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Date:  August 2008
Location: Rio CubuyPuerto Rico
Time: 2130
Summary:  Engineer Edwin Fontanes Jr. his son, father and 3 friends had gone to river to catch some freshwater shrimp. The whole time there they could hear branches cracking around them and strange whistling sounds from an unknown source. Later that night as they were returning his son and father were walking at about 50 feet ahead of the rest of the group. At one point the grandfather stumbled and when his grandson attempted to pick him up he again heard the sound of branches breaking nearby. He pointed his flashlight in the direction of the sound, and saw what at first he took to be the trunk of a palm tree, curious he set the flashlight at a brighter level and pointed again at the “trunk”. At this point he realized that it was not a palm trunk but a strange very tall creature. He described the creature as about 7ft tall, with brown skin, it had a pointy head with two protrusions and in the shoulder area it had what appeared to be one sharp protrusion on each side. On its chest area it had what appeared to be some vertical marks, close to the waist area. It had three claw-like fingers and was very thin. From the knees down it appeared to be “backwards” as oppose to humans. According to Edwin Jr. the creature stared at him briefly and then ran away without moving its arms.
Source: http://www.ovni.net

Date: August 2008
Location: Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
Time: late night
Summary:  A 37-year old security guard traveling on Avenue 186 in his security van on his way to work when suddenly from the brush on the side of the road a strange creature emerged, the creature then stepped onto the road and stood in the middle of the vehicle’s path. The security officer described the creature as about 4 ft tall and standing on two feet, like a human, facing his vehicle. It was covered in black and gray hair, its face was also covered with hair. The witness who had been driving at about 30mph was unable to stop his vehicle and ran over the strange creature (!). After being struck by the vehicle the strange creature made a sound like that of a “child” and screams resembling those of a pig when is being slaughtered. The witness was so terrified that he did not stop the van and kept on going, but 5 minutes later he returned to the scene, but found nothing not even traces. However the front bumper of the security van was heavily dented as a result of the impact.
Source: Andrew Alvarez PhD & Ovni.net

Date: August of 2008
Location: Outside Of St. Catharines Ontario
Time: Evening
Summary: in August of 2008 we witnessed two UFO’s, one appeared larger than the other sitting perfectly still until they vanished in a quick lightning fast disappearance.Triangle Stealth like features. Almost transparent like or assuming the surrounding sky which was clear starry night.Location in the South-western sky above the tree line at a Family Camp Ground in Jordan Harbour just outside of St. Catharines  Ontario. I don’t have the date at this time I will look for something that will indicate the time we were camping.I have seen other UFO’s as I spend many hours with my eyes to the night and day sky.This particular incident was witnessed by another.

Date: August 2008
Location: Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico
Time:  late night
Summary:  As the 28-year old anonymous witness slept he suddenly felt a very strong ‘pressure’ on top of him. Once he woke up he realized he could not move. He opened his eyes and saw two strange humanoids which he does not remember their features, but was sure that they were not human. One of them appeared to be looking for something in the closet while the second one carried with him something resembling a firearm which it pointed at the witness apparently causing the paralysis. The strange ‘firearm’ emitted a loud sound which the witness could not place as anything he had ever heard before. After awhile the witness fell asleep and did not see the creatures depart.
Source: http://enigma900.blogspot.com

Date:  August  2008

 Location. Near Glenorchy, South Island, New Zealand
Date: August 3 2008
Time: morning
Summary: The witnesses were backpacking around in South Island, the weather had cleared and they decided to go for a tramp on the Mt Aspiring track, but before they got there they spotted what looked like a landed UFO in a paddock. The craft was round about 5m tall with legs and pulsing yellow white lights around its perimeter. The witnesses attempted to approach to take photos but several “men” in white suits confronted them taking their cameras. No other information.
Source: http://www.psychics.co.uk/psychic-forum

Date:  August  2008

 Location. Wrentham Massachusetts
Date: August 8 2008
Time: 2035
Summary: The main witness and his sister were hiking through Joe’s Rock in Wrentham and were suddenly taken aback by a very strange figure they saw lurking behind a tree. Curious, both witnesses moved towards the creature as it shyly walked out from behind the tree. It was very incredibly thin and its color looked much washed out, and its skin was very wrinkly and looked like soft old leather. The creature then began making strange clicking sounds and moaning sounds. Both witnesses were stunned and could not react to what they were seeing. The main witness does not remember much else of the experience except for being back at the car and realized when checking the cellphone that it was already 0146am. The creature was additionally described as about 4.5ft in height, with dark black eyes.
Source: http://www.uforc.com

Date:  August 12 2008
Location:  Pulaski, Virginia
Summary:  myself and friend (past away)where checking out new telescope i bought was waiting for moon to rise(scope was already set up)we walked out when object was siteted coming over peaks knob(i lived at foot of mnt)we could see the structure very clearly outlined moving very slow no noise at all.the object was speartip in shape.at least 300 yds long 200yds wide 80ydsthick.the object was very low ,just clearing the mnt topheading north..we studestill watching lisnting .itook the tscope and watched as it went north.i couldsee the rearend by then,it was like moving flame against glass it filled the complete rearend.as it went over dublin va.it turend nw ,(didnot bank like normal air craft would do)watched for maybe 1 min then went out of site.if you put youur hands flat on table touch thumb and forefingers togather ,but smooth in thumb area this would bethe shape it would be. we wherenot starteled .and did not feel threatend in any way.but amasied at the size it was.no markings no lights .only rearend was lit as described
Source:  MUFON

Date: August 13 2008
Location: Tehran Iran
Time: 23:00
Summary: one night i was taking pictures from sky & my neighborhood.suddenly i noticed in my taken photos that there is a UFO in one of them.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: August 15 2008
Location: Australia (exact location not given)
Time: 2330
Summary: The witness had gone to bed and experienced a very strange and lucid dream. In the “dream” he was woken up by three slender people with very pale skin with a bluish tinge and huge dark eyes. The one in the right side had a strange hand held device that could see beneath the witness’s skin, the one standing near his head almost behind him lifted his head up so that he could see a liquid-like screen and he looked into it, he could see his leg bone and all the muscles, tendons, arteries and other things. The one on his left waved his hand and he then fell back asleep. When he woke up in his own bed, he instantly remembered what had happened and documented all the details. He felt safe and calm throughout the entire event.
Source: http://mufoncms.com

Date:  August  29 2008
Location:  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness was lying on his back, sort of awake when he felt a magnetic pull at and through the top of his head, or the crown. Immediately he relaxed. Then like a baby he was gently rolled to one side and then the other. Something was placed under his back. Again he was lying on his back and what seemed like arms came up from under the witness and began to wrap themselves around the waist. The witness grabbed both “arms” in each hand. The texture of the “arms” was interesting. Kind of like velvet to the touch, rubbery and flexible. The witness apparently had “fun” with the arms, waving them around like the arm of the robot from the show “Lost in Space”. He then felt another magnetic pull, and he let the arms go and relaxed more. He thinks he was not asleep enough. The “something” that was placed under his back continued to wrap itself around the witness body, like a comfy, seamless papoose. He felt safe. The last thing he remembers was a tug to the papoose and he was in the air heading “somewhere”. He was amazed how unafraid he was. No other recollections reported.
Source:  Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research hbccufo@telus.net

Date:  August  2008


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