eyes all the way. To his amazement it was still there. They looked at each other for a long moment, maybe 5 to 10 seconds. The little person had a very human look, except its eyes were slightly large in proportion to its head size. It had thick brown hair, in a sort of a “bowl” haircut style. It wore a dark brown jacket and dark green trousers. There was something a little bit archaic about the cut of the jacket. It had extra large lapels and a double row of buttons. He could not tell if it was male or female. It was either male with a slightly effeminate facial structure, or female with a slightly masculine facial structure. He was concerned that he would frighten it and wanted it to know that he was a peaceful person and meant it no harm. He wanted to try and engage it in conversation. His curiosity was overwhelming. He opened his eyes for a fourth time but it was gone. The witness actually searched the room for it, for several minutes. According to the witness, “My perception of the technological superiority of the human race was shattered”.
Source: Direct communications from witness via confidential email also in: http://www.alien-ufos.com forum.

Date: October 12 2007
Location: Rogers, Arkansas
Time: 2300
Summary: The witness had gone to get his dog from its pen when he saw a bright greenish light in the woods. He got his dog and went to investigate. He remembers approaching the light and seeing an outline of a craft of some sort which was quite large but it was hard to tell what shape it was. His dog began to bark and the witness was suddenly paralyzed and he fell to his knees. Four figures about 7feet tall then came towards him and took him around the arms and took him towards the green light. The witness does not provide any additional information.
Source: NUFORC 

Date:  October 2007
Location. Waterford, Michigan
Date: October 15 2007
Time: 2230
The witness (involved in other encounters) was sleeping on the main floor of a 3 floor unit he lived in. He was sleeping on the couch. The blinds in the room give off plenty of light, nearly enough to be daylight indoors. Therefore, even though they were closed, it was plenty light inside. Suddenly while in a deep sleep he woke up from a tap on the shoulder. He jerked quickly and looked around to se who may have done this. He was still in a semi-sleep state, but more like when someone gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He turned his head while still lying down to the right and behind him. He saw a being with a cloak or hooded outfit walking away from him. He had the hood on. The color of the cloak was a strong bright brown color. The being was walking toward the garage door about 4-5 feet away. It was on a bit of a side angle at one point, and the witness saw the side of its face. It had a brownish scaly face, similar to the texture of the extraterrestrial in the movie “ET”. The look of its texture and appearance of skin, not the way it looked. The being then disappeared, while walking toward the garage door, the witness was then wide awake at the time.
Source: NUFORC

Newcastle_Island_In_NanaimoDate: October 18, 2007
Location: Over Newcastle Island in Nanaimo Harbor.
Time:  5:15 p.m.
Summary: I was out on the deck on the front of the ferry to Nanaimo from Gabriola Island on the 5:10 p.m. run with my camera and binoculars experimenting taking shots through the bino eyepiece. I took about ten shots that way, not being able to see weather or not the shots were out of focus. I only discovered this image as I processed and deleted all the rest, but for this one. I was not aware of any craft when taking the pictures. It is quite unmistakably lens shaped with the sun reflecting from the other side in the late afternoon sunset.

Date:  October 2007
Location. Clinton Township, Michigan
Date: October 19 2007
Time: 2114
The main witness and his friend were driving from the mall when they saw a bright big white light. At first he thought it was a blimp but his friend said that it was a UFO. They first saw the UFO when they were about a mile away from it. As they got closer they were shocked as it hovered right above them over the road. It had three bright lights on the bottom in the shape of a triangle. It was saucer shaped, silver, with a small bubble type protrusion on top. It was spinning as it hovered. They pulled over because they wanted to get a better look at the object. There were about six cars behind them and they had also stopped to look. As soon as they pulled out a camera it moved upward behind the clouds. It started to move west so they decided to follow it. Once again they pulled over and attempted to take pictures but every time it would move and hide behind the treetops. They managed to take five pictures with the digital camera and then it vanished behind the treetops. There was a bank parking lot nearby so they decided to pull in and park. As soon as they parked and were about to get out they started hearing strange loud noises. They had never heard anything like it. For some reason, as scared as they were they got out because they wanted to see if they could actually see what was making the noises. It almost seemed like two aliens communicating to one another. They were both just frozen and scared and then all of the sudden the noises started going “crazy” and a dog that was in a nearby backyard where the noises were coming from started barking and it seemed like it was being attacked, so both witnesses jumped in the car and took off. All the photos came out overexposed.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  October 2007
Location. Arcoverde, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Date: October 21 2007
Time: 0315am
Awakened by his cat that seemed to be very nervous, the witness, Valmir (involved in other encounters) saw a luminous object hovering low over a nearby hill, a place where he had seen numerous UFOs before. Suddenly without knowing how Valmir finds himself onboard the object, standing at the center of a round room, where he could see two chairs and what appeared to be a control panel, standing by the control panel were two humanoids, from the ceiling emerged a bright yellowish light that illuminated the room very clearly. Valmir felt no fear as the humanoids communicated with him mentally. He described the beings as short, gray in color with large black slanted protruding eyes, he could not see any ears, they had very small noses and slits for a mouth, and they were also completely hairless. The humanoids were both wearing lite colored tight-fitting plastic-like suits. The beings told Valmir that they had not entered into full contact with earthlings because of their aggressive nature, they also pointed out that they only fought back if attacked by earthlights. Valmir noticed that the control panel was filled with numerous lights that seemed to blink on and off. Valmir also noticed that next to each chair there was an object that he felt was a sort of weapon, it was shaped sort of like a “horn” ending in a large circular aperture. Suddenly Valmir found himself in his backyard again next to a guava tree. He felt no aftereffects of the encounter. He further described the object as round with two black domes one on the bottom the other on top, and several rotating lights.
Source: Manoel de Souza e Silva for CUB Brazil

Date:  October 2007
Location. League City, Texas
Date: October 27 2007
Time: 0100am
The main witness and his friend were riding around looking for something to do. As they drove around they saw that they had just finished building a new road so they decided to check it out. It was still new and there were no street lights and it went through a large field. They were in the middle of the road when a huge brown and tan object somewhat oval shaped, came flying through the air straight toward them. The driver slammed on the brakes because it didn’t look like it was going to stop and as soon as he did that, the object stopped. The object then just sat there hovering at about 10 to 15 ft from the car. Both witnesses just sat in the car staring at the object. And then at an incredible speed it flew straight up and disappeared. They then drove away not knowing what to do. A few feet down the road they stopped and turned around, they were scared but curious. They then saw the object again, floating just above the road, it then flew straight towards the witness and hovered right on top of them again, it stayed there for about 10 seconds and then it flew away. As they watched the object speeding away a weird looking creature about 5ft tall with a round shape to it, jumped out of the bushes and ran into the road, they had to swerve to miss it. They don’t know where the creature went but it walked on two legs. It seemed to have been naked and of an odd looking brown color. After that they drove home.
Source: NUFORC

Date: October 28 2007
Location:  Chicago Heights, Illinois
Time: 1800
Summary: Authorities are expected to resume their search today for a Chicago Heights woman who disappeared involving with a UFO abduction case while jogging late Sunday evening in a forest preserve. A 39-year old woman was on a three and a half mile run through the forest preserve on 26th and Euclid Avenue near Chicago Heights Sunday evening when she disappeared. Police spent all day Monday searching the forest preserve for clues into the UFO abduction disappearance. Around 1900 the mother of three called her sister and a friend on her cell phone before her run. Her last words were, “Hello please call me back, I had seen something this is very important! Please hurry up! This is urgent! The last call was placed to her best friend. Her friend said, “She never just left. Her kids are worried. She has three kids. She has a 5-year old, an 18-year old and a 14-year old. We just want her back”, said her friend. Police say they have traced the signal from that cell phone to somewhere in the forest preserve. At around 1900 a few unidentified callers called into the Chicago Heights police station reported a strange craft hovering over the forest preserve. They said the object was making a loud whizzing sound and had numerous multicolored lights and it was dome-shaped. About 2000 another relative tried to call her but couldn’t reach her. Two hours later family members found her late model sport utility vehicle in a parking lot.
Source:  NUFORC

Info received recently:

Family frets over woman’s disappearance
By Noah Haglund (Contact)
The Post and Courier
Friday, October 26, 2007

The text messages sent two weeks ago were the last anyone heard from Viridiana Maldonado.
The 22-year-old told her mother she was going out with friends after finishing her waitress job on the night of Oct. 11. Early the next morning, the mother received the text messages in rapid succession: first, that she was downtown and doing OK; then that she was with a male friend drinking; the last one at 2 a.m. said she was on her way to Mexico. Since then, Maldonado hasn’t returned to care for her young boys, gone back to work or let any family members know where she is.
“She has two kids. Nobody’s going to leave the kids just like that,” said Luis Aguirre, her boss and a family friend. The messages seemed completely out of character for Maldonado, Aguirre and others said. She lived with her mother and older sister in North Charleston. Her two children are 2 and 6 years old. Her estranged husband, Jorge Maldonado, is the father of the youngest child, acquaintances said.
Until about two months ago, she had been living with her husband in Washington State, where he was stationed with the Army at Fort Lewis. But the two were having marital difficulties and she returned to Charleston a couple of months ago, acquaintances said. She had lived in North Charleston before moving out West. The estranged husband came to South Carolina to take the youngest child on Wednesday, police and acquaintances said.
Friends called her “Viri.” Her older sister, Jeny Cuevas, said she got along well with her family and didn’t have any enemies. Aguirre is worried whether police are putting enough effort in the case. Family friend Mike Diggs said there are rumors about her having been kidnapped. North Charleston detective David Watson agreed that the circumstances are strange but said he has found no signs of foul play.
“I’m giving it all the time I can,” Watson said.
The detective thinks it unlikely that Maldonado returned to Mexico, her home country. She and her husband had a history of domestic problems in Washington State and she had an order of protection against him, Watson said. The husband has cooperated with the investigator when the two spoke on the phone.
For now, authorities are asking anyone with information about her to call. Or if Maldonado is OK, Watson said, she should call her family to let them know.

Date: October 30 2007
Location: Coquimbo, Chile
Time: 2345
Summary: Cryptozoologist and investigator Ivan Voreved was interviewing a couple and their six children as a result of their previous encounters with a bizarre entity near their home on several occasions (August). As he recorded the conversation one of the young children suddenly ran into the room very upset and said that the creature was now standing in front of their property. Everyone, including Voreved, then ran out. The creature seemed to be crouching down at a distance of 30meters from the house. The observation lasted 15 minutes and the witnesses were able to record many details. Its head was large and elongated like that of a horse. The eyes were reddish and seemed to glow in the dark and appeared to be positioned on the side of the head. They noticed what appeared to be a sort of black crest (like a porcupine) on the creature’s head. The creature’s body was of a dark and white tone and seemed to fluctuate continuously. Its height was about 80cm. Its arms were long with huge claw-like hands; on them they could see large and small claws. Its feet seemed to have a sort of single claw like that of a rooster. It seemed to stare indirectly at the group, sort of a downward glance. They could not see any other details of the face except for the eyes. Immediately after the creature left the children ran crying into the house and Voreved noticed a strange heavy “atmosphere” in the area, somewhat oppressive. Also immediately after the encounter some of the witnesses suffered from dizziness, slurred speech and a sense of confusion. Panic gripped the group. According to Voreved he took several photos with his infrared camera of the creature but none of frames came out. The camera worked normally when the creature left.
Source:  Bestiario de lo cotidiano y extraordinario http://zoopedia.blogspot.com

Date:  October 2007

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